Monday Matters… I REALLY think we are having a ______. + THESE TWO LOOK LIKE TWINS.

*Three early morning miles today @ a 9:22 average pace before it got too hot.  Luckily, I’m not sore from my half on Saturday but I did want to take it back a bit for my run today!

IMG 8791

*I listened to this podcast while I did my run and part of my strength afterwards. It was all about how running changes our brains and it was SO interesting.   If you are needing some new reasons to keep running or exercising, listen to this podcast!  Do it for your brain:)   Pregnancy has brought me a huge love for podcasts… having a new one downloaded that I’m looking forward to gets me out the door when I’m feeling lazy.

IMG 8785

*Afterwards I hit up the gym (?!?!) for some strength work!  I talked about it here where I am loving to get my strength workout ideas right now and today included things like donkey kicks, fire hydrants, leg lifts, curtsy lunges, shoulder presses, overhead extensions, planks, chest fly and curls.  I definitely felt like I hit every muscle on my body by the end of all of that!

To gain the motivation for strength work I remind myself that by keeping up strength/any muscles I can = I will be able to run longer throughout the pregnancy (unless other things stop me).  I also feel like during my runs now my legs are not firing like they used to… especially my glutes.   I hope that by focusing on strengthening these areas over the weeks I’ll get them stronger and doing their job again.  My sister also motivates me to strength train while pregnant because she did during her 5 pregnancies and it helped her out big time during pregnancy, delivery and after pregnancy.

IMG 8799

*We had a grocery store stop to pick up a few necessities and I love that this grocery store gives out fruit for free for kids!

IMG 8801

*I had a smoothie for breakfast and the bagel need is back in my life.  One half with cream cheese and one half with pb & j.  I had this exact same need with Brooke when I was pregnant with her.  Sometimes I read over all of my HRG posts from when I was pregnant with Brooke and a lot of my cravings/aversions were the exact same with Brooke.  I’ve been sicker this time around but having all of the same food wants makes me really think we are having a GIRL?!  Andrew thinks boy… we will see:)

IMG 8806

*Andrew’s mom gave this amazing coloring set to the kids and they are obsessed with it.

IMG 8341

*My sister’s backyard has raspberry bushes and her little one kept bringing over everyone to eat them with him.


Pretty sure Brooke had about 500 raspberries last night.


*Brooke is sure happy about some of my food cravings… she gladly joins me.  Andrew tried to join in on the spaghettios yesterday too but only lasted a few bites ha;)

IMG 8760

*My brother and his family are in town and their little girl is 9 months older than Brooke but I SWEAR they look like they are twins.  I can’t get over it and last night I kept mistaking them for each other from far away.


*I tried to wink for Andrew before the race.  This is the best wink I could do.

IMG 8661

*My niece (Curly) decided yesterday she wanted to give Brooke her old dollhouse.  It is huge and beautiful and Brooke is having a hard time leaving it!

IMG 8761

*A reader sent me a link to these sweet potato toast ideas and I need to make all nine.  They literally use the toaster to cook the sweet potatoes.. I’ll get to work and report back on how they are (minus the two that have eggs on them).

Screen Shot 2017 06 26 at 1 19 42 PM

*The amount of time it takes our family to go through a 20 lb watermelon is quite remarkable.

IMG 8055

*Remember how we have that late night chocolate chip cookie delivery thing here?  Well, I haven’t wanted to come near those in quite some time (one time I made Andrew put the box outside because the smell of chocolate chip cookies made me sick!?!) but THESE I can get behind right now… late night pretzel delivery?  I will have a salt pretzel (extra salt) and a white cheddar jalapeño one delivered to me ASAP.

Screen Shot 2017 06 26 at 2 11 39 PM

*A picture from when we were dog sitting last week and Brooke was trying to teach me how to get the dog to listen to me…

IMG 8338

*They had a fancy date to go get the car fixed today:)

IMG 8807


Have any fruit growing in your yard?  Anyone with a garden?  I WANT ONE!

Who has tried sweet potato toast?  How was it?

What did you listen to on your run today?  

What was your run today?

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I did some Pilates today. I’m not sore but I just needed a little more rest.

Also, you keep reminding me that I need more watermelon in my life. I’ll also have to try some of those sweet potato recipes!! I’m obsessed with them!


Yoga tonight. Back on running hiatus due to toe drama….starting physical therapy and acupuncture this week so hopefully I can heal 100 percent this time around.

But I listen to podcasts during walks. Mostly running related but also Robin Roberts “everbody’s got something”.


The past two times I bought a watermelon it was a dud :( Teach me your watermelon picking ways Janae!


We search for BEE STINGS. I don’t know if it is real or not but it always works for us:) We choose the one with a bunch of bee stings because we think the bees know which ones are sweet and go after those ones. It is probably not even true but it seems to work for us. Also, Costco always seems to have amazing watermelons so maybe try there next?


I’ve never thought of that but I will definitely try it! I don’t have a Costco membership but I’m honestly thinking about using my graduation money on one lol


DO IT!!! You won’t regret it:)


My husband is a watermelon distributor! You want to tap the melons and hear a little ping sound. If it’s not a good watermelon it will sound dead or like a thud sound when you tap it. ?


Okay, that is AWESOME!! Thank you for letting me know… we will be doing this now Deborah!


Oooooh, that twins thing in the title was tricky!!! You are a sneaky one Janae Baron, very sneaky.

I really want to start listening to podcasts in the car. Do you just download them on iTunes?


HA OOPS… I didn’t see that until you said that ! OOPS. Definitely not twins:) Just meant the girls look like twins to me. I just fixed the title! YES YES YES… I use the podcast app on my iPhone to download them but you can in iTunes too. Do it and let me know which ones you love the most!


I thought the same thing!


My neighbor has a raspberry bush that grows through the fence into my yard and he said all raspberries on my side are MINE. Love it :)

I have some type of nut/seed butter on a sweet potato every day. Very yummy.

That is so sweet of Curly! What a great gift to her cousin.

My niece stayed over one night with me and my dog was far better trained after she left. Something about kids and dogs.


Ahhh you got me with that win total! And woah..I couldn’t tell them apart! And yes…please share how you get so lucky with watermelon!


Your winking picture reminds me of Lucille Bluth. Hahaha

I went through a soft pretzel phase when I was pregnant with felicity. So much so, I decided to buy a huge box at Costco. Then, in true pregnancy fashion, I hated them about 3 pretzels in. I think they were in our freezer for a year after she was born until I finally just threw them away.

Felicity’s favorite part about Smiths is the free fruit. She demands we go straight to that stand as soon as we walk in. I just wish there was a booth with free chocolate in it for adults. #justayin


We have strawberries, beans and tomatoes. So far the only thing that is actually producing is the tomato, but maybe soon we will have some strawberries.


i was thinking maybe boy until i saw the part about the soft pretzels. now i think GIRL. when i was pregnant with p, i think i had a soft pretzel every other day :)


My boss has a mango tree in her backyard and eating mangos at my office has become the real thing!!!!!


I have raspberry bushes too….mine are not ready to eat yet…just lots of blooms. I love them because I too just grab them when I am outside and eat as I do work around the yard. (But I do find I like them even more on vanilla ice cream!!)

;-)And yes, those two are twins for sure….it will be fun to see how they change (or not) as they grow up.


I have a fig tree, I want a Cherry tree too.

The girls do look like twins. Twins run in my family, all boy/girl. Mom is a twin and her sister had twins and so did her twin brother.

3 miles and my legs were sore from yesterday. I listened to my breathing, mostly.


I love the healthy snacks for kids! I had no idea what I was having and felt like a looser mom! lol I did not really have cravings. I did lend to eat more red meats and lots of vegetables. I have a little boy.


Okay, our cravings are TOO similar! I never ever eat spaghettios and those sound amazing!!

I’m not a runner, I’ve tried to love it but just can’t! But I do crossfit and it was hard today, I felt like a sloth!


Oh my gosh, they look like twins!!! Will be super interesting to see how they stay the same or change as they grow up. I haven’t tried sweet tater toast, but it’s on my list to make!


I did 6 miles on the treadmill alternating between 7″30 and 6″30 paces! Felt good after a vacation to get that workout and a good leg workout in to get things back on track. I kind of hope the baby is a boy, but of course a sister for Brooke would be so fun! Either way, I’ve loved following you family as it has changed and grown and am so happy for this new adventure! (and I’m so lazy to cut up watermelon until I see yours and then I want it sooo bad!)


I didn’t run today (kids home for summer is so difficult) but I did do a ton of yard work today and I always end up really sore after all that squatting and bending so I’m calling it a workout (it’s 90+ degrees so there was a lot of sweat too).

I don’t grow anything edible in my yard because I have a black thumb, but my neighbors and coworkers grow all kinds of tropical things like mango, avacado, lychee, citrus, etc.

Brooke and her cousin definitely look like twins!


We have a little garden. Currently we have cilantro, bell peppers, jalapeños, basil, chives, and zucchini. We also have a lemon, pomegranate, orange, fig, tangerine, and avocado tree. We just discovered our avocado tree maybe three months ago but we are super excited for those. We have plans for more veggies but this was our first harvest and so far loving it!


I had crazy cravings for spaghettios when I was pregnant with my baby girl who just turned 31 and got married two weeks ago!! Thats all. Lol


Today’s run was 3 miles before the heat with the husband and our munchkin! Thankfully, Landon pushed the stroller. :)


Now I want a soft pretzel and I’m not even pregnant ;) But you can keep those Spaghettios :P


I know you don’t drink so this makes it even funnier, but you look like you’ve had a couple margaritas in that winking photo!


BAHAHAH I sure do… it was so early that it probably felt like I had;) I hope you have an amazing day today Suzy!


Brooke and her cousin look so much alike!
My in-laws have a HUGE vegetable garden..we picked a 5-gallon bucket of green beans on Sunday! And they have a bunch of blackberry vines (the kind with no thorns). We are in trouble once everything else starts getting ripe :/
My run today (Monday) was awesome! I am getting back into the running game after a couple months off due to pain in both shins and knees. The good news is my legs feel great but my chest does not! So I’m slowing building up my endurance again. I am highlighting my favorite running mantras on my blog tomorrow :)
Have a great day!


If you figure out how to do the sweet potato toast let me know-I’ve tried and it just does not work for me! I love the idea…..but I either have to put it down a zillion times or recut it. I think baking them in the slabs might be better but I’m counting on you!!!

Wonderful trail run in the rain (it’s Tuesday already here so I’ve done my run today)


Omg yum those pretzels look amazing! I am a huge podcast listener when I run- my favorite is The Moth! I also love radiolab, this American life, how stuff works, and human race (by runners world!) have a great Tuesday! :)


i’m such a lover of sweet potatoes and need to make them more! haven’t tried the toast version thus far – i have a purple sweet potato sitting on the table to make – have you tried those???

LOVE podcasts – SERIOUSLY. and the one you shared sounds perfect! i’m SOOOO into brain health lately and gut health and how they are so intertwined! currently reading head strong by dave asprey and a new one by dr. perlmutter – highly recommend both! they are on various podcasts too if you want to learn more and add some podcasts to your list :) –

i love that you listen to podcasts as you run! best form of multitasking! i’ma freak and read all my blogs as i run on the treadmill…ha –

i’m trying a garden again this year! just a small raised bed and some potted plants – so far i’ve gotten quite a bit of lettuce, kale and herbs! so fresh! also growing tomatoes, strawberries, onions, peas, peppers, zucchini , carrots – we will see what comes of it!

my guess is GIRL! and i have no reasoning behind it – regardless – so pumped for your fam!


I saw the sweet potato toast and totally thought of you, lol. I can’t wait to try one of them! Or all of them. Whatever.

Question! How do you and Andrew feel about finding out and/or announcing the sex of the baby?


Hey Tiffany! We are going to find out the gender soonish! We are going to announce it most likely the next day! I hope you have a great day and let me know which sweet potato toast is your favorite!


My parent’s yard has a pear tree, and when I was a kid there were raspberry bushes! I loved it.
I’ve never tried sweet potato toast, but I’m gonna have to soon!
My orthopedist things I need to keep swimming and not running for ANOTHER month+, so no music/podcasts for me:( That said, I’ve been really into the band AJR lately!


Wait… I thought you said in an earlier post that it was a boy?? I am confused ? So excited and happy for you!!!


Hey Kelley!! We don’t know yet! I meant in that earlier post that maybe this pregnancy I am more sick because it could be a boy!?!? We will announce it once we know ASAP! THANKS and I hope you are having a great day!


Good Morning Janae!!!! Thanks for the review on ALOHA- sounds great!
I grow cherry tomatoes and eggplant. I get so excited every year when they start producing :) I have tried sweet potato toast! SO good!!!! It’s just hard to cut the sweet potato. Once that’s done, PERFECTION!
I also love listening to podcasts. Up & Vanished (thanks to you) and Sword and Scale! You would love it!!!!!!!!
I hope your day is great :)


ahh I saw the sweet potato toasts and tried them the other day… #FAIL haha hopefully it works for you!


Brooke and her cousin really do look alike! It took me a second to figure out which one was Brooke.
I had the worst craving for a chocolate chip cookie the other day and I got so upset that we don’t have cookie delivery here like you do! Although, it’s probably a good thing I can’t just order a cookie whenever I want ;)


I’m doing Whole30 (Whole60 actually, I’m on day 58) and have made sweet potato toast a few times. I’ve tried it with avocado, bacon, egg & salsa and with almond butter, banana, berries & cinnamon. SO GOOD! ?


Hi there. I was wondering if you could find out where your MIL got that art kit. I need one ASAP for my grandsons. Thanks so much.


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