What the heck was wrong with me & random benefits of running we don’t think about.

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I am so glad you guys liked Andrew’s guest post yesterday!  He is the best for doing that and expect many more of those outtake posts in the future from him.  Tuesday night my hormones exploded.  I think I cried non-stop for 48 minutes (over literally nothing), had a killer headache and felt nauseated.  It happens right;)  I can officially say I had my first (although, Andrew might beg to differ on calling this my first;) mood swing of this pregnancy.  Hormones are crazy things.  Even though I knew it was probably just my hormones, I couldn’t stop crying!  I went to bed at 9 and woke up feeling normal again (although still tired?).

I went out for my run much later than usual but found the shadiest places to run for 7 miles.

The most wonderful thing happened while on this run.  A good friend of mine pulled up next to me on her way to the gym and had two huge cups of ice water (she agrees that 90% of the cup should be ice too).  She handed this to me and told me to drink.  I always have water with me but not a huge cup of ice water like this… It was perfect.

IMG 0161

I could not find my Garmin anywhere before leaving the house so I took Andrew’s but I accidentally put it on bike mode.  A 9:16 pace and his Garmin feels way lighter than mine.  I have a heart rate monitor on mine so that is probably why it feels heavier but it’s always fun to try a new gadget.  I remember on my first run with Andrew (our second date) I wore his Garmin for a few of the miles and felt so cool;)

His review of the Garmin 230 is here!  My review of the Garmin 225 is here!  My very first Garmin was the 305 and that thing was DURABLE.  It lasted through everything and I didn’t mind the big ol’ screen face on it because it made it so easy to see everything.

IMG 0181

Thank goodness, Andrew is happy to eat Subway with me at 8 in the morning.  A hot dog sounded good too…  at least I went for the hoagie.

IMG 0184

We received our first baby gift:)  Thanks General Mills… clothes/book for the baby and cereal for me!

IMG 0194

Brooke was still in PJs at one in the afternoon yesterday… but they were having the time of their lives pushing each other around on this plane.  Until the plane hit the wall and caused a huge dent.   When evening came we went out to do our Family Night activity for the week…

IMG 0210

The kids chose the arcade.  Brooke was a little bit serious about the motorcycle game.

IMG 0201

And he beat me again.  He won 2 games, I won 1 game.  I’ve got to start practicing way more.

IMG 0204

Later on I left (always so hard to miss out on the bedtime/stalling time of the day… I kid) to go work with the youth in my area!  They requested a baking night + chocolate so that is exactly what we did… chocolate covered strawberries, pudding cups and peanut butter cookies w/ Hershey Kisses.

IMG 0211

Speaking of desserts, I found Andrew’s DREAM dessert store.  This is in Salt Lake City and I need to take him ASAP.  They serve all of the different cookie doughs possible.  Andrew loves all dough (cookie, cake or brownie)… we will have to go.

IMG 0147

I have yet to make it through an entire Bachelorette episode lately without falling asleep.  Last night was not an exception.

IMG 0215

PS one of my brothers is in Belgium for work and he sent me this picture from his running route at 10 p.m. (his time).  Running is my favorite way to see new places.

IMG 0190


BENEFITS of running.  Usually I think about the ones we all know (stress relief, good for our hearts, weight maintenance, endorphins, confidence booster etc) but what about some of the ones we don’t think about often?  I’ve got a few that I found and loved (click on the picture of the text to take you to the source of the benefit… ps I don’t know if they are all super credible sources but I agree with them:)

DSC07331 Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 05 48 PM

To go along with above benefit:  “Running helps build the muscle that lower-impact workouts ignore, keeping bones HEALTHIER even as they age.” (source)  “Running stresses your bones.  Essential minerals are sent to the bones when under stress, which makes them stronger.” (source)


Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 08 05 PM

I totally agree with this below… 1/2 marathon training I rarely get sick but during marathon training I catch everything!

Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 12 15 PM

Yep, runners ARE TOUGH!

Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 15 21 PM


Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 17 17 PM

Also, very interesting…

Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 19 05 PM

I am definitely most productive after a run:

Screen Shot 2017 07 12 at 3 24 43 PM


One more reminder in case you want to check out the latest HRG BABY POST!


Do you remember the very first Garmin/GPS tracker that you had?  

Do hormones affect you or not so much?  What about your running… how does that time of the month effect your running?

Any benefits from running (outside of the ones that we hear often) that you LOVE?

Do you get sick often?  What about during marathon training?

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OMG, I want to try that dough place, too. I love cookie dough!

One benefit of running for me has been a chance to find clarity amidst chaos. No matter what is going on in my life, I can always count on running to allow me to escape from reality for a little bit and really clear my head. It’s a time of prayer for me, too, which usually opens my mind and my heart to things I might not have seen so easily.


Come on up and meet us there:) Oh the escape that comes with running is so needed for me too! I LOVE IT! I hope you are having an amazing day Natalie!


Oh my gosh “The Big Red Barn” was one of my favorite books as a kid!! I can’t wait until I have kids so I can pass on my love for it to them.



It is definitely a classic:) LOVED your 13 thoughts… chips and salsa after a run is a great idea!


Oh my goodness, worms in dirt was my favorite dessert ever as a kid! I need to recreate that, asap!


HAHAH it took me back 25 years too:) Also, do you have Tony Romas? They used to serve it there and I can’t look at one and not think of that restaurant! Make one soon Laura! Also, I LOVED YOUR MOST RECENT POST. I am so glad you figured out what wasn’t right for you and I just think you are amazing!


Those are really interesting benefits! I’m sure my parents didn’t appreciate the tenacity one so much when I was running as a teenager…lol


BAHAHAH yeah… my parents probably didn’t either!!!


My first Garmin was the 220 back in 2011 when I started training for my first marathon.


How are you feeling Sally?!?


I have terrible skin and I’ve always found if I don’t wash my face pretty soon after a run, the sweat creates breakouts. That’s so interesting it has such drastic differences for others.

I like Garmin and we use themfor both running and flying at my house. Their flight Garmin (D2) is pretty cool and will load flight plans/GPS right into the watch.


Oh that is AWESOME that you guys use the flight Garmin too! I love it:) Yep, if I don’t wash right after I definitely break out!!!


I’ve heard of Dough Co! Maybe if you tell me when you guys are going I’ll meet you there ;)

Yes yes yes. Hormones affect me so badly. PMDD for the win (or lose?). Last week I thought I was doing so well and then bam! I was sooo grumpy for like 3 days. And I’m an easy crier anyway so imagine…

I still have and use my first Garmin. My little Forerunner 10. I love it.


THAT WOULD BE SO FUN!!! We totally will Alyssa! The 10 is an amazing one!!! I had that one too:) I am so sorry you had a bad week last week!!


Interesting that you posted again about Garmins when I’m trying really hard to decide if I want to buy one. Maybe it’s a sign that I should go for it. ;) I had a very old one (pretty sure it was the 305 too, but it would NEVER charge right) and then a Garmin 10 that (yes, really) one of my cats ATE. Well, chewed the heck out of it.

Currently considering the 235. I’ve had an Apple Watch for 2 years that I bought intending to use it instead of a Garmin, but for some reason I just don’t love it for running. Opinions anyone?


YOUR CAT ATE/CHEWED YOUR GARMIN!?!? NOOOOOO that is awful!!! I have the Apple Watch too and occasionally use it for running but it definitely isn’t my favorite for running (I do love the heart rate on it though). I just looked up the 235 and it looks awesome! I seriously want the green one right this second now ha:) Let me know what you end up choosing! Have a great day!


glad you feel better! my hormones didn’t affect me when I was pregnant (if anything, I was nicer lol) but my pms sure kicks in every month! it’s terrible for those around me!


HAHAHA I want to be nicer right now Meredith:) That is awesome! Oh yep, PMS does the same thing for me! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Gosh. I have such fond memories of my first garmin – it was a pink Forerunner 20 (or was it called the 15? basically the most simple basic runner). It got me through my first half marathon and I loved it. When I upgraded, I gave it to a friend who had just started running and she used it for her very first 5k. So much Garmin love!


OH YES!!! I think it was the Garmin 10…. I had the purple one… is that the one? It is an awesome watch and such a great price. I love that you gave it to a friend that started running:) Love it Aimee!


We have the same first Garmin! I loved that watch. :) And thankfully, I cannot remember the last time I was sick.


YES… seriously best Garmin ever haha! I wish mine still worked:) YAY for not getting sick Jessica, that is awesome!


Hormones always hit me big times! That time of the month also makes me very sluggish to run or exercise.

I loved those running benefits! I also think running makes me more patient and helps me to have a better digestion.


Oh YES, digestion for SURE!!! Running breaks really mess up my digestion! I hope you are having a great morning Nathaly! I always love your comments!


Oh my, hormones….Let me tell you, they even bother you when they`re gone!!!
Mood swings and crying from non-hormones in Menopause….


Oh Gabrielle, that must be INCREDIBLY hard. I am so so sorry. Hormones and LACK of hormones sure effect us. I hope you are having a beautiful day in Austria!


I love how serious Brooke is in the arcade! I don’t get sick too often, but the one time I always inevitably get sick is right after traveling. It never fails!


YES YES YES… that happens to me too Lisa! Traveling is exhausting and I think that is what does it to me! I hope your Thursday is a great one!


Interesting benefits! I really only get “sick” with allergy and sinus stuff, thank heavens, and it just depends on the time of year for that. When it’s that time of the month, running is hard because I feel slower and my legs feel like lead the week before…………..usually the week of is normal and the week after is great!


ALLERGIES ARE THE WORST!?!! I am like you too… the week before is the hardest on my running! I hope you are having a great day Loribeth!


I use the Mirena and it works well for me. I still have hormonal fluctuations every month. One week during the month I feel heavier and have less energy. Every now and again I will feel like crying for no reason at all. I think that this is just being female. When I was pregnant the biggest problem I had was being incredibly rude. I would say things without holding back. I don’t know why. My friends and family were very tolerant of me.


I am SO glad that you love the Mirena Megan! I totally know what you mean of just wanting to cry for no reason and I have definitely had less of a filter while pregnant too! Thanks for sharing with me Megan! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hormones are such a crazy thing! Goodness gracious!

Every month I am surprised when I have a day that I am so out of sorts, or snippy, or lethargic…..how on earth can I forget that type of day that happens EVERY.MONTH! Yes, and now that I am semi peri-menopausal the hormones are so unpredictable. Thankful for running to help keep me more grounded!!!

Hair. Why is it that my hair looks perfect after a long run, doing errands, and two seconds before my shower? I pull that ratted up ponytail/bun out of the hair tie and it looks like I want it do. So there’s a side effect of running-bad hair do during run, perfect hair do right before shower ;)


My first tracker was a Nike foot pod. It did not have GPS, I had to manually calibrate it. It didn’t connect to a watch so I only knew my distance if I stopped and looked down! I kept all the data on a spreadsheet. Since then I’ve had a Polar, Garmin, and now I have a Suunto Ambit2.

At 53, I’m at the other end of hormones. Menopause is no joke! My diet really affects my hormones, sadly I have to watch my sugar intake more than ever. Although there are some days that only chocolate can fix ;)


Sorry you had such a rough evening – glad you’ve bounced back. Love Brookes’ motorcycle face!

My first running watch was the Garmin 15 and I have literally today upgraded to the 235 (it was on an excellent deal on Prime day). I’m excited but I feel bad for my trusty 15! I’m happy that running makes you get sick less often – but I’m now training for a marathon so I guess I’ll see that trend ending!


I feel I need to go to America just to try all these amazing restaurants –> we don’t have anything like that in England! Cookie dough is my absolute favourite –> i’m now dairy intolerant and I miss cookie dough Ben & Jerry’s so so much! I find that my hormones affect my exercise massively –> when it’s my time of the month I don’t want to do anything, I just want to lie in a corner and eat my body weight in chocolate. Once I’m out I feel so much better for it, it’s getting out that is the hardest part!


Is Brooke wearing shoes with donuts on them? If I found them in adult sizes I’m pretty sure I would buy them!


If Andrew loves cookie dough, he’d probably love this cookbook! :)


I haven’t made a ton from it (because, you know, my waistline :p ), but whatever I have made has been awesome (including that cover recipe!).


Glad you’re feeling better :)
I have the garmin 235 and love it! I really wanted a wrist based heart monitor and this one works pretty well!
(Are you liking this season of the Bachelorette? I think Rachel is my favorite one so far…but I’m not sure I like her decision making up to this point??)
My #1 benefit of running is definitely stress relief!


My hormones hit me right after birth! The tears of happy and sad were crazy!

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