Hungry every 45 minutes + I got lucky + how my dad is feeling!

Sissy and I ran together yesterday.  This really needs to happen more often and I have a feeling next summer it will… I’ll be pushing my jogging stroller and she’ll be pushing her two boys (or we will just go when both of our husbands are home because that sounds like a lot to be pushing).  Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Before the run, I went to the airport to drop Andrew off to go and pick up Brooke.  He drove part way home last night and they are doing the rest today (I slept at my parents’ house again just in case I went into labor or something crazy).

It sure takes a lot sometimes to do the back and forth kid’s thing when you live in a different state but yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I am that I was able to move back to Utah 4.2 years ago… otherwise I would have never met Andrew!!!!

IMG 2523

I showed up at my sister’s house for the run and she said that my nephew had been waiting at the front door for me since the second he heard I was coming over.  I’m guessing he did this because I always bring him his favorite fruit snacks.

IMG 2524

And then we were off!  We ran 4 miles and then walked a mile together.  We even went up a huge hill but I was proud of us… between being 37 weeks pregnant and her coming back after her crazy back problems/surgery (<—PS this post she did is a really good one!!)… we ate that hill for breakfast.

IMG 2544

After the run, I hung out over at their house for a little while.  She continues to amaze me as I watch her be a mom to 5 kids… I want to be just like her.

IMG 2549

Lunchtime hit and I did my classic, ‘eat something over and over again until I get so sick of it I never want to eat there again’ thing.  I hit up Zupa’s for the mango salad and their cranberry sandwich.  This salad is something else and the fact that each meal comes with a chocolate covered strawberry is really great too.

IMG 2556

Lunch was followed by a trip to Target while I drank hot chocolate and finished up everything we need for Christmas.  I have a strange case of nesting which not only includes having the house ready for the baby but also being 100% ready for Christmas about a month in advance;)

IMG 2558

Andrew had some time before picking up Brooke (ehhh 12 hours ha) so he went with his cousin to go freediving (breath-hold diving).  He said the water was freezing but that it was a blast.   They went to Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove!

IMG 2568

They saw some seals while they were out too!

IMG 2563

I can barely hold my breath for 20 seconds underwater and my sister and I googled the world record for this… HOW IN THE WORLD?!

IMG 2555

After a bunch of errands and things around the house, Beretta and I took an afternoon nap.

IMG 2564

And then I met up with my parents for dinner:)  We used to do this ALL of the time a few years ago and it was fun to go out with them again!

Also, they saw Murder on the Orient Express before meeting me and they loved it too!

IMG 2570

Sadly, my mom put beets on her salad;)

IMG 2567

My dad and I got their amazing huge salad.

PS I have had a few of you ask me about how my dad is feeling since his fall on the ice this last January 7th—>  I’ll never forget being in the ER with him and him repeating to my sister every minute ‘happy birthday’ (and he was SO sincere each time).. it actually was her birthday but he had a concussion and his brain was on repeat every minute for a while.   He is doing so much better.  He said his only side effect now (almost 11 months later) is that there is still some long term memory loss but that is it!

IMG 2569

I was so beyond full at the restaurant when we were leaving but then I drove home and I was hungry again… all of that happening within 30 minutes.  So I ate a breadstick at the computer while getting some things done and then it was back to my parents’ house.

Photo on 11 25 17 at 6 03 PM

PS I was watching Shark Tank the other day and saw this Solemender for Plantar and I wanted to ask if anyone has tried it?  It looks pretty cool but it is pricey so I wanted to see if anyone thought it was worth the $$.  I just use these boots to sleep in anytime my Plantar Fasciitis kicks in.  My PF used to be REALLY BAD and the boots are the only things that helped me.  They have helped a bunch of my running friends too, but this looks interesting too!

Screen Shot 2017 11 25 at 6 38 07 PM

And a hello from Andrew and Brooke.  I cannot wait to see them today.  I am very happy that the baby has waited to make her appearance after all of this traveling was going on!  She is already a good listener… clearly, I must be doing something right as a parent (I’m kidding).

IMG 6882 2

Oh and I had about a million Braxton Hicks last night so I thought I would tell you because I tell you everything.


Who was the last person you went on a run with?

Ever had Plantar Fasciitis problems?  What has helped you the most?

How often do you usually eat?  Every few hours… depends on the day… just at meal time?

Tell me what your weekend miles have looked like!?  Long runs on Saturday or Sunday or during the week?

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❤️ beets on my salad too! And I have to eat every few hours or i get hangry! No long run this weekend. I killed my legs going up and downstairs decorating for Christmas. But I am sure my dog will guilt me into a short run sometime today.


Bahahah Beretta totally guilts us into runs/walks with her too! I bet your house looks amazing with all of the decorations:) Enjoy the rest of your day Corinne!


Long run on Saturday morning and yoga on Sunday morning. Then it’s a mix of running and crossfit for the rest of the week. After 15 years of running it’s been a challenge to adjust to doing both but so far so good. I really love the variety!


Oh I love that combo of long run Saturday and yoga on Sunday! Josse does that too! I should join you guys:) I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday Mel!


My last run with someone was my 6 year old son, Colby. I have PF and I have to roll my foot with a tennis ball after long runs. I eat every 2-3 hours and I’m not pregnant?. I’m so glad to hear your dad is doing well!!


Erin! I love that you run with your 6 year old… that is amazing! Tennis balls/golf balls always help me! Thanks so much and I hope the rest of your Sunday is great!


My eating habits totally depend on the day. I do pretty good to just eat at meal time most days but other days I can’t stop eating.

I haven’t run with someone in a pretty long time. I did a random venting run (I was the one venting) with my sister back in September but other than that it’s been at least a year…


Oh I love a good venting run!!! Let’s meet at target one day and go for a run together:) I hope your day is a great one Jenny!


Agreed. Let’s do it.


i had plantar fasciitis when i ran my first marathon. not fun. i had a cortisone shot a week before the race (wouldn’t recommend this nor do it again). the thing that helped me was switching to more supportive shoes. it took months to heal completely, but i could still run during the healing process. i noticed a difference as soon as i switched to shoes with more support. PF is the worst… i hope i never have to deal with it again!


Oh Dawn, I hope you never have to deal with it again too! I am so glad that supportive shoes helped you so much!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


This is not answering any of your questions above, just your question to me yesterday. Wonder was a great movie! The mom, former teacher, mentor of girls, love of kid self will like it a lot. It is definitely PG, but still do not have a gauge if Brooke would like it like you will.


Thank you Erica for letting me know! I’ll have to go this week and maybe wait a few years to watch it with Brooke! I hope you are having an amazing day with your family!


Drop the kids off at school and catch a morning movie. Hot chocolate required. Enjoy.


I use a frozen water bottle to roll out PF, a very cheap version of that roller. Save your money!


Good call! Wasn’t sure if it did something magical for how much they charge ya! I love a frozen golf ball too;) I hope your day is a beautiful one Sara!


It never ceases to amaze me how busy you stay. At the end of every blog post, I’m thinkin’ “…I’m exhausted just reading that…”, like SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THIS BLOG. I’m not nagging or being rude, promise — it’s inspiring.:) In other news, I’m VERY happy that your Daddio is recovering, bless his heart. And hooray for Brooke coming home!

UGHHHHHGRRRRRRRAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR @ the plantar fash! >:O After dealing with it a few times over the past eight years of running, I FINALLY learned that slowing down on those easy runs REALLY helps. (Lol I know, *GASP* WHAT?!) Speedwork is for speedwork, but recovery and easy miles mean nothing if they’re too fast.

Windy and I got out for an easy threesie yesterday, and then she joined me for six of my 11 miles this morning. My Husky’s a champ (and is also currently sleeping like one).<3


Hahaha Tiffany… my mom calls me the energizer bunny! I’ve definitely slowed down but I still like to GO! I am sooooo glad you found out what helps your pf! Way to go on your 11 miles today, YOU and your husky are champs!


I’m a primary care doctor and I tell my patients with plantar fasciitis to roll the soles of their feet on frozen, plastic water bottles. Sounds like it does the same thing as the product you posted (stretching and icing at the same time) for much less money. You may want to try that!


Do the boots ever work for your patients? Maybe I’m alone on that! Yeah the water bottle sounds like a much better idea ha… I love a frozen gold ball too! I hope you are having a wonderful day Kaitlin and thank you so much for sharing!


Plantar fasciitis is pretty miserable. I’ve been dealing with it for years. I find that it’s better when I’m careful about not doing too much high impact exercise (the elliptical is my cardio of choice at the gym) and I roll out my foot with a golf ball and stretch on a daily basis. I’m glad you found something that helps you!


Oh Fiona! I am so so sorry… it really is so painful! Keep me updated with how it is doing and I’m so glad that the elliptical works so well for you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!


The last person I ran with was my daughter on Friday. She just turned 13 and we ran 4 miles around the monuments in DC (my favorite place to run.)

I usually eat around every 2-3 hours on running days. I often feel like I can not get enough protein and if I wait too long to eat, I get headaches.

My weekend run was 5.75 miles on Saturday. I don’t usually run on Sundays, unless it is a family run.

I am so glad to hear that your Dad is doing better! What a scary time for you all!


I want to go on a run with you guys around the DC monuments! I love that she is running with you at the age of 13! So great Leanne! Thank you so much and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hi Janae, You look fab and I’m glad you’re feeling so great. Freediving scares the heck out of me. Did you ever see the French film, Le Grand Bleu? It’s about free diving. Just FYI, I’ve changed blogs…see below.


Yeah I don’t dare to ever try freediving ha.. Andrew is a daredevil! Maybe he should watch that movie! Can’t wait to check out your new blog and I hope you are having a great day Dynise!


Ran with a friend during that brutal workout yesterday morning.

I eat on a schedule during work days — but on the weekends it’s all about how I’m feeling.


YAY Gorgeous!! Time to have that baby!! I just think labor and delivery is the BEST but I guess I’m kind of a weirdo. :)


I currently struggle with a back issue that is only fixable through surgery. I’m not quite ready for that yet but it’s encouraging to hear other people have had a fast recovery post op. I’ve added a lot of Pilates and barre classes to strengthen my abs and it’s helped tremendously. I also try to only run trails! 10 mile trail long run Sunday (mostly bc I work Saturday mornings)


I tore the fascia from my heel bone in 3 places. Unfortunately it was misdiagnosed as Plantaar Fasciaitis so all the stretching etc made it worse! I was in a hard cast, then a boot and was switched to Hoka one one shoes. I have the same boot as you hiding in my closet hoping I never have to use it again. I think if that product is expensive I would just use a frozen water bottle or frozen tennis ball and roll it under my foot. (This was a suggestion by the Dr.).

I’m with you on the beets in a salad. Beets don’t belong in any of my food. :)


Oh Mormons…. always having kids and brainwashing them :)


^^incredibly rude


I love beets in my salad so much!! Especially pickled beets. I also love them in my juices. I’m glad to hear that your dad is doing well!! :)


Hi Janae! I pray that your dad continues to do well! I took a hiatus from blogs while I was dealing with my back problems and I must have missed his fall. I’m so sorry he (and you guys) had to go through with that. How scary! So happy he is doing well! That first pic with your sister…she looks so much like her oldest daughter there! :) Have a great day, Janae!

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