Silentish Saturday!!!

I RAN WITH ANOTHER HUMAN.  I’ve been running by myself for what feels like forever… my only chance to run yesterday was EARLY and Candice  met me for 5 miles of catching up.

Matching curling iron burns on our arms (mine happened last year and hers just happened)… those things are dangerous!

IMG 9722

Switched places with Andrew and Knox was off to his mom’s.

IMG 9731

OUCH.  It burned!!

Did this one too (gotta love their workout outfits:)

Pre-smoothie current addiction of CC and grapes.

IMG 9734

Took Brooke to the park but I only lasted there about 18 minutes because I OVERHEAT! We took it to an indoor play place instead.

IMG 9748

Spoiled by Andrew when he got home late afternoon;)

IMG 9757

Also, spoiled by Andrew… foot massage.

IMG 9758

We took Brooke on a little date.

IMG 9762

Color Me Mine for the win.

IMG 9764

Found the race I want Andrew to do.

IMG 9767

Salsa so good you could drink it (from Joe Vera’s).

IMG 9777

An ice cream for Brooke while we walked around.

IMG 9782

A kronut for Andrew and no desire for sugar for me (I’m sure in 2018 you will be seeing all of my candy again).

IMG 9781

Winner of the ALOHA giveaway!  Email me asap Demi!

Screen Shot 2017 07 07 at 4 17 21 PM

PS this is still one of my favorites… I’ve done this same thing about 20 times over the course of my running years.

IMG 4693


Ever burned yourself with a curling iron?  

Have a long run or race this weekend? I’d love to hear about it!

Ever tried any of the 8 minute ab/arms/legs/buns videos… what did you think?

What’s the highlight of your Saturday going to be?

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I have never burned myself with a curling iron since I have naturally curly hair, but I have burned myself on a 450 degree oven. It was not fun! Have a great day Janae.


450 degree oven!! OUCH!?!?! I hope you are having a great weekend!


Janae!! The photo of Andrew painting Brooke’s nails!!! – I teared up. That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. And the donut race!! I so wish you could do that with Andrew – he likes biking, you would be compromising, yet rewarded with donuts!! But, maybe not this year since that sounds kinda uncomfortable to be on a bike and quite pregnant. And congrats on having another girl!! I am so happy because you are such a good role model for girls, so she will grow up to be a rockstar like you!


Seriously… they have a special bond! I think I’ll join him in 2018 on the donut race ha! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me. I hope you have had an amazing day Alisha!


Janae. You are too sweet. Oh, and happy anniversary yesterday!! I am just so happy you found such a great husband, especially in light of what you have been though. Phew, you deserve it!

Oh, today OnBeing was really great – Running as a Spiritual Practice. I thought you would love it!


Ha yay for Running with another human! My schedule has been nuts so I haven’t been able too sadly.

I’m not doing anything this weekend…yay working.

I’ve burned myself with both a hair curler and a hair straightener…


I haven’t tried those videos but I’ve been doing pure barre from home for a few years now and most recently, their pure barre on demand – the 5 and 10 minute workouts kill!


Ohhh I was struggling what workout I could fit in today but think I”m going to do two of those 8 min videos now in my pajams! They’re perfect! Have a wonderful weekend :-)


I always get the tops of my ears with my curling iron! It’s the worst.
I’ve never tried those videos, but I’ll have to check them out sometime soon! those outfits are hysterical.
I’ve been on “vacation” with my family for over a week at my parent’s lake house. It’s been fun, but I’ve got to admit I am so excited to be heading back home to the city this afternoon!


I usually get a small curling iron burn on my forehead. Never tried those 8 minute workouts, I’ll give these a try. I always love something new and different from my usual. We are getting stuff done at home today after being gone so much recently. A tidy up our house is flipped kind of day. Then take our 2 dogs for a long walk, it’s very nice here today. (I was a total hot box when I was pregnant too. Went all winter long in a spring coat when normally I can’t get enough layers on. To this day, my daughter is a very hot person. So weird.)


I used to do bus if steel with my mom when I was younger. It’s surprisingly hard.
Yay! I’m so glad you tried joe Vera’s! Their salsa is so good. We don’t buy salsa from the store, we buy it from joe Vera’s.


How did I live this long without trying their salsa? That stuff is amazing!!! I hope your weekend is amazing Jenny!


The 8 min workouts look great! Have to try! My Saturday highlight is my husband took my 4,7,8 year olds on a run this morning! So glad they want to be active.
Also, just a P.S. I ordered myself the Rabbit Running clothes! They are great.


Oh I LOVE that your three kids went running with your husband. That is awesome! ENJOY YOUR RABIT RUNNING CLOTHES… the best!


I’m currently rocking a nasty looking burn from the curling iron on my left arm. Ugh!
Going on a long run today. Hitting the treadmill though because it’s HOT here in AZ!!


OH NO… I’m so sorry Lisa, burns are the worst! I hope your long run was amazing! Yeah, I can’t even imagine running in the AZ heat right now! Enjoy your Sunday!


I’ve burned myself multiple times with my curling iron. I burned my neck once, looked like a hickey! And another time on my stomach (getting ready with just my bra on). When the iron fell I tried to grab it and pushed it against my stomach – so painful!

Highlight of my Saturday will be lobster rolls for dinner!


I just came back from my unfinished long run which was a total fail, because I had an upset stomach the whole time. At least I still went out and ran a little something. I’ll try again to hit that long run tomorrow.


Ross has done the Tour de Donut a few times (shocking, I know) but has missed it the last few years because we always seem to be out of town that weekend.

I’m not sure if watching an the people in those outfits in the 8min videos would motivates me to hurry and get it done so I could turn it off, or if it would be so mesmerizing I wouldn’t actually work out.


I burned my forehead with the curling iron right before being a bridesmaid in a wedding. It was an awful red mark right there in the middle of my forehead. Luckily the wedding coordinator helped me cover it with some hair so it wasn’t that noticeable.

I haven’t tried an 8 min workout, but I know they are super popular. I should give it a go.


Sounds like you’re carrying a little hot water bottle in there, I’m willing to bet she’ll be extremely active with her kicks and punches very soon :)
… Brooke painting her horse statue is adorable.


Saturday swim meet for us! Warm ups at 7:15 and meet over at 12:30, long morning. My 6 year old placed 1st in her heat for freestyle which was awesome to see as she is very slow and steady usually. My 9 year old shocked everyone when she was placed last in her heat for freestyle and got first!!! She did not even realize it until she got out of the pool. Love our team’s spirit too, lots of cheering.


OKAY, that is AWESOME!! Tell your kids congrats on amazing performances today! I love it!!


No answers to your questions but one for you…does Andrew have the bottle of nail polish sitting on his phone? Brave, brave man! (Also, kind man, but considering how often I knock over or drip polish, the brave is standing out right now.)


HAHA I didn’t even notice that… he sure is brave!!! If that was me it would be everywhere!! I hope you are having a great day!


I burn the top of my ears with my curling iron all of the time! Ouch!

Have a great weekend!


I have a scar from a curling iron on my leg and another spot healing from 2 weeks ago…..sad but true!


I celebrated my Dad’s 75th birthday today (actually tomorrow) with the family and then my husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary (actually Tuesday) because we have to work on those days this week. Spending time with family is always a great highlight of any day off.


I’ve not burned myself with a curling iron — but those burns look bad! OUCH!

It might be time I checked out those 8 minute abs/buns vidoes just to giggle at the outfits!

My Saturday was packed full of fun! Rock climbing (then a friend fell from a height and had to be taken to get xrays — poor thing broke her leg! Both bones!), then movies and games to cheer her up!

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