Let’s Catch Up Together + To skip the hard workout or not skip the workout.. that is the question!

Nothing like finishing off your run with a few strides while you race against your daughter down the street.  She can now ride a bike without training wheels but she can sure cruise on the balance bike!

Andrew and Brooke were out front hanging outside when I finished my run (it was one of those mornings where getting out the front door took quite some time for me;) and it was fun to see them when I got close to our house.

IMG 2441

Thank you clouds for making running later on in the morning so much better!  7 miles @ a 9:18 average with plenty of rest breaks and Oprah listening!

IMG 2307

After my run we stayed outside until Knox came over (Tuesday’s aren’t our normal days with him but we usually get to see him for a few hours while his mom is at work) and he decided we needed to race too.  He told me we had to start down like this (in which I quickly found out that I might only be able to do this race starting position for another week or so… bending over isn’t my favorite thing anymore ha).

IMG 2467

These two then decided to race but they wanted to hold hands while racing.  I keep trying to convince Andrew to do our next race together (we have a 10k in 1.5 weeks) holding hands the entire time but he isn’t loving that idea;)

IMG 2501

While they played around in the front yard I brought out the weights and did squats, walking lunges, shoulder presses, rows and curls.  DOMs actually is only delayed for about 5 minutes after a workout for me now… I start feeling the soreness quite quickly ha.

IMG 2444

PS my go-to pre-run workout fuel currently is a little bowl of honey nut cheerios followed by a clementine or four.

IMG 2222

I’m very grateful the kids happily join me in my grilled cheese love.  They aren’t always the biggest fans of eating soup in the summer but the grilled cheese thing is great.  Knox left after lunch and he will be back today!

IMG 2508

Later on in the day we hit up Costco and Brooke was positive that we needed this fifty pack of cookies for our house.

IMG 2512

Costco nailed it with their samples yesterday.. pancakes + almond butter/jelly sandwiches.  We were both thrilled.

IMG 2516

We did get a small container of cookies to take to my mom’s house and Brooke happily enjoyed one there:)

IMG 2518

For dinner we had pesto tortellini (a la Costco) and it hit the spot.  We added spinach and chicken to it too and had some fruit on the side.

IMG 2525

Each dinner Beretta hopes the entire time that the kids will drop some food and that she can grab it… she is going to be very happy once our new baby is here and eating solids later on;)

IMG 2530

PS I have no idea how in the world he does SPRINTS after eating dinner.  I am amazed each time.

Photo on 8 8 17 at 6 51 PM 2

And then we finally (ehhh a little dramatic… it was only a day late) watched The Bachelorette together.

IMG 2532

Just in case you are wondering what I dreamed about last night… it was Rhodes Rolls.  Food is a really big deal to me at this point in my life right now.  Thank you for allowing me to go on and on about it to you:)

IMG 1598


A good friend asked me yesterday a ‘what do do’ question and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this topic with you today!

The question was about when things come up during our training for a big race and force us to have to miss out on one of our key workouts.   Do we try to squeeze the workout in later during the week or do we just skip it and move forward and resume training like normal the following week?

IMG 6785

(Just a random picture of me and Josse being dramatic after a really hard track workout)

PS These are my personal opinions that I am sharing so take it or leave it:)

I can think of four scenarios for my own training where this has happened before:

1.  I’m sick.   For this one I guess it depends on how sick you are.  A few sniffles and sneezes, yeah I’ll probably just do the workout or maybe take a day off and try it the next day.  But if I AM SICK… personally, I think the best thing is to skip the key workouts of that week until I am back to myself again.  Missing a key workout or two over a 12 week training cycle isn’t going to do much (in my opinion… missing a bunch of them sure will) BUT I think the confidence buster that occurs by trying to do these key workouts while sick is going to cause some problems.  Trying to run fast while sick is just not going to happen for me and losing confidence in what I will be able to do on race day due to a workout where I missed the splits completely is probably going to effect my mental game a bit.  If anything, I think that by doing a hard workout while we are sick is just going to force our bodies to take longer to recover too.  Why not take the week easy (and/or take a few days off), get plenty of rest, nutrients and come back the next week feeling like a million bucks and like a speeding bullet again.  I just don’t think running our bodies into the ground while we are sick is good for us mentally or physically during our training.  I’d much rather show up to the starting line of a race a bit undertrained than overtrained.

2.  I’m emotionally or physically drained and the workout just isn’t going to happen that day.  This has happened plenty of times for me over the years but one experience really sticks out to me—>   It was Brooke’s birthday and I went out before she woke up that morning to hit a 400 workout that my coach assigned for me.  I knew within a few of the intervals it just wasn’t happening.  So much emotionally and physically had been going on that week and so the workout was a flop.  It happens, life comes before running for me… always.  What did I do?  I decided to take the next day completely off and recharge.  I did the workout again the day after that rest day and nailed it.  There have also been times when life took over and I did end up skipping the workout all together.  I think you will have to be the judge on how drained you are… is the workout doable after a day off or two not or do you need a week or two to get back to yourself and run easy until then?  Are you feeling drained because you are in the middle of training for a marathon… that can be completely normal and something we push through too.  Really investigate what is causing these feelings of being drained, where your body is at with these things and when the appropriate time to really push yourself in a workout is!  If it is a quick fix and a day or so makes me feel better then I personally will try to get in the workout again that week AS LONG AS I can make sure to continue having an easy day again before I attempt another hard workout/long run again afterwards.

Here is a little tip from Hanson’s Marathon Method (I LOVE their training plans) that can go along with this:

IMG 2533

3.  I’m injured or have a ‘hot spot’ with something that hurts.  Something is feeling off and I know I shouldn’t push it that day by doing a workout.  SKIP THE WORKOUT!!!!!  Once upon a time a few years ago I remember feeling pain in my quads.  Instead of skipping my 10 x 800m workout for the day I grabbed some Ibuprofen and set out for the track.  Worst idea ever.  I ended up with two femoral stress fractures.  Who knows if I had stress reactions at this point and by continuing to do hard workouts I caused the fractures to occur?  I learned my lesson the hard way with that one but I think there is zero reason to even run when something feels off.  I like to take time off until it doesn’t hurt anymore and then another complete day or two after that to attempt any speed or hard stuff.

4.  Life takes over and I can’t get out that day (or for a few days) to get in a workout.  If I can, I try my absolute best to still get in the workout at some point that week.  I always remind myself that something is better than nothing in situations like this and that I can always shorten a workout too if life is just too crazy.  As long as I can continue to allow easy days in between the hard stuff, then I do try to squeeze in the workout.

Overall, when training for a big race I think that consistency is KEY so stick to your plan as much as possible.  Things come up for all of us along the way and missing a key workout or two isn’t going to ruin race day (in my opinion)! I hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any questions!


I saw this on my friend’s IG page and I wanted your opinion… If you could choose one, which would it be?  For me it would be #2.  All the way.  Can you even imagine how glorious that would be?  Feel free to tell me another option that you would really love to include on this quiz.

IMG 2171

Who watched the Bachelorette season finale?  What were your thoughts about it all?

What are your thoughts on skipping key workouts?  When have you had to skip them and did you squeeze them in later that week or not?

Do you remember your dreams often or rarely?  What was the last really strange dream that you had?  I love hearing Andrew’s dreams that he has because they are always so entertaining and random!

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If I got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, that would be so beyond glorious. I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately (I used to average like four or five hours a night), but I’m still a work in progress. But my apartment cleaning itself would be nice, too!

I definitely try not to skip key workouts, but like you, I’ve learned that life comes before running. I do try to do them later if I have to miss one, though. I’m starting to feel a little bit stronger now (I’ve been dealing with kidney issues for about a year now), so I’m going to try to find a goal race and work toward it. Hopefully I will be able to get all of those key workouts in!


Hands down, number 2! You’d think that since my kids are older the mess is less, or they clean up all their stuff…but no :-(


I was upset with the Bach finale. She obviously wanted to be with Peter and his rationale was completely sane. In the end, her and Bryan said they were waiting to get to know each other. UM…exactly what Peter wanted!!!! Ugh. Sorry, I get emotional with that show haha.
Once I’m in a groove with workouts, I tend to not skip them. It’s getting motivated to start up again after awhile off that I can’t figure out. (my currently stage). Any tips?


I agree with almost all of your reasons to skip workouts! If I’m sicks above my neck i’ll workout but either take it easier or make my paces slower but if it’s below the neck then I’ll skip completely. I’d rather not be throwing up on the side of the road ;)
I’m torn between picking 1 (no interrupted sleep) and 2 (house cleans itself) because I go back and forth with cleaning but lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night.
Have a great day :)


I’ve been feeling guilty some weeks when I don’t get all my workouts in, but I know that the reasons I’ve skipped or shortened workouts were for good reasons, so I try not to get too upset. I just keep going with my training plan and know that missing a workout here or there has not really affected me all too much in terms of overall fitness. As long as I get 80% of my long runs and speed workouts in, I think I’m doing pretty good ;)

I would 100% want my house to clean itself! I’ve been putting off folding laundry for a week!


I’d have to go with #1 – my sleep is a lot better now than it used to be, but still not what I would like it to be! Plus I like cleaning, weirdly so….and I don’t have kids :)

I somehow managed to not miss any of my planned runs/workouts during my most recent training cycle – probably because I only had 7 weeks to prepare for the half so there was less time to get sick or injured! I did have to flip flop some days though! In previous cycles, I have had to skip some – the best example I can think of is when I fell (belly-flopped onto the sidewalk, basically) and jammed my neck/had whiplash. I could barely hold my head up so I definitely had to take time off running. Not to mention the pounding of my feet on the pavement would have made it worse! I hated missing the workouts but I think I was so relieved when I finally got to run again that I almost felt better?

I had a dream last night that my best friend opened a video game salon… as in a place where people go and play video games while getting their hair done. It was super weird, especially considering she doesn’t care about video games and doesn’t do hair!


I’d LOVE 8 hours of sleep! I’m a terrible sleeper!


Hey Janae:) Loved this post. I actually skipped my run yesterday. I ran a trail race on Monday night. It was only a 5K but my knee was feeling kind of funny. I went all out on my race and did not think about my knee. However, I decided to take a rest yesterday because a day of rest is always better than multiple weeks off from running due to injuries.

In that picture I would choose #1 (even though I feel tempted to pick #2 as well ;). If I could get 8 hours of sleep absolutely every day, my morning runs would be all so amazing.


omg 100% #2. Having a messy/dirty house gives me such anxiety, but as a working (out of the home) mom, I hate sacrificing weekend/weeknight time with my family to clean.

It took me awhile to believe this, but being undertrained is so much better than risking overtraining. I think part of it is also long-term consistency – if you’ve been running for awhile, missing some key workouts in one training cycle really isn’t going to make or break you.


definitely #2! I do not like to clean yet I love and need a super clean house so #2 all the way!


I would definitely pick #2. It would save so much time! It would probably allow me to sleep more too….

On the workouts, I would probably only skip with your scenario #1. I think if you’re feeling emotionally drained, working out can revive you. I think if you’re sore, then workout different muscles. :)


The 8 interrupted hours of sleep sounds amazing! I need my sleep- not sure what I’m going to do when I eventually have kids lol.

And ugh, weirdest bachelorette finale ever. #TeamPeter

As for taking days off, that’s one thing I love about having a coach. When something isn’t feeling right, or I know I’ll need to miss a session, it’s so helpful to get the opinion of someone I trust and it helps take away some of the “guilt” factor of missing or modifying a workout. In general, I try to really prioritize the speed, tempo, and long run days, but I also have been doing slightly longer training cycles lately. This gives me more opportunities to do key workouts, so missing one or two is less of a big deal. I’ve had my share of injuries and burnouts so I know it’s best to be conservative when these things come up.


It’s funny because yesterday was one of those runs I also struggled to get out of the door. It took me far too much time. After so many issues and injuries I always air on the side of caution and will take a rest day if I remotely feel as though I need it. For me lack of sleep, if I am mentally drained or if my body is just tired. Then if I have to wake a lot earlier or get less sleep which impedes my day, I usually skip a run too.


Don’t even get me started on The Bachelorette. I was outraged by the whole thing!

If I could get 8, uninterrupted, amazing hours of sleep every night, I’m pretty sure I could run the world :)

Have a great day!


mine would be the 8 hours of sleep every night. everything is better with sleep


I have been thinking a lot about skipping workouts lately, I wrote about it recently too, and I love all the things you mentioned! I always use the above/below the throat rule when I’m sick. If I don’t have a fever and it’s a little cold I’ll usually still run but make it easy pace instead of pushing myself normal.

Also when I’m pregnant I ALWAYS dream about food.

And I’d pick my house to always be clean.


Can I pick option 5? Someone to meal plan/grocery shop/cook would be my dream.
Sleeping a full 8 hours would be my second choice.


You sure can pick that one… how incredible would that be!?!?


A house that cleans itself! That’d be amazing because my husband and I both hate cleaning. Someday when we’re a little more financially secure, I’d love to have someone clean our house once a month. Big dreams haha. Of course, I love my sleep too so my answer might change once the baby’s here.

Since I wake up a couple times a night now (more pregnancy fun), I remember a lot more of my dreams now. Last night my mom and I were flying somewhere with my old dance teacher? It’s fun to figure out why I’m dreaming of something (like I saw a post on Facebook from my old dance teacher yesterday).

I fully support Brooke in buying that 50 pack of cookies! I’m pretty sure I could finish that by myself in a couple hours now :)


I hope that a self-cleaning house becomes a thing someday soon:) Oh seriously… I always think about how nice that would be to have someone come clean for us! HAHA I love that your old dance teacher was in your dream, that is awesome haha!


I would choose number one–8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’ve insomnia issues for SEVERAL years a really good night’s sleep doesn’t happen very often for me. When you have insomnia, it affects everything–mood, energy, productivity, emotions. If I could get 8 hours of sleep a night, my life would improve greatly!


Oh Marti, insomnia must be such a difficult problem to struggle with! I’m so so so sorry about that! I can’t even imagine… I hope that things start changing soon and you are able to sleep better. Thinking about you!


Oh yeah, I am with you on option #2. That would be divine!! Love your lunch food – I am clueless when it comes to lunch time. I pretty much stick with a salad every day, and if we don’t have lettuce, I’m making a PB&J!


Salads + PB&J sound like excellent lunches to me:) I’m having a salad today! I hope yours is a great one Lisa:)


Your posts always make me hungry :) I really want a pesto-inspired dinner tonight!
Though poor sleep has been an issue, lately, I’m totally with you on wanting a self-cleaning house (or even self-cleaning people living in it ~ha~
Skipping a workout has to happen sometimes. It makes me nuts to miss a scheduled workout, and I end up cranky if I miss too many, but sleep deficit has overruled workouts for me at times. If I feel like my eyes will involuntarily close or I’m tired nearly to the point of tears, I’ll usually take it down to a walk with the dog, outdoor time with the kids, or even a nap over pushing myself to an unsatisfying and detrimental hard workout.


Come on over and eat with us Corey and you need some pesto for dinner tonight! HAHA the self-cleaning people thing is a marvelous idea too;) Oh that is a great one that I forgot to include.. sleep deprivation! There are definitely times where I feel like more sleep > for me than getting the workout done! Thanks for sharing and I hope you are getting plenty of sleep lately!


It’s a toss up between #2 and #1. But I think maybe #1 wins… I truly HATE cleaning.
I try not to skip key workouts unless I am really sick or injured. It just isn’t worth it. Last Nov I ran a half marathon with a gnarly cold and I absolutely felt awful. I flew to the halfway point, but then totally blew up and had to stop and walk for like 2 miles of it. It was awful and I will never do that again. But, I am used to the fatigue you get in the middle of marathon training and I’ve learned to push through. More and more I am learning how much more powerful my mind is than my body!!!


Oh a half marathon with an awful cold sounds MISERABLE! Yes yes yes… that mind of ours is so incredibly powerful! I hope you are having a great day girl!


Grilled Cheese FTW!! It’s my comfort food.

I would choose #2. I’m never caught up on my household chores. I’m a good sleeper, but I could get to bed earlier if my house was self cleaning :)

Not a big Bachelorette watcher, but I hear about it from my friends that do…so I kind of know what’s going on.

I don’t stress too much about missing a key workout. Sure I’m a little disappointed, but I’m pretty consistent with my running (five days a week) so one four day week here and there isn’t going to hurt me. Extra rest is always a good thing. Sometimes I’ll add some strides at the end of an easy run or do a couple of tempo paced miles in the middle.

I’ve been having some funny, weird, vivid dreams lately…I hope that means I’m sleeping really well. Does anyone else have a recurring dream? Mine is that I’m still in school and I can’t find my locker or remember the combination to open it. Another one is that it’s the end of the semester in college and there is one class that I never attended. HA!!


I hope that you have some grilled cheese soon! I love your perspective on a missed workout… sounds great to me! I TOTALLY Have had recurring dreams before! Okay, can you even imagine how bad that would be to have realized at the end of the semester that you never made it to one of the classes… that is giving me anxiety just thinking about it ha. I hope you have a beautiful day Elizabeth!


I am training for my second marathon (NYC!) and using Hanson’s Marathon Method. I love that book, too. All of it makes so much sense to me!

Good points on when to take rest days. I took one Tuesday, kept my run very easy today, and now I feel amazing! It truly was the best decision!

AND, I also love Rhode’s Rolls :)


AHHHH I am SO beyond excited for you to run NYC!!! Best marathon:) Such an awesome training plan… I’m so excited for you!! I hope you have some Rhode’s Rolls soon. I don’t know how they are so delicious! Thanks Ashley!


I would definitely choose the clean house! I feel like that task is so exhausting because there’s something to clean everyday!


YES YES YES… it’s never ending ha. Someday maybe this invention will come to life. I hope you have a great day Laura!


After watching the Bachelorette finale, I’m no longer a fan of Rachel. God forbid Peter not want to get engaged! And then when they spoke after, she seemed to be trying to sabotage his chance of being the next Bachelor with all the “this process just isn’t for you” comments. Just saw a bad side of her which is disappointing since I really liked her in the beginning.


RIGHT!?!?! A) I want him to be the next Bachelor so I was super bummed about that. B) He is actually normal and doesn’t want to be engaged to her after a total of what… 6-7 dates together? What’s wrong with that! I was super bummed by the whole thing too but maybe I should just stop being so invested in this show ha. Thanks for talking to me about it Lindsay and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Absolutely agree! Worst Bacherlorette ever! I thought she was very rude to him when he was trying to apologize for something he’d said. Also read this morning that she and Brian won’t get married until late 2018 or early 2019 so they can get to know each other! Isn’t that what Peter wanted???!!


Definitely #4. I hate running errands it requires me to leave my house and wait in lines and deal with parking lot traffic etc. Anything I can do in the comfort of home is preferred.

Bach finale was sad and heart-wrenching.! sigh!


RIGHT?!?! I wanted to cry too for Peter and for Eric! I hope that somehow magically your life is filled with less errands:) Thanks Melanie and have a great rest of your day!


Loved these four tips! I often struggle when I’m deciding whether to do/make up a workout, but lately I’ve erred on the side of skipping it completely if I’m not feeling myself. Why push it when your body/mind is telling you to take it easy?!

And I’d definitely choose 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. I can’t function on much less!


Sleep is so amazing… my whole life is better when I sleep too:) I hope you are having an awesome day Marina!


Okay, mine would be #2 as well! :) But for anyone who is struggling with #3, a long time ago when I got a chorus of complaints at dinner (kids were younger and I was not getting 8 hours of sleep at that point in life), I stood up and explained (eh hem, yelled) that I worked very hard to cook their meals and they were lucky to have food in their bellies and I would never complain about their school work or something else they spent a lot of time on and that if they didn’t like the food they could choose to be hungry. Never got another complaint again (except for my youngest who was the baby at the time and he is SO picky and has many a night simply not eaten because that’s my rule: “you get what you get”). Hard mommy advice, given unsolicited…you’re welcome. :D Of course, my sister-in-law just gathered her kids around the computer and googled “starving children” and after her kids saw those pics, they never complained again either. ;)

Skipping “key workouts”: I’m all for listening to my body. I am injury prone and also dealing with health concerns right now, so I definitely fall into the camp of doing what my body says. Key workouts are definitely key and vital, but only if your are 100% healthy and able to take the load. Then again, I am a solid back-of-the-middle-of-the-pack runner, so I’m not usually one to train for key races either, so…*shrug*

Remembering dreams is hit or miss for me. I try to remember, but I usually only can if it’s scary. Boo.

I don’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Are we fighting about this now? Can we still be friends? ;)


MICHELLE… thank you so much for sharing this with me because we get this complaint all of the time! Thank you… big time! I hope you are doing okay with your health concerns right now… keep me updated! HAHAHA GOOD FOR YOU to not watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette… seriously, I need to stop!


I don’t own a TV so I can only watch after the finale airs so I was tip toeing on social media yesterday (which is hard because it’s my job! haha) but I watched it last night. I’m not sure I loved the different format with Rachael out there and questioning her throughout the show vs after, which is really because I wanted to go to bed and just watch the “After the Rose” tonight but I just HAD to stay up and see it all. haha But…despite how things went down with Peter, I still really like him and if someone can introduce us, I would happily date him.


I’m right there with you Katie on thinking Peter is great… I was disappointed with Rachel. But maybe it all happened like that so that you and Peter could get together:) I hope you have an awesome day Katie!


House cleans itself ALL THE WAY!!!! If only haha ;)


Right?!?! I just cleaned the whole house just now and the whole time I thought about how nice it would be to have that haha:) I hope you have a great day Brittany!


I think I’d have to choose #1, everything goes so much better for me if I get a full 8 hours of sleep. But if I really had my way, I’d choose to have a personal chef :)


CAN YOU IMAGINE!?! Oh that would be heavenly… let’s keep dreaming! Enjoy your day Michelle!


been thinking about this…thanks for the post! I want to run my first marathon early next year and have the plan picked out and everything BUTTTT I have some amazing travel plans that won’t allow me to run (not safe/no treadmill) so I have been trying to figure out how I will miss a week or two and still be OK!


#2!!! That would be the absolute best, especially now that my dog is older and nutty.

I do remember my dreams and some of them are quite odd. I dreamed I met Samantha Brown, the travel host, and we were hanging out in Brooklyn. (which isn’t as random as it sounds, I live near there and we do end up in some of the same places. Still I don’t think she’d randomly be hanging out with me).


I would love to have option 2!! Granted, I do not have kids, so even though I don’t always get enough hours of sleep, i usually sleep pretty well. I’m a very deep sleeper and can sleep through just about everything. However, I do have a dog who sheds CONSTANTLY!! We have hardwood floors all over the house and Lola is a yellow lab mix so her hair is very visible and I’m constantly having to sweep and vacuum the house!
I was just thinking about this exact topic! I am the worst with sticking to training plans. I have winged nearly every half i’ve done. I’ve stuck with the policy mentioned yesterday that if I can run 6 miles, i should have no problems with 13.1. However, i’m finally making the jump to the full and the logic doesn’t feel like it could be right. So i’m actually working on a plan. I’ve had to skip some days because of work or other personal events. I’ve shifted a few workouts around to make sure I at least get the important ones done. I am skipping tomorrow, bc I just need a day to sleep in! So I think that as long as you don’t skip too many and mainly focus on the runs that will make you stronger, it is ok!


What did you think about The Bachelorette? I was hoping she’d pick Eric.


I am a loser…..I’ve never watched the Bachelorette! I rarely remember any of my dreams. They are in color though when I do.


I haven’t watched the season finale yet, but I know who wins! I’m kind of scared to watch it because I’ve heard it’s so emotional.
Random question – you run 7 miles a lot! Do you run the same route everytime or do you switch it up?
I have dreams all the time – usually about loosing my teeth?? At least that’s what I remember when I wake up !


#1!!! I haven’t had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in about 20 years. And I don’t have children! I just am an awful sleeper.


Ok, I ❤️❤️❤️Clementines! And I long for the house to clean itself… right now it would be a toss up between that and the sleep. Where do you get the best clementines?


your post is showing your hard work. Once again we got amazing article that is really helpful for us. Thanks for it.

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