Tuesday TANGENTS!!!

Today’s run was the perfect 8 mile loop… well, 8.06 miles but pretty darn close.  I was excited to find this loop because I only had to stop twice throughout the entire thing to wait for cars.

Nothing like being out there right as the sun is coming up (don’t mind the telephone wires:).

IMG 5509

An attempt for another self-timer photo but I didn’t mean to have the angry look on my face for this one;)

IMG 5523

I think these two were pretty upset that I didn’t bring them along with me.

IMG 5560

It’s always hard to start stretching/doing strength after a run because as soon as I sit down, 2-3 others end up sitting on me too.

IMG 5563

So I went out to the kitchen.  At least both of my socks were grey (finding matching socks is hard in the dark;).  So when I’m not in the mood to really think about any type of strength training after a run, I just go back to an old favorite my coach had me do 3 times a week.

10 squats

10 lunges (left leg leading)

10 lunges (right leg leading)

Repeat a total of 4 times

Some of the sets I add weights and some of them I just use my body weight.  It’s quick, doesn’t take any thinking and it’s a nice little burnout after finishing your miles for the day.

IMG 5573

I had some fruit with cereal.  Brooke was shocked that I was eating raspberries with milk but I assured her it is a very normal and delicious thing to do.

IMG 5579

Time for some Tuesday Tangents (even though pretty much all of my blog posts are tangents):

*When Brooke is packing her bag she is always very concerned about making sure to add her chapstick.  I get it.  One of my very least favorite things ever is running with dry lips, I’d rather run in extreme temperatures than with really dry lips.  Thick layer of lip gloss at all times over here (I have probably conditioned my lips to no longer be able to produce any moisturizing oils or something from using such large amounts of lip gloss over the years).

IMG 5581

*As you know, Andrew and I love bowls of food.  We basically just add a bunch of our favorite things and stir.  This one had brown rice, black beans, chicken, corn, onions, cheese, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.  Mix thoroughly and enjoy.

IMG 4333 2

*Taking Beretta for a walk… definitely the highlight of both Brooke and Beretta’s day.

IMG 5493

*Has anyone heard about this?  Nike built a track in the Philippines (it was temporary) that looks amazing!

Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 10 36 43 AM

So you first set your initial lap time and then they attach a sensor to your shoe and that is how the avatar follows you around the track.  You get to have a race against yourself… and the avatar gets bigger as you run faster.  Pretty cool… wish we could all take a trip out there to try it out.  You can watch the full video here!

Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 10 36 50 AM

*Picture from watching Air Bud 78 with Brooke.  If a movie has a real live dog in it (think Homeward Bound) that can fake talk, it has Brooke’s name ALL OVER IT.

IMG 5507

*My sister made a delicious garlic bread that is super easy too!  She just buys the pizza crust dough from Sam’s Club (I know, she switched from Costco… still having a hard time over this) and added butter, garlic, oregano, onion powder and onion salt.  It was amazing!

IMG 5469

*I think Brooke is only going to want to go to church with my mom now.. she received an hour long arm/back/neck scratch and just soaked it all up.

IMG 5441

*I had a meeting the other night (I work with teen girls in the area), Brooke came with me and quietly took notes.  I always thought somehow she would be a leftie like me.  I wonder what the odds are of having a left hander when Andrew and I have kids in the future since we are both left handed?!

IMG 5210

*Brooke has told me 57 times today how much she misses Knox.  I think she has started a countdown on her alarm clock until he gets home.



And a question from Andrew while he is studying and eating frozen grapes…

IMG 5583

Do you know (without looking it up) how many bones are in the body?

Left handed people… anyone in your family left handed?

Loop or out and back?  What’s your favorite?  What do you do most often?

Have you tried frozen grapes?  Do you add fruit to your cereal?

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206 in an adult human.
My brother is left handed-we think my dad *should* be left handed but back in his childhood, they were scorned and corrected.
Fruit in cereal…..always.
I typically do an out and back type run during the week and loops on the weekend. I like making add-ons to loops, too or playing games with myself on out and backs-I have an out and back that can be broken into two sections one way. Sometimes I do the back section twice then when I get back to the start do the front section again. It’s weird but it keeps it “different!”ke


You win Kelly!! Interesting about your dad… even when I was little I had a grandpa that tried to get me to be right handed instead but I just couldn’t do it! Keep doing whatever it takes to keep things different!


206! My husband is a lefty. Love loops! Do not love frozen grapes.


Husband and I are righties but 2 of our 4 kids are lefties. My Dad and brother are lefties so I’m guessing that’s where that came from. :)

I’m a fan of the loop. Fruit in oatmeal over fruit in cereal but I’ll never turn down a banana in Honey Nut Cheerios. Tried frozen grapes 20+ years ago after reading about it in some “healthy treats” magazine article and I wasn’t a fan. :-/ I like mine straight from the fridge, though.

I can’t answer Andrew’s question because I read the other comments and that would be cheating. I did know the number is over 200 and had a six in there somewhere, so maybe I can get half credit? ;)


I like loops if I am in a park setting but neighborhood runs I prefer out and back.

Never actually tried frozen grapes. Are green or red better frozen?


I love berries and bananas in cereal. It’s the best way to eat it.
I really like loops when I am by myself, but an out and back is nice with a buddy.
I could take or leave frozen grapes. I wouldn’t go out of my way to freeze them, but if we were hanging out and you offered me a couple, I’d eat them.
No lefties.


206… but I’m a nurse, too ;) Will Andrew work at all as an RN, or go straight through to NP school? Speaking from experience, I highly recommend working for a bit, but either way, good for him. I have one year left until I’m an NP and am very grateful for my RN experience. Does he have a specialty in mind?


I like loops but often do out and back when I am strapped for time. Usually when I do a loop I don’t always know the mileage.

There was a time I was OBSESSED with frozen grapes and had to have them after dinner every night. Still like them, but not quite as obsessed. I like bananas in my cereal, but not much of a cereal person to begin with. Except for Cheerios. Always on board with Cheerios.

No lefties in our family!


I think 206 bones…. and funny that Andrew is on bones right now…Let him know that Mother’s Day morning, while riding bikes home from our favorite bagel shop, I crashed (flipped over my handle bars!) and ended up with a right 5th finger proximal phalanx comminuted fracture with dislocation! ;) It could have been way worse, so I happy with my purple cast on my hand!
I love eating frozen grapes in the summer! So refreshing!!! But I’m really much more of a berry fan!
My husband and youngest son are both lefties :)


My mom has 7 brothers and sisters, and each of their first born children are left handed. Crazy huh?! I love frozen grapes.


200 and something bones – been a while since Anatomy & Physiology 101 (though I think my kids have learned it in health)

I am left handed, so was my dad. My husbands grandfather was too so I was hoping 1 of our kids would be – for a long time thought my son would be but no :(

I like our and back if I am wanting to slowly increase mileage. Loop if I don’t want to bail on my intended mileage! Hate, hate loop repeats.

I put bananas on Cheerios.


I think my dad should be a lefty. He bats lefty in baseball, and his handwriting with his right is horrible. Makes sense to me, but that’s pure opinion ;)

I love loops! Always loops!

I tried frozen grapes after reading you gush about them forever and now I’m in love! They for sure helped me during Whole 30 when dessert time came and the sugar monster hit.


I am left handed and NO ONE in my family or my husbands (except 1 brother in law) is! All my kids seem like they will be righties too! :(
Definitely loop whenever possible but a lot of times around my area it ends up being out and back.


Well we are born with over 300 by the average adult has I believe 206? That’s my gut instinct so I’m going with it! I tried to scroll fast so I wouldn’t see anyone else’s answer haha

Frozen grapes are good but I have a hard time with frozen things. I have really sensitive teeth and even the thought of that hurts!


Apparently there is no evidence that handedness has a genetic component. I read it has something to do with arm position in the womb. (Not sure if thats true, but it’s interesting…) I’m pretty sure two lefties have only a very slightly higher chance of producing a lefty than two righties. As for my family we are all seven of us right handed, whatever that means.


REALLY… okay that is super cool! Thanks for sharing Rebecca!


Both me and my mom are left handed, while my dad and brother are right handed. We’re split right down the middle.
Haha I should totally know how many bones are in the body! I took both anatomy and physiology classes last year. I know that the number changes between when you’re born and your thirties, as bones fuse together over the years.


There is hope for you two having a left handed child. My dad is left-handed. I am left handed and my son is left handed…With two left handed parents–think good chances:)) My husband is not a lefty!

We made a HUGE bag of frozen grapes yesterday….LOVE them. I also have fresh ones on hand b/c sometimes those hit the spot!


Frozen grapes are amazing! I prefer out and back……if it is a loop I am tempted to stop in the middle if the weather is too hot…with out and back I have to keep going to make it home!


I would have had to check, but now I know how many bones from all the replies!

I prefer out and back.

My husband and his dad are lefties.

I love frozen grapes, cherries, and bananas. I do put fruit in cereal. Peaches and corn flakes was dinner on very hot summer nights at my grandma’s house. I am partial to blueberries and Ancient Grains flakes.


My husband and I are both left handed. Our son is definatly a right hander. It’s going to be strange to teach him how to bat, form letters, even golf!


Interesting… yeah that is so true, it will be interesting for Andrew and I to be teaching those things too haha!


My Mom and her mom were both lefties – I am the only one of 4 who is left handed, although I bat right handed (learned from my brothers!)

Our neighborhood is hilly so I usually decide my route based on if I want to end with an uphill or downhill. The only true out and back I do is on our trail because there is no other way back to the car!

My teeth are sensitive so frozen grapes are a no. I don’t eat a lot of cereal, but I love to add fruit to oatmeal.


Fruit in my cereal is a MUST. Bananas and berries are my favorites. Frozen grapes are bomb. I love the name Beretta by the way! There’s actually a restaurant here in SF called that, but it’s such a great pup name!


Post run workout (and even a pre run) I have been suing the 7 minute workout app. I coughed up the very pricey $5/month and get tons of 7 minute workouts to do. The pre and post run and great bc I am terrible and warming up or cooling down


Hmmmm I need to look into this app! That sounds really awesome… I like 7 minute workouts! Thanks Stephanie!


My husband and I are both lefties and our daughter is right handed. Such a bummer that two rights made a left. :-/


Arg I was busy watching tv and typed my joke wrong darn it! Two lefts made a right. Womp womp.


Frozen grapes are delicious, but I love regular grapes just as much. I always need to buy at least two bags, so I can reserve one for the freezer and one for the fridge ;)

I don’t mind either, as long as I am not weaving around streets for mileage, I’m happy!


I definitely prefer loops over out and backs! It’s less of a mental game this way ;)



I definitely prefer a loop for the change in scenery..but I’ll settle for an out and back! There’s something motivating about knowing exactly when you’re halfway done with a run :-)


Loops! Loops are the best. I feel like during out and backs I’m constantly thinking, Remember, you have to go all the way you’ve come to get back to the car and it intimidates me to go farther.
I haven’t tried frozen grapes but love blueberries on my cereal and ice cream.


206, I work in a school and just Mon the kids were learning about the skeletal system. Before Mon, I would not have known/remembered.

If it’s 1 loop, than loop. But if I have to go around more than once, nope. Out and back is always good too.

We’re all righties. All frozen fruit is good. My daughter loves frozen cherries but my favorite is frozen mango.


Both my parents are lefties but I’m a righty! I also had a best friend growing up who was right handed but left footed (we played soccer together) and I thought that was so weird and interesting. The entire left side of my body is basically useless! Even my left eye is significantly worse than my right!

Also I definitely prefer loops but I do out and backs so often I’ve kinda started to like them in their own way! The way back always seems to go so fast!

Also yes to our online book club :) please let us know what you think of Big Little Lies when you’re done!


My husband is a leftie and I am a righty. We had 2 children that are both righties… but interestingly enough, when my son plays hockey or golf, he can easily shoot either way, (ambidextrous). I don’t know if 2 lefties can make a leftie baby but I thought it would be interesting to note that in horses, 2 Palomino colored horses can not produce a Palomino foal.


I must be weird because I don’t do out and back or loops. I run around our community, along the river, all around etc. If I am visit a new place then yes out and back.

Frozen grapes are great but I like them either way. I actually limit how much I buy because I can easily eat a whole bag without noticing.


Im pretty sure you will get a leftie.
My mum and dad are righthanded. They had 2 lefties,me being one. My husband is righthanded and we had 3 lefthanded children out of 4. ???


Both of my parents are left handed, and my brother and I are both right handed. Not sure where it comes from!!!
Loops for sure! I am planning a fall 5k, and part of it is avoiding out and backs when making the course!


Lovely post :D
I’m definitely a looper rather than an out and back.
I quite enjoy frozen grapes! I don’t put fruit in my cereal but I always have it with Greek yogurt :D

Coffee & Avocados


I haven’t commented on one of these in forever! Figured today was a good day : )

Out and back all day every day. I get lost VERY easily running. Every time I decide to try out a loop for a run that is more than like 3 miles I inevitably get turned around and either end up with a much longer run or much shorter.

Frozen grapes are delicious.


My husband and I are both right handed (although my husband says he wrote with his left hand until Kindergarten when the teacher forced him to switch) and it realllly seems like our daughter is going to be a lefty! So I’m super interested in handedness right now and curious to know what Baby #2 (due in August) will be. I’ve always been friends with lots of left handed people so I’m sure you and Andrew are awesome. And YES to fruit in cereal!


Great post, Janae!
So I’m not left-handed, but I have 2 brothers that are (my sister and I are not). I’m one of 4. Although one of my brothers that is left-handed does golf right-handed, for what it’s worth!
My brother that is left-handed has 3 kids, and 2 of 3 are left-handed. My sister (not left-handed) has a girl that is left-handed. I married a righty. We have 3 kids and so far the oldest two are righties. Jury still out on our youngest, but I think she is leaning towards the right-hand….I’m sad, as I always thought being left-handed was so cool….probably because my brothers were! But I think your odds of having a left-handed child are pretty good !
And last interesting tid-bit: my mom is convinced that my uncle was left-handed, but they forced him in school to be right-handed…they used to do crazy stuff like that back then! Sad…
Have a great day!


My Mother in law and Father in law are both left handed but all of their 8 kids are right handed! When we were first married I couldn’t understand why they set their table with the glasses on the left side because I had to reach across my plate to get the glass. After a while I realized it was because their parents are both left handed and taught them to set it that way.


My dad was left handed and my son is left handed. Those are the only two lefties in the bunch!




My brother and I are both left-handed; my sister is a rightie. My brother’s 2 kids are both left-handed. My son is right-handed.


My husband is right handed, I’m a leftie (following in my Dad and uncle’s footsteps). And both my kids turned out to be lefties! I’m ridiculously excited about it too!


I just tried frozen grapes (based on your recommendation) and I LOVE them!! Great to satisfy the sweet tooth at night without digging into the ice cream ;)


— My middle son is the only leftie in our family, my husband’s family, or my family (until you start getting into cousins – even then, only one other, I think). And he’s not a true leftie – mostly ambidextrous but they forced him to choose one hand for writing in kindergarten and he chose left. So he eats and writes leftie and does most other things (bat, throw, etc) rightie.
— Loops are God’s gifts to runners…unless it is a marathon and then start-to-finish one direction is the best.


I have a lot of old dental work so no frozen grapes for me. I can’t even look at someone biting a popsicle without my molars aching!

I love to add fruit to cereal. I used to put chunks of orange in my cereal, which would make my sister gag to watch. Not sure but that might’ve been part of the appeal. ;-)


Um, 197 bones I’ll guess. I’m going to have to try that Sam’s dough. And I definitely have to try frozen grapes, you’ve mentioned that several times. I just bought grapes today, so in the freezer they go !! My brother and uncles are lefties. But none of his kids or mine are lefties. For a long time, my daughter wrote very well with both hands. She also did tumbling with both, normally you cartwheel right or left handed. She does both. Switch hitter I guess. But she writes all right handed now.


Out and back all day every day. I get lost VERY easily running. Every time I decide to try out a loop for a run that is more than like 3 miles I inevitably get turned around =p

WOW.. This is Amazing


206 in adults :) (I remember at least one thing from paramedic school lol)
I don’t really have a preference between out and back and loops — as long as I’m tracking mileage. It’s weird, but it feels like FOREVER if I don’t know how far I have left to go lol.
And I don’t eat cereal…so no. But I have fruit with breakfast (usually eggs) sometimes!

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