Tuesday TANGENTS!!! + probably my scariest run!

I hope your Tuesday has been a great one so far!  I’ve got some tangents that I’ve been meaning to tell you!

First, let’s talk about today’s run of course.  Andrew and I set out for 8 miles together!

It took a little bit of convincing to get him to start going;)

IMG 5177

Dogs need water breaks too… turns out my favorite water fountain is his too.

IMG 5181

A quick stop at the turn around to take in the views of running shoes… ehhh water.

IMG 5179

On the way back down the canyon I lost it.  We saw two runners standing on the trail and we had already talked to them so as we were coming towards them we were looking at their faces, not the ground.  Right as we got close to them (and that long object below) they pointed down at the ground to this HUGE SNAKE.  The snake was on the path at this point and then slithered away… I screamed so loud and I’m positive my heart rate was around 200 bpm after this event.  I hope to never see this big of a snake every again unless it is in a cage.

IMG 5183

*Brooke is just learning how a garmin works at a young age to prepare herself for future race training with me:)

IMG 5099

*My “Thank You Sprinklers” season has begun.  Warm outside = I take every sprinkler opportunity to cool off a bit by letting the water hit my legs while I go by.

IMG 5106

*Nightly reading scene going on.

IMG 5091

*This was from a game of hide and go seek that the kids were playing with my mom.


*I DO NOT understand how she falls asleep with half of her body off of the bed?

IMG 4884

*I do not understand how he prefers getting in a box as he settles down for the night rather than being in a nice comfy bed.

IMG 4885

*Costco lunch date before grocery shopping!

IMG 5193

*Andrew doing online interactive assessments as part of his schooling… I always enjoy watching these.

IMG 4867

*”LOOK, I’m dada!!!”   Mountain biking shoes and a Nike shirt… Brooke, you nailed it;)

IMG 5138

*Brooke loves Raisin Bran but whenever she eats it, she picks out all of the raisins.  Aka the reason I eat Raisin Bran is for the raisins.

IMG 5170

*I always forget to update my Instagram stories (I do post a pic on my Instagram about once a day now) but Brooke sure remembers to…

IMG 5167

*Tis the season for popsicles finally… and we just bought a huge thing of grapes to freeze too.  The best.

IMG 5190

*Getting in some last minute soccer practicing before the last game of the season today!

IMG 5192

PS in case you are making breakfast for mother’s day or somebody is making breakfast for you… my cinnamon rolls should probably be the thing you make.  This egg casserole is pretty amazing too!

IMG 3150


Have any Tuesday Tangents to share?  I’d love to hear them!

If someone was to dress up like you, what would they wear?

Scariest thing you have ever seen on a run?

How old (or around what age) were you when you got your GPS watch for running?

-I think I was about 25.

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Those cinnamon rolls look SO delicious! Thank you for always sharing your recipes!!

I had a gun pulled on me one morning when I was running, so that was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. :/


You win.

Glad you are okay.


AHHHHH OH MY GOODNESS!!! That must have been the scariest experience ever. I am so so sorry Natalie that you went through that!


If someone wanted to dress like me they would need a tshirt with a floral pattern and a hoodie over top. Paired with a pair of lucky jeans (I’m still a mini boot cut girl but sometimes straight leg). And of course running sneakers on my feet. :) I’m an easy costume :)


I once stepped on a snake while running and it shot straight up into the air! Getting chills just thinking about it.


I’ve come across a rattle snake about that long on a trail run at the beginning of last spring behind my house. .The only difference was the trail was narrow and the grass was tall so the head was in one side of the grass and the tail in the other. It was pretty scary. But I live in the foothills of CA and rattle snakes are a regular thing around our parts.


I got my first Garmin last month… At age 31, lol.

If someone were to dress up as me they would probably wear black. Apparently I wear a lot of black!


I almost STEPPED on a snake once when I was running. I used to meet my friend for lunch runs when she worked in a local business park area, and we were running downhill on the sidewalk around a curve…I looked down, and there was a huge (well, huge as in about the size of the snake you saw – we’re going to have a rude awakening if we ever go to Burma or something, haha) snake coiled on the sidewalk sunning itself. I did some sort of legs-running-in-midair cartoon thing and managed to barely avoid stepping on it. I sprinted away from it so fast, haha, and my heart rate was through the roof! When I was brave enough to look back at it, I saw it was a corn snake and not a rattler, but that didn’t really make me feel any better to be honest! I agree, I only want to see snakes in cages.

I got my first GPS watch when I was 24 and training for my first marathon. I still have it, but have since upgraded – and I’ve been eyeing the Garmin 35 recently (the built-in heart rate monitor looks like a cool toy)…

If someone were to dress like me…shorts and a trucker hat. I am not a fan of pants (they feel so constricting somehow, and if you get hot you can’t just take them off like a sweatshirt – at least not in public!) and I love hats because I think I look pretty good in them :)


I think my gym instructors made a pact to be tough today. Spin was intervals of 7 and 9 efforts (On a scale of 1-10) and my Pilates teacher had us do a minute isometric hold of clam using a band and then 60 reps. (On each side, not total). Did I mention I did my hip and glute series at home the night prior? Ouch.

An overdose in the park was the scariest thing I have seen.

If someone dressed like me it would be a dress or jeans and a flowing top. Generally boots or sandals depending on the season.


OH WOW! That is a huge snake! I’m not afraid of snakes for the most part, but I like to keep myself a health distance away from them… especially the big ones!

I think if someone dressed up like me they would just have to put on ALL THE RINGS. I am obsessed with rings right now and wear like five of them a day, haha!


I think it’s so sweet that you and Andrew go running together! And yes that snake would be terrifying!



I always look for wildlife on my runs. I have seen a few snakes, lizards, raccoons, turkeys, groundhogs, deer, turtles (once a giant snapping turtle….it was so cool and walked like a dinosaur!), killdeer (a cool bird with long legs….I even saw baby ones!), woodpeckers, geese, great blue herons and other stuff, too. I like to make them move off the path BC bikers come thru so fast I have seen baby turtles and snakes and frogs get squashed so I try to urge them across the path.


That seems to be a gopher snake….can be scary to see but is not venomous.


is Andrew’s interactive assessment on optometry/ophthalmology/eye stuff??! (i’m an optometrist and recognize these things.) if so, super awesome and hope he nailed it!


^^ did not mean for that to sound douche-y or arrogant btw. was just wondering ;)


Hey Adrianna!! You are totally right. You didn’t sound arrogant or anything at all. (This is Andrew btw) Yeah I had a unit on the eyes and have to do the tests and everything!! I just had an instructor tell me about how Ophthalmologists go to 3rd world countries and help people there and how some nurses helped the doctor triage and help more patients. So cool!


Janae, ask Andrew if that is Tina Jones from Shadow Health (the virtual patient). I am doing an Advanced Physicsl Assessment with a virtual assignment with the program Shadow Heslth and that looks like my patient too!! I spent hours with that program…not as fun as I thought it would be! ?


Melissa, you are spot on! yeah it is Tina Jones (whoops violation of HIPPA….. lame joke I know) Yeah not as fun as I thought either. Yeah I have a class with shadow health right now too.


Haha well I violated her HIPAA rights first!! No wonder I can’t fix her….I didn’t know she was seeing other nurse students too!!! Good luck with her…I have 6 more weeks of my class ?


Ahhh that snake is so scary! We saw a big rattlesnake coiled up in the middle of a trail we were hiking once. We eventually just turned around and went the other way because it wouldn’t move and it was a narrow trail so we couldn’t get around it. Snakes are scary!


Haha I was 42 when I got my first GPS watch for running. Brooke has a bit of a head start on me. I got my first smartphone at 43. Technology takes me awhile to warm up too. lol I LOVE cinnamon rolls and am totally trying those for Mothers Day. This ‘thing’ isn’t scary itself, but it scares me every single time. I run at dark or dusk, evening and early morning hours. But those early morning hours, I think 15 bunnies shoot out across the road during my run and it scares the crap out of me every single time. You’d think you’d get used to it, but them little buggers get me every time. No snakes so far thankfully, that thing is huge !


Hi! This is a bit random as this post isn’t about the product but I wanted to THANK YOU & share! I am running a half-marathon this Saturday and wanted to carry my phone so my family can get live updates. I didn’t trust the pockets on my running skirt so I purchased the Nathan’s Hipster Belt on your recommendation. I ran with it yesterday to test it out & it was AAAMAZING! I didn’t even know I had it on. Looking forward to using it Saturday!



Oh Jamie!! I AM SO HAPPY YOU LOVE IT!! It seriously is the best:) Have an awesome half-marathon on Saturday!


I was running in the early morning dark hours wearing a headlamp. I glimpsed a large set of eyes on the shoulder of the road next to me and when I pointed my light at it I discovered it was a cow! I live in the country and having cows out is typical but next to them in the dark is pretty scary!


Haha I’m just like Brooke! Whenever I eat Raisin Bran, I like to eat 1 raisin per spoonful and throw out the rest. I like the hint of sweetness but I don’t want my cereal too chewy!


I am so jealous of your sprinkler running! It gets super hot and humid here in Florida but the sprinklers are mostly reclaimed water (eeewwww) so are more obstacles than relief.

I’ve seen an alligator and some snakes on runs but I think sketchy guys are definitely scarier.


Oh thank god I’ve never come across a huge snake while running, or at least that close! They are legitimately my worst fear :( I had a deer come pretty close to me once while running along a wooded trail, so I did my best to sneak by him, and I’m always encountering geese on my run that I’m wary of, but that’s the scariest it’s gotten for me.

If someone was going to dress like me, they’d need either running capris and a large sweatshirt, or a pair of black leggings that can pass as pants and an oversized sweater. That seems to be my uniform these days ;)

I think I was about 24 or 25 when I got my first watch. I really want a Garmin (I have a TomTom now), I’m just waiting for the right time to splurge!

PS those cinnamon rolls look TO DIE FOR!


I work at a camp in Alaska in the summer, and last year there was one morning I was running around the camp and spotted a black bear cub about 50 yards away. I ran straight from there to the camp director’s office, of course! I was mostly scared about where the cub’s mother could be…

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