Brooke’s Birthday Party (how I made the cake:) + FASTEST MILE!

The 5 layer rainbow/sprinkle cake was a success (I used this cookbook).  More sprinkles ended up on the kitchen floor than on the cake as I attempted to decorate the cake but that’s okay, right!?

Yep, there were plenty of messes along the way:)

IMG 2914

First, the day started with 6.1 miles outside and last 2.1 inside on the treadmill!

PicMonkey Collage

I started getting really hot outside so I decided to finish up the last of my run inside and that was an excellent idea.  Three fans pointed at you while you run + ice water will really cool you down fast.  8.2 miles total… my longest run of the week!

IMG 2892

While I was outside running I set a new record on my Garmin.  I realized the other day that all of my records on my Garmin were from a time that it was on (by accident) in the car so it said that my fastest mile was 1:23 seconds… yeah, no.  So I reset them and I was pretty happy about this 8:25 mile!

IMG 2878

Right after the run finished, the party prep started.  Do you ever feel like running is the most relaxing/laid back part of your day… yesterday it definitely was!


I shared where I got the cake recipe and frosting earlier.  Now I have a few more tips (thanks Lisa)!

1.  We baked the cake part two nights before and wrapped them in wax paper and saran wrap.  I made the frosting Saturday morning and took out the cake and started frosting.  So the cake was frozen when I frosted it which made it a MILLION TIMES EASIER to layer and frost.

2.  A lot of sprinkle type cake recipes recommend rolling the cake in a cookie sheet full of sprinkles.  I am not that adventurous.  I basically took a bunch of sprinkles at a time and threw them at the cake, ha.  It took forever but I didn’t risk breaking the cake.  With this particular frosting recipe the sprinkles REALLY stuck to the frosting which made it a lot easier too.   I listened to a podcast while I was decorating it so I was having a blast.

3.  I used these cake toppers (you can do different numbers for them:)

4.  Also, Andrew bought me my cake decorating tools for Christmas and I loved them all… icing spatulas, rotating cake stand, cake pans, scraper:)

IMG 2913

We had several of Brooke and Knox’s friends over.  I think the fan favorite had to be the jump house.


I think the Hot-N-Ready pizzas really add to the Pinterest decor that I was shooting for:)

DSC07707 3

We had a cotton candy machine there (thanks to Andrew’s parents)…


A slip-n-slide, sprinkler under the tramp and random games in the backyard.


And of course a piñata because that has been something we’ve done at pretty much every one of Brooke’s birthday parties over the years.


The kids brought Brooke presents.


And we finished off with a water balloon game.


How I felt by the end of the party (I was just a little jealous of my nephew;)  The kids had a great time so it was worth it.  Today is my rest day from running so I’m planning on taking less than 500 steps the entire day.


Andrew had a test up in SLC (that he rocked) and then later on that evening my brother from Kentucky was in town so we all went over to my parent’s house to say hi!!!  We actually ended up having the cake over there because the kids already had so much sugar at the party we decided to wait:)


The inside of the cake:


We restocked our grape supply while we were there too… my parents have SO many grapes growing there!

IMG 2933

And then I climbed into bed at 8:30 (my current favorite bed-time) and of course the baby started kicking like crazy the first time I was still for the day ha!

I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one!!  I’ll see you tomorrow morning, bright and early!


Tell me about how your weekend running has gone?  Temperatures? Distance? Solo or with people?  Refueled afterwards with what?!

What is the best part of your Sunday going to be?

Have any goals for this next week of running?

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Hit only 19 miles this week due to humidity, but I hope for closer to 25 this week…………….hopefully some rainy runs!
Today is the first day the penguin chick will be out of the nest all day with his (or her) parents, so that is exciting! And that party looks amazing! Enjoy your rest day:)


awww the birthday cake came out so pretty and perfect!


the cake looks amazing and so does the party! how fun!!!!! SO putting that rainbow cake on my next to make list! great job mama!!


The cake is gorgeous!! I hope you’re really proud!


That cake looks amazing! great job!!


I am jealous of your cake skills! I’ve recently gotten into baking and I need an excuse to make a cake like that. Sounds like the party was a success! I ran 8 miles total this weekend and plan on resting a bunch today. My goal for the week is to try and hit my tempo paces (I only hit one mile worth last time) so we will see how it goes on Thursday!

Have a great day :)


That cake is absolutely beautiful!!!!! It looks like the store-bought ones!

I also love the party decor :) I think this birthday party was a complete success.

I did not run this weekend. I want to be well rested and fresh for next week. I’m trying to hit 6 days of running (my max has been 5) so let’s see how that goes and how my body feels.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Janae:)


Awesome tips on the cake, thanks for sharing ! I might just try that cake layer freezing tip. What a time saver. And nothing goes wrong the day of. Happy Birthday Miss Brooke ! Looks like they all had a great time. We are painting Kindness Rocks over at our Community Center today. And it’s supposed to be super nice out, so I’d guess we’ll be outside most of the day. Hope you get caught up on your sleep. Birthday party can whoop anyone, let alone being pregnant. lol


Wow! The cake looks beautiful! Happy Birthday Brooke! :D


That cake turned out perfect. If I made that cake it wouldn’t look like that haha


Brooke’s cake turned out amazing!! HBD Brooke!

Yesterday I ran the Hell of a Half. I maybe started to tear up on the first hill. The hubs forgot his phone so I chose to run with no music (gasp!) and it was defintely one of the hardest runs I’ve done between the heat and the two giant hills (biggest one from mile 9 to 10.2!) Ah, but I’m proud of myself for finishing strong and also so glad it’s done!!

The best part of today is church, naps, and family BBQ.

Next week is my first official week of marathon training and I plan to hit a couple of 2 a days because of coaching xc, so it’s more about the acclimation to afternoon heat (90+ degrees!).


Congrats Marissa on the Hell of a Half!!! Those hills sound brutal, be EXTREMELY proud of yourself for doing that course WITH NO MUSIC either:) So excited for your marathon training to start! Thanks Marissa!


You did a great job on the cake! Here is a hack for sprinkles in the future:


BRILLIANT!!!! I need to try this Shay! THANK YOU!!!


Fantastic day all around! Happy birthday, Brooke!


Omg Janae, you made that cake?? I’m so impressed. I know where to look on my birthday ;).

My running this weekend went went. I ran my longest since April (8.5 mikes) and felt good, so I can’t complain.


Well done my friend!! That cake looks amazing and the rest of the party sounded so fun. You definitely deserve your rest day!
My long run yesterday ended up being pretty good overall. I went with my speedy cousin and our legs are tired but I got more energy as the run went on. There was even this magical mile on the run home when it raining and it felt so good!
Enjoy your Sabbath!!


I’ve been doing my mini-runs after spin class, then refueling with my favorite frozen fruit smoothies:)
Best part of my sunday will probably be just getting organized for the week! I’m also planning to meet up with my friends and hang out, but I’m just so eager to get organized right now!
I’m hoping to work up to running 5 whole minutes at a time this week haha; My doc told me to slowly extend the number of minutes I’m running at a time, even if I feel like I can do more, and if I feel any pain I need to take a few days off. I miss long runs so much but healing is the priority:)


That cake looks beautiful and delicious! I am seriously so impressed! I think all of my kids had Little Caesars pizza at every one of their parties. Ha! They always request it and it is just too dang easy. The party looks so awesome and I am just tired thinking about it. Perhaps I will take less than 500 steps today too. In your honor.


Wow, look at that cake!! So impressive. Happy birthday to Brooke!


Wow!! Brooke’s cake turned out great!! Looks like her party was a huge success. Also, great job Andrew for rocking your test!!!

My running was great this week, but today was a Suffer Fest… SOOO HUMID. It’s a good thing I was running with friends because I might have bailed if I was on my own. My feet were squishy after a mile. I couldn’t wait to get out of my soggy clothes. That is the WORST!!

The best part of my Sunday is running, eating and napping. I love Sunday so much! I’ve got another week of hard workouts. I really need to make sure I fuel and rest properly.

Have a great Sunday!! Enjoy your day off :)


You are amazing Elizabeth to go out in that humidity… way to go! So glad you had a running group to go with:) You are going to rock your hard workouts this week and I want to hear all about them!


Your cake is amazing and I’m so impressed! I make cake from a box mix and it’s goes in a regular rectangle cake pan. And I order nice cakes for birthdays. So good job tackling this! Now I want to know How did you slice a cake with that many layers? And what is considered one slice?


HEY MARY!! Thank you so much!! So Andrew sliced it with a huge knife and each piece had 5 layers… no one could finish their slice but it sure looked pretty;) I hope you have a great week Mary!


That cake turned out amazing!! Sounds like throwing the sprinkles at it was fun. What a fun birthday with some many activities for the kids. Hope you have a nice rest day now.


Omg that cake!!! Looks amazing!

I just got back from Vancouver a couple hours ago! Ran the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon yesterday and took a 6am flight back home to Chicago today :/

It was an awesome race and such a fun weekend, but now I am SO ready for bed!


CONGRATS ARTHI on the Seawheeze half… I want to do that so bad! Hopefully get a good night of sleep tonight to make up for this morning!!!


Thanks!! Slept in till 10am this morning which NEVER happens. I took today off from work so hitting the pool in a little for a recovery swim and getting a massage this evening :) Not a bad day at all!


Happy Birthday Brooke!! Looks like you had a super fun party, I love your beautiful rainbow cake and also your cupcake piñata!
jade xo


Amazing job on that cake!! I will now try the freezing technique before I frost my next cake. Thanks for the hint.


Thank you Anne! I hope you have had an awesome Sunday so far:)


Wow, your cake came out so amazing, Janae. Thanks for sharing the tip on freezing the layers! And um… I totally would have used your technique of throwing the sprinkles at the cake, seems totally reasonable :)

Looks like the kiddos had a terrific time!


Wow! What a wonderful party… And an amazing cake! Brooke looks so happy! The last day of vacation run is always bittersweet ;-) back to work tomorrow!


The cake turned out beautiful! I think I need to get that cake cookbook.

Happy birthday to Brooke! Looks like it was a very fun and happy celebration :)


Thank you so much Amanda! YES, get the cookbook… it is AMAZING! Enjoy your evening!


Sooo, I’m no cake specialist, but I made a cake once with sprinkles all over the side. My husband came up with the genius idea – he used my blow dryer on the cold setting (so it doesn’t melt the frosting) and pointed it at the cake, then I shook the sprinkles in front of the hair dryer. It worked AMAZING and made less of a mess than when I had tried to just shake them on the sides. Random hack of the day for you! Haha.


THAT IS BRILLIANT ARIANA!! Thank you for sharing… I’m totally going to try that next time! I hope you have had an awesome weekend:)


Brooke’s party looks like it was a lot of fun.

The best part of my Sunday was my bike workout at the gym this morning. I got to zone out and just pedal.


Saturday morning I ran 13.1 miles in 1:44 min which a previous PR race pace … so I am hopeful that I will be able to break 1:40 this fall. I then went house hunting … I am in the process of buying my first house which was followed with a lovely evening walk with my mom. Sunday included a workout at the gym. A 2 hr nap where I literally could have slept for the rest of the day and FINALLY another evening walk with my mom as she leaves for a few months tomorrow morning!


How do you get your cake layers FLAT? Every time I try a layer cake I have to cut SO MUCH off the top (the part that rounds up when it bakes). Is there a trick to get it to bake flatter so you don’t have to throw so much cake away?


P.S. Your cake, and the party, look gorgeous! Great job!


JEN… that is something that always annoys me too but for this one we didn’t have to throw away any! I’m not sure if it is because we froze the cake (maybe that flattened it out) or because the cakes were frozen it was easier to frost and keep the cake straight. I don’t know if that makes sense!


Thanks. Think I might try freezing them next time. Those little bits of cake always get in the frosting… gr!


It is such a great feeling – a new record! Congrats!! My Sunday was not as busy as yours. We celebrated the podcast being listed on iTunes and did a 3-miler together to talk about the future and the next race we are planning to travel to in September. I love the cake! Do you find that your cadence is different on the treadmill? I find I can’t practice intervals the way I want to on a treadmill but that it is so great for beating the FL heat and humidity! (It was 86 when we went for 3 miles at 8pm.). Have a great week! You all look so happy!


Fabulous job on the cake AND the entire party. Brooke will remember it and appreciate your effort.


That cake is Amazing I Think eversivo Kid enjoy party…love all the pics?


THAT CAKE IS AMAZING!!! So impressive :) hope Brooke had an amazing birthday!!


That cake is a work of art!!!!!! Excellent work, mama!!!! Brooke is one lucky little girl :)

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