Silentish Saturday!!!

Six treadmill miles for my Friday morning!

IMG 5307

Andrew was in gorgeous Moab all day yesterday mountain biking…

IMG 4357

The kids went through my medals while I was running.  It was fun to think about where each medal came from during those treadmill miles.

IMG 5298

She has gladly adopted Andrew’s favorite… graham crackers dipped into milk.

IMG 5310

Picnic at the park!  Knox’s mom came and met us there to pick him up!

IMG 5314

With one of my best friends for the last 16 years… in college people thought we were sisters and it always made us happy.

IMG 5315

Pears and some meal prep by Brooke;)

IMG 5324

A friend told us about this cute kid’s salon so we tried it out.

IMG 5329

Three inches taken off and a girl that is obsessed with this salon (probably due to the pink balloon and sucker offered to her post-cut).

IMG 5322

Off to a little night-date together!

IMG 5327

She loves Panda Express and I love Pita Pit and they are right next to each other—>  win-win (plus I get some of her orange chicken too).

IMG 5328

Evening ride.

IMG 5331

Frozen for the 4 millionth time in my life.  +Gushers

IMG 5335

And then of course I stayed up way too late reading my latest book even though I was exhausted… always a good idea;)

Photo on 5 12 17 at 8 38 PM 2

PS this is one of my favorite running quotes… have fun this weekend testing the human heart! It’s by Bill Bowerman.

Screen Shot 2017 05 12 at 8 41 56 PM

PPS have you tried these before?  They are incredible.

IMG 5332

Any races or long runs for you this weekend?

What did you have for dinner last night?

How are you spending your Saturday morning?

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My 9 year old loves those chocolates! We have a nor’easter here and lots of rain. I love it. My girls and I are cuddled up watching the new Anne of Green Gables on Netflix. My 6 year old is unsure but the 9 year old is in love. Swim team practice, evening birthday party for the 9 year old’ school friend and a school project to tackle is on the agenda. A few weeks left of school and they are assigning big projects. Don’t they know we are limping to the finish line???


Carrie! Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Bummer about the projects though… SO CLOSE TO SUMMER!!!


Those dark chocolate covered delicious morsels are DANGEROUS. I seriously cannot stop myself and need to hide them, lol.

Last night we had a grilled chicken salad for dinner and then popcorn with coconut oil while we watched a movie!

Saturday morning = either an easy run for me (did my long run yesterday!) or yoga and then heading over to my husbands grandparent’s house to help them with some projects for Mother’s Day!

Hope you have a great Saturday Janae!


Popcorn with coconut oil is everything. So SO good. Way to go on doing your long run yesterday and have fun on the Mother’s Day projects!! Thanks Bethany!


Brooke’s hair looks so pretty! Last night we went out for pizza and then to my son’s hockey game. I am already finished with my long run this morning which is a nice feeling!


13 miles this morning. Last long run before my half marathon in two weeks. I am not racing it though, I am running with my husband who didn’t train as much as he should have. We’ll see how that goes haha Salad bar for the win last night! Yummy!


WAY TO GO MEL on your 13 miles today! Awesome! Hahaha hopefully your husband has a good race too;) Oh salad bars… so so good! Enjoy the rest of your day Mel!


How cute is that hair salon? I don’t think I have ever seen somewhere where the kids sit in little cars like that…then again I don’t have any kids so I’m probably way out of the loop LOL.

I really like your friends shades by the way. Those are really fun!


Seriously… I wish I knew about it sooner:) I hope you have a beautiful weekend Hollie!!


That kid’s hair salon is so cute! Looks like a fun day! I love, love, love those brookside chocolates! Ammmaaazinnggg.


I hope you get some soon Juliette! THANKS and enjoy your Saturday!


What are you reading. I don’t see a title


Sorry! I linked to it! It is called Big Little Lies and I am hooked! I hope you have a great weekend Lynn!


That salon is so cool! We need one here.

My husband and I have a 12k trail run today. It’s going to be challenging and beautiful and I can’t wait! The race explains why I’m sitting in a hotel room drinking coffee and reading your blog right now. ?

We ate at a small town bar on the way here and I had a chicken fried pulled pork Sammie (did you know they could do that?). It had provolone and marinara. Amazing.


That is AWESOME Angie! I want to hear about how it goes… have an amazing time with your husband! I need this Sammie that you speak of ASAP!!!! Sounds incredible.


I watched Frozen awhile ago and was surprised that I liked it as much as I did. I expect it would wear thin though after 4 million times :)
Last night I made hamburgers on the barbecue. I also grilled up some chorizo sausages for another meal. Haha I’m all about saving time.


Just did my Mother’s Day long run where I picked songs for my playlist to honor my joy, imperfection, strength, selflessness, selfishness, and indescribable love that comes with being a mom.

A run to remember.


I LOVE Brookside chocolates and have tried all of them! If you can track down the peach and orange blend or the mango and mangosteen blend, those are the BEST. Hope you have a great Mother’s Day!


Did Andrew come home late last night or end up staying? If he came home how tired and sore is he? Ross is going to be unmovable when he gets home, no doubt.

I haven’t had those Brookeside chocolates in a long time. I love them though. Do they still sell them at Costco? A Costco sized bag is just enough for me ;) I also haven’t been to Pita Pit for a while and need to change that. You are just inspiring me in the food department today. Maybe I am just hungry. Maybe I am always hungry. Pita Pit’s falafel pita is my favorite.

Today both Annabelle and Evan had soccer games at 8:30, but both were supposed to be there by 8:15…in two different parks on two different sides of the city. Ross picked a good weekend to be gone. It was a crazy morning. Now I just need to be motivated, like you, and still get on the treadmill.


Hi Janae. This was a special Saturday because the Pope was visiting my country. Everyone was watching and hearing his words about peace, generosity, love and a faith. I believe those are beautiful values no matter what one’s faith or religion is. It was amazing.
I am reading the same book. Can’t wait to know what happens.
Have a great weekend


Patricia, that is amazing! What a special day for everyone in your country. Thank you for sharing with me! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and thanks Patricia!


Saturday morning was spent being lazy around the house.

Dinner last night was sushi and it was AMAZING. Just thinking about it now makes me want more.


I loved reading that book too! Try The Girl in Disguise next – historical fiction about a female detective in the 1840s :) And YES those chocolates are amazing!


My run and race were canceled this morning due to a nor’easter. We ran some errands instead and I will run tomorrow.

I picked up an inexpensive fitness tracker that you can set to buzz when you sit too long. I like that for when I am working. I get up and move around for a while

We had pasta with marinara, broccoli rabe, turkey meatballs and a salad.


Staying up too late reading is my downfall, too!


I haven’t been able to eat gushes since I was pregnant with my first kid 13 years ago. The thought of them makes me want to vomit.
The chocolates are delicious. However, the dove dark chocolate cranberries are out of this world. They are so addicting! We call them crackberries.
Have a wonderful mother’s day!


Janea, I sure hope I spelled you’re name right Hungry Runner Girl. I’ve been reading your blog for years. I was an 800 and 400 runner in colllege. The best marathon I’ve done is 3h58 at the Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll and I was just happy to break the 4h barrier. However, I’m writing to say YOU ARE SPECIAL and AMAZING. I wrote you secretly once about battling with depression and you e-mailed me a kind response back. I’m bipolar 1 and have complex PTSD. I’m trying to help break (in some small way) the stigma. I am always lifted by your posts and love how you relate running to life. It’s so true! I wish I could be your friend and hang out because I “feel” like I know you and you’re already my buddy. Thank you pal for what you’re doing to brighten all your reader’s days. You go girl! (and I don’t just mean run) You’re a jewl; a real treasure to us all.

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