Twelve Tuesday Tangents + What’s out of Your Comfort Zone?

I could really get used to this chilly morning thing over here… IT FEELS SO GOOD.

My miles started on the treadmill because it was dark (3 miles @ 9:40 pace) and then finished up my run outside (4 miles @ 9:04 pace).   With each month that it stays darker for longer my miles will increase on the treadmill and Andrew told me I’m not allowed to run outside if there is any ice… I think that is a brilliant idea.  It is not worth the chance of slipping on the ice!

IMG 6098

Another school day!  Thankfully;)  Labor Day was rough last week because Brooke did not like the idea of it being a Monday and her not being at school.  We have a few more Monday holidays this year to explain to her;)

IMG 6172

Lunch salad… chicken, cucumbers, peppers, apples, grapes and poppyseed dressing.

IMG 6182

+ dessert after.  The kids make a mean cookie.

IMG 6185

Yesterday, in the comments Maureen said she was going to pick apples.  It reminded me of one of my FAVORITE things to do… raspberry picking!  We go to McBride Briar Patch and they are the best.  We will be eating raspberries for days!

IMG 6209

They send you out with some buckets tied around your neck or waist and then you go for it.  Brooke picked 1.6 lbs of raspberries (not counting her samples along the way.. they let you do that) all by herself and she didn’t want to leave when we were all done.

IMG 5956

Knox liked it too but he had more important things to do like finding different animals to hang out with.

IMG 6198

Turns out she is a professional berry picker.  Maybe we need some raspberry bushes in our backyard.

IMG 6205


There have been a few things that

1.  HAHAHA Yep.  Is this one of your favorite compliments too?  When have you received this compliment?  I most often get this comment when people see me running during the winter or when they hear what time I wake up for a race.


2.  My sister made these praline sticky buns and oh my goodness.  They were SO good.  She used the dough she gets from Sam’s Club (at the food court) for the dough and this recipe for the topping (although, she didn’t add the kosher salt and used light brown sugar instead of dark).  It was also eggless so my dad could have it!


3.  He is currently their hero.  The first person on Knox’s birthday party list is my nephew.


4.  The kids came into our room on Sunday after seeing a spider.  The two of them had quite the different perception of the size of the spider.  Knox’s perception was a bit more accurate.

IMG 6030

5.  I saw this picture and it reminded me of the many times that running has caused complete nests of snarls in my hair.  The next time I do a marathon will somebody please remind me to braid my hair the week leading up to the race?

IMG 90211

6.  If you have read my blog for many years then you remember my complete obsession with Swedish Fish.  1/3 of my caloric intake came from these (slight exaggeration) and for each holiday I received them.  I am sad to say I tried some the other day (it’s been like a year or more since I last had them) and I do not understand anymore why I loved them so much.

IMG 5628

7.  Erica sent this to me to put in my kitchen… yes, this is a daily apology for me right now.

IMG 6202

8.  I absolutely ADORE this quote that Candice posted!

Screen Shot 2017 09 18 at 11 54 22 AM

9.  Knox sure enjoyed his raspberries in the car:)

IMG 6219

10.  Oh no, I think we might all be allergic to running… dang it!


11.  US:


12.  I was thinking about it on my run and I wanted to hear your thoughts on this too… What things are in your fitness comfort zone and what things are not in your fitness comfort zone?

-For me… In my comfort zone:  running in a straight line, trails, treadmill, strength training at home (strength training at the gym is more intimidating for me unless my sister is there telling me what to do), spin classes, Megan’s bootcamp class (I need to get back to those again).  Out of my comfort zone:  A new type of fitness class that I’ve never really tried before, crossfit was for me personally, sometimes yoga (I like doing it at home best) and pretty much anything that takes coordination or remembering a certain choreography:)

Things that used to be out of my fitness comfort zone but are now some of my favorites:  Running with other people (I was TERRIFIED of doing that years ago), running easy (my brain told me that I had to push myself to the max pretty much every day) and rest days (another thing I didn’t love before but now are a big part of my training cycles).


Has anyone ever said, ‘you are crazy’ when it comes to your running?  Why?

What things are in your fitness comfort zone and what things are not in your fitness comfort zone?

Do you have any running stickers on your car?

Have any candy/treats that you used to be obsessed over but now you aren’t so much?

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It took me two years of building confidence before I stepped into a crossfit gym ha but I am glad I did. Cardio and muscle mass are the best combination to fight Cf. Out of my comfort zone: finding a way to make them work together if I want to race but not overtrain! Have a great day!


Mel, I AM SO happy that crossfit has helped so much with your CF. Finding a way to balance them both must be very hard! You are doing an amazing job though. I hope your Tuesday is an amazing one!


I used to have a raspberry bush in my backyard but couldn’t eat from it since my dog thought it was his toilet! So beware before planting anything ;)


I didn’t even think about that… THANK YOU for the warning ha!! Have a great day Gigi!


I started with 1 little raspberry plant and they multiply like bunnies!!!! Seriously crazy….be prepared if you go there.

I have been told I am crazy but never related to the “running” kind of crazy…oh well!!! ;-)


REALLY!?!? I didn’t know about that… maybe my whole backyard would turn into raspberries:) Have an awesome Tuesday Kathy!


I’ve definitely heard I’m crazy before when people at work find out how far I ran before work and what time I woke up to do so. It’s always felt normal to me, though!

Those sugar cookies seriously look so delicious! For a few different reasons, I haven’t done much baking in a very long time (and I’ve never been very big on baking/good at it), but I might need to at least attempt to make those. Sugar cookies are my fave!!


I remember when you were obsessed with Swedish Fish! I still love them and am convinced that they need to make a sour version.


Let’s write the company… I would love to try the sour version! Have an amazing day Laura!


My friends like to tell me I am crazy for some of my running but they always follow it up with a “but SO awesome” so I don’t mind it!
Comfort zone – strength training (at home though, not in the gym), running, cardio HIIT (although sometimes I am clumsy), cardio dance/dance fitness, basic yoga
Not in my zone – pilates (never enjoyed it), advanced yoga, strength training w/ big weight machines (they get hogged by the super muscle-y dude-bros at the gym and I can never get to them to try!), trail running (on my to-do list for next year)
No stickers for me – I am not a fan of any kind of stickers on vehicles. Just isn’t my thing!
I used to love old fashioned candy, especially those rock candy things – just big sticks of sugar! I can’t do that now. I also used to LOVE ice cream but I have found I have some sensitivities to dairy and regular ice cream is a no-go for me. Oh well!


I used to be the “crazy runner” but 2017 i’ve been injured and barely running at all. I miss those comments! I’ve run 5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states once….and the 31 miles during my Ragnar Ultra was pretty “crazy” to most of my friends and family.

Out of my comfort zone are strength training and swimming. And I know cross fit would be a challenge for me. The idea of jumping onto a step/box/platform scares the bejezus out of me.

I currently have a 26.2 car magnet. I used to have a fun tie-died one that just said Runner Girl. It fell off :(
It’s time for candy corn to return to my candy selection of choice. It’s a seasonal one.


Mostly I hear the crazy comment from friends that do not work out. I think they are the crazy ones!
In my comfort zone – spin, barre, running, pilates, any kind of group fitness class like tabata or with weights, pool classes. I also really get a lot of benefit from yoga, but for a long time I was afraid to take a class!
Not in my comfort zone – boxing, jump rope class. Not sure about cross fit – don’t you have to compete against each other? I know there is camaraderie there but not so sure how I would like the competing part.
No stickers for me – I am kind of superstitious about those (truly crazy, I know)
I used to really like candy corn but now not so much.
Someone was passing out swedish fish during our 20 mile run on Sunday.. It reminded me to pump my arms while running – so helpful! Guess I’ve been reading your blog for awhile too :)


Okay, your swedish fish/pumping arms story made me smile really big:) CONGRATS on your 20 miles on Sunday! I am right there with you on the things out of your comfort zone… I do need to get barre in my comfort zone too! I hope your day is a great one Cathy and thanks for sharing that last bit with me!


Sticky buns are my favorite haha.

As I mentioned on IG, my husband and I have began looking for treadmills because due to our schedules, it’s becoming harder and harder to run outside all of the times. I would rather be safe inside than sorry. Since I work at a running store, it’s harder for people to think I’m crazy (I guess LOL). Probably racing a ton, I know people roll their eyes at.


Aw I’m so happy I gave you a little inspiration to go raspberry picking! I wish there was a farm near us that we could pick berries at but just apples. The raspberries look delicious!!
My boyfriend called my crazy yesterday when I said if I run a marathon I would want to finish in 4 hours or less… he doesn’t get it.
Yoga is one thing that is so out of my fitness comfort zone. I know it’s good for me and I should do it but I’m nervous of making a fool of myself in a class. Have a great day Janae :)


THANK YOU for the reminder… And I should send you some of the berries ha! YES about yoga too… that’s why I love doing it at home the most ha. I hope you have a great day!


I think taking pride in people being astounded and a little confused by the crasy distances we run is universal for long-distance runners. I always kind of enjoyed telling my friends I ran 20+ miles on Saturday, haha.

I used to love jelly beans, but now, eh, they’re okay, but I’m not about to buy them anytime soon. I might make my annual purchase of candy corn pretty soon, though.


YES YES YES!! I am just like you Grant, I love that too! I TOTALLY agree with you on jelly beans. Andrew is loving Jelly Belly’s right now and I just can’t understand that! Have a great day!


Made my morning to see my name pop on your blog. :)
Out of my comfort zone: Anything that is not the same movement over and over again. I just want to stay in motion…….not lift a weight and stop and find new machine, not volleyball where I do not hit the ball for 5 minutes and then it all the sudden comes to me and I am staring at a bird………not softball where I would be stuck in right field forever…….you get the idea.


It always makes my day to get your texts! YES YES YES… I totally agree with you. I love the monotony of running, it is definitely my comfort zone! I hope your day is a great one Erica!


Hi there! How do you cook your chicken for salads? It always looks so good! (cooking meat freaks me out:))


HEY RACHEL. Yeah, meat freaks me out too! So we are very simple and we just cook it in a pan with a little bit of butter on medium. Andrew usually does it because I especially now do not love raw meat;) After that he just cubes it up. If you live close, come over for lunch one day!


Out of my comfort zone – crossfit, Zumba (the whole choreographed dance class thing is not my thing)

No running stickers on our truck. I am not a fan of any kind of stickers on my vehicles.

I love candy! I don’t really have one that I used to love that I don’t anymore though. Trolli Squiggles (gummy worms) have always been a favorite of mine.

Have a lovely day!


So jealous that berries are still in season near you! I love raspberries!
I definitely get called crazy for my running habits often. My family is mostly non-athletic, so they’ve been baffled by my hobby.
My fitness comfort zone is pretty wide- yoga, barre, dance, running, swimming, hiking, spinning… I don’t love super intense intervals, though. I took a crossfit-style intervals class once and it made me so nauseous.
My 26.2 magnet just fell off my car…I’ll have to run another full and get a new magnet!
I ate probably 19,572,911 lbs of sour patch kids every day in college. They taste way too sweet to me nowadays and I have no idea what I saw in them!!


My friends/coworkers tell me I’m crazy all time for running ;) I secretly love it!
Check out all those raspberries!! YUM!
Do you find that it is harder to run faster paces on the treadmill than it is outside?? Is it just me that has this issue?!


I am just like you… I run faster paces outside than I do on the treadmill. It might be because I put my treadmill on a bit of an incline though too! You are not alone in this Erinn. I hope you are having an amazing Tuesday and that some friends call you crazy again soon;)


Yummm I need that Halloween cookie! I absolutely love frosted cookies and now I’m salivating…

My friends totally tell me I’m crazy for my running/general working out habits. But I don’t mind :) they also tell me I inspire them!

Have a great Tuesday, Janae!


Make the cookies as soon as possible. They are amazing. Crazy and that you inspire them… both awesome compliments;) I hope your day is a great one too Marina!


I have running stickers on my car :) It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know what they mean. Someone asked if it was for radio stations I listen to….


NO WAY… hahah that is so funny to me! I hope your Tuesday is an awesome one Amy!


haha, yes! I love being called crazy. It’s a runner’s highest form of praise ;) A sign on saw during my marathon, said ‘Run like someone just called you a jogger.’ lol – I found that very encouraging too!

Comfort zones for me: running (treadmill/outdoor running), group runs, building mileage, Pilates, yoga (kind of), and body weight circuits. Not in my comfort zone (yet): cross fit, lifting, and intense speed work (want to get more comfortable with this!).


Loved reading your comfort zone things Bethany! OH I LOVE the sign that you saw… that is awesome! I hope you are feeling great after your marathon girl!


Everyone at work says I’m crazy for running and it will ruin my knees. It is hard when one of your bosses looks at you and says the only reason it is right to run is if someone is chasing you. She says she will just write a check to charity. So she just doesn’t understand. Yes, I have my Kassel Run Challenge bumper sticker on the car because it reminds me of a tough race when I used mental training to overcome exhaustion. Do you have reminders like that around?


Yeah, she definitely doesn’t understand! And why do people think it is bad for our knees?!? Oh I love your bumper sticker! I need more things like that around! Thanks Aimee and I hope you have a great day!


First, I just wanted to say thank you for replying back to my comments so often on here! You’re like a famous celebrity and get tons of comments–the fact that you take the time to read them and comment shows what a special, genuine, caring person you are. It’s appreciated :)

Candy obsessions—well my current one is BB Bats and Kits. I’m not sure if you’d even know what they are–it’s old-fashioned candy, kinda like taffy. I like Sugar Babies, too, and chewy airheads. Yum. And, I’m obsessed with See’s Scotchmallows. I think you like those, too :)


THANK YOU for taking the time to comment to me… it always makes me so happy to read the comments, they are my favorite part of the morning! See’s Scotchmallows for life… I think I need to go get some of those right now! I hope your day is a beautiful one Jen!


When I get a bigger yard someday, I’m going to have strawberries and raspberries for sure! I potted some strawberries this year and it’s been so fun to get fresh strawberries from it (we’ve only had 3 so far haha!)


Oh strawberries would be awesome too! I love that you had potted strawberries this year… I bet those three were the best ever!


“You’re crazy” when I went running in Hurricane Irma. It kinda missed N. Carolina, but everyone was thinking it might hit. We got wind and rain, but never anything terrible, so I hit the road and ran in a great down pour. I felt like such a badass.

Perfect timing for this question: Running with people! I have no idea how to do this. Two neighbors just asked me to run with them (seperately) and I’ve never ran with people. How do you do it? Can you ignore them and listen to music? What if you’re too tired to chat? How do you share a sidewalk?! help!

Running stickers – does HRG have stickers? Can you even see out of your backwindow? None for me… yet.


Okay, wow!! That is awesome Sage:) Way to get in a killer run in the rain and wind (I would have been on the treadmill haha)! Great question about running with friends! I usually do not listen to music (unless we are doing speed work) but I have a friend that will just put one earbud in so she can still talk too! If you are too tired to talk, just tell them that… runners are the best and we all get it. When I run with people we are usually on a trail that is wider but if we are on sidewalks then one person is usually on the sidewalk with the other on the side of the road but sometimes we can both go on the sidewalk. Great questions, let me know how it goes Sage! I don’t have stickers!


Oh my gosh, the picture of the kids showing the size of the spider cracked me up so hard; Brooke’s expression kills me, too. :) I hate spiders! Her hair in the bun was so cute; I have to try that on my daughter. I get into a rut and do the same braids. I haven’t had anyone say I’m crazy for running since I don’t but we have had people tell us we were crazy for waking up at 4:30 for workouts. :) Have a blessed day, Janae!


Literally everyone thinks I’m crazy for running. Especially because most of my immediate circle aren’t into fitness goals and think that I’m crazy for having them.

Anything low impact is totally my comfort zone — Swimming, yoga, even easy runs. High impact and high energy is more uncomfortable for me — which is why I’ve been going to a Crossfit gym (where whenever we do run, it’s usually sprints).

I don’t have any stickers on my car — but I do have running stickers all over my office. Does that count?

I used to be obsessed with gummy bears — so much so that I took them as a fueling option on a long run last summer. The heat mixed with the bad long run mixed with the smell of sunblock and bug spray has turned me off of them for the foreseeable future. *Shudder*


I need to get past the running with other people fear!! I am in a group text with some ladies that run together and I have not gone with them yet! I’m too nervous! I need to not think about it and just go! ?


One time I tried Swedish Fish to see what all of your fuss was about and I thought they were gross!! LOL

My 13 month old is obsessed with blueberries but when she finishes she has blue stains all over her face, clothes and body! (especially when they get stuck under her leg in the high chair) A few times I’ve panicked thinking she had gotten a big ole bruise from something!!!!


Those sticky buns look so delicious! I get the “you’re crazy” all the time, but specially when I decide not to go out on a Friday night because I need to wake up early on a Saturday for a long run. Have a wonderful day, Janae:)


I’ve had people call me crazy for running 3 miles. Many people who don’t exercise on a regular basis just don’t get it.

I’ve really upped my cycling miles and I’m much more comfortable on the road than I use to be. I still get kinda freaked out if I’m going down hill and I get up over 25 mph.

I don’t have any stickers on my car but I do have a license plate frame that says “National Guard Marathon Team.” I got it at the Santa Barbara Marathon (the National Guard team ran it.) It’s an attention grabber.

I loved grape candy of any kind when I was a kid. I have no idea why! Purple is my favorite color so maybe I just liked having a purple tongue!


Haha yep I get called crazy a lot in my running. The latest one was when I texted my dad after I finished my first 100km trail race 10 days ago called Lost Soul in Lethbridge, Alberta. My sister offered to pay for professional help :p. Though I know they are proud.

Fitness zone, running long distances, trail running. Less of a a comfort zone – trying new classes, strength training and super exposed scrambling.

I used to love jelly bellies – I could eat pounds of them (not good). I still enjoy them once in awhile but not nearly to the degree I once did.

I have one on his car – he has a mountain biking sticker and I have one from the trail running company Territory Run Co.

Happy Tuesday!


haha! I have a 13.1 sticker and if/when I get that full marathon under my belt, I will get a 26.2 to go right beside it!

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this morning and man, I was wishing it wasn’t pitch black outside so I could just run it outside.


True story: I used to be intimidated by the treadmill. When I started running again, I made my friend show me how it works lol.
Now I love the treadmill…even though I really prefer to run outside.

I don’t have stickers on my car, but I sure appreciate the people who do when I’m driving to a new location for a race.

I used to be obsessed with Reece’s Pieces. I would get a new bag before every track/cross country meet when I was in school. Right now, I can take them or leave them. Once I asked H what candy treat he would send me if I was a contestant on Survivor. He said Reece’s Pieces!!


Yes to the crazy comment….i like that compliment! And I don’t really like Swedish fish anymore either but I used to love them! In my comfort zone is running solo or with someone I know…..although I don’t really do it but I am not opposed to it and sports like volleyball or bball or other team things. I am not comfortable taking a fitness class though….just not my thing.


For me, the question I get most when running is, “who is chasing you? Should we call the cops?”


My kids/family/most friends tell me I’m crazy any time I run over 10 miles or get up before 5am. They call me crazy and dumb when I get up at 3:30am to run 20 miles.
I have a small Ragnar sticker (1-1/2″x1-1/2″) and small runner girl (stick figure only, 1-1/2″ circle) on my back window. Not so much because I feel the need to advertise but it makes my car easier to identify in the parking lot/school pick up lane.


I never understand how they get food over their eyes, but Knox and Brooke look like they had a lot of fun.

I hear “you’re crazy” for the distances I’ve run (the furthest I have run is 18), for the weather I run in (humid or cold), and for getting up early to run.

I don’t like most candy that I used to.

I will try most workouts but I don’t like getting hit, so I’ll punch a heavy weight but not a human being who will hit back. :) Full on boxing, kickboxing and the like are out of my comfort zone. Sports involving heights are out of my comfort zone but I did try trapeze. Scary and exhilarating and once was enough. I want to surf and I know that will be out of my comfort zone.


Your sister’s praline sticky buns look delicious!


I usually don’t mind the “crazy” comment, but it frustrates me when it comes from someone who spends their days sitting at a desk, drinking Coke, and flirting with diabetes and hypertension. That, to me, is crazy.
I’m sure you wouldn’t run outside if it were icy even without Andrew’s “not allowing” it, but it is nice to have someone to watch out for you when you’re pregnant! Nice run, Janae!


Running solo or doing classes like spinning and bodypump are in my comfort zone. Team sports and choreographed classes (like zumba) are NOT. Too many eyes on me! And for the food, I used to love ice creams and desserts with tons of things, like peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, raspberry, fudge, oreo ice cream. Now I like simple….I guess we grow out of things!


Oh my goodness, Brooke’s top knot is the CUTEST! Her hair is just plain gorgeous!

I feel like I am pretty adventurous when it comes to fitness. Pretty much willing to try anything at least once. I LOVE running and cycling, but the swim makes me a little nervous to jump into a triathlon. Something about the flailing arms and legs of other people in the water!!


Yes my foot surgeon when the first thing I asked was when I could run again.

In my comfort zone is running,swimming, gym time,hiking,surfing,windsurfing, horseback riding.
Out if my comfort zone cycling with clips, sports with any kind of ball.
I used to love hot ta,ales, not so much any more
I used to have a runner girl sticker, not so much to identify myself, but to find my silver 4-Runner in the parking lot since it seemed like every forth vehicle was just like mine.


I used to love gummy bears so much! Now I can pass on them. Ice cream has my whole heart now!


inside my comfort zone: treadmill running, making up my own circuits for lifting at the gym, most of my workouts at home,
outside my comfort zone: group classes, spin, totally with you on anything that involves choreography, running outside in the cold! (i’m a wimp –

i used to be obsessed with marshmallow peeps in high school…now i find them so gross! haha

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