FINALLY!!! Sentence per picture.

Today was probably the best run I have had in a very long time… I’m guessing that was because I had JOSSE to run with (I couldn’t find my sunglasses so I stole Andrew’s… I NEED sunglasses when I run if the sun is up:)!

Ten GORGEOUS miles, so much to talk about and the miles flew by.

IMG 6938

I am excited that I had a good long run because my next half-marathon is just 23 days away.

IMG 6941

Came home and got to work stretching while Beretta stared at me wondering what I was doing.

IMG 6948

Knox is home and we missed him like crazy.  Brooke made him plenty of crafts while he was away.

IMG 6952

I had a chicken panini in the car on our way to search for some sand!

IMG 6954\

Tibble Fork Reservoir definitely had sand!

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The water was too cold for the kids but they loved building things!

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Beretta swam close to 4 miles (that’s an exaggeration, but it was a lot) fetching after her ball!

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On the way back home we saw that a splash pad was close so we decided to stop.

IMG 6969

We took full advantage of our one day this week where all four of us are together!

IMG 6972

The best way to dry off!

IMG 6974

Another great way to dry off… on somebody else that is dry:)

IMG 6980

Some of the best news I’ve ever received… it will be right by our Costco too = perfection.

Screen Shot 2017 06 01 at 2 41 30 PM

See you tomorrow morning for my Friday Favorites and I’m sure I’ll include a bunch of tangents too!.


Do you have a Trader Joe’s near you?

What is your sentence for the day?

What was your lunch today?

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Yes, my husband is stopping there later tonight.

It was just one of those days.

A smoothie and some dry cereal.


I’m jealous a Trader Joe’s is opening a store near you! The closest one to me in about 30 minutes away which doesn’t seem like a lot but it adds up going every week.


I live near Boston so I am spoiled with having EVERYTHING at my disposal at all times :) It’s odd sometimes for me to read comments of people saying the closest grocery store is MILES away! Perspective. I’m happy for you to get a TJ’s!


My nearest TJ is 7 miles away from where I live, but I’ll still go cause I love it and I think is worth it. Whole Foods is around 8 miles away and I’ll still go because I think their salad bar and their high quality/low price supplements worth it too.

My lunch today was a turkey sandwich with pineapple on a side. I think pineapple is my favorite fruit of them all. So delicious, but such a pain to cut!!

My sentence for the day is “be kind to yourself.” I had a strong ache in my leg this morning and decided to skip my run. I was thinking on getting it done tonight but the pain is still going on. I could go, but something inside me is telling me to be kind to myself and to get some rest.


Our town is getting a Trader Joe’s too! The closest to us right now is over an hour away. It is a little scary how excited I was to hear that news:)


Ahhh jealous of your TJs!
This is totally unrelated, but when do you start coaching? I am signing up for my first post baby half and full (October and March) and would be super interested!!


HEY LORA!!! So so excited about your first post baby half and full!!! I am trying to figure out our schedule with kids home full time now but most likely July or August I’ll start. I’ll let you know!


SOOOO jealous of your Trader Joe’s!!!! Closest one is about 3.5 hours away. And Costco is over 2 hours! Miss them so much.


When we lived near Denver, there weren’t any Trader Joe’s IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF COLORADO! It was AWFUL! My mom would mail us things from Chicago (where we now live & I grew up) from time to time. We also would stock up when we visited my in laws in Albuquerque! We’d drive with four huge freezer bags full of goodies! Then we finally got a Trader Joe’s & it was life changing. We’d drive 25 minutes each way to get groceries every week, and not regret a second of it. Gosh I’m glad the dark ages are over, now I walk there ;) hah!


We got a Trader Joe’s about 4 years ago and it’s wonderful!! I still get that little feeling of excitement every single time I go in!! We used to drive about an hour and stock up on our favorites.

Sentence of the day:
The sun came out!!!!

Leftover chicken and broccoli


I have a Trader Joe’s about 10 min away. But no Whole Foods:(
Today’s lunch was a carne Asada burrito


I’m so freaking excited for TJ! I thought the day would never come.

I was just telling Ross about your trip up to TibbleFork. We definitely need to plan a trip up there. It looks beautiful!


This Canadian girl is SO jealous of your TJs. I’m just over the border so can get there but it’s definitely not convenient. Try the mochi ice cream (mango is my favourite) and thank me later.


Trader Joe’s!!!!!!! YAY! The nearest to me right now is about 30 minutes, and down a highway that can be quite annoying, so usually longer. HOWEVER, they are opening one only a MILE away from where I am set to buy a house this summer – and between my house and work! Perfect. I cannot wait!


So awesome that you and Josse got to run together. Running + friends = the best!

And yay for the TJ’s! Our Trader Joes and Costco are a 45 minute drive, so wish they were closer, but the drive is still worth it :)

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