Silentish Saturday–> California Edition.

Hello from California!

The day started off with a run in Utah… winter disappeared again and we are back to fall temperatures which in my opinion is by far the best.

IMG 7171

Nikes and camo gear… these two match often.    Knox left with his mom for the weekend!

IMG 7161

Who needs a jacket when you’ve got skeleton gloves?

IMG 7162

Post-school bike riding.

IMG 7194

Saying goodbye to Beretta is rough:)

IMG 7197

At the airport Brooke whipped out her walkie-talkie and told me that she brought it so that she could talk to Knox while they are apart.

IMG 7205

The best way to get around the airport.

IMG 7216

90 minute flight!

IMG 7256

Always playing together:

IMG 7220

Brooke’s dad picked her up and then we went to Santa Cruz.  Andrew had never been there so he wanted to check it out.

IMG 7251

We didn’t plan where to eat so by the time we got there I just wanted to eat somewhere that had an ocean view…. The Crow’s Nest was great.


IMG 7240

More fish for dinner (I am pretty sure I am the only one of my siblings that loves fish).

IMG 7241

Watched the sunset while we ate.

IMG 7243

Utah really needs to get a beach.

IMG 7248

Marianne’s is a must for me when I’m in Santa Cruz… 10-20 (caramel ice cream with fudge and oreo).

IMG 7252

German Chocolate for Andrew!

IMG 7255

See you tomorrow morning!  Looking forward to a short run with Andrew, donuts (any recommendations in San Jose area… I always stick to the same places) and some more beach cities!


How are you spending your Saturday!??

What is the closest beach to you?

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Try Stan’s donuts in Santa Clara. Sometimes there’s a line but it’s worth the wait.


THANK YOU x a million… we went this morning after reading this and it was AMAZING. We are going to be regular customers each time we are here. I hope you are having an amazing weekend Lisa!


If you’re looking for a good breakfast spot, try Bill’s Cafe or Hash House. Can you tell I like to eat? ?


Okay, this is too funny…. we totally did go to Bill’s after donuts haha!! It is SO good. I had a hash brown scramble and I kind of want to go back tomorrow now too!


I don’t know how those boys do it with their shorts in cold weather! As soon as it dips below 60 I’m in boots & tights! Enjoy your babymoon! Looks like a beautiful destination! ??


HAHAH YES…. and drinking hot chocolate all day long. I am just like you:) Thanks Dawn and I hope you are having a great weekend!


I recommend Stan’s Donuts in Santa Clara too. Definitely a must try! Have fun, the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.


You are the best. We went this morning and oh my goodness, Stan’s is a new favorite. Thank you so much! The weather is perfect! I hope your weekend is a great one!


I had a race today but I decided not to do it because I can feel some running problems coming and my body needed a break. But now I’m sitting here wishing I was running it. Lol. I’ll be looking up other races for spring next year.


Good for you to listen to your body Jenny. You did the RIGHT THING!! Long term running thinking:) Way to go!


Good morning! You should try Stan’s donuts in Santa Clara, their glazed donuts melt in your mouth and if they have maple or chocolate bars, those are amazing too (they sell out quickly!) Since you lived in the SJ area, you’ve probably already heard of it, but in my opinion Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos is the best bakery!! I’m doing my long run on the LG creek trail, conveniently starting/ending right by the bakery:) Enjoy your time in California!!


I live near LGCT too! Small world! ?


STAN’S WAS AMAZING!! Thank you so much Sarah… we loved them! They were out of the glazed though so we will have to go again tomorrow ha. The bars were incredible though. YES, I have been to icing on the cake (after a run there one time with friends) and it is amazing! I hope your long run was perfect and let’s run together one of these times that I am here! Thanks again!


Ha ha, I would love that, but you are just a little bit faster then me:) Glad you enjoyed Stan’s, you should also try Penny Creamery back in Santa Cruz if you’re not sick of ice cream! Enjoy the rest of your babymoon!


We are lucky because we are only 30 minutes from the beach in New Hampshire. I’m there quite often in the summer, and sometimes in the winter too!

Just finished a 19 miler (on the treadmill because it’s raining, yikes), and felt great! Dinner and a movie tonight with my husband. Enjoy your weekend in California with Andrew!!!!


30 minutes from the beach–> That is amazing!!! Emily, way to go on the 19 miler and on the treadmill, that is amazing! Enjoy that dinner and a movie… sounds perfect after a long run!


I love Santa Cruz! Enjoy! :)
We’re closest to Huntington Beach, which is my happy place :) And running at the beach is always such good soul therapy for me.
Today the whole family is having a big 80th birthday party for my father-in-law! We are all so excited, and it will definitely be a fun evening!
Happy weekend!!


Another recommendation for Stan’s donuts, the warm glazed ones are the best!!


We live next to a two large lakes in a large county park. There are two official beaches (one at each lake) there. The closest ocean beach from us is 614 miles. :-( We actually just got back from a hike in that park. Love it there!

Today is homecoming for my youngest daughter. That will keep us busy! And my oldest daughter is in town, too.


I went to yoga and have been sipping coffee and cuddling my puppy (who is almost 9 but still my forever puppy) ever since.
I live in New York City …Staten Island and we have beach right here. I did many a long training run along the boardwalk watching the sunrise when I was marathon training. If I want to actually go in the water though I prefer going south about an hour to the jersey shore.


Mariannes is forever and always our favorite ice cream spot!!! We would always stop there on the way home from the beach when I was a kid:)
I live in San Diego now so the beach is always near.
You should try Saturn Cafe while in Santa Cruz! Enjoy ? SC is one of my favorite beach towns.


I hope you didn’t throw up in Brooke’s backpack on the flight :) Those pictures on the beach are beautiful!

One good thing about New Jersey is that it has places to hike but is also close to the ocean. The closest beach is about one hour away so it’s an easy day trip. Enjoy the rest of your trip with Andrew!


Are you still able to fit into your regular running shorts? I’m just curious because I’m about 1 week ahead of you and I guess my hips have gotten wider and my thighs have gotten bigger so I had to go up a size.


Hey!! Congrats on your pregnancy Lexi and that is so fun that we are so close in our pregnancies! I’ve gotten a few shorts that are a bigger size and then I just wear any of my shorts that I already had that were a bit bigger (and that are extra stretchy)! Keep me updated with how you are doing!


My best friend lives in San Jose! She is pregnant too and one thing we had there that I highly recommend is … the CRAGEL!!! It’s a bagel plus croissant. They have sweet and savory ones and they are soooo oo good. We got ours from The Bagel Guys. You must try one … or two!


No way!! Okay, I need to find one of those asap! THANK :YOU MELISSA!!!


Did a short run Saturday morning and now we are being lazy at home as the rain is coming down. Also, looking for deals online which can be dangerous:) .Closest beach is just 1 km away so I walk or run down a lot :).


Another vote for Stan’s from us! My husband and boys really miss Marianne’s but not so much the windy, twisty drive to get there.
We laugh because when we lived in San Jose it was 45 minutes to the beach in Santa Cruz… But if you’re not picky about the definition of a beach, there’s one 3 miles away from us in Colorado at the lakes. We actually go to the beach more here.


Go to Carmel!!! The Carmel Bakery is worth it alone!! ;)


Okay, I totally think we are going to tomorrow! THANK YOU DEB!!!


If you go to Carmel tomorrow, stop at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing on the way along Highway 1. It’s off a fishing marina where the walk-in restaurant is located right off the beach. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends and it’s not a glamorous place, but the seafood (especially Ciopino) is fresh and amazing! And big portions!

Today I ran on Niles Canyon in the East Bay. The city closed down the highway to vehicle traffic until 2pm so people could ride and walk (and run!). It’s a 6.4 mile stretch of a beautiful canyon road where some of Charlie Chaplin’s films were made. It was a beautiful day for sure!

Have a great Babymoon!

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