A short recap of the last day on our trip!

I didn’t take my normal 78 pictures yesterday (you would be amazed how many pictures I take each day…) but I do have a few highlights from the day to share with you!

One last gym run yesterday and we are on our way back home today!

The treadmills at the hotel gym don’t have 3 big fans pointing at me during my run like my treadmill at home does so it was quite the toasty run.  Four miles total with one of my friends running next to me while I watched Friends on my phone.  36.5 miles for the week!

IMG 5231

Hash House a go go was the best decision to refuel with after our runs.  If you ever have a chance to go to this restaurant, you should definitely go.  The portions are huge (we ordered three meals for the four of us and still had leftovers) and everything tastes so good.

IMG 5240

We had some sort of egg/hashbrown dish, a Snickers pancake and chicken & waffles.  I love that these girls love sharing food because this way we get to try all sorts of things:)

IMG 5243

Because watching some TV after brunch in your hotel room is a great thing to do when you are on a girls trip.

IMG 5249

It was finally sunny yesterday afternoon so we went to the pool for a few hours.  Pregnancy has brought along the fact that I do not like being in the sun but it felt nice to sit under the umbrellas and eat deliciousness:)

IMG 5252

From there we went shopping for awhile before eating again (that’s what we do best on our trips together;).

IMG 5269

We decided to go to Spago (Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant) for our last meal together.  We each chose an appetizer and passed it around the table so we could try everything.  I had the Asian salad and it was amazing!

IMG 5257

Along with this amazing pasta dish.

IMG 5258

Room service at the hotel for dessert and a long drive back today!

IMG 5273

IMG 5275

The kids and Andrew (and Beretta) had an amazing time camping and spending time with Andrew’s parents yesterday.

IMG 5227 2

My sister sent me a text telling me that my nephew tried ‘calling’ me during their entire trip to Costco.  He wanted to tell me to buy him fruit snacks.  The last phone call he was a little frustrated with me for not answering:

Back to normal posts this week:)  I hope your Sunday is a great day!


Run day, rest day, cross-training day or anything else day for you today?

What’s the best thing you have eaten this weekend?

What was your best run this last week?

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That phone call is adorable!
Better get him some fruit snacks ;)
I have a short run after work today, and I caught the finisher of the women’s 70.3 Iron man world championships yesterday (Switzerland, 3 time world champ now, 4 hours 11 minutes)……..hopefully I can see the men finish today. It is so cool that it goes right by my work and my apartment………..so fun!

Hope your trip was amazing!


OMG the phone call was SO cute !!!!!! Love it. Sweet little guy. And that pancake !! Never in my life seen a pancake that huge. You’d have to flip it with one of those pizza slide things. Wow ! Sounds like a great trip for you and the camping trip.


How cute that your sister sent you that video! I love how he said hello and bye as if it were a real phone call!
Girls trips are definitely made for shopping and eating. I’m with you on trying a few dishes and sharing so that you get a better feel for restaurants while you’re out. It’s great Andrew and the kids had a fun time camping!
Today is a rest day since I did a 5k yesterday morning. My best run from the past week was the 5k since I negative split each mile.

Have a safe trip home!


Your trip to Las Vegas actually looks relaxing! Good job taking a girls weekend and woohoo that the kids went camping during that time.

My daughter just made oatmeal chocolate chip bars in a jelly roll pan so they are just the right size (not to tall and edgy like in a 9×13)

Best run was an early morning 5.5 miles before work/school. The temp has dropped so I wore tights for the first time in months.
Sunday off from running so went on a bike ride between and during some rain.


Rest day for me. My body and brain were ready for that today. I made an ice cream/cookie sandwich last night and it was amazing


Hey Nae Nae! Uuuugh! Hahaha. I’m dying. I will buy him all the fruit snacks just do he will start to pretend call me. Too weird? Don’t care. #WorthIt

The purpose of vacationing is to eat. You are nailing it.

I ran back down Timp the last 4 miles. It was beautiful. It was my ONLY run last week and definitely the best;)


Today was 4 treadmill miles and then 10 holly miles with friends.

Best thing I ate was a chopped salad on the beach yesterday and the best run was also on the beach with friends yesterday morning :)

Safe travels!


Rest Day! Making Kodiak cakes for brunch and then relaxing for the rest of the day. It’s such a relief to us here in NC that Hurricane Irma has slightly changed course — and might not be as bad for us as they originally feared! PHEW!

A giant tub of buttery movie theater popcorn!

My best run was Thursday morning — it was an easy 2 miles and the weather was gorgeous! I love running in the Fall!


That phone call was so cute! Your trip looks and sounds wonderful also!
Ran 10 miles today and I think it was my best one of the week actually too. No pain and felt easier than my runs earlier in the week. The best thing I ate this weekend was a greek salad with shallot dressing at a restaurant out by me, it was amazing!


OMGoodness, the size of that pancake is hilarious!! This recap is really making me want to go on a girls’ trip! I’ve never been to Vegas and didn’t care one bit until I started thinking about all the good food I could be missing out on…

My 2 year old is always making calls on his toy phones. My favorite is when he says “loveoo, bye!” :)


It looks like you had a great time! And also some great meals :) I went to my parents’ this weekend and my mother makes the best fish so I had some amazing food these days as well ;) Have a safe trip home!


I want to buy your nephew fruit snacks! So cute!


That food looks amazing! The best thing I had was some baby back ribs!


What a fun trip!! I have a lot of random girlfriends, but not a really solid group of them like you do. It’s definitely something I want to work on building, because I know how important it is to have that support system. You are so blessed to have them!


We ate at Spago when I was in Las Vegas too! I probably had the best filet EVER YUMMM


That phone call…. everything!! I rested on Sunday and walked 3.25 miles with my pup; which took an hour and 15 minutes :) I try to be patient and let him take his time to sniff, pee, etc. Ha. I only had 2 runs during the week, which actually turned out pretty great. Sometimes, the extra days of rest in between runs is just what the legs need. That made my Saturday run the BEST! 6.3 miles with the girls on a very cool, sunny morning, followed up by a 4.5 mile walk with a friend and her newborn baby; just heaven! Glad you were able to spend time with your girls in Vegas before your little one arrives!

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