How we celebrated + injury talk + we did not need this + a great tip.

I’ve got a new HRG BABY POST for you today!  29 week update and some talk on running and fertility! Check it out here!


Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday. I read them all to Knox in the car and he loved them!  Knox had the perfect day!  We partied hard and did all of his favorite things!  I feel so beyond lucky to be a part of his life.  He is the sweetest little boy that just wants to be friends with everyone he comes in contact with… he is a good example to all of us!  (Birthday party with his friends is coming up next!)

My day started off nice and early on the treadmill yesterday!  I had two really good things going for me before this run… I had the best night of sleep I have had in a year (seriously… I didn’t wake up once and I slept for 8.5 hours) and I had This Is Us to watch while I was running.  The episode was everything I could have ever wanted.  This season is going to be amazing.  I dare say, I love this show even more than Parenthood (I know, that is a very big thing to say but it is true).

7 miles @ 9:40 pace…. Most of the run was done @ 6.0 mph and during the commercials I would bump up the speed for a few minutes.

My version of pregnant fartleks!

IMG 7012

The night before Brooke requested that I wear her sticker for my run.  Random but my garmin used to be pretty close to what my treadmill said as far as distance.  I did about .5 miles of walking around the house and getting Brooke going for school but still, that is 1.1 miles off from the treadmill saying I did 7 miles.  Is your GPS on with your treadmill running or not so much?

IMG 7032

Then we took Brooke to school.  She had her new skeleton gloves which she loved.

PS my running gloves are an older version of these and I also LOVE these running gloves (they are my favorites and I wear them the most)!

IMG 7018

This is her ‘spooky’ face.

IMG 7024

A bit later Knox came home and we started the celebrating!

IMG 7047

When we picked up Brooke from school they gave each other a hug.  The first thing Knox told Brooke was that he was FIVE so now they are the same age again.

IMG 7042

We did presents and Brooke gave him a sweet card.

IMG 7054

And then there was a lot of pizza.

IMG 7069

We went to see the Ninjago movie…  We always pay for four seats but somehow the kids think that just using two of the seats is the best idea.

IMG 7073

From there we went over to my parents’ house so they could see Knox on his birthday.

Thanks a lot mom for Knox’s gift…

IMG 7075

It’s just what we wanted…  My mom is a funny one.

IMG 7080

PS a great tip from my dad… he wraps his bananas in plastic wrap (and then reuses the plastic wrap for the next round:) to keep them from going bad!  He says they last SO much longer this way!  He is an inventor… trust his ideas:)

IMG 7082

Knox’s next request was a stop at Cornbelly’s…

IMG 7084

We got lost for a while in the corn maze.

IMG 7096

And this kettle corn was amazing!

IMG 7095

Who is going to be at Boston in 2018… a 3:23 cutoff time under your age-group standards to get in this year… wow.

Screen Shot 2017 09 27 at 6 53 37 PM


Oh how I wish that injuries were NOT a part of running.  But they are and they always will be.  They are incredibly frustrating because we are trying to do something that is healthy for our bodies and yet it stops us from doing what we love to do.  We are trying to take care of ourselves and boom.. an injury stops us in our tracks!  We work SO hard to get to whatever running fitness we are at and sometimes that fitness gets taken away by an injury.  Anytime any of you leave a comment talking about your current running injury it breaks my heart and I wish that I could take it away for you!  I’m kind of all over the place with where I want this post to go so I’ll do what I love doing when I feel like I have a million things to talk about… talk in bullet points:

(A picture from 6.5 years ago when my sister and I were both injured and going to the PT together)


PS this is all just my opinion:)

*How do you know when you are good to go to try running again?  If you are working with a doctor/pt then listen closely to them.  There is no reason to run sooner than when they tell you to run and if you think they are wrong, go for a second opinion before running again:) If it is a minor injury where you aren’t working with a doctor, then you are going to have to become your body’s BEST LISTENER and listen very closely to whatever it is telling you.  For me personally, I wait about 2-3 days AFTER my body stops hurting to start running again.  IE if my foot stops hurting on a Tuesday, I don’t run again until Thursday/Friday to really make sure that it is okay.  Sometimes injuries will come and go for me a bit but if I can go a few days without feeling any pain than usually for me that means I am good to run again.

*How do you come back from injury without getting too frustrate? My biggest advice… come back SLOWLY.  Do less than you think you should and if you are working with a doctor, absolutely 100% follow their instructions on your comeback.  After my femoral stress fractures I thought it would be a good idea to jump up my mileage again quickly afterwards and what did that result in= a stress fracture in my tibia= even more time off.  YOU WILL get frustrated (I promise.. we all do;) and you will feel like you could/should be doing more BUT learn from me and don’t let those things convince you to jump back into running quickly.  It really depends on the injury but for ME I have done things like one mile every other day for a week or two and then gradually picking up my mileage from there.  Talk to your doc/pt/coach to come up with a plan that gets you moving again but also keeps you from getting re-injured or a new injury.  It’s going to be frustrating and it’s going to be hard at times… you might feel like you are starting from scratch again and it’s hard when what used to be an easy run feels like a speed workout.  When those frustrating days come, don’t focus on where you used to be… focus on where you are NOW and how ridiculously happy you are to be running again!

*Make up your mind, right this second that YOU are going to come back stronger and smarter than ever with your running.  You can make that decision and it is quite empowering.  Decide that you are going to let your body fully heal so that when you can run again, you are going to do your absolute best!

*Resilience definition:  the capacity to recovery quickly from difficulties; toughness.  the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.  Resiliency is one of my favorite topics to really think about when I’m injured (or going through any tough thing in life).  I try (key word, try) to be as resilient as possible when it comes to an injury.  I used to tell my students about the difference between a bouncy ball and a rock when talking about being resilient.  We have two choices in life—>  we can be the bouncy ball or the rock.  Something bad happens and we hit the ground…. do we bounce back or do we just stay there on the ground (like the rock) and not progress.  Be the bouncy ball.  Become resilient through this injury and bounce back (after a few days or weeks or whatever you need of crying/feeling sad/etc).  You are strong.  Rise above your setbacks and keep proving the fact that runners know how to bounce back and keep fighting for their goals.

*FIND another passion.  It doesn’t have to be a forever passion but for the 6-8 weeks or whatever it takes to get you up and running again, focus your attention and extra energy somewhere new.  You might find some other things that you really love to do.  Extra points if your new passion gets you outside and enjoying the fresh air too.  This whole job of mine right now is kind of a result of an injury… I was injured, needed something to do and decided to start writing about running and it has turned into a 7 year passion so far that I am so beyond thankful for.  Sometimes these injuries can be a blessing in disguise because it might help us to find something new that we love.  I thank my femoral stress fractures for getting to have Brooke… it was the injury that woke me up to fixing my amenorrhea so I could get healthy enough to have a baby.  We learn more about ourselves (and how strong we are) and it definitely helps us to feel more empathetic for others that experience similar things.

*Jump in the pool (if your doc allows you to and it doesn’t hurt).  I’ve spent 100’s of hours in the pool doing pool running and while it isn’t running, it gave me some endorphins.  It helped me keep up with my running fitness and it helped me focus on something else besides my lame body not acting the way I wanted it to.  Runners love routine and having my pool running to do throughout the week helped me to continue that feeling of having a schedule. I have a few pool running posts here and here for you to check out.   Find ways to move (that do not hurt you) that can keep you positive during a frustrating time.  I’ve gotten into yoga, swimming, pool running, lifting and biking during times of injury and that has really helped me during times of injury!

*Sign up for another race!  Raise your hand if you have had to cancel your race plans because of an injury.  It is the worst.  I totally agree with you.  BUT something that helps me the most when that happens, sell all of your possessions (I kid, kind of) to sign up for another race that you will be able to do once you are healed that is EVEN COOLER than the race you are missing out on.  Set a bigger goal, find all of the positives of your new race plans and study your guts out on how you will train for this next race.

*Running isn’t going anywhere.  It will always be there for you when you are ready to come back to it.  Just don’t drive along popular running spots because it’s really hard not to be jealous when you see other runners out there;)

*A few posts about different injuries I have had… stress fractures, IT Band problems, Plantar, Turf Toe and how scraping helps me out big time with different muscle problems.

A few other posts that might help you if you are struggling with an injury or coming back from an injury:

Discomfort vs Injury post

6 Tips for Running Resilience

Coming back from a serious injury (guest post from my sister)

The 5 stages of RUNNING grief (guest post from Megan D)

What caused/helped my injuries… injury prone runner?

The mental side of recovering from an injury

10 ways to get though an injury



One more reminder to check out another Baby UPDATE!


Ever wear your garmin/running watch while running on the treadmill?  Is it pretty close on the distance or not so much?  

Who got in to Boston for 2018?!

Have any random great tips/life hacks like my dad’s plastic wrap one?  SHARE PLEASE… I love these!

What gets you through an injury?

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Ah! I love that Knox’s pizza was in the shape of a “5”! So fun!

One of the hacks I always use is wrapping my unused half of an avocado in a damp paper towel — it keeps it from turning brown!


I love this tip! Do you put lemon juice on the paper towel too? Or just dampen it with water?


Oh I love this so much! Thanks Laura… we will definitely be doing this!


What a fun birthday celebration! It was my son’s birthday yesterday too (his first one!). Kids make everything more fun :)


AHHHH HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to your little one. I completely agree with you … seeing life with them and through them is the absolute best! Have a great day Christina!


My garmin is usually pretty close to my treadmill distance, but if I’m doing a lot of incline work or speedwork, it is off. From what I understand, the distance is based on your average stride length when running outdoors, and if you are going super fast or at a serious incline, your stride length changes.


That makes total sense Victoria, thank you for explaining that. Maybe since I have an incline on my treadmill (plus I did do a little bit of speed ((for me)) is what caused the difference. Thanks and I hope you have a great day!


I was actually nervous about getting into Boston. I don’t know what it was, but it just seems like everyone is running so much faster!! (Maybe that perception is driven by who I follow on social media??). I qualified with about a 7 min buffer, and I’m so grateful for my legs for pushing me as hard as I could those last few miles when I wanted to quit. I’m so sad for the people that didn’t make it though–it is SO much work training for a marathon and to BQ is an incredible achievement.
My garmin doesn’t align with my treadmill at all. I don’t even bother wearing it anymore!


CONGRATS MOLLIE!! I am so incredibly excited for you! You are going to have the best time there! I feel awful about how many people didn’t make it this year and hopefully 2019 is THEIR YEAR!


OMG, I love This Is Us. I’m so curious about this season and can’t wait!

I’ve never run with my Garmin on the treadmill. I didn’t even know it gets reception indoors! I actually did a treadmill run this morning and ran my first sub-7-minute mike since my kidney surgeries a month ago! I know I still have a ways to go, but I was pretty excited about that!!


I’m literally about to go out today for my first run since the beginning of June. I’m going to follow an article I found that say to run 10 minutes and then add 2 minutes to each run after. Giving a day or 2 of rest in between. So at this time tomorrow I’m hoping I can say I’ve got 10 minutes of running back under my belt. And in a month hopefully I’ll be back to running a 5k slowly.

It’s been frustrating to say the least as I originally hurt my toe in March and then re-injured it after I started running again toward the end of May early June. I cannot go through that again. But I did have some positives come out of it. I started going to yoga in April and am still going 2x a week.


AHHHH SALLY!!! HOW DID IT GO!?!? I am so happy that you got to go out and run today! That sounds like a great training plan to get back:) Way to go on the yoga… that is awesome!


I have a FitBit Blaze and while it’s much better at calculating mileage on a treadmill than the other step counter things like that, it still is off by about half a mile or so, usually. It’s based on my strides I guess, and I must not run like it expects me to on a treadmill. Luckily, I can go in to the FitBit app and change that to match what I actually ran, which is nice for my OCD.
Injuries are tough – for me, I always worry that I will lose all of the fitness progress I’ve made (and have this weird idea that I will suddenly gain 20 lbs overnight) but I’ve learned to embrace cross training and just listen to what my body tells me.


Alrighty, what gets me through an injury. You know, I think TIME and EXPERIENCE and having been through injury (and survived and started running again!) has helped me. When I had my first big injury two years ago, I was depressed, and it was the end of the world. I was off for 10 weeks. But, I came back.
I’ve learned to STOP when I feel that “gait changing” kind of niggle that’s more than a little discomfort. My PT has become my best friend. ha ha I’ll e-mail him to ask him his advice and see if I should come in and see him. I’ve just come to accept that if I want to run, there will be ups and downs, and running WILL be there when my body is ready to go back to it. I’d rather stop sooner and take a short break than not listen to my body and be laid off for an extended amount of time. :)
Sounds smart, but believe me, it has taken TIME and experience to be so open-minded :)


Oh gosh this is sure written in hindsight, because going through it there were lots of tears and mourning the loss of running.
BUT, now that I am through it I can honestly say it was a time to clean up my act on a lot of bad habits that I thought could help with the healing and future running. Finally got myself to stretch and do weights, gave up the diet soda for water, and read more books with the extra time I had not long running.


I’ve never worn my garmin while on the treadmill! Is yours accurate?
Thank you so much for your injury tips! My main source of injuries is not spending enough time stretching…I always tell myself that I can squeeze in one more mile and then I have no time to stretch :/
I’m on the fence about This is Us being better than Parenthood, but I haven’t watched the new episode yet so standby!
Enjoy your day :)


My garmin isn’t cool enough to work on the treadmill :( I guess I can update it and get a shoe pod to make it work for me, but I didn’t see the point since I usually road run.

Have any random great tips/life hacks like my dad’s plastic wrap one? SHARE PLEASE… I love these

I love your dad’s plastic wrap idea for saving bananas! I wish I had ideas like that of my own! I do use a hack that I saw online, so it’s not my original idea, but I can’t remember where I saw it — anyway, the hack says to use an upside down disposable plate with holes poked in it to prevent batter from spraying when you use a hand mixer! I always whip up cake mixes and frosting for church functions, and end up washing the walls (and my apron) from the splatter. Using this trick saves me time and a mess!


Well, that is brilliant! I’m totally going to try that hack… thank you Susie!


I am injury prone so for me, it’s important to take rest days and not push anything. I have found running less with a Garmin and watch has helped that. Like you said, running isn’t going anywhere and you can find a race any weekend of the year. I don’t think you ever really “know” when you’re ready to come back but if you work into very slowly phantom pains will go away slowly. Every stress fracture I’ve had, I’ve spent months worrying if I’m one run away from rebreaking myself but if you don’t jump back into it quickly, you’ll be ok.


As much as I love This Is Us, I don’t think it will ever come even close to being as good as Parenthood for me!


I’m running on a charity team for Boston 2018! I’ll be fundraising for and running with the Brigham and Women’s Stepping Strong team, which is a dream come true since Brigham and Women’s helped me beat and recover from a serious illness as a teen:) So, so excited!
I love that plastic wrap tip! Bananas are my fave and all mine went bad in the heat this week:(
Injuries are so tough for me mentally, but I’ve discovered so many other passions during the times when I can’t run that I’m almost thankful for them! I never would have tried a spin class or learned to swim if it weren’t for my injuries over the years.
Thanks for all your advice on injuries- I found them really helpful while my tibial stress fracture was healing this week and they’ve helped me get a better understanding of what I actually need to do to strengthen my bones and stay injury-free.


I recently had a relatively minor calf strain. It’s amazing (and really frustrating!) how limiting such a minor injury is, since you need your calf muscles to walk, run, or do most types of cardio. I found that I could do spin, use one of the four kinds of ellipticals in the gym, and lift, and that was it. On the upside, I struggle to fit lifting into my normal routine, and being forced to take some time off most cardio encouraged me to focus on lifting and get stronger.

I also had a relatively mild (but very, very persistent) hamstring strain several years ago. After it had been bothering me for months, I finally went to PT and it was really helpful. Lesson learned! Next time I won’t wait so long to get physical therapy….


Looks like Knox had such a fun bday! I love the pizza shape! I’ll have to copy that one! Too bad we’re into double digits this year though. Haha.

That’s an awesome hack! I have heard to cover the stem so I do that but not the entire banana. I’ll have to try that! Ahh, I can’t think of any cool hacks I’ve learned right now. It’ll come to me later! Have a great day, Janae!


HAHA double digits… the more pizza the better right;) Yes, my mom was doing the stem thing and my dad decided to take it to the next level haha! I hope you have a great day Marie!


Happy Belated Birthday Knox! It looks like you had a wonderful day! That 5 shaped pizza is AWESOME!


Thanks for this post! First off Happy Birthday to Knox! Looks like such a fun day. I am dealing with a femoral stress fracture right now. I got injured training for Big Cottonwood Marathon during my 20 mile training run. Had to miss the race and my training partner had to run the race by herself. Broke my heart! I’m on my second week of being non-weightbearing on crutches. This has taught me I need to do more strength, cross training and stretching! Thanks for the pep talk about learning from this injury and coming back stronger than ever!


TRACI… I am so incredibly sorry about your injury right now (SO PAINFUL!!). I am sorry you had to miss Cottonwood too (wanna do it next year together?!). Keep me updated with how you are doing and seriously, you are going to come back STRONGER than ever!


I don’t buy avocados regularly since I can’t eat a whole one fast enough and my boyfriend isn’t a huge fan. But my dad and sister eat them all the time and they’ll cover them in foil and bake them in the oven for a bit to ripen them faster! It’s a great trick if you buy them for a recipe and they aren’t ready yet. They taste perfectly fine once they cool!


THAT IS BRILLIANT! I need to try that because I always want to eat them sooner than they are ready ha… now I can make them ripe! Thanks Maureen and I hope you have an awesome day!


Love your thoughts on bouncing back from injuries! I know, for me, I have to look at the big picture and NOT STRESS ABOUT IT. Every time I get injured, I immediately start freaking out (in a calm, collected way of course ;) ) which doesn’t help anything. Last injury (during my marathon training cycle) I took a week off, rested, iced like crazy and focused on what I could do, not what I couldn’t. It was amazing to see the difference in my recovery vs. other times when I would push through and have to take multiple weeks off.
Okay, so I don’t know why I’ve never worn my Garmin on the treadmill before, but now I will have to try! Also, happy belated birthday to Knox!!


This is all such good advice. I have done the whole “back to running to soon” thing and it does not bode well. Last spring, I didn’t give myself enough time to recover after a marathon… and wound up pulling my lower back. what was I doing at the time? not even running. i was literally TYING MY SHOELACE and my back gave out. I never had back issues before that. I know my muscles were still recovering from the marathon, and silly me was running 8 milers after just a couple weeks of the race. It took a full 18 months before my back felt normal again. Anyway… don’t anyone repeat my mistake! :)


Pulling your lower back… OUCH! I am so glad that your back is back to normal again! Yep, I NEED A LOT of time after a marathon to recover too! I hope you are having a beautiful day Dawn!


I JUST started running again this week after a broken foot injury, and I am SOOO happy to get back out there again! The thing that helped me most during my injury was definitely blogging (I started my blog when I broke my foot a few months back), doing pilates/strength moves that I could do with my boot, and focusing on eating healthier!! We all get through it :)

Have a wonderful Thursday, Janae!


Although I’m not injured, just 32 weeks pregnant with my fourth, it can sure feel that way as my body changes and I need to adapt my exercises. About 3-4 weeks ago I stopped running and switched to walking and the occasional elliptical session when I was inside at the gym. I still do strength training 2-3 times/week. This season has continued the (long) lesson of listening to my body and I’ve noticed myself getting stronger because I’m doing different exercises and using new muscles. It’s more fun than I thought it would be. When I decided to stop running I almost cried at the thought, but it has turned out to be great physically (which I knew it would be) and awesome mentally (which surprised me!).


For the past few winters, I have put duct tape on the front half of my running shoes to keep out the wet and cold. I don’t put the tape under the sole – only to the very edge and then I use my nail to really get it stuck there. As long as I secure it when the shoes are initially dry, it stays on really well. I have no circulation in my toes (or hands!) when it is cold so this has helped to keep me running in the winter. I have gotten clear duct tape or fun colors so it doesn’t look too awful. It didn’t ruin my shoes either when I took it off at the end of the cold season.

When in doubt, use duct tape. I really do think it fixes most things :)


Cross training with low impact helps me get through an injury. That and a lot of reminding that if I take time off when I need to I’ll be back at it sooner.


Gah, my Garmin is ALWAYS off on the treadmill. It drives me bonkers! I’m getting the Fenix next week (EEK!) so I’m hoping that’ll a little.

Knox is seriously adorable. I hope his birthday was wonderful!

Injuries are the worst…I’m the least patient person on the planet, so I never take the time I need to get over them fully. I’m starting to learn how to deal with that, and hopefully prevent some injuries. Ever since I started being more diligent with stretching, foam rolling, and strength training, I have less injuries. KNOCK ON WOOD!


Are those Head gloves you mentioned warm? We are not near glove weather yet in Tennessee but I have lost mine that I had had for years and need to look into new ones.
And I’m so disappointed to hear that about Boston! I have a dream to qualify one day but I’m still a ways from the time I need and to add extra minutes like that is discouraging to me as it makes it less likely I’d make it. :(
And I love the bouncy ball resiliency image. What a great way to look at life when things get us down.


Hey!! I think they are pretty warm (I use them for Utah winters:)… I just stick in some hand warmers in them during the really cold months! YOU WILL MAKE IT TO BOSTON… I believe in YOU!


My neighbor where I lived growing up invented Captain Crunch cereal!


NO WAY…. that is so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing Lindsey!


What gets you through an injury? – Knowing I want to come back stronger than before!

I think I commented awhile back on one of your posts about an injury and you said to let you know what happened. WELL I had ankle surgery 6 weeks ago (can’t believe its 6 weeks already to be honest). I have been continuing working with my PT since 5 weeks ago and I am getting stronger everyday. I haven’t ran since 7/4 and before that I was doing like 2 miles a week for quite sometime because I was in so much pain. So when I start running again it will have been like 5 months at least since I was really actually running (and not waddling along at a 10 minute mile pace trying to convince myself I wasn’t in pain LOL).

This surgery is great because what was wrong was a defect in my body – not really an injury – it just happened that all exercise made the defect very, very angry. SO – I keep telling myself I will be back stronger than ever, and the truth is that I really will! I am being patient but expect to be lightly jogging in October at some point. :)

Loved this post!


I’M going to Boston this year!!!! Me!! Can you believe it??? It’s my very first one. I qualified originally back in 2008, at my EIGHTH marathon, but I never registered. Afterwards, I regretted it, but by then I was more into ultras than marathons. Then I ran the Empire State Marathon last fall, kind of on the spur of the moment, and BQ’d by over 8 1/2 minutes. I was determined to NOT have any regrets this time, so despite the cost, and the fact that I’ll have to use two personal days at work, I’M GOING!!!


nice! good luck at Boston and no regrets now


Happy Birthday, Knox! I hope you had a great day! What kind of cake did he Have? Did I miss That?

Thank you for posting the gloves! I have been wanting a mitten like pair.


HEY!! I hope you love the gloves! He wanted his birthday cake at the friend/family birthday party coming up:) I hope you are having a great night!


Ever wear your garmin/running watch while running on the treadmill? Is it pretty close on the distance or not so much?
no, i haven’t been on a treadmill in a very long time, and i only got my watch in April

Who got in to Boston for 2018?!
yes, who? :)

Have any random great tips/life hacks like my dad’s plastic wrap one? SHARE PLEASE… I love these!
i have no life hacks, but i have many bicycling hacks. gloves is something we all lose a lot when cold weather arrives. instead of dropping $50 on a pair of gloves, either go to costco and pick them up for $12 or go to the local hardware store (or Lowe’s) and pick up winter gloves for $10-20. they’re comfy and they’re warm and they let you have dexterity on the bike. probably good as running gloves as well!

What gets you through an injury?
more time for reading books! thanks for the injury post – that was really helpful.


I’m behind with your posts – happy (belated!) birthday Knox! So cute that they are the same age again :)

Your words on injury were very welcome as I’ve been off for five weeks with a stress fracture now and it’s only really this week that I’ve felt any improvement at all (and I’m still weeks off running again). It’s been pretty frustrating as the X-ray kept coming back negative so I wasn’t given any treatment or advice. I finally saw a podiatrist this week and he’s given me a better plan :) And the first thing I did afterwards was book a new marathon in the spring since I can’t do my autumn one :) I am soooo looking forward to getting out in the lovely autumn evenings again :)


Thank you so much for this post! I’ve had to come to terms with an injury & am not able to run right now, for at least a couple weeks. It’s tough. But I love how you pointed out that running will always be there; I just need to be patient:)
The silver lining is that I finally got into Boston! I’ve BQ’d twice but it was never fast enough. This past spring I got in with a 6+ minute cushion!! (It’s probably why I’m struggling! I don’t want to lose this fitness!!)
So thank, thank you! I’ve been following your blog for awhile so I’ve seen you’re injuries come & go & you’re still an amazing runner! It gives me hope;)

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