My Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon Recap + post-race activities!

Turns out that getting out of bed at 3:42 a.m. is hard and I am pretty sure that races are one of the only things that will get me out of bed that early.  I just reminded myself that I’m very thankful for early morning race starts because that means we get to miss the heat.  With this half we were pretty much in the shade for the entire run which felt amazing.

Ran the entire race with Candice and the last 6ish miles with Lindsey!

Things started nice and early with Candice and her husband picking me up to go to the busses at 4:07 a.m.  We got right in line and jumped on a bus (no waiting at this race!!… I remember one time for a half we were waiting in line for almost an hour and it was the end of October and FREEZING).   I got to work on this beautiful sandwich while on the bus and chatting with Candice.  If I am racing a half-marathon I usually stick to a plain bagel (sometimes with jam) but I knew I was just running this race for fun so a pb & j sandwich did the trick.

IMG 7625

We got to the starting line at about 5 and had an hour before the race started to hang out.  They had all sorts of drinks and fire pits all over for us which was nice because it was a little bit cold at the starting line.

IMG 7627

We ran into a bunch of friends before the race started!  One of the biggest reasons I chose to do this race last second was because I wanted to see all of my running friends… I would have had major fomo if I didn’t go;)

IMG 7629

IMG 7636

I guess we were talking a little bit too much because the drop bag truck left before we could catch it.  I was very nervous I would lose my bee sweatshirt (in above picture) because of this problem… I wear that sweatshirt before pretty much every race.  It’s just part of the routine.  Luckily, we left our bags near the start line and they magically made it to the finish!

IMG 7630

Ready to run.

IMG 7632

For the first few miles our friend Katie joined us too and we talked and took in the gorgeous scenery.

IMG 7637

IMG 7642

We stopped at the water stations to drink water and enjoyed the tailwind we had over the miles.  The majority of my races (ehhh I don’t do that many) are done at whatever my racing speed is at the time but every now and then I think it is just good for the body and soul to do a race for fun and with friends.

IMG 7644

They pass out otter pops and have these water spraying stations along the way which is especially nice for the marathoners.  The marathoners also start at 6 but they start 13.1 miles behind us so by the time they get to these last few miles they are HOT and these are awesome.  I don’t usually use them on the half for this course but I do for the full.

IMG 7645

The miles absolutely flew by because we talked about everything you could think of.  Candice, Lindsey and I crossed the finish line at an 8:22 pace and in 2 weeks I’m excited to see what my pace will be for my next half!

IMG 7793

Loved seeing Heather there!  She is killing her Ironman training!

IMG 7797

Found our little crews and Brooke wanted to join me in the finisher’s chute.  PS I think the longest finisher’s chute was at the NYC marathon… we walked for another mile or so to get through everything!

IMG 7778

Brooke LOVES these Creamies (a Utah popsicle that you must try if you can… all of the Utah races have them so I guess this is the final push that you needed to come do a race here).

IMG 7782

Brooke found out moments before this picture that her race wasn’t going to start for 3 more hours… patience is rough as you can tell.

IMG 7783

Loved meeting different readers…

IMG 7801

That is one of my absolute favorite parts about races.

IMG 7789

Afterwards we watched a lot of the marathoners come in and talk about motivation to get training hard again!  Races are HARD and seeing the strength in everyone crossing the finish line is beyond motivating for me… it makes me want to go out for another run (which I did for Brooke’s 1k race;).


So good to catch up with so many fun girls while getting in the miles.

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PS I grabbed THIS tank form Target to wear to the race and loved it… the back is knotted and it is super cheap!  Love the little stripes too!  Oh and these were my shorts…  excited to wear them for a fourth of July race with a red tank and my star shoes:)

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Brooke’s race recap will be up tomorrow!  She is writing it herself;)

And 5 things from the rest of our day:

1.  I haven’t been eating a lot of candy lately (have you missed it on the blog;) but Andrew brought me Now & Later Sours after the race which is my #1 pick if I’m going to have candy and they were delicious.

IMG 7812

2.  Beretta was very happy to have us home;)

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3.  Our day after the race consisted of yard work and cleaning the house… I know, we really need to stop partying so hard.

IMG 7802

4.  Because I have to teach Brooke at a young age that Cafe Rio is the best way to celebrate a great race.

IMG 7807

5.  Brooke was the one to remind me to stretch later on in the day:)

IMG 7810


Would you rather do yard work or inside chores?

What was the last race you did… did you race it or do it for fun?

Done any races multiple years in a row?  Which ones?

What would your #1 pick in candy be right now?

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Hmmm. Yard work or indoor chores? Is there a choice “C”? I hate both, but if I really had to choose, it would be indoor work. I run so much outside and now in the heat that the last thing I want to do is go outside, be hot, and eaten by the bugs.

I haven’t raced in a while. It’s been one injury after noon. IT Band, back surgery, and now hip bursitis. But I’m tough and still running toward my dream of Boston.

Candy? I love Bit O’ Honey. It doesn’t get any better than chewy, honey-sweetened goodness.

Did I read a long time ago that you were once a teacher?



I haven’t had a Bit O’ Honey in YEARS… I need to chance that! Hahaha yeah… both are pretty lame:) YOU ARE TOUGH and I hope that your hip bursitis is your LAST injury. Yes, I used to teach high school and I loved it! I hope you have a great evening!


Thanks for the reply. I was asking because I was a high school English teacher, and I loved it but gave it up because of health reasons. Hopefully I’ll go back one day. ❤️


I had a hip bursitis last year and had a cortisone injection into the hip, the next day I could run with no pain. A year later still no pain.


Since moving here in October I haven’t done any races and I’m definitely having FOMO but everyone seems so fit and I don’t feel like I’m at that point again. I definitely need to find a race in the fall, even if it’s just a 5K or 10k and a half in the spring.


Angie, do you live in Utah county?!?


Salt Lake County. I’m up in Holladay.


If you ever want to come down here and run… I’m your woman!


anything but yard work I think! I don’t like any time of work (lol) but outside yard stuff is definitely not for me. congrats on a strong, fun race! I miss now and laters, I used to eat those as a kid.


I don’t think I’ve ever done a race just for fun so I’ll have to try it out sometime! I bet it is good to give yourself the mental break with races.


Congrats on the race! The scenery really does look beautiful there. Also so cool that Brooke is already taking part in races :)


What a gorgeous race! I’m seriously tempted to sign up for it next year, even though I would have to fly across the country to do it.


Definitely yard work. Did 11 miles on my bike outside this morning. I do several small town 5K repeatedly every year. Do them all for fun and the funding. Eh, let’s be honest, and the shirt. Your scenery has me in aww every single post. Jealous of how beautiful it is. I really need to think about moving. Fave candy at the moment…Skittles and the stick from Lik-a-Stiks. I hate the sugary powder, but those sticks !! I could eat them ALL DAY LONG.


Yard work for sure.

I really need to start racing more. I’ve been doing the pink series races but…I feel like it’s kind of expensive for a 5k. I like that race though. Maybe I’ll do it again soon.


It looks like you had a great time and such an enjoyable race. I actually ran a bit later than usual today and gosh I regretted it. It’s so hot. I’ve heard the Utah Valley race is great and it’s definitely on my bucket list.


What a fun race! And congrats Brooke!

I would much rather do inside chores :)

Last race I did was last minute and just for fun. It was the SLO 1/2 marathon. It’s in San Luis Obispo, CA and it’s gorgeous with lots of rolling hills. Our friends live about 20 min away at the beach so we decided this will be a yearly run we do with them.

I did the Nike Women’s 2 years in a row and I’ve done a local 1/2 called Judgement Day that is part of a series twice (it’s my PR course) and I’m running it again this year as part of my marathon training.

Candy pick would definitely be caramel M&Ms.


It looks like you had such a wonderful day! Running with friends might just be the absolute best thing in the world. I’d choose inside chores over yard work for sure. The last race I did was a 5K as part of a triathalon relay. My teammate swam AND biked and all I had to do was show up and run. It was a blast! Relays are so much fun. I do a lot of races in general, but yeah … definitely do some of the same ones over and over and over again. I like being able to look back and compare my progress over the years!


Yard work, definitely! I love being outside.

It looks like both you and Brooke had a great race! I love those Creamies too! I get one whenever I’m in Utah.


Looks like a fun race! Can’t wait to hear about Brooke’s race!
I don’t have a yard (live in an apartment) so I guess inside chores??
I just did the hillbilly half, and I have done it for 5 years since it began in 2013 (It was called the Franklin half then)
I also have done the Chattanooga half marathon two years in a row, and started in its inaugural year, too. I want to see how long I can keep my streak up for each! I may be 90 with a walker beating the youngsters out of the way but I will try to keep the streak alive!
And I love all candy, but snickers or dark chocolate m & m’s are the best!
Have a great weekend!


SO many bloggers ran this race, I was in VA having FOMO LOL I am dying to get to Utah one of these days, it is on my bucket list!
That is so awesome you ran and enjoyed your self :) The water props are really nice, I have not seen that done at many races but it is perfect for marathoners…I could have used that at my one marathon lol


The last race I did just for fun was the Big Sur 1/2. I got injured right at the start of training, but still went and ran/walked at the back of the pack. I was super sad not to be running with my friends, but it ended up being really fun to experience a race just for fun. I took a ton of pictures (the scenery is insane), met so many other walkers (people are soooo friendly at the back) and soaked it all in. Glad you got to do a fun race too!


Michelle, what an awesome experience that you had at the Big Sur 1/2! SO sorry about your injury that you went through but glad you still got to experience the race! I really want to come do that race… maybe next year!?!


Awww it was so nice to meet you in person yesterday! I was excited to run into you! It was such a gorgeous race, I think it’ll be one I do each year.
Favorite candy would be anything fruity and gummy right now – do fruit snacks count as candy? :)


THANK YOU for saying hi Laura!! I’m so glad you had a great day! Let’s meet up yearly there and I hope you get plenty of fruit snacks this week!


I was confused about why you had to get up so early! What amazing scenery, and well done on a fun race! I haven’t done any repeats yet but I really enjoyed our local half marathon this year so I may do that again. I like the idea of doing the odd one for fun and chats too :) As to your question – definitely house work! And I love yogurt coated banana chips as my treat :) Looking forward to hearing Brookes’ race report!


House work. Definitely.
Last race I did was Utah Valley…4 yrs ago. I only trained for 3 weeks, so it was definitely a ‘for fun’ race and I loved every minute of it. One day I will run a race again.
Number one candy for me is almost always peanut m&ms. Caramel m&ms are up there right now, but I eat them with peanuts. I kind of wonder if my body runs on peanuts/pb. Like, if I were to stop, would my body go through drug like withdrawals??

Side note: I laughed at the picture of you and Candice at the start like. The one with the most gorgeous photo bomber in the background. I totally know her! lol.


I ran the 10k yesterday and you and your pals passed me (I’m pretty slow ?)! My kiddos also ran the 1k and they loved it. They LOVED getting their own medals!


AHHHHHH I wish we would have been able to talk!!!! Way to go Amy on the 10k, that is AWESOME! Tell your kids congrats too… the medals were awesome!


Inside chores. Last race I did was actually last October – the Oregon Coast 50km. It was beautiful. Hmm, well I did Boston 2 years in a row, and we have a local trail race called the Squamish 50 (with different distances – 23km, 50km and 50 mile) so each year I did a different distance.

For some reason I have had a crazy craving for licorice (twizzlers) and my latest find are cherry cola pull and peel. My significant other tells me I need to get off the candy wagon!


It depends on the weather and my mood. Sometimes you just need to be outside and other days the house really needs a scrub.

I like the Mini 10k which is the first race women were allowed to run and it’s still a women only race.

The last race I did was a year ago. It was really hot and they had spray stations set up. I was never so happy to run through the sprinklers!

I had a mini York peppermint patty yesterday and I was reminded how much I love them.


Congratulations you guys! Epic effort. Those views are stunning too, I bet they helped you get around and enjoy it more?


Yard work unless the weather is just really bad. I love the outdoors.

I am doing a 30 day reset and miss sugar so much! I might have to take a blog break ;)


Now and later sours?!?!?! I had no idea they made sours! I’ll have to look out for those!


THIS was my last race. I know. I’m hilarious. BTW we had Cafe Rio Saturday too! And I love you. Just FYI.


Woot! Nice work, Janae! What a great race and beautiful views! Congratulations!


Congrats to you and Brooke on your races! I’m having major race envy right now. Several other bloggers I know were running the race and I would have gone except that we had kind of big plans in Chicago the same day – my son was graduating from the University of Chicago with an MBA. I haven’t been back to Utah since we moved away in 1983 and this would have been the perfect reason to go… maybe next year! I would have loved meeting you!


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