SPEED again, I wish I had read this when I was younger & plenty of tears.

Let’s catch up on yesterday shall we (as Brooke looks off into the distance with some important thought on her mind below;).

Yesterday was a cold one in Utah.  Thirty-six degrees on May 17th, sure… why not?  My right hip is feeling like itself again so I felt really good about getting some speed work in again!  I’m starting out small and will add from here each week but oh my goodness it felt good to move it again.  I swear the endorphins after any type of speedwork are 3x higher than after a normal run for me.

IMG 5685

The mountains got a whole new layer of snow on them, that’s fun.

IMG 5668

I drove to a new place to start so that I could get in a long road without any stops.  Stopping during speed work is just asking for trouble because it means that there is a chance I might not start again;)  7 miles total for the day w/ 1 mile w/u, 14 x 1 minute fast and 1 minute recoveries with a cool-down.  My fasts aren’t what my old fasts were but that’s okay, it’s about progress from where you are at NOW (not where you were… that would drive us all nuts if we were always comparing ourselves to different times/seasons/years of life).  It felt good to feel like I was moving again with a happy hip and with lots of goals in the future.

IMG 5708

After my run we picked up Knox and I really think he did grow while he was gone this time… he is closer to Brooke’s height now.

IMG 5728

They picked out a treat (Knox now loves cookies more than donuts… I’ll support him in whatever decisions he makes… even if they are against donuts;).

IMG 5732

Andrew and I wanted something a little heartier for breakfast.  I forget how much hungrier speed work makes me too.  Egg sandwiches from Gandolfo’s are everything if you live in Utah.

IMG 5734

We also made an appearance at the Kangaroo Zoo and I munched on some pineapple while the kids did not stop jumping/running/flipping for a while.  Next time we go there I am going to put a pedometer on Brooke’s ankle or something to see how many miles they go while they are there… it takes quite the effort to keep up with them too.

IMG 5737

For the last week or so I’ve been trying to add in little things throughout the day to help my running.  My favorite so far that is so easy to do no matter where you are… calf raises.  While watching them slide, I can help strengthen my feet and calves;)  I do them with my toes pointed out, forward and pointed in.  My calves burn-out fast but I have noticed improvements.

IMG 5740

Andrew was up in SLC at the hospital for the rest of the day and we hung out at home doing important things like Army practice.

IMG 5744

Oh and believe you me, there are always plenty of tears, fights, dilemmas that happen throughout the day with these four year olds but we always work through them… or at least try to;)

IMG 5753

Somehow Beretta is the one that usually makes them happy again;)

IMG 5758

We went out for a few errands…

IMG 5763

Andrew came home with chips and salsa for me which was delicious.  I prefer as much salsa as possible to fit on the chip.

IMG 5765

Brooke and I colored while Andrew and Knox played army.  Then the kids went to bed and Andrew and I caught up on life.

IMG 5770

Oh and we had our usual brushing teeth championship.  I do not know how I manage to get toothpaste in my hair but it happens.

IMG 5666

**And lastly today, if you haven’t read this article by Lauren Fleshman yet, it is amazing.  I wish I had read an article like this when I was younger when I was positive that skinniness = speed.  I definitely think I had many factors that played into my eating disorder BUT thinking I couldn’t be fast if I wasn’t X amount of lbs was definitely a hard thing for me.  As a women, our bodies change over a bajillion times… at least mine has and that is what is supposed to happen.  If anything I was actually stronger and faster (and injured way less often) once I was racing 30 lbs heavier than before.

Screen Shot 2017 05 17 at 4 49 03 PM


Any little things that you do during the day to help your running?

What is going to be the best part of your Thursday?

Any speedwork this week?  What was it?

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I can’t believe it was that cold there yesterday! It got up to 91 here in Dallas!

The best part of my Thursday is definitely going to be seeing my sweet niece. She just turned 9 months old and is quite literally the CUTEST human alive. :)


Best part of my Thursday: It’s a half-day for school, so I’m leaving work early and we’re going to hike the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls! Can’t wait.


Good for you for adding in calf raises when you can. Im trying to add in more foam rolling, so thats my goal!

Best part of thursday is that its almost friday hah!


I try to roll out my feet on a lacrosse ball throughout the day…I forget a lot though :)


I’m glad I’m not the only one who does calf rises all day long! Helps build some strength, but mostly it keeps me focused! And…cookie over a donut!? Can’t even imagine. but ,sugar is delicious in all forms so I’ll let it slide :-)


That post by Lauren was so wonderful. She did an incredible job with it. I think so many women don’t realize (especially at the high school/college age) that skinnier doesn’t mean faster.

My husband finally gets home from his deployment today so I would say it’s pretty good day LOL.


Hollie! Happy welcome home day!!


I have been foam rolling every single day and started taking yoga which is really helping me stay honest about core work . I also got a standing desk to try and get off the sofa more which ruined my hamstrings. I’m still recovering from this injury but made it 3 miles yesterday. Currently icing foot. Slowly but surely.
It’s record highs here. Supposed to hit 92 in NYC.
I’m looking forward to a fundraiser event I’m attending later tonight. It’s called the Blue Jean Ball and it’s outdoors.


1. Brooke’s boots are amazing! 2. That egg sandwich looks SO GOOD!


What a great article by Lauren Fleshman. Shows a lot of maturity as an athlete and a woman. Very inspiring. Crazy how speed work makes me soo hungry too! And for the entire day! I get out of my chair every hour or so at work to stretch my legs and I do a few minutes of core work and foam roll at night. For me, stronger core = stronger running.


I did some intervals in the treadmill this morning because my running partner had to cancel and I didn’t want to run in the dark!

Tonight, my duaghter and I are meeting my mom and sis to watch the play, Cinderella! I’m super excited!


I really love that article you posted, thank you for sharing. I also struggled in high school (while doing varsity track and cross country) with thinking that being thinner would help me be faster. It didn’t. It was more about training and the mental ability to push yourself. Oh, and confidence! So happy I don’t think that way anymore, my life is much better as a result.



There was 4 inches of snow in our yard when we got up this morning and it is supposed to snow all day. I might cry a little. Let’s go bring back Summer!!


AHHHH 4 inches plus more today!!! I hope it melts quickly and you see the sun again soon Leeann!


Cushioned shoes throughout the day, and increasing my protein intake are two things I’ve been doing lately in order to help my running. I used to wear a lot of sandals and flats but I’ve been noticing lately (as my number of weekly miles increase) that my feet are not liking them, so I’ve been switching it up by Vans and more cushioned shoes.

Also, increasing my protein intake has been key to my running performance. I feel my body is more efficient when I eat more balanced. I know I won’t have a problem with carbs or healthy fats. However, I feel like my protein intake is below what I should be eating daily.


Best part about Thursday is that it’s almost Friday! And my 5 year old has his weekly guitar lesson, which is a hoot!

Thanks for sharing that article. Although I’ve never been a competitive runner (or even moderately fast), I’ve still had doubts about my physical performance and what factor my bodyweight might have in that performance. Doubts about my body that have turned into doubts about everything in general. Some dark and scary times… I’m passing that article along to friends and family with daughters. So well written.

Thanks for all of your honesty and transparency through the years! You’re an inspiration!


Oh have so much fun at the guitar lesson… I bet that is a blast! YES… I think we all have those doubts and I am so sorry about the dark and scary times you have experienced. Thanks Angie, I hope you have a beautiful day and it’s almost the weekend!


Posture while walking the classroom.
This breathing exercise my PT gave me to let go of where I just automatically clench without knowing it.


Lauren Fleishman’s letter to her younger self is amazing.


So far, the best part of my day has been cranking out a hill workout of six miles with my local running group! I absolutely LOVE running with others and they definitely push me to do things (like run a million hills) I wouldn’t do normally.

I so agree about the eating disorder, skinny = fast thing. I struggled with an eating disorder back in the day and I remember thinking those same exact thoughts. “If I could only be x amount of lbs, I’ll be a strong runner.” Boy, was I wrong!!

I haven’t done a ton of speed work lately, but I am planning on starting to incorporate more strides into my weekly runs. :)


THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful and powerful message from Lauren. As a ED specialist working with athletes, it’s sad how many women (of all ages) are developing unhealthy relationships with food and their sport. Unfortunately, doing unhealthy things to get healthy has become the norm on social media. We have to try changing this by leading an example of being women of all shapes and sizes and all PR’s enjoying ALL types of foods (unless allergies are involved).

Love this blog for you being you!!!!


Jenn, thank you so so much for your sweet comment! Oh I bet you see this problem SO much in your profession, it breaks my heart. Keep me updated with how your re doing and I hope you are having a beautiful day! Thank you for helping so many people!


It was in the 40s here in So Cal this morning. I’m savoring it because we’re going up to the 90s this weekend.

Speed work this week was an 8.4 mile trail run – over 1,000′ of elevation gain in 4.2 miles. Hills = speed work in disguise, right?


40s in So Cal!?! That is crazy cold! Way to go on your trail run today… that is INTENSE climbing!


The article by Lauren Fleshman is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing.


Oh I am so glad you loved it! THANKS KENDRA and enjoy the rest of your day!


I also do calf raises all the time! I try to do some sort of strength training when I’m watching TV as well. My Thursday isn’t very exciting because I’m headed to the dentist. There’s a TJ Maxx across the street from his office, though, so that might be my happy ending :)


My favorite thing about today is that it’s my last day of classes for the week! Plus since it’s a long weekend here in Canada I don’t have to be back at school til Tuesday.


Calf raises used to kill me when I was a gymnast! We’d have to balance on the balance beam while doing them and lower our heels below the beam before coming all the way back up. I cringe just recalling the memories.


I’ve got speed work on the books today! Not quite sure what the plan is yet, but probably 8x 1 minute fast with 1 minute recoveries with w/u and c/d. Then after that is yoga!

But as much as I’m looking forward to my workouts, my favorite thing about today is that I got to play with a puppy at lunch! Went with a work friend at lunch to meet her dog, who I’m sitting for next week. Puppy fever is real over here ;)


It’s in the 90’s and humid here. It’s about 6 weeks early for that and I’m not a happy camper. I really want 70’s back.

I also put too much salsa on my chips and usually make a mess. I’m okay with that.

I try to remember to stretch out during the day and to do glute squeezes to wake up those lazy muscles. I’m better some days than others.

We’re grilling burgers, cauliflower and potatoes tonight and I’m jonesing for a grilled meal. First one of the season, whoot.


It was “hot” today so I ran in the morning and did yoga outside after school!!!! That was amazing to hear the birds and feel the breeze through my crazy hair horns.

Lauren’s letter is great. It’s soooo true on many levels. The only thing I worry about is a young and stubborn person might think that since LF is “fine” now and is speaking in hindsight it will not curb enough females. I LOVE the fact that she talks about things to look out for when visiting colleges and teams! That’s golden. I wish she’d speak to HS athletes at an assembly.


I sent Lauren Fleshman’s article to my 22 year old daughter yesterday. She’s a competitive swimmer, but so many of the same rules apply. We need to stop defining ourselves by that number on the scale, which is pretty hard to do as runners all seem to be a bit type “A” and results oriented.


Chips are just a way to get salsa in my mouth. The more salsa, the better.

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