FRIDAY FAVORITES (my fall clothing favorites) + on the road + race accomplishments!!!

Another treadmill morning for me before the sun came up.  Seven miles (of course) and who knows if we are going to be running this weekend or not:)

Their outfits started like this…

IMG 5137

Not too much later they came out dressed like ‘Michael Jackson and Elsa.’

IMG 5155

A few couch snuggles before I left.

IMG 5159

Knox loves my friends as much as I do:)

IMG 5166

Each year a group of girlfriends and I get together for a girls trip.  We usually go to Vegas (one of our friends lives in Vegas) each year and we did it again this year.  Nicole and I drove down.  I am beyond excited for a weekend of food, swimming, sleeping, talking and more food.

These weirdly sounded good for the car ride to Vegas.

IMG 5172

The kids are loving life with Andrew…

IMG 5175

Pizza, swimming, movies… the kids are going to want me to go on these trips more often.

IMG 5176

Room service + talking at our hotel until way too late = what we do for fun.

IMG 5179



*I received the best package EVER.  Bangs Friend (if you didn’t read my blog when I lived in California, Bangs Friend is the person I was with daily and we are still super close) FOUND the maternity belt that I used to have online and sent it to me.  It is my favorite and my runs feel so much better now!  She found it here on Kohl’s.  Thank you Bangs!

IMG 4889

*This Instagram Account.  I love the good news that he shares… there is so much good out there but sometimes it is easier to focus on the bad.

Screen Shot 2017 09 04 at 10 05 30 AM

*I shared my favorite de-shedding brush for Beretta last week (seriously, if your dog sheds… this is a miracle worker) and this week I’m sharing my favorite brush for Brooke’s hair.  She has a lot of hair and detangling it is not fun but this brush helps BIG TIME.  We are on our second one now because I can’t find the first one (I lose at least one thing a day I am pretty sure).

IMG 5148

*Still my favorite straightener and curling wand for both my hair and Brooke’s!

IMG 5151

* THIS BOOK.  Obsessed.  I love Chip and Joanna so much.

IMG 5077

*Time for a few of my FALL FAVORITES (some of these things I already have and love, some I want now and some are things that I want to buy to use next fall because they don’t fit now.. affiliate links included:)

-Shoes: Love these, these, these, these and these!  And my favorite no-show socks for casual sneakers:)

-Dresses:  Thisthisthis, this and this!

-Tops:  Thisthisthisthis, this, this and this (oh and my favorite jackets HERE and HERE… I got these a few years ago and I’m still obsessed with them)!

-Bottoms:  These black jeans, I still love my Moto leggings, these and these.

-Jewelry:  This watchthis necklacethese earringsthis necklace and these!


I have some amazing race accomplishments from you guys to share today… if you want to be featured, send them in to [email protected]  !


JENNIFER!!!  “I was recently featured in Jaybird Headphones Video Series “Why I Run.”  I am really excited! The other people they are featuring are truly amazing athletes.  I am humbled and grateful to even be a part of the group.  I hope my story can help even one person who sees it.  I know this isn’t a classic running accomplishment, but more what I have accomplished in having a normal happy, healthy life by falling in love with running.


FRANCESCA!!!  “So picture this:  6 am on a Monday morning, pitch black (minus mine and my mom’s headlamps), and 3.5 degrees Celsius (aka freaking cold!).  These conditions resulted in my fastest 5k and the best hill form I’ve ever had!  I used to be a runner and then had a long hiatus for various reasons.  Picked it back up again last year and then had another hiatus of about 8 months.  After running again the last month, realizing not all is lost and I”m not back to square one, this morning was the first time I’ve felt like a ‘runner’ in a very long time.  I cannot wait to keep going!”

IMG 5303


Chelsea!!!  “I had my first crash in a trail race over Labor Day Weekend.  My ankle, which I thought was going to cause me lots of problems (I sprained it really bad the weekend before on some trail), felt pretty good most of the run, so that was a positive!  I was just kind of worn out for the whole race.  When I’m tired during a run, I get lazy with my feet, which usually leads to tripping a lot.  Well, on trail, lazy feet lead to falls.  I fell three times during the 15 mile run.  The first time I fell, about mile 7, I fell really hard going downhill on a super rocky portion of trail.  I slid on my stomach for a little bit, which resulted in some scrapes and tearing my new shirt (GRR), but that was it!  It hurt, but I was able to pop back up and keep going.  The second time I fell was on a super flat, dirt only area.  It was almost funny because I was about 2 miles from being finished and I knew it was because I was tired.  It didn’t hurt at all, it was just embarrassing because I tripped over nothing in front of a big group of guys getting ready to ride.  I hope I gave them a good laugh! The last fall, which happened in the last mile, was the worst.  It was also downhill in a rocky portion and I did a semi-somersault as I fell.  That one hurt and knocked the wind out of me, which led to me laying on my back in the middle of the trail.  I cried a little, got up, walked a little, then ran the rest of the way to the finish.  I felt better once I was able to run again.  I finished the 15 miles in 2 hours and 36 minutes, with an average pace of 10:19.  I was also the first overall female, so that was cool!  This run definitely tested me- that was also my first real crashing during a race.  And I crashed three times.  Go big or go home, right?”  You can read more about the race and the weekend on her blog HERE!

IMG 7275IMG 7213


Have any Friday Favorites to share?  I would love to hear them! Have any fun weekend plans?! Vegas restaurants… any recommendations?!? Any Instagram accounts you are loving lately?  I’m always looking for inspirational/funnyawesome accounts!

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Friday favorite – this fall weather! I refuse to turn the heat on in my house since it’s only September so I have had to start wearing layers, but I sure do love running outside without being a hot sweaty mess at the end! Also I am currently obsessed with essential oils for pretty much everything, and I am really liking the Radha Beauty brand – found on Amazon. They are fairly prices and on Prime so it’s a win-win!
Weekend plans – it’s a big in-state rivalry football game so we’re having a get-together to watch the game and it means good times with super good food and great friends. Can’t wait! I’m also having a BFF date night with one of my friends tonight because you always need some one-on-one friend time.
Instagram – thugunicorn. Fun quotes over pretty pictures – lots of encouraging thoughts!


Hope you have an amazing trip with your gals!! This weekend will be filled with a good-bye party, spending time with family, packing, and froyo!

ROOLEE just came out with some new clothes, and I’m going to need to practice some self-control–but they’re just SO wonderful!!


I’m running a 5k this weekend that I’m really excited about! I haven’t done a race in years so this will be a good way to get back into it. Plus it’s for charity so how could I not want to do it. Otherwise, my weekend involves packing to go house and dog sit for 10 days. I hope you have a great girls weekend :)


So jealous of your Vegas girls trip! I’ve never been to Vegas but it seems like a perfect place to visit with some great friends!
Friday favorite for me is definitely being back at work and seeing all my students again! it’s been a great first week back.
I’m looking forward to a pretty chill weekend- just hanging out with friends and family and finishing some crafty decorations I want to make for my new classroom. Gotta mix up some sensory bins and splatter paint some decorative letters:)
I love lindseyhein626, runningforcarbs, and kellykroberts for some running/fitness inspiration!
Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your girls trip!!


Oh I love that instagram account, thanks for sharing!! I’m trying to update my fall wardrobe as well as donating and getting rid of clothing I haven’t worn.


My Favorites today are bottled water, batteries, and back up generators — because —- There’s a hurricane coming for us down here! :(

I’m in NC and last year we were devastated by Matthew in my area.

Our weekend plan is to “batten down the hatches” sort to speak — we’re prepping to be hit by the storm while simultaneously praying it’ll change course and head out to see.

We’re also praying our friends in Florida make it out safely — as I-95 is packed with cars with Florida plates heading North and seeking shelter!


Me too! :( I’m from Boca and it took me 6 hours to get to Orlando yesterday. We were going to go to Atlanta today but the roads are just so terrible! You are very lucky you got out!


6 hours!!?!? Oh my goodness!

I’m glad you’re out of Florida, but it’s even scarier that we just don’t know where it’ll go!


I agree with the fall weather from another commenter! I also love a good pumpkin spice latte (I know, so basic!)


Enjoy your girlfriend trip! I personally love summer so I’m sad to see it go :/ this weekend we are going to Port Chester, N.Y. for dinner! Can’t wait :)


I’ve been wanting to read that book but it’s always checked out at the library. Enjoy your girls trip! My cousins and I do that too and it’s so much fun!


Weekend might include a trip to the zoo/six flags great adventure or coney island….we are still deciding! And Sunday we’re going to meet a new baby in the family. My boyfriend’s cousin lives overseas and is in town visiting with his wife and their new baby so we’ll be going to say hi and meet the little nugget.

Well it’s been a while but when I got married (in 1998!) in Vegas we went to the Rio hotel for their buffet. Apparently it was the largest buffet of all the hotels.

I am obsessed with labradoodles ever since I got my doodle Duncan so I follow a bunch of dogs. HA. But they are so adorable. Reagandoodle is my favorite.


My weekend plan is EVACUATING! I’m from south Florida and currently in Orlando to try to get away from irma! Fortunately I still can use a treadmill to get some hotel fitness center runs in! Making the most of my time outside by going to Disney while I’m here so I guess that’s a Friday favorite!! :)


So Scary!


Have a great time in Las Vegas! My husband and I having been going there once a year for about five years now and we love it. Hope you get in a lot of relaxing and amazing food! :)


Thank you so much for sharing my video! I lovveee all those clothes and I love when you share your clothing favs! And jewelry, shoes, etc. haha! Have an amazing time this weekend!


My weekend plans I’m training to be a pacer for a half coming up for the first time ever! It’s going to be a much slower pace that I’m used to and I’m so excited to cheer this group on most of which will be first half marathoners. Any tips appreciated! Now I need a watch.
I love Vegas to eat and sleep away from the kids lol I really want to try the Whalburger restaurant! Gonna have to plan a trip there soon!


I can’t believe you are still running 7 miles every day – you are a rockstar! So glad you are feeling so great :)
Love Chip and Joanna’s book – I read it over the summer and loved how uplifting and inspirational it was!
And thanks for sharing all of your fall fashion finds – I need to do some wardrobe updating!
Enjoy your weekend!


LOVE that chip and jo book! I added his new one (capital gaines) to my list to get!
The Iron Man 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is in my town right now! There are athletes everywhere and most are speaking different languages………….it’s so cool! The women’s race is tomorrow, and men on Sunday. This is a huge deal! And I just went to the expo and scored running shoes from last season for $30 new! yeah! Have a great trip!


Enjoy your girls weekend in Vegas!!! I am attending a bridal shower, a football game and a concert this weekend! cant wait!


Try a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity – if your stomach likes the idea ;)


Oh looks like they closed it … bummer /:


Just took a break from social media myself (instagram, snapchat, etc…not on Facebook). Sometimes it’s nice to take a break. One of my favorites is Kelly Clarkson’s new song, “Love So Soft”. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album; glad to see her back. Have fun on your girl’s trip; looks like so much fun! :) I love that your kids love to dress up! Mine are almost 10 and still love it! Have a great weekend!


Since I’m flying into Vegas to run St. George next month, I have a whole list of things to eat in Vegas/St. George. (My travel plans weigh more heavily toward food than race prep…shows you where my priorities lie :) )

Not sure if you’re ok with donuts during pregnancy, but on my list there is the Donut Bar. In any case, I hope to pay HRG tribute by taking a post-race photo with treats from this place!

Also, you look look strong and radiant in your pregnant running photos!


My kids don’t have to clean the house, they get to eat out, dad puts them to bed late, they usually aren’t bathed when I get home….ya. They like it when I am gone on a trip ;)

Have so much fun on your trip!


No weekend plans – outside of playing as much as I can with my little guy since I have to work during the week!

Friday faves – fall weather and getting out all of my cozy sweaters (and hoping they fit over the baby bump!). I love FALL. I also love pumpkin anything, and I’m excited to get my first – and probably my only PSL because one is usually enough for me. I’ll be more excited when the Smoked Butterscotch is back at Starbucks.

Have so much fun in Vegas!


Holsteins in the Cosmopolitan has some pretty amazing shakes and burgers! Also, get a cookie and soft serve ice cream at Milk Bar at the Cosmo, too (the cereal milk flavor is my fav!).


I’ve got to read that book and follow that account! I get so drained from the news only sharing the bad stuff.


“You’ve got your run done, you can do anything now.” I love that, it is so simple yet true!

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