Thursday Things & WE ARE OUTTA HERE (family vacation time:)!

I have a new post up on HRG Baby!!!  You can find it HERE and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it today!


We headed out late yesterday afternoon for a little family vacation!  Somehow the summer booked up quickly between kids being gone at different times and Andrew’s hospital/school schedule so we decided to do our family summer trip this week!  I’m still pretty traumatized over airplanes (last time I was on an airplane to take Brooke to her dad in California… I have never felt so sick in my life… Brooke’s poor Elsa backpack;) and we didn’t want to go far so we are in Park City!  Andrew’s aunt works at a hotel here so we got a great deal too (THE BEST)!  The kids love hotel life along with the pool, maybe some hikes, the lake and the Alpine slide (a slide that goes down the ski mountain here)!  I’ll of course document every little thing we do and show you.

Yesterday was another 7 mile run (the mileage that feels best right now).

IMG 8892

Yesterday was the THIRD DAY IN A ROW that finished with the exact same average pace.  I don’t even look at the pace during the run but for some reason 9:22 per mile is exactly where my body wants to be this week.  I kind of love it when weird things like this happen.  Maybe my watch is just not working anymore too ha.

IMG 8902

Andrew is getting more into weight training these days so I joined him for a bit of stretching shoulders/glutes/hamstrings at the gym afterwards.  I was excited because it looked like my water bottle (I can now use my water bottle again.. for some reason I couldn’t during the first trimester much) and my shoes matched perfectly.  They don’t look like they match as much in the picture though;)  I also wore my socks that I got from our last half-marathon.

IMG 8905

I had a smoothie after my run.  After the gym it is completely normal to have a chicken sub at 9 a.m.  I was hungry and ready for another meal (and a brush;).

IMG 8913

We picked up Knox and we all started playing tag.

IMG 8908

Fast forward through getting a bunch of stuff done (because that is boring) and we hit the road for a 45 minute drive to Park City.

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I couldn’t catch Knox sitting still on the rocking chair.

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They were so so excited.

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A hotel might be more exciting to them than Disneyland;)

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As soon as we dropped off our luggage we went straight to one of my favorite places in Park City for dinner… El Chubasco.

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This place has the best salsa bar you have ever seen!  The tacos and taquitos are excellent…

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I was still hungry after eating above goodness.  I’m telling you, my hunger is back and making up for the last 3ish months of no hunger.  I had some nachos for dessert;)

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The highlight of the trip for the kids… the hotel pool:)

IMG 8929

Rocky Chocolate Mountain Factory is kind of a must if you are in Park City (or anywhere that has one;).

IMG 8934

We finished off the night by watching Minions on the tv in our room.  The kids were so confused about the commercials that kept coming on during the movie ha… they are used to Netflix or DVDs and never watch anything on normal tv.

IMG 8938

*If you have 49 minutes… you really need to watch this story about Jim Walmsley and his first 100 miler that he ran at the Western States 100 mile endurance run.  Absolutely amazing.  If you watch it on the treadmill it will make your treadmill run FLY BY.  SO incredibly inspiring.  All of the goosebumps.  I think I’ll rewatch it again today.  It’s an awesome film.  It’s fun to just watch his stride:)


Don’t forget to check out my new post over on HRG Baby (if you are interested:) and I hope you have a great day!


Who has been to Park City?  Favorite things to do here?  Favorite places to eat?

Ever run an ultra?  Ever have the desire to do an ultra?

Have any summer trips/get-aways planned?

Which do you like best with chips… salsa, guac or hummus?  

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I love Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! They have the craziest candy apples and the apples always taste so fresh regardless of the season. Have a great trip :)


What a fun little getaway! I’m pretty much finished with my summer vacations, sadly. My sister and I went to Newport Beach, California, a few weeks ago for a few days, and I FELL IN LOVE with that place. I want to go back ASAP. (Actually, I want to live there.) My family is going to Florida in late July, but my boss will be out of town that week, and I am not allowed to be out when he is. :/

I definitely prefer guac with my chips. You always seem to know the best restaurants to go! I should probably consult with you the next time I go anywhere so that I know where to eat!!


I went to Park City once for a few hours while killing time before a flight out of SLC a few years ago for a wedding. It was so cute! My sister and I grabbed lunch, walked around the town and went to the Olympic park. We just took the ski lift to the top, but didn’t actually do any of the tubing down or other crazy stuff you can do there. Way too steep for me!

I’m going on vacation starting next Friday and I can’t wait!

Chips with guac is by far the best. Though I obviously won’t turn down queso ;)


Alipine rollercoasrer! The slide is fun but if you haven’t been on the roller coaster you should do it.

Our summer trip is coming up, but we have to finish our camper first (getting close!)


My boyfriend and I were just talking about taking a trip to park city! Its pretty close to us from cali and Ive heard great things! Can i vacation with you guys? You seem like such a fun family to travel with hah!


Have the best vacation! Park City looks so fun. I have never been there, but maybe one day! We actually have an upcoming trip to go north and west in Michigan to a little beach town called Ludington. My parents rented a big house on the water for my whole family and our significant others and I can’t wait! Then later in July Chris and I are going to Louisville, Kentucky :)


I have a feeling this summer will go by quickly. A lot of people have awesome vacations coming up. Although, I’m pretty jealous because I think I’ll be working all summer.


Looks so fun! Are you at MountainSide? If so, such a small world! I’ll tell you via email if you can.


I hope you guys have fun on your vacation. I don’t have anything planned and probably won’t go anywhere. I graduate university this week (my last final is today!), so I’m still on a student budget. I’m looking forward to a summer vacation next year though!

And guacamole on chips all the time!


I watched that move last week. It was incredible!! I was then tracking this year’s race all day Saturday. Amazing. I have zero desire to do an ultra.

Enjoy your vacation! So fun


Ohhh! Thank you so much for sharing the documentary on Jin Walmsley. I am going to watch it this weekend. :)


I love that water bottle. I got the same in purple;)


I’m actually heading to Block Island on Saturday. It’s an island off the east coast near Rhode Island. Lots of beach time. I can’t run due to injury but I’m bringing my bike and i’ll probably do some yoga on the beach too. AHHHHH ZEN!

Totally guac with my chips


Hotel life is the best! We are also doing a weekend getaway. Such a nice break for mom and my son loves it too! We went to great wolf Lodge waterpark last year and my son was in paradise (he actually loved it more than Disney world and it was way more relaxing for the parents!).


Brooke’s jelly shoes look just like the ones I had as a kid in the late 80’s/early 90’s! Much better than the thick strapped ones that came out in the early 2000’s.


FUN FUN FUN!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME :) Love reading your blog. You and your family are awesome. :)


Ohhhmaaaan I was never so sick on a plane as when I flew at about 14 weeks along with my now 5yr old. Normally flying does not bother me, but it was awful, not sure if it was my changing hormones or what but I definitely avoided flying for the rest of my pregnancy.


I have never done an ultra, but that is something I the very far out future goals – eventually. A 100 mile race though sounds so long! I am thinking more like 30 miles or so would be more my eventual ultra race distance!

Oh man, that is a hard question, but if I had to choose one, I would say chips and guac, especially when the guac is slightly chunky with hints of garlic and lime. MMMMM.


You probably get this all the time, but Brooke is the cutest!! I found your blog after listening to you on Lindsey Hein’s podcast and am loving following along! Congrats on your growing little family :-)


Oh, and I just did my first ultra (50K) this May! It poured the entire time, so wasn’t quite the magical experience I was hoping for, but it was still pretty cool. There may be more ultras in my future, but I’m going back to road marathons for now. I want to check out that video though! And I gotta go with chips and salsa, although guac is a very close second!


I love Park City! Have fun:) We don’t have any summer trips planned…instead we are having huge car repairs BUT in October we are going to Disneyland with my whole family! The first flight for my husband I together and Kennedy’s first flight (our baby) and first trip with my whole family since 2001 so it’s long overdue!


That place is seriously so so yummy!! Good call! I’m actually heading up to Park City tomorrow night with some girlfriends. Apparently the nachos at the Monage (?) are amazing, so we are going to go give them a try before hitting the outlets.

I’m with the kids, I have the hardest time watching regular TV now because of the commercials. It feels like they’re ALL THE TIME.


My family loves Park City! But we go in the winter, for skiing, so it’s a whole different place then. The mountain coaster was a lot of fun – even in snow gear! Have a great time!


I just got back from Park City! It was my first time visiting Utah and I will definitely be back because Utah is GORGEOUS! I’d love to know what your favorite places are around Park City for when I go back. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of all there is to do there!


We did a quick Nashville trip earlier in the summer which was fun, and along the way we hit up the Creation Museum and Ark in Kentucky. Later this summer we’ll hit up a local resort a few hours away with boating, golfing, waterpark, etc. We’re trying to keep vaca low key this year so we can go to D.C. next year! I think lunch kids will be at the perfect age to appreciate D.C. then. Have fun on your vaca! It looks beautiful there!
Assuming that queso with chips is the absolute best, hummus is a distant second.


I love seeing people’s vacations and getaways–looks like your family is having SO much fun! We just got back from a week at Hilton Head Island with a house full of 25 people–talk about fun. In fact it was one of the most fun blog posts I’ve put together in a while because it was like a second chance to enjoy it all over again :)

GUAC over everything. Homemade just cant be beat–I like mine with lots of lime!
We leave for California in two weeks and I’ve never been! I’ll have to go back and check out some of your posts about San Fran because we will be going !


Haven’t visited Park City, or Utah at all.

I have done 5 ultras and training for two more this summer/fall.

Chips with guacamole.. I love guacamole and can eat a whole tub by myself.:)


Oh and vacation – we are doing a two week road trip though our home province of BC again:).


LOVE that you are vacationing so close to home, sounds super low stress and high fun! Park City is beautiful, we’ve been there a few times mountain biking. Hope you get our for some good trail runs!

I’ve never done an Ultra but i love following along with those amazing runners. The Western States was so heartbreaking and inspirational this weekend – so much RESPECT for those runners!


I have to confess – I’ve never been anywhere in Utah. My husband did a week long bike ride there with his brother and we really want to go back for a vacation.

No desire for an ultra!

We are currently in Hawaii. We went to Maui for 5 days before coming to Oahu so Les could work. We were suppose to be gone 3 weeks but yesterday I changed our flights and we’ll be here an extra week. One more week for my body to adjust to the heat/humidity. Then I’ll feel fast when I get back home ;)

I prefer salsa AND guac!


I LOVE staying at hotels, mainly for the pools and a nice change of scenery! Glad you guys are having so much fun! The pic of the kids by the pool is gorgeous with the ski resort in the background, I bet it would be beautiful and fun for you all in the winter time as well :)

I’ve ran several 50 K’s, two 50 milers and just one 100 K. I love chips with salsa, + guac + sour cream.


Have fun on your family vacation!! I posted my running story on my blog today…such a personal thing to share! I’d love to get your thoughts :)


I am running my first Ultra this October and I can’t wait!
Guac, chips, salsa and hummus, yes to all of it!
When will we get to see your sisters kitchen?!?!? I love construction projects. Tore out a kitchen in our first house years ago myself. I wanted a new kitchen so bad. My boyfriend was hemming and hawing. I took a day off from work and tore everything out and threw it out on the lawn (sink, counter, cabinets!)…..I got my new kitchen. Can’t wait to see hers!


I remember loving hotels as a kid, too, and now I’m like ehhhhhhhh. hah!


Salsa! Homemade. I love them all but salsa is always good. On salads too =)


Ugh, I barely made 26.2 happen, so an ultra is way outside of my interest area!
I’m in New Hampshire on vacation this weekend/next week with the family, and then I head out to the west coast to work at a summer camp for a few weeks!
I’m all about the hummus!!

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