A VLOG (with some crazy questions we asked each other) and how we celebrated yesterday!

Of course Brooke’s birthday started off with sprinkles!  On our way to the donut shop she wanted to hear stories about when she was born and when she was a baby while Frozen played in the background;)   Brooke is also the only person that allows me to sing Happy Birthday over and over again (Andrew didn’t love it when I attempted this on his birthday) on her birthday so we both enjoyed that part of the morning too.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments to wish her a happy birthday yesterday… I read your comments to her!

We started off her birthday morning with this set-up.  I saw it on Pinterest or something and Brooke loved that all of the balloons fell into her room as soon as she opened the door.

IMG 3084

While she was sleeping I went out early for 7 miles.  It was COLD when I first went outside.  I had goosebumps.  It felt amazing.  I’ve never looked forward to fall like I do this year:)

IMG 3091

Once she woke up we went to Krispy Kreme.  Brooke was amazed by the process of the donut making magic.  Krispy Kreme has pink frosting and sprinkles so that is why we went there:)

IMG 3096

Knox came over for a few hours which was SO nice that they were able to spend some time together on her birthday!


They requested a jump house place that I’ve never been to but it was pretty amazing (and crazy cheap!!).


They didn’t stop moving for 2 hours straight.


It was exhausting just watching them from the couch;)


Next stop was lunch.  Brooke requested Pretzel Bites and smoothies.

IMG 3111

From there we went to her favorite pool.  We were the first ones there! While Andrew was swimming with Brooke I fell asleep on the grass (sometimes I feel so tired with this pregnancy I literally cannot keep my eyes open) for 30 minutes.  The thing that woke me up was a bee walking on my arm… always a fun way to wake up.

IMG 3115

We went home for a bit and then hit up the Emoji Movie.  Brooke loved it… she loves to send my mom emoji’s on my phone:)

IMG 3121

She requested The Pizza Factory for dinner.

IMG 3130

A bowtie caesar chicken salad and a bread twist for me!

IMG 3131

Of course Brooke’s favorite present from the day had to do with art:)

IMG 3136

And that is how we spent her 5th birthday.  Now to gear up for Knox’s birthday next month;)  I blame my mom for my birthday obsession.  She always made us (makes us) feel like a million bucks on our birthdays and spent the day doing what we wanted to do.  These habits were definitely passed down to me.

And last but not least, a VLOG from Andrew an me (Brooke joins us at the end).  Andrew thought of a game where we come up with questions to ask the other person on the VLOG (without telling the other person the questions until we are filming and we only filmed it once)!  I share something new I’ve learned about Andrew and we debate important topics;)  PS we filmed it past my bedtime so don’t mind the fact I’m not as nice;)


Anyone allergic to bees?  Ever been stung by a bee?

-Only once and it was in Mexico on my head… I felt something painful on the back of my head and reached into my hair and pulled out a HUGE bee (maybe even a bumble bee… it was so big).

To go along with our VLOG questions… do you believe in Aliens?  Andrew is forcing me to ask you this because he wants to prove his point.  

Also, to go along with our VLOG… what movie do you think you have watched more than any other movie ever?

-A Walk to Remember & The Notebook!

Any questions you want us to answer in our next VLOG!?!

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My five year old daughter is on the Autism spectrum and has a very hard time making friends. She LOVES looking at Brooke’s pictures and is convinced they would be friends!! Thank you for brightening my sweet girl’s day with pictures of your sweet girl


Oh Monica, thank you for your sweet comment! If you are in Utah let’s do a play date!! Keep me updated with how you and your sweet little girl are doing!


I have a mild allergy to bees – meaning I don’t go into anaphylactic shock but I get HUGE bumps if I get stung and it’s painful/uncomfortable. I haven’t been stung since freshman year of college and I’d like to keep it that way!
I am really unsure about aliens…there’s so much “proof” out there, it’s hard to deny it, but I also feel like if they do exist, why don’t we all know and see/interact with them? I don’t know. Seems weird to me.
I have probably watched either Dirty Dancing or any of the Lord of the Rings movies more than anything else. Quite the difference in the two… :)


RIGHT!?!? I agree with you on your questioning of why we actually don’t have MORE interaction/sightings with them if they really are there! Oh Dirty Dancing… the best:)


That sounds like an awesome birthday! I would have requested almost all of that stuff for my special day too. Especially the donuts – it is fun to watch them being made!! I am going to have to keep that balloon trick in mind for my kids next birthdays. They always get a foil birthday balloon tied to their chair at the dinner table and it ends up lasting at least a month. It’s a great present that really lasts :)


Oh Lisa, I LOVE that idea…. the balloons tied to the chair at the dinner table and then keeping them up for a while. I totally want to do that:) Thanks for sharing and i hope you have a great day!


Looks like it was a wonderful birthday for Brooke! And y’all are simply adorable :)

I’m not a supporter of the alien theory (sorry, Andrew). And the movie I’ve probably watched more than any other is probably Captain Ron and maybe also 27 Dresses and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.


Hahaha! Loved this video. I totally get the watching a movie over and over thing! Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are my top repeat movies. And even though I’ve seen them all, I tend to “save” the last Harry Potter movies too, for some reason.

Back to the aliens…I think I’m with Janae on that one. The idea freaks me out too much so I don’t want to believe it! lol


Thanks for agreeing with me (Andrew is reading these later ha;)! I just don’t need one more thing to worry/stress about so I just say they don’t exist! I hope you are having a great day Chelsea!


Oh man, some of those questions are tough!

I think I do believe that there are other life forms out there, but I don’t know what form they take. Like those green-headed cartoon guys probably aren’t what is really out there, in my mind.

I’m not a big movie watcher, but the movies I love I tend to watch over and over, like when they’re on TV. One movie I’ll always watch when it’s on TV is the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap ;) And Harry Potter!

Andrew should definitely finish the books before he watches the rest of the HP movies! Don’t let him watch the movies until he reads the books because the books are so. much. better!


I think I am still allergic but I have not been stung in over 15 years. Pregnancy cured me of my asthma so I am hopeful that I might not be as allergic.
My girls love Duck Donuts when we vacation and Brooke would likely love it. They customize each donut per order. My oldest had vanilla icing, Oreo crumbs and hot fudge. Only on vacation do we allow that sugar overload!!!
My oldest turns 10 in less then 3 weeks and I might have to do that balloon trick. She is having a breakfast party with pancakes and s’mores.


Sounds like Brooke had a great birthday! I love birthdays just like you and can’t wait until my boyfriend’s birthday in November.
I think the two movies I’ve seen more than any others are Legally Blonde and Toy Story. Those are movies I will never get tired of.
Have a great day :)


The three movies I know I have watched more than any others would be Princess Bride, Dark Crystal, and Hackers.


I am not allergic to bees but I definitely have a reaction when stung, mainly swelling.

I worked at NASA for a little over a decade and worked with several Astronauts. Let’s just say I may have to side with Andrew on this one.

I really can’t narrow my movie selection down to one movie but Top Gun, Steel Magnolias, and The Shawshank Redemption are my top 3 that I could watch on repeat and one after the other would be a perfect movie afternoon.


AHHHHHH WHAT!?!?! You worked at NASA… that is incredible. Well, I’m sure Andrew is going to want to email with you now:) I hope you are having an awesome day Sandy!


I was stung by a bee once when I was in camp at like the age of 9. not fun! I probably watched Annie as a kind or maybe the original Parent Trap more than any other movies!


I watched movies on repeat a lot in high school because I had a tv with a VCR that would rewind the movie and eject it when it was done. So I would just push the movie back in and it would play again. So I had That Thing You Do and My Best Friends Wedding that I watched over and over and over, mostly because I didn’t want to change VHS tapes in my VCR.


Happy belated birthday Brooke! That looks like such a fun day. I love that you make such a big deal out of birthdays. They kind of become just another day once you get older, so why not celebrate like crazy when they’re little?

I got stung by something in high school (not sure if it was a bee or a wasp or what) and my hand swelled up to more than twice its normal size. I could barely move my fingers. I had to dance with poms that night and it was so painful!


What a fun VLOG! That was fun to watch. I do believe in aliens. Mostly because this is such a large universe and solar system, that it’s pretty hard to believe we are the only ones out there. Also, there have been lots of sightings and proof to suggest something is happening. However, the biggest reason I believe is because of my dad. And Andrew will enjoy this one. So, my dad is a very logical/skeptical man. He is retired from the Air Force now, but before I was born he used to work at Area 51. When I was young, we went to see the movie Independence Day. Afterwards I asked him if he believed in aliens. He said yes, because of things he worked with at Area 51. I asked him to tell me more, and he said he couldn’t since it was classified. Since then, I ask him all the time, and he continually says no since it’s classified info but assures me that it’s out there and there is a lot that we will never understand completely that is hidden from the general public. Kinda scary to think about what else is hidden.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE! Looks like you guys had an awesome day! My mom and dad always made our birthdays special like that too, we were able to pick out all the activities and food for the day. I am determined to keep that tradition going :)

A Walk to Remember is one of my favorite movies ever, such a beautiful story and I’ve probably watched that movie at least a dozen times.

Happy Wednesday Janae! Hope you have a great day!


I bet Brooke had a GREAT time on her birthday:) all of the stuff you guys did sound amazing.

I’ve been stung by a bee twice. Not allergic, but definitely I would avoid lol.


Looks like you had a great birthday celebration for Brooke! Love the balloon idea – I may have to steal that one :)
Love your vlog – my husband would never do one with me haha
He actually got stung by a yellow jacket last weekend and his hand was swollen for 2 days…I was pretty nervous about it, but I read that it’s normal.
The movie I’ve seen the most is Remember the Titans! Love that movie!
Enjoy your day!


Sounds like Brooke had a fantastic birthday! This time of year is huge for birthdays in my family too: mine is in a few weeks, my mother’s is 8 days before mine and my brother’s is just a few days later. We celebrate with one huge party!


when I was about 6 years old, my sister, all the neighborhood kids, and I were out in the woods of our back yard. I stepped on a beehive that must have fallen down from a tree. We all got stung a MILLION times. My dad was home and heard us all screaming. He threw my sister and me into the tub and the other kids ran home! So yeah, I clearly remember THAT. Then last year (32 years later…) I got stung for the first time since then and I got stung TWICE. Once while hiking out along the Appalachian trail (in western Massachusetts) and another time while hiking with my dog in the woods. I was surprised at how much that little stinger hurts!! :) Hope I’m good for another 32 years…

Okay off to watch the VLOG now. I just had to share my traumatic bee story first :)


You two are absolutely adorable together! I’m with Andrew on the alien thing. It freaks me out just thinking about it though. I love to watch movies multiple times. Some of my favorites are the original Footloose, Places in the Heart and American Sniper.


HA HA! Awesome video. When my Andrew and I run together, I talk HIS ear off and he barely responds and I’m always like, “what’s wrong? are you mad? how come you’re not talking? am I annoying you?” After the run he says my talking is a good distraction but that he hates talking while running. And, I’m annoying. He’s just being nice. :)


I have heard the thing about pilots before….not first hand so I don’t know if it’s just a rumor that’s going around or what. I’m a big skeptic, so even with all the “evidence” of other life, I don’t think I believe in aliens. But I might just be with you Janae and I won’t let myself believe it because it freaks me out.

I could watch Princess Bride and Overboard over and over. But those are ones from when I was younger, I don’t really rewatch movies as an adult now, even if I love them.

You have to finish the Harry Potter books before finishing the movies. I may not watch movies over and over, but I will reread books a million times and the Harry Potter series is one of them.


Looks like Brooke had an amazing day! Your hair looks great in the VLOG, by the way!


I definitely agree that the idea freaks me out too much. I don’t think we are alone in the universe that there aren’t little bugs or small forms of life somewhere out there. I hope there aren’t fully developed species…


Aliens. Hmm. I want to think there is life on other planets but I also kind of don’t want proof if they are scary Independence Day aliens. But if they do exist and happen to visit us then I kinda sorta want to visit them too. Im conflicted! Lol.

I’ve watched the first Harry Potter movie more than any other movie because it’s the closest to the book. I love them all though. Andrew…..dude as soon as you have a break from school read the rest of the books!!! Or listen to them. The audiobooks are fantastic.

Do you guys like musicals?? Have you ever seen or listen to Hamilton yet?? My curiosity about it finally got the best of me a few weeks ago and I listened to it. I am now OBSESSED!!!!! I was hesitant because I’m not the biggest fan of rap/hip hop but oh my gosh the story, the performances, the feels!!!! Give it a chance if you haven’t yet. It’s awesome.


I can’t watch your vlog since I’m at work, but will at home tonight. Happy belated birthday to Brooke! I meant to tell you that you did such a great job on her cake. It was beautiful and super impressive! :)

Never got stung by a bee, so I don’t know if I’m allergic, but I am terrified of them. When I was 9 or so on a school field trip in the woods, a bee came up to me and hovered at my lips and would not leave. I was drinking some punch at the time. The teacher told me to spin very fast to disorient the bee, and that worked and it flew off. But I was forever terrified of them! Your story of finding one in your hair sounds equally terrifying!!


I believe in all that stuff– aliens, ghosts, big foot… it’s fun and interesting to me. I love all the shows and movies about these topics too!

I watch a lot of funny movies over and over like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Step Brothers, Old School, and Tammy. I have watched A Walk to Remember a lot myself, probably teared up every time too! I own the Notebook (for years and years) but haven’t watched it yet.


Oh, I also own all the Harry Potter books and movies and have only read the first chapter of the first book and haven’t watched any of the movies. I know they are supposed to be good but I couldn’t get into the book… I know I need to give it more than one chapter! ;)


Currently I blame it on my kid, but I have already watched Descendants II a gazzilion times. But back in the day, I watched Grease, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in PInk and Sixteen Candles until the VHS tapes wore out. Or my family broke them on purpose.
Ok – aliens. I am sorry Andrew, but…I do not believe there are any alien life here on earth. But I side with Janae in that there are possibilities on other planets….maybe. I’m just not a believer.
But, to even the score and side with Andrew on something, I am totally with you on not talking while running. I’m not a great runner anyway, it’s hard work for me, so therefore talking during a run would probably drop me right then and there. Can not do it. Unfortunately, if I even ran with Janae, conversation would be very much one sided. lol


LOVED the vlog :) I’ve definitely watched Emperor’s New Groove more than any movie ever. My best friend and I probably watched it once a week when we were growing up, and we still know every word!!

And amazing birthday meal choices, Brooke ;)


First I have to say we have watched so many STAR WARS movies over and over and over that my son and hubby can quote MANY lines and know exactly which movie it comes from…I watch them but I do not remember which line came from which. The other movie we have watched a ton is Napoleon Dynamite. The first time we watched it we thought it was so weird so of course, we had to watch it again and again and now its one of the many we quote lines from and still laugh over.

(Read the HP books first….for sure….)

Aliens??? In the sense that some other life form is out there watching us…..yes, I totally believe in the notion of Big Brother…someone always knows what we are doing….Watch yourself. ;-)


The vlog is great! My husband and I are big movie buffs……..we probably own over 1000 dvds………we watch movies all the time! His favorites are Chevy Chase movies and horror movies, and I like some horror (like Scream) and mostly comedies like Valentine’s Day, Easy A, and Mean Girls.

My family celebrates birthdays casually and when I first met my husband’s family when we were dating, they went all out like you did for Brooke…..now I am spoiled and I spend every birthday in Nashville so we can celebrate it all day! Birthday person picks dinner, kind of cake, and the movie….it can be any movie they want and no one can grumble about it!


ANDREW! how could you not finish Harry Potter???? It’s almost Halloween, so you should finish it now! Trust me on this, I have read the books 4 times each and watched the movies countless times (nerd over here, I know) but I still love reading it and get sucked in every time because there is so much in there to forget happens or that you read differently the next time. Read it, then watch it!

I don’t believe in aliens, I’m with Janae. I think there’s other planets and what not but not aliens.

I am a big movie watcher and I watch and rewatch movies so many times. I have way too many and my husband is always wondering when I have time to watch them (because right now I don’t but I will someday.) Harry Potter is one we watch every year from Halloween to Christmas. Anne of Green Gables is one I’ve watched since I can remember over and over again. A league of their own, any Doris Day movie, That thing you do…Theres too many to name.

Sorry that was long :)


I love Doris Day!! My favorite is Pillow Talk :)


I love Brooke’s choices of birthday activities! my best birthday memories are when I was able to choose what to eat/do as a kid.
Oh my gosh…I hate bee stings! I was a cheerleader in college and once a bee stung my hand during warm ups and I freaked out and could not even cheer that game. Bee stings are so, so painful for me, even though I’m not allergic.
So, I totally believe in aliens. I don’t know if I believe that they’ve visited this earth or whatever…but I fully believe that in this great big universe of ours there are some other living creatures!
My most watched movie is probably the Goonies; we was one of the only movies we had on video at our lake house when I was a kid, and it’s always been a fave of mine. But my friends and I watched the Notebook on repeat all through high school so that’s probably #2 on my most-watched list!


I’m with Andrew on this one — I was a HUGE X Files fan in high school so yes, I absolutely believe in aliens. I mean, who are we to say that we are the only intelligent life forms in the vast expanse of space?
I was stung between the eyes when I was 8 years old. One week later, I fell off my bike and rammed my face into the chipseal pavement. That was not a pretty month for me!
My most watched movie is The Terminator. Hasta LaVista, Baby!


Oh my gosh. You two ??? Amazing. I have to agree with Janae though on the aliens. I believe there are other planets with people on them but I don’t believe “aliens” come to Earth.
Also I love HP and would totally come do a HP movie night!! Just saying ;) Especially once Andrew is ready to watch the last two. For some reason those are the two I’ve seen the most (I think they were always playing at my old gym) so I haven’t see the middle movies in forever. Janae, you need to educate yourself more in Harry Potter hahaha
And that race sounds so fun! Which is it?


No I don’t believe in aliens. I love Harry Potter and have read all of the books multiple times. I do prefer the way the book does the ending and am proud that Andrew is holding out for it. I watch all of the Harry Potter films when they are on TV, even though I own them. The notebook is a good one and I will watch that. I also love two weeks notice. I have watched that movie many times.


Oh I forgot about two weeks notice… thank you for reminding me! I want to watch that asap:) Isn’t it funny how we watch movies on tv when they are on even if we own them?! We do that too! I hope you are having a great day Megan!


I’m exactly like you when it comes to talking- I don’t stop all day until the evening when I’m too tired. I remember having a 3 hour test once at school and the only thing I found hard was not talking for that long hah! I love love watching movies over and over again but none of my family or friends are the same and think I’m crazy for watching something over 50 times.

Aliens is a heated topic in my house too, I’m not sure if I believe in them but I definitely think there’s something out there. What are you guys thoughts on ghosts? I find that a lot of my friends who believe in ghosts also believe in aliens. But I agree with it being freaky! I think I ignore it because they creep me out so much!!


Little green guys with black almond shaped eyes? Probably not. Other life forms? Most definitely. There is probably another megan, just like me, on another world/dimension typing this same comment as I am. That kind of stuff blows my mind.\

I got stung by a bee on my neck when I was probably 7 when we were hiking up to the Timp caves. I remember my dad putting mud on it and hating that about as much as the bee sting. Haha.

Mean Girls, The Duff, Clueless, Drop Dead Gorgeous are all movies I have seen A LOT. Clearly I like to keep my standards high. Also any 80’s or early 90’s movies: Troop Beverly Hills, Ferris Buehler, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Teen Witch, etc.


Ok clearly we should be friends, I love ALL those movies.


Birthdays are huge around here, too. We have three in August in 19 days which makes for a pretty crazy few weeks, but the looks on my kids’ faces when you know they feel special is priceless. This year the two-year-old had sparkles in her eyes all day with all of the treats, like she couldn’t believe what was happening.

My mom used to bring us McDonald’s to school for our birthdays, but I learned I can’t do that with my kindergartener this year. No fast food allowed! Boo! lol.


I loved your vlog!! I am going to say yes re: aliens just because our Earth is such a tiny speck in our vast infinite Universe…I think there has to be other life forms out there. And yes, it does freak me out too.

I loved the balloons on Brooke’s door, I will definitely do that for my kids next birthdays :) I make a huge big deal of birthdays too…it’s the one day we can go all out to tell the ones we love how amazing it is that they were born. <3


Just to add some fuel to the fire, look up the Fermi Paradox! Its not a conspiracy theory its actually a really interesting theoretical question about life on other planets. But yeah I have to side with Andrew, there is life out there! Somewhere!


Oh my goodness I can’t believe Brooke is 5! I remember doing Elmo FaceTime (ps I’ve showed that to all of the kiddos in my life after you taught me about it and they are all obsessed!) with her when she at itty bitty at Blend!!! ? ? I have to side with you on the aliens, Janae! I also get freaked out… but Signs is one of my favorite movies! Andrew definitely has to finish Harry Potter… the last book is my favorite. I loved this vlog and now want to do something similar with my hubby! I hope you guys have a great day!


Hi, I’m not sure if you’ll be surprised by this response from me, or not! Regarding the interesting and TIMELY topic of aliens, I have a video for you (and any other interested parties who found this). (It’s a “lite” video and I don’t think it’s scary.) I think the channel owner is Scottish:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb07ylXiuUM The title is: Eclipses August 2017 | Turning Points | Pleaidian Channeling
(sp. s/b Pleiadian, I think)

Regarding UFOs, they include Earth-bound parties interested in watching the USA. You know, Russia, China, the usual suspects.


It looks like a special birthday for Brooke! I’m obsessed with birthdays as well! I love making them such a big deal. One of my first memories is of my 5th birthday- so maybe she will remember that special day forever!

I don’t know how you always do so much in one day though! I swear you must have extra hours or something! Ha ;)


My husband is totally a movie re-watcher — like we will watch something one night and the next day he already wants to rewatch it! Boggles my mind. :) I have probably watched Dan in Real Life and Runaway Bride the most times. They never get old to me! But I’m with you, CAN’T STAND alien movies.

So, I am also a huge Harry Potter fan and have read the books several times. I recently went through them all again, but this time I listened to the audio books and they were incredible. The narrator was amazing! So that might be a good option for Andrew? I find audio books much easier to fit in when I’m really busy. :)

One last thing, Brooke’s birthday looked perfect! Birthdays are a big deal at our house, too. I love them. Brooke and Knox are adorable. I’ve got a cute 5 year old girl, too…if you ever want to meet up at a park for a play date, that would be fun!


I have to say I’m with you Janae, don’t believe in aliens. Maybe even for the same reasons as you. I just feel the ‘evidence’is a bit hearsay and it’s well known people can think they are seeing something that’s not actually what they are seeing. A bit like kids thinking clothes on the floor are monsters when the lighting is wrong….but I’ve not ever really given it too much thought I guess.

As for movies, I am definitely one who can watch them multiple times. But probably not quite dozens. I’d say a walk to remember, finding memo and my sassy girl would be my most watched. Along with the first pirates of the Caribbean.

Love your vlogs!!


I’ve been stung about once for every 5 years of my life and had always had a strong local reaction to the sting. It wasn’t until the most recent time 2 years ago that I had a full on anaphylactic reaction. Now I have to carry an epipen and bees freak me out when I always used to stay calm.


I got my first bee sting this summer. I don’t think I am allergic but my wrist was swollen and itchy for nearly a week. I learned from one friend to make a paste out of baking soda and water and that helped relieve the itching and swelling.
I would say a movie I remember watching over and over was Runaway Bride. I think it was one of the first PG13 movies I got to see and I remember getting the movie from Blockbuster (those were the days haha) and watching it like everyday sometimes twice a day. I’ve also rewatched a ton of Christmas movies but only do that seasonally.


Ahhh yes…

My husband absolutely believes in alien (other) life on this planet. When we first met I was skeptical. I kept an open mind (not easy for me) and spent some time reading up on this subject and wow…

I can say without a doubt I am a total believer.

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