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24 Weeks (6 MONTHS) and how do we prepare them!?!?

24 WEEKS!! Just 16 weeks to go… okay, that still feels like it is way too far away!  Can it just be Christmastime already?!  Patience isn’t one of my strengths. Let’s talk about a few baby things going on this week: *The belly band use/love/need has begun!!! I am using this one and so far … Continue Reading

My Tempo Tips (DON’T PUSH THE EASY BUTTON) + we need your opinions on this important question.

Yesterday was EXTREMELY rough for me to get out the door for my run (I mean, it is not normal to feel exhausted after 8.2 hours of sleep!?!) but by mile 3 I was very happy that I did.  7.1 miles @ 9:23 average and a light rain for the last 2 miles. I attempted … Continue Reading