Sentence Per Picture!!!

Just checking in really quick this afternoon.  I hope your day is a great one so far!

I listened to the best podcast during my run today (7 miles @ 9:13 average pace)… Off The Vine w/ Erin Trealor and it was all about self love, social media and being real.

IMG 0076

We got to pick up Knox for a few hours while his mom had work!

IMG 0126

HAPPY 7-11 day… FREE SLURPIES (and they gave me a free water too:)

IMG 0120

Don’t forget it is free Chic-Fil-A day too (below picture from two years ago with my sis).


Quite possibly their favorite day of the year now.

IMG 0121

They like to create their own roller coasters.

IMG 0132

Splash pad with Megan D and her kiddos.

IMG 0135

AND LUNCH WITH MY MOM (mom, I think we need to do this weekly like we used to)…

IMG 0136

The very last cookie and I even shared one bite with Brooke.

IMG 9976

GO MOM!!!!!!!!

IMG 0119

I want to be able to run a mile in 5:30… and this guy can walk a mile in that time!

Screen Shot 2017 07 11 at 3 00 12 PM


Have a sentence of the day?

Going to celebrate free slurpee or free chic-fil-a day today?

Listened to any good podcasts lately?  Which one?

What distance did you run today?

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Awwwww, I love your sweet Mom! I asked her once when she did her guest post if I could be a part of the fam. I think I scared her.

Slow 5K with our new (well, she’s been ours for a month now) Husky, Windy. <3 I'm in love with having a furry running partner!


You did not scare her, JOIN US:) Oh congrats on your new pup!! SO glad you got to run together and I love the name Windy!


Oh I love good podcast recommendations! Nice job, Jane’s mom! Walking 3.5 miles is no joke! I’m a terrible walker. Oh! And my fingers get all puffy when I walk for a long time. Does that happen to anyone else? I have to raise my arms up in the air to get the blood flow back down my arms and I feel like I’m praising the Lord back in my Pentecostal church days when I was a kid! Ha ha!!


Mine do the same thing Suzy… it is so weird!!! Hahaha loved your description when raising your arms! LOVED your 32 week update… Have a great OBGYN appointment and I l laughed so hard when you talked about taking off and putting on your sports bra;)


Hahaha! I don’t think anyone else really got my joke. :P I really should buy new bras but I don’t like spending money on stuff that I know won’t last long! Because before too long at all, I’ll be back to buying sports bras in the little girl’s section. HAHA! So true. Sooooo true.


Have a sentence of the day?
Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

Going to celebrate free slurpee or free chic-fil-a day today?
No, still in Bulgaria. But next year!!!!!!!

Listened to any good podcasts lately? Which one? I listened to RW, the ones with Kara, Lauren, and Deena (I think you recommended one of them!) and the minimalist mom podcast too.

What distance did you run today? 4 miles. I dropped my Jeep off at the Hilton and then ran back to the Embassy (with an extra big loop to make it 4 instead of 1), so that later when we went to pick up our DV at the airport, we could take them to the hotel and I could head directly home. This all sounded like a good plan when their flight was supposed to arrive at 5:50 p.m. But delays delays delays and arrival was at 11:00 p.m. Yowsers!


NOOOOO TO THE DELAYS… that sounded like the perfect plan! Yes, the RW ones are SO good:) They don’t have chic-fil-a in Bulgaria;) Love that quote Tonya and thanks for sharing!


I made cookies today, I’ve already had 3 of them. Good thing I got a morning speed run in.


What kind did you make!?!?


My moms chocolate chip…and make that 5 cookies…


My sentence for the day is I love summer rain storms. :)
I’m not running and probably won’t be able to until the fall. This is a relapse to my original toe injury that kept me sidelined from march to may. So frustrating :(


NOOOO SALLY!!! I am seriously so so sorry about your toe injury. Keep me updated with how you are doing, thinking about you!


I made a goal to get 20,000 steps a day for the summer! It’s been fun! I change up how I do it, but mix running and walking. I even got 26000 one day while on vacation at the beach.




Sentence for the day: after seeing the pic of your mom I am craving a HRG-mom guest post.


I feel really good about that idea… I’m going to text her right now!


Sentence of the day is “where did that new zit on my forehead come from?”

Favorite podcast of the moment = How I Built This. It’s about how people started these big companies now. Super interesting. The first one is the woman who started Spanx. It’s very entertaining.

Also, I ran 4 miles today.


I LOVED this episode on How they Built This- it was so good. I love that Podcast. The Navy SEAL- TRX one is really good, too.


We don’t have 7-11s where I live, so I guess I’m missing out.

I ran 1.5 miles today. My physical therapists finally cleared me for running short distances to see how my hip bursitis would react, and today’s run, though short, was amazing. It felt hot, humid, and dreadful, so, yes, it was a GREAT run!

Sentence of the day: Trust is learned and can be unlearned, so be careful how you treat people.


I ran 5 miles on a trail near me – I was the first one at the trailhead so I had the whole trail to myself. The early bird gets the trail to herself ;)

I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of 7-Eleven Free Surplee day later…the one near us lets you bring whatever container you want to fill. I’m planning on bringing half a watermelon to fill up!


I used to be a competitive race walker!! Jeff Salvage was my coach (only those in the race walking world might know him!). Anyhow that is awesome. I can’t run anymore due to a degenerative knee however after some strengthening exercises race walking mileage is slowly increases. My goal is to make it back to the National 40K. That said, my fastest race walking mile was 9:45 and that was a sprint, 11 to 11:30 min miles were more common. There was an 80 year old man on my team that averaged 10 min miles. I will have to say that when you break a 12:30 walking mile, you are toning your body and burning more fuel then any running mile. So if anyone out there needs to cut down on running, consider race walking!! It might be child neglect but my girls have never had a slurpee or eaten at chick-fil- a.


Carrie, that is absolutely amazing!!!! Wow. Seriously, so cool and I’m so excited that your able able to slowly increase your race walking mileage right now. Please keep me updated with how you are doing!


Sentence of the day is, oh, what now? It’s been a day of minor irritations. (minor being the key, this too shall pass).

I ran 3 miles, walked 1/2 (warm up and cool down) and took an hour of mat Pilates.

No slurpees for me, I can’t handle sweet drinks. Alas, we do not have a Chic-Fil-A near by.


I do not understand how someone can race walk that fast…?! Like, my mind is blown. HA.


I am loving the Risen Motherhood and Journey Women podcast lately!


Good for your parents on walking 3.5 miles!


I love Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast! I haven’t listened to that latest episode yet, but I am definitely going to at work today now. I did not celebrate slurpee or chic-fil-a day yesterday unfortunately :( I love Shauna Niequist’s podcast. It’s new and she interviews a different person every week and focuses on faith/food/family. It’s really sweet and a feel-good one for sure.


I love the podcasts: Bold New Mom and Awesome with Alison. I think I will have to add this one to my list though because it sounds right up my ally. Podcasts have changed house cleaning for me. A.K.A. made it more tolerable.

I need those no bake cookies in my life. Now.

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