A stressful (for me) Q, is this weird and how to recover faster!

SORRY if you saw this post (well, part of it) yesterday… I was working on it and sent it (without proofreading or checking it at all) yesterday instead of this morning!  I don’t know where my brain disappeared to but if you find it, please let me know;)


Back to the sun, hallelujah.  Yesterday morning I started my run early and finished it off (well, I guess I started there too… I like to drive places some days each week) in a gorgeous area.

I love finding new routes, while the entire run wasn’t super scenic and I was on the roads the entire time, there were portions like this that made me happy.  I finished up the morning with 9 miles and it felt amazing.  I’ll probably be on my treadmill the next few days while Andrew is at the hospital so I soaked in all of the fresh air and me-time endorphins as possible.

IMG 8006

Knox came home and we were all thrilled, including Beretta… she gave him quite a few kisses.

IMG 8014

We got to work on a big bowl of strawberries that I might actually say tastes better than candy. I wish I could send you some from this container because they are that good).


Followed by grilled cheese sandwiches (I swear I get out of my running clothes at some point during the day;)!  Strawberry jam on top and I always eat the crusts first and save the best part of the sandwich (in the middle) for last.

IMG 8017

We worked hard on some art projects.

IMG 8018

And then we ran to the outlets to find some all white sneakers (that don’t kill his feet like the last pair) for Andrew to wear for school/hospital shifts.


Knox was practicing his Zen.

IMG 8020

Brooke’s got her summer hair game going strong!

IMG 8028 2

They spent some time on the trampoline with the sprinkler on.



And we had taco night at home for dinner.  I don’t think it would be possible for my body to ever tire of tacos.  Ground turkey tacos with corn tortillas, lettuce, salsa, corn, avocado and sour cream.

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And Blueberries for dessert (along with cereal for me once the kids went to bed;).

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We watched part of Blank Check with the kids and they loved it… it took me back a good 20 years:)

IMG 8040


Ten things YOU can do to recover faster so you can go out and run hard again sooner!  

Now some of these things aren’t actually proven to really work by any means, but I have found that they work for me and I’d love to hear your thoughts too!  Also, I’m a strong believer in the placebo effect so when my brain tells me that something works… I think it kind of does!  I LOVE having control of parts of my life and while there are many things in our running that we have ZERO control over, doing what we can to take care of our bodies is one that we sure can have control over!

PS I am sure many of you are a million times better than me at this (know it all really well and have many more methods) but just in case any of you need some ideas, I thought I’d share my favorites.

1.  DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER!  Even when it is cooler outside and I don’t feel like I am sweating, I still go straight for the water when I get home (and make sure to drink within 15 minutes).  We need to replace any fluid loss and

PS now that it is summer, you can try out this Sweat Loss Calculator to figure out how much you need to drink!!

2.  Feet up on the wall.  I have zero scientific backing on this one but I love to do this at night before I go to bed.  I just put my back on the ground and place my buns right next to the wall, put my legs up and hold them there for a few minutes or so.  It feels so good!

3.  Correct protein to carb ratio… 4:1 carbs to protein ration!  Lately I’ve been relying on yogurt bowls with fruit & pb, Rockin’ Refuel drinks when I am on the go and smoothies w/protein powder (smoothies are so good right now)!  I look back on my years of having every injury on the planet and I really and truly connect those to my lack of proper recovery.  I would wait HOURS to eat after any workout, even the hard workouts.  I had a phobia of breakfast (yeah, I don’t know why) and would work out hard and wouldn’t replenish my muscles with anything but water = injuries and not meeting my potential.  I try to get in this snack/small meal within thirty minutes of finishing and then eat a bit bigger meal (with carbs, protein and fat) a bit later on!

4.  Ice bath.  We used to take them in the Provo River after long/hard runs but you can’t do that right now because the water is WAY TOO high and fast BUT jump in some cold water at home or a river close to you.  I can 100% honestly say that I always felt so much better the next day after a long run when I took an ice bath compared to when I did not.   It’s going to hurt while you do it (especially the first few minutes) and I usually do these for about 15 minutes but it is so worth it to me.  I usually bring an old pair of shoes to wear if I’m going to get in the river and if I do it at home, I bring a mug of hot chocolate and a big warm sweatshirt to wear while I’m in the ice bath.

IMG 0388

5.  Foam roll!!! My foam roller does an excellent job helping me to get rid of tightness and knots.  It hurts but it really helps my body to recover.  You can watch my video on how to foam roll in this post!

6.  Be around positive people, positive things and positive thoughts:)  That mind-body connection is REAL and I think positive vibes effects our recovery too!  We may not be able to control the people we are around but you can control the things you read and the things you think!

7.  There are lots of tools out there to help you with recovery, some might not really work but I am sure some do!  I have both an Electro-Stimulator (that I used to use A TON but don’t use it very much anymore) and I also have RapidReboots (not sponsored.. just sharing) and I really love them.  They are so easy to use (I just read or watch tv while I am using them) and my legs feel like they had an amazing massage afterwards.  They are meant to help you improve your blood circulation = faster recovery!  You could also go for a sports massage too… I don’t do that often but I save these for times I really need them and they help me out big time to recover.

IMG 8407

8.  S.L.E.E.P and get plenty of it.  If you are really wanting to take things to the next level and you are needing help in this area… schedule in naps when needed.  Even a 20 minute nap helps me.  Ryan Hall used to put naps into his schedule and label them ‘business meetings.’  Deena Kastor and Shalane Flanagan get in as much as 10 hours of sleep a night!  “It’s during sleep that your body recovers from hard training and builds you into a better runner.” (source)  Don’t let the lack of sleep keep you from reaching your goals after all of the hard work that you are putting in each day on the roads.

9.  Do you stretch after a run?  I went many years without it (I swear I got away with a lot more in my 20s) but now I just have to stretch my major muscle groups at least after a run.  I skip it every now and then but not very often.  My favorite stretches are HERE!

10.  FOLLOW THE PLAN.  Sometimes this is the hardest of them all but this will help you to recover properly.  Whether you have a coach or you follow a plan from a really great source… follow it.  I’d actually rather be a bit undertrained than overtrained on race day… I would rather give my body a bit more recovery than it needs than not enough!  If we have rest days on that plan, go for it… if it tells us to run easy, do it… follow it closely to make sure that you are giving your body the proper amount of recovery before you go out for a hard workout again.


I finally remembered to do the giveaway winner for my running shoe giveaway… Cassie, YOU WON!  (You should have gotten an email:)

Screen Shot 2017 06 14 at 5 10 26 PM


Andrew asked me this yesterday and it stressed me out… if you could only have one fruit for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Do you eat your food in a strange way… like do you save the best for last too?  Do you not let any of your food touch?  Do you mix all of your food up on your plate?

Ice baths… do you ever take them?  At home?  In a river?  What helps you to handle them?

Do you always leave from your front door when you go run or do you drive somewhere to run sometimes too?

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if I had to choose one fruit, it would probably be watermelon. I love this time of year!

I don’t love my food to touch, and I definitely save the best for last.

Ice baths are super helpful!! I just go for it and remind myself that it’s only 10 minutes!! And the less you move while in the bath, the more your body adjusts to the temp.

I’m usually about 50/50 on running from my house versus other places but lately it’s been 100% somewhere else, which is fine by me for the time being :)


Knox is on your team with the watermelon, that is for sure! Good to know I’m not the only one that saves the best for last! I hope you had/have a great run today Marissa and good call on moving less to adjust quickly in the ice bath!


The fruit thing is hard…………but I would go with pineapple.


Good choice. Hope your day is a great one Loribeth!


Love that summer hair, Brooke! :)

Those strawberries do look pretty amazing! I think if I could only have one fruit the rest of my life, I would choose pears. Or grapes. This is a pretty tough decision, but my gut tells me to go with pears.

I’m way too wimpy for ice baths and have never been able to handle them. I’m all about the sports massages, though. I get one once a month, and it always feels so good. I need to be better about the post-run stretching, though, that’s for sure!


Brooke is ALL about the pears too… they are so good. Follow what your gut says;) I love that you get a sports massage once a month, I might have to copy you on that! I hope your Thursday is a great one Natalie!


What are your favorite Brooks running shoes to train in? I’m looking for new ones and am curious of your opinion!



Hey Maureen! What shoes do you usually train in? I do the majority of my training in the Launch 4’s but I also now wear the Glycerin 15s and the Pureflow 6s! I like having different shoes for different types of runs but the Launch 4’s seem to be a goto for everything for me too:) I hope you have an awesome Thursday!


Right now I run in the Ravennas but they’ve been giving me blisters on the side of my foot :( so I think it’s time to consider trying a new style!



Hmmm only one fruit…probably apples? They’re not my favorite fruit..but you can have them so many different ways I’d never get bored! Those boot things are nuts! I’ve never seen anything like it, going to look into them now!


Yeah, the boots are huge and awkward but they help me so much! I like your train of thought on apples… so easy to take anywhere and they taste SO good with peanut butter. Thanks Juliette!



Have you guys ever heard of or tried Allbirds? They are the comfiest sneakers ever! If you guys couldn’t find anything yesterday for Andrew, I highly recommend them! Or even if you did ;)


I’ve never heard of these Annie… sounds perfect for Andrew!! I’m going to check these out today… his feet need help during these long shifts. THANK YOU!


Brooke’s hair=AMAZING!

Fruit…hmmmm…probably strawberries.

Normally run from home :)


Oh thanks Leeann:) I hope you get some amazing strawberries asap!!


Short runs I’ll do from my front door but longer runs I usually drive somewhere more scenic.
Oh man I would have a hard time picking brteeen nectarines, watermelon or blueberries. Probably blueberries.


All three of those fruits are so ridiculously good… good choice with the blueberries. The ones we had last night were insane, I really should send you some Sally:) I hope you had a great run today!!


Only one fruit…probably blueberries. It would definitely be pineapple if I lived somewhere tropical.

If I have several foods I don’t particularly like, I mix them together so it takes less time to eat them and then I can enjoy the good foods. So I’ll do a fork with broccoli and red pepper and then really take my time on a potato.

I’ve never taken an ice bath but I do sometimes get straight into the tub and run cold water over my feet after a run. It feels really, really good.

I tend to favor running out my front door because I hate carrying my keys but about once a week I drive somewhere, usually the track or some trails.


I like the way you eat… good way to handle the foods you don’t love that much:) Oh I bet the cold water on your feet feels amazing, I need to do that, thanks Elizabeth! I hope you are having an awesome morning!


Is the ratio 4carbs:1protein or 4protein:1carb? I usually drive somewhere because I love to run down Provo Canyon! One fruit….most likely bananas. They are so good and versatile! Working for the next 3 days but going to try to sneak in a run sometime!


Hey Ashley! It is 4 grams of carbs to 1 gram of protein! Oh I absolutely love the Provo Canyon trial… nothing like it! Good luck with work the next three days!!


That is a tough question-I am such a seasonal eater that I dont think I could ever have just one type of fruit year round. Maybe pears? They are so underrated, imo. Crunchy and tart-so yummy.

I’m less of an ice bath girl than I am a warm epsom salt bath girl. I credit that to allowing me to make it through marathon training and recovery.

I usually eat my salad or vegetables first but it really depends on whats on my plate.


I think Brooke would totally agree with you… PEARS are #1 for her too! I have never tried a warm epsom salt bath, do you do them at night? Or after your run?


The picture with both kids and you with a kissy face….I seriously had to do a triple take. I could have swore up and down that it was your sister, not you! Ya’ll have physical similarities of course, but this picture could easily be mistaken as her! :)

Only eat one fruit for the rest of my life?!?! Ahhhhhhhh. Grapes all day erry’day!


No way!! That makes me happy:) Thank you Alyssa! I hope you get some delicious grapes asap! Have you tried the cotton candy grapes yet?


No, I haven’t even seen the cotton candy grapes anywhere in stores near me! :( Hopefully someday!


One fruit for the rest of my life would definitely, definitely, definitely WATERMELON! I love it, and especially with salt. It is delish!

I eat pizza strangely. First I eat the toppings. Then I eat the cheese. Next is the sauce, and finally I eat the crust. I have NO idea why I do this or even how long. Just a quirk.


Knox totally agrees with you about watermelon! Wait salt… you put it on the watermelon? I need to try that. Okay, I loved hearing about how you eat pizza! I love knowing these things about people:) Enjoy your day Becca!


No way could I pick just 1 fruit. I love strawberries, blueberries, muskmelon and mango’s all waaaaay too much. I eat some foods in a strange way, but all 3 of us definitely eat corn on the cob in different ways and it’s strange how you totally stick with ‘your way’. I go across like a typewriter and always left to right, my husband eat an entire circle around it before moving over and my daughter has odd random chunks out of it everywhere. But I always save the best part of any of it for last. I always leave for a run by myself from my front door. If I meet friends, I drive to get there since I have no running friends at all in my own town. What are the odds of that? Lots of friends but no running buddies here at all.


First of all, I love that you put jelly on your grilled cheese. Everybody thinks i’m NUTS for doing it but it tastes so good!
As for my desert island fruit, it would be strawberries. Nothing like a delicious strawberry!
I always leave from my front door for runs. Mainly because of time constraints. It isn’t very fun because I have to start out going uphill right away so it kills me!
Have a wonderful Thursday! I am off to Colorado for a wedding at a ranch in Larkspur, Colorado! Should be absolutely beautiful :)


Brooke’s hair is awesome! I wish my hair could do that :)

For me, if I could only choose one fruit for the rest of my life I think I would pick cantaloupe. It’s one of the fruits I never seem to get sick of!


I would definitely choose apples! There’s nothing better than a nice crisp fuji apple in my opinion.



Legs up the wall is a yoga pose and it’s for relaxation so doing it before bed is helpful. Plus when you stand up all the blood goes rushing to your legs and makes them feel good. :)

I was told by a functional nutritionist that I should only have berries because of the way my body reacts to fructose. I tried, really, I did. It didn’t last. But it would be strawberries or blueberries if I could only have 1 fruit.

I take ice baths at home. I’m not always near the ocean and we’re not allowed to go in the lakes near where I run. (and I wouldn’t want to either).

I usually create the perfect bite for the last bite. I never really thought about it until a yoga teacher I had wrote a book on yoga and happiness. He also creates the perfect bite and while he and his wife share foods, no one can eat the other person’s perfect bite. (nice to know I’m not the only one with idiosyncrasies).

Sometimes I go elsewhere. It’s nice to have a change of scenery and sometimes I want a flatter run. It’s fairly hilly where I am.


I think I would stick with Pineapple for the rest of my life!!

I also save the best part for the end. I like to mix my food on the plate, probably one of the biggest reasons why I LOVE salad so much haha. I love mixing flavors together, like salty stuff with sweet stuff too. And oh my God! that grilled cheese sandwich with jelly on top made me have the biggest craving now!

Lately I’ve been always leaving my front door to go out for a run. However, I do have to drive in order to go to my favorite park. I’m missing it so much! hopefully will be back there soon.


Oh boy! That is a stressful question, but I would say bananas. I love how versatile they are (I mean blended frozen they taste like ice cream and mash them up + add an egg and they make pancakes!) but it would be hard to be without watermelon in the summer. Watermelon and I are besties during the warm months ;)

I so agree on all of your recovery points! I am much better at stretching now than I used to be! I do a lot of foam rolling too, but not many ice baths! I should start doing more of those soon, especially once I start cranking out 10+ miles for my marathon training! I have 10 on Saturday, so maybe I will do an ice bath after that!


What is with nursing schools insisting nursing students wear all-white shoes? My program made us wear all white scrubs too (because that’s practical in a hospital, dealing with bodily fluids). Good luck!


I have multiple pairs of shoes for my 12 hour shifts. I never wear the same pair two days in a row and I wear compressions socks while I work. This system works well for me.


I used to hate ice baths. And honestly it’s been quite a long time since I’ve taken one. I did take a cool shower after my run this morning…does that count haha?

I have a hard time with making sure I get enough protein and I’m pretty sure that’s been a big part of why I e gotten injured so much as well. I don’t like most protein powders so I try to get protein from my food.


Thanks for the recovery reminders! I’m still recovering from my marathon on Sunday and it’s been really hard not running but I know I need to give my body time to heal. I decided that once a year I’m going to take 1-2 weeks off of exercise to rest and re-set. As hard as it is I feel like I come back refreshed and renewed. Plus, there’s nothing like the first few workouts after a little hiatus!
The fruit question is stressing me out so I can’t even answer!! lol!
I eat the outside of my peanut butters cups first in a circular pattern then I nibble away at the center! I also eat all the chocolate off my snickers first, then the nougat then the rest …. I get a lot of strange looks when I do this and I don’t even care! For meals and such though I mostly like my food in their appropriate places; they can touch but they can’t be mushed together.
As far as ice baths, I tried one. Once. Hated it! Granted, I did it in my bathtub with 2 kiddos running around screaming, laughing and trying to steal the ice so it wasn’t the best atmosphere to begin with. I might try it again … we’ll see! ha!
I live fairly close to the Puget Sound and to trails so if I’m strapped for time I’ll run those routes but if I have more time or need to do a long run, I’ll drive to the mountains or to different trails to run with friends.


One fruit for the rest of my life?! That’s like cutting offs limb, but I think I would choose mango! I really needed a reminder on those recovery tips because lately I have been really pushing myself at the gym and with running and sometimes I forget about all the things I need to do even when I’m done and just want to chill on the couch or by the pool and not be intentional about making sure I can get back at it the next day by recovering well.


You look just like your sister in the art picture! :)


Oh thanks Kate! That makes me so happy:)


RASPBERRIES!! I love them so much and can eat them all the time, with or without whipped cream on top (obviously they’re better with). I tend to take ice baths for anything over 10 miles and firmly believe it helps with my recovery. As for eating food in a strange way, I do that with a lot of foods. I am very particular in the way I eat Reese’s peanut butter cups, Oreos, snack cakes, etc. I tend to always save the best for last too, whether it’s the crust from pie (my favorite) or the middle of a grilled cheese!


Grapes. Sometimes frozen too. I am anti – ocd so nope. I just eat. Well, except I love muffin tops so I will usually just eat the muffin top. Where I went to university, there was a shop that sold just muffin tops so that was heaven for me :). Or I will eat the inside bits of a sushi roll when I have had enough rice and just leave the rice part.

Mostly I run from my front door to work, etc. For weekend trail runs we drive though…this past weekend we camped in Squamish and I was able to do group trail orientation run the next morning.

I do ice baths once in awhile – home and river. Sometimes I just soak my legs in a bucket of ice cold water though.


ooooh, the fruit question is tough. I don’t tolerate fruit much (but I LOVE fruit!) but if I HAD to choose I’d go practical and pick banana-good alone, on cereal, on PB/AB toast, bread/cake/muffin….so banana.

I usually run from my front door or work door. Or from one to the other.

After a SUPER long Ironman training day my friend and I went to Starbucks, got giant frappaccino’s and went to the fountains by her loft and sat in the freezing water. Not weird at all. Huge fan of ice baths or even cold cold showers.

There’s nothing I eat strangely. Zip, nada., nope, nothing weird here (totally kidding, I do things so bizarre sometimes)


Every Saturday I drive to meet up with my run/read group. We read a book (not in a week, over several months…). We meet at a Starbucks, run, and then get tea, coffee, water and talk about the book.

I eat my food in such strange ways..

I live on a Lake and after most runs, I go stand in it! I actually heard on a podcast that the pressure of standing in water is equivalent to compression socks. So the cold is good too but the water pressure helps with the circulation aspect (don’t know if that is true but it was a scientist who talked about it).


I totally agree with you about the tacos – there’s no such things as too many of them or having them too often!


I also save the best for last! With sandwiches, that means eating the crust first and saving the middle for the end (like you ha). I do the same thing with Reese’s. And I’m sure a lot of other things I can’t think of right now. I also don’t really like my food to touch. I’m better about it than I used to be, but I still like everything to be as separated as possible.

I’m too much of a wimp for ice baths. :( I keep meaning to try it, but it sounds so miserable! I almost always leave from home or my building on campus (basically my second home) to go on runs.


My husband is a surgeon so I totally know what you mean about shoes. It is a bummer he has to wear all white, so old school! If Andrew ever works in the OR tell him to check out Dansko clogs. I know, they are not cute but they will absolutely save his feet when you have to stand for 12+ hours and because they are made out of hard leather they protect you from fluids and sharps – super important when you work in a hospital. I have heard horror stories of scalpels and needles falling through soft/mesh shoes.


Oh my goodness that question would stress me out too – I love so many types of fruit! If I could only pick one I might say bananas because they’re very versatile and I eat them on breakfast cereal too. But I would really miss apples, blueberries and strawberries. Oh, and pears. I’ve been trying some harder types while we’ve been on holiday in the states and they have been fun. I found fresh fruit to be soooo expensive in NYC though!! Thankfully much cheaper now we’re out of the city. (The pound makes everything seem expensive to us though!)

I pretty much always run from my door though I’ve been thinking about your tip to drive somewhere different. I worry it would add too much time, but definitely one to keeping thinking on. Ice baths, never, too much of a wuss!

When I was a child I would squish my sandwiches so they were really flat and big, and then nibble round and round the edges! I still like to eat things like pudding very neatly, keeping the top nice and flat!


I eat my food one thing at a time and in alphabetical order. Yes, i’m that weird.


Oh I DEFINITELY save the best for last. I’m thinking about peanut butter cups – I eat around the edges so I’m left with the perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio… so good! And I could not live without bananas. I eat two a day! I feel like I’m too much of a wimp for ice baths, but maybe I can try it?! Lol


AHHH I do that too with pb cups! This makes me so happy:) Hope you have a great night Miranda!


I’m a nurse and the best shoes ever (IMO) are Dansko professional clogs. I still have mine from nursing school and many other colors by now! They are especially good if you’re an overpronator. The sole of the shoe is quite firm and some people find them uncomfortable but I LOVE them and have worn them for many international trips where I’m walking all over cities and museums, as well as running around for 12-hour shifts. They are pricey ($120ish) but I’ve only worn out one pair in the 11 years I’ve been wearing them. Definitely suggest going to a store and trying them out rather than buying online. Some people love sneakers or nursemates but I couldn’t work without my danskos!

I have no idea what kind of fruit I’d choose! That is very stressful! What if something isn’t in season? Are you stuck with it? lol. I’d have to say oranges though. Or bananas. I eat a lot of those all year round and they never seem to go out of season.

I eat the edges of a reeses cup before the middle…which is obviously the best part. And if I’m eating a meal with a meat, starch and vegetable, I’ll eat all of one thing before moving on.


I recently heard about the feet up the wall thing for recovery. I tried it once, but I wasn’t feeling too great and I bailed right away because strange things were happening to my body, lol! I need to try it again! Loved your tips!


I have only done ice baths twice and it was 2 too many! Not a fan. I usually run out my front door but I like to change it up on occasion and will drive to the beach or a trail for my long runs.
I keep forgetting to do the feet up the wall thing. Tried it in yoga class and liked it.

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