Our Day (post-race) in 15 Pictures!

1.  I hope your Sunday is a great one!  I’ll share my race recap tomorrow morning but overall we had a great race.  I had a nice little bump accompany me for the 13.1 miles too!

2.  My really good friend’s brother got a shot of Andrew and I as we were running along the course and it made me happy.

IMG 8733

3.  I spent a good 20 minutes on the foam roller.  My legs were shot by the end of the race (there is a good amount of downhill) and the more pregnant I get, the more I REALLY need to pay attention to all of the details of training in order to keep it up.

IMG 8722

4.  Andrew was gone for the day so Brooke and I went out on a little girl’s date!


5.  She has been wanting to ride a pony for quite some time so we made a trip to Thanksgiving Point to do so.


6.  She also tried to convince me to buy a bunny but somehow I refrained.

IMG 8728

7.  My sweet friend and her girls met us there and it was so good to catch up with her.  We’ve been close for ten years now, we can talk about everything under the sun… it was a great few hours together.


8.  On the way back home Brooke fell asleep and I took that as a sign that I needed to take a nap too….

IMG 8730

9.  And 1.5 hours later, we both felt a million times better (my alarm for the race went off at 3:45 a.m.).

IMG 8736

10.  We haven’t been out that much at night for a long time (usually our dates are at like 5 pm) but last night we were crazy and went to dinner with Brooke and Andrew’s friends at 7!  That is a huge sign that I’m feeling much better because that was my bedtime for a few weeks there.

IMG 8745

11.  I forgot to take a picture until I had already starting to dig into my salad.  I licked this container clean (tortilla, pork, rice, lettuce, guac and pico) and finished off the rest of Brooke’s taco meal.  The pregnancy hunger has kicked in like crazy and there is no stopping it.

IMG 8743

12.  Just giving the belly a kiss.

IMG 8742

13.  One of Andrew’s friends brought over cinnamon rolls for us to all eat… He must be a genius because that is one of the only sweets that I’m really into these days.  PS it was a blueberry cinnamon roll…


14.  Probably TMI but sometimes I am way too lazy to wash all of my hair (i.e. yesterday) but my bangs REALLY Need to be washed so I just wash my bangs… So if you are ever in a rush, try just washing your bangs:)  Or wash all of your hair like a normal human being.

IMG 8641

15.  We love our running streaks… what about a Disneyland streak!?!

Screen Shot 2017 06 24 at 8 49 08 PM


Ever had a running streak before?  For how long? 

How many days in a row would be your max on going to Disneyland?

Have a run today?  How far?  

-I’m really looking forward to a rest day today!

What are your Sunday plans?

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Ha! Sometimes I just wash my bangs too :)

I’m probably going to run 6-7 miles after I finish my coffee. Hoping to just relax and do some stuff around the house after that as yesterday was super hectic. We did get out to see Wonder Woman last night though – it was good!

Have a great Sunday :)


That is some streak……If I had the money, time, and knew I wouldn’t be spending ALL day their every day…I could totally hit up Disneyworld every day….its Magical ya know!! ;-)

We caved on the bunny wishes last summer……NEVER, EVER do it …..like every other animal we have ever had…kids are great at the beginning and then they lose interest and it becomes more of a headache than a fun pet. (We have had turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, bunnies and of course cats and dogs….cats and dogs are fine…the rest no more! ;-)


I looked up on Daily Mile when my last rest day was and it was April 10th of this year. I usually don’t take days off at all! We traveled back home from AZ that day and I hadn’t been able to fit a run in.


When I cut my hair and gave myself bangs a few years ago, I often just washed my bangs too.

I really like trigger point foam rollers. Plus to be honest, our rep is great so that is always a plus.

I’m going to my first vegan restaurant today which I’m pretty intrigued and excited for.


Dry shampoo is great for when I’m too lazy to wash my hair, I bet it would work on bangs too!



Your baby bump looks so cute! I think it’s so sweet that Brooke and Knox kiss your belly. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!



WOAH, 2,000 days. That’s impressive. I love Brooke’s top, romper, dress.. Can’t tell which one it is, but the pattern is so cute!


My Sunday plans are grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and then I’m aiming for at least 2-3 hours of couch time! I had a busy week this week, and I’m looking forward to being lazy for a bit!

You always have the most delicious looking food pictures… I guess I need to visit Utah!


Wow I remember you posting pictures of Brooke riding those horses when she was so tiny. Can’t believe how big she had gotten! Really excited to check back in after a while and see you so happy!


Sometimes I go way too long between washing my hair.

My kids want to go to Disneyland so bad! It might be time for a surprise visit sometime soon.


I just finished a 200 day streak a couple weeks ago. Last year was 100.

6 miles today if I can get motivated. I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s long run.

Sundays are laundry, shopping and food prep day. ?

Brooke sure is getting big. Hard to believe I’ve been following her growth for 3 years now. Congratulations on your new incoming family member.


Ohh those cinnamon rolls sure look amazing! Planning a 3 miler today with a recuperating vinyasa class to follow! Sunday plans meant mean sleeping in the latest I ever have! Guess this warm summer weather is taking a lot out of me!


Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! What a good friend!
Rest day for sure over here. Even slept in as long as I wanted and it was glorious!!
Happy Sunday, girl!


I’m looking forward to your race recap. And those cinnamon rolls look delicious!

My plans for today is studying. I have 4 finals this week so I want to be prepared!


Wow…our bumps are the same size except I don’t have a baby in mine.
I have zero interest in Disney. I was never a fan of the characters and i’m not an amusement park person. I don’t like the rides and I don’t like the lines for the rides. It seems like such a waste of time to stand in line for so long and then only get a two minute ride.
The humidity is down today so I ran 8 miles instead of my planned six. It felt really good today.
Enjoy your rest day!


wow! awesome job on the run! you running mamas ASTOUND me!

plan for today is laundry, clean up around the house, prep some food for the week and enjoy a cocktail and be lazy too :)


Yes! My goal was to do a year then decide if I should keep going. I made it 278 days and it was the saddest day!! I got a stomach bug and spent a day in total misery and the next thing I knew it was the following day and I’d missed a day!!!!! :(

Unrelated, but I’m pregnant and have been walking several miles each day and found that my muscles were really achy during the walk and afterwards. I saw your post about the belly band and I bought one and have used it for the last two walks and I don’t have the achy feeling anymore!!! Thanks for the recommendation ????


Jenny, that makes me so happy that the belly band has helped you! Hallelujah and congrats on your pregnancy!!!


I love your belly :) looking forward to looking like you anytime soon. Your family is gorgeous and you’re such an inspiration!


I’m so glad you had a great race! Every time I see your little bump I get the feeling there is a little girl in there :) In my entire life of running I have never done a streak but I’ve decided that now is the time to do one, thanks for the inspiration!


The race photo of you and Andrew is sweet-you both look relaxed in your form (ie-perfect).

When I was pregnant I always hoped my kids or someone wouldn’t finish their dinner so I could. For the good of the cause!

I did a long trail run with a fast finish yesterday followed by an afternoon swim with a headwind! So today (Sunday) was a nice long country road bike ride. I saw two runners scamper across the path and was a bit jealous and wondered where they were off too though…….
Running streaks are stressful to me-I find that many people have “junk miles” just to fulfill the streak. I would be a wreck and not enjoy it even though I run practically every day anyway.


Glad I’m not the only one that just washed my bangs…when I had them. Even now though, if my front looks a little greasy I pull back most of my hair and juts wash a small section of the front


I have naturally curly hair that takes a lot of time and effort to straighten. So if I do straighten it I won’t wash it for 4-5 days (dry shampoo is my best friend). There was a time where I had bangs and dry shampoo just didn’t cut it for that area and I used to wash only my bangs all the time in between full blow outs!


Your litttle bump is adorable! I remember early on in pregnancy I would go to bed at 7pm! I always felt bad because it was summer and it was light outside but I was soooo exhausted and sick those first few weeks!! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better! :-)


HA! HA! HA! I too just wash my bangs sometimes… :D


I ran the runners world holiday streak one year. I was training for a race so it was probably not the best time to do it. By the end I started to hate and resent running.

I ran 5 miles and had my godson’s graduation party at my cousin’s house. I got to see most of my relatives so it was nice to catch up.


You are just too adorable! The bump! So cute!

Ran 6.5 miles today in some pretty secluded wilderness/tried to get around a lake, but the trail kind of fizzled out and I ended up trying to bush whack through some stuff before finally giving up and turning back! Should have worn long socks ;)


Great job on your race!! I hope I will still be able to exercise while pregnant (when it happens)!
I took a rest day too yesterday (well sort of, I did an easy mile with my dog to tire her out haha). I am looking forward to a nice cool run today … I live in Virginia and our humidity is HORRIBLE but for some reason today is so nice out :)
I don’t have bangs but that is a good tip! My hair is pretty fine so it dries pretty quick if I wash it.
Hope you had an awesome Sunday!

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