My list of FAVORITE running clothes… where to spend money and where NOT to spend the major mula + trails + don’t celebrate this anniversary;)!

Brooke missed the memo for a picture and went in for a big ol’ smooch on Andrew’s cheek.  I have a few neighbors that we switch off with for play dates and Brooke had one yesterday so we dropped her off and we went to my favorite canyon for a run.

Leave it to Andrew to take breaks any time we come across a dog (and owner) that looks like they want to talk:)  I think he now has a lab doodle on his wish list after meeting this pup.  Beretta wasn’t too happy when he came home with a different dog’s scent on him;)

IMG 4799

It was jacket weather for me for the first mile of the run but that is the beauty of overdressing for a run, you can always take off any layers you need to along the way (and make sure to hide them really well and pick them up again on your way back to the car;)

IMG 4813

We went out for 8 miles and when we got to our favorite part of the trail it was CLOSED.  Andrew has his upset face on below.

IMG 4780

It’s okay though because that meant we added in a little bit of trail running to the eight miles which is always good for one’s soul.

IMG 4809

My favorite canyon.  Nineteen years of running in this canyon (with some breaks in those years too) but I’ve always loved it.  When I was younger I used to run this canyon by myself often but you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do that anymore.  I run where there are cars going by and where I can be seen and heard when I am running by myself.

IMG 4783

Once we picked up Brooke Andrew had the idea to go to an all-you-can-eat salad bar.  Somebody that wants to run with me and then eat two large plates of salad and bread twists, I believe in soul mates;)


This is her ‘mom, I’m so happy to see you and hang out with you’ face:)


Maybe our whole family is turning into Brooks Launch fans?  I wouldn’t hate that.  PS I get asked if I named Brooke after Brooks and maybe I did a little but it was also a name that I put on my name list when I was 16 years old and coming up with all of the different names I wanted for my future children:)


We made it over to the park yesterday afternoon.

IMG 4821

And for dinner we had turkey burgers!  I’ve used these burgers from Costco for years now… they are my favorite.

IMG 4823

And then we spent some time with my parents.

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Somebody has been partying too hard these days.

IMG 4829


A question that I have gotten asked recently is about my favorite running clothes!  I’ve been asked where I think it is important to spend mula on some really good gear and where to save! For me, it’s more about brands and different pieces so I don’t necessarily just buy cheap shorts and more expensive sports bras… I have different brands that I love at different price points that I think meet my function and looks needs for gear!  I usually spend more for pricier shorts than tanks though.  A good pair of shorts that lasts forever is gold to me and with tanks I just want a bunch of different styles, colors etc and I don’t mind if they don’t last forever!

Let’s get started.

Sports bras.  When talking to the Brooks sports bras designers they gave us this important piece of information…

HRG MotivationalQuote SportsBras

Ever had a sports bra for YEARS and years and notice how awful it feels?  Yeah, me too.  Unless you have a trillion sports bras so you don’t wear/wash each one very regularly… then make sure you are getting new ones when you need to!  Our sports bras lose the support over time/use so make sure that once one does, you swap it out for a new one again!

Sports Bras:  My top three favorites are THESE  (they used to be the brand Moving Comfort… talk about the BEST support you can get), the Vera and this one!  I’ve also gotten a few sports bras from Target that I loved using especially during times I didn’t need as much help in the support area (and they are an amazing price).

Shorts:  The shorts that I wear the most are the Rogas, they last forever and I love how they fit.  I also love these Nikes (fun colors and I love thick waistbands), these Brooks. (Going to try some Old Navy active shorts soon… just haven’t gone there yet to try them on but I’ll let you know).

Tops/Tanks:  LOVE this tank, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and this one!  (PS this post is not sponsored but I do have some affiliate links in here)  thredUP has amazing workout tops/tanks for killer deals!

Leggings/capris/tights:  For these I just stick mainly with my Brooks tights and Old Navy tights.  I have some Brooks running tights that have lasted me YEARS and did the best job keeping me warm.  I also have about 10 pairs of Old Navy tights/capris that I really love because they are so adorable and such an amazing price.  They wash well and work great on the run.  These are my current most worn running capris.  I also have a pair of tights from Tracksmith (but they are pricey) that I really love too.

Shoes:  Brooks 4 life.  I think that it is definitely worth the $$ to buy the right pair of running shoes for you.  They will make your run feel happier, keep injuries far away from you and you will feel a whole lot better during and after your runs.

Summary about where to spend money and where not to when it comes to gear… I think sports bras and shorts are the things I spend money on the most.  Tights you can find a lot of great deals on and the same thing goes for tanks so I don’t spend as much there.  I guess it all depends on how long you want the item to last too… I don’t mind going through tanks fast but I want my bottoms to last longer if that makes sense.  I’d love to hear your opinion on all of this!


Do you ever use tanks that have a built in sports bra?  

-I used to more than I do now but I still have an old one from Lululemon that I wear all of the time.

Where are your go to stores for your different pieces of workout gear?

How often do you run on dirt or softer surfaces?

What is your workout today?!?

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Sorry to hear your favorite trail was closed. It looks like you still had a good run. One thing I miss is being able to run on trails. NJ has great running paths but I do like trails too.


That canyon looks like such an incredible place to run!

I have some Lululemon shorts and Nike shorts that have last me a really long time, but I’m not too picky when it comes to where I get my tanks and sports bras. I’m all about the Target prices for those!


Yes to the labradoodle! I have one named Duncan and he’s the best. My boyfriend has a chocolate lab just like Beretta btw.

I spend lots of money on sports bras. I am a D cup and go with moving comforts Maia bra. (I think brooks owns moving comfort).

I was turned on to to saucony bullet capris a couple of years ago when my brooks essential capris were discontinued. The bullet capris have big pockets on the sides which are awesome. I slide my phone in one and fuel in the other for races.

Today I’m hoping to be able to join my hiking group for a 5 mile hike. It’s been 6 weeks because of this toe injury. But I was able to walk 3.5 miles briskly yesterday so hoping the hike will go ok.

That canyon looks magnificent!!!


I hate tanks with built in bras. I don’t feel comfortable at all, and I say this as someone with a small chest. I have several moving comfort sports bras, and they are fantastic, except the clasp fell out on three of them after the first wash. I should probably be more careful with my things. Now I hang them to dry instead of sticking them in the dryer.


Those built-in bra tank tops at lululemon are my dreamm, but my chest will just never let that happen. I’ve tried a few on thinking maybe I could make it work with a sports bra under it also, but NOPE not even close to getting on my body hahaha. I absolutely love bottoms from Lululemon or Nike.. tops I agree with you, way less important and get ruined a lot easier. I think most of my tops are from Old Navy


That labdoodle is the cutest cuddlebug! Thanks for the sports bra suggestions. I definitely rely on ones from target from foorreeevveerrr ago but they aren’t great for anything but yoga classes. These running bras looks perfect for handling all the…bouncing haha.


I agree with you completely about clothes… spend the money on the bras and pants. I love my MC Maia bras for running, and Target’s racerback style or VS Knockout bras for weight training. So comfy. And my pants of choice are the Calia tight fit capris.. I absolutely love how they feel and wick. I won’t work out in anything else anymore.


Built-in bra tank tops are a thing of the past for me (AKA before pregnancy body haha). This trail! Wow! I am taking trail running classes starting in June. Very excited about that! I did a power barbell class this morning. It is a nice break between speework (yesterday) and Tempo Run (tomorrow). Hope you have a great day!


Hi Janae! Do you still wear your sports bra with the built in heart rate monitor?


I SURE do! It is a phenomenal bra but it didn’t quite make my top list at this point in my life… I’m not really training hard because of my hip and so I’m not paying attention to heart rate and zones much… more just getting in mileage and trying to strengthen my body! I hope you are having a great day Katelyn!


I can understand how it wouldn’t be necessary during casual runs. I’ll manifest tons of positive thoughts for your hip!! Injuries can be so frustrating. Thanks for the info, Hope you’re having a great day as well!! =)


Your mom looks beautiful in blue!


I AGREE!!! Thank you Ann:)


I never use the tanks with the built-in sports bras. I don’t trust them! Ha!

Most of my running clothes are from Old Navy- you can’t beat the quality for the price! I also have a few pieces of Nike, Reebok, and Under Armor thrown in there, but those were most likely gifts from my Mom, as I can’t usually afford those pieces ;)

We have a local trail that is a softer surface. I tend to run on it often, but I try to mix in a lot of road-running, too. Only because most of the races I run are on the roads and I want my body to be accustomed to it.

I have 5 miles I need to get in after work and before my daughter’s gymnastics class- that’s my method for making sure I get in some speed work… Plan it when I have to be somewhere soon!!


What a gorgeous place to run! So excited for you that there isn’t snow on the ground! :) Oh and can I have Brooke’s hair??? I mean it’s just too pretty!! Also-I picked out my nieces name, Brooklyn and we call her Brooke for short! So cute!

I’ve never used a tank with a built in sports bra. I’m not sure if I’d be a fan or not.

My favorite workout gear stores are TJMaxx, ThredUP, Old Navy and Target! Random but they all usually have great options!
*oh and I ALWAYS but my socks from a running store by us called Fleet Feet.

I haven’t been very good lately about switching up my surfaces and haven’t EVER been trail running! (GASP! I know….) it’s on my to do list though. I usually just switch between treadmill and the road.

My workout today will be some speedwork and some legs at the gym!


Love finding new places to shop for workout gear! I’m an asics shoe lover forever. I have high arches and narrow feet so they are the only shoe that really fits my foot!


Believe it or not I get a lot of my workout gear from used clothing stores often with the tags on or in new condition. I think more than a few people make a resolution to get fit, don’t, and donate their unused gear. I wash it a few times before wearing it but it’s job is to get dirty and stinky. That and my favourite part of single track mountain biking is getting muddy which believe it or not stains your clothes so it’s hard to spend the big bucks on biking gear.


My go to places are any local running stores, Nike and Saucony! Some of my absolute favorite stuff is Saucony.

Thanks for the recommendations! I really need to try the Roga shorts!

My workout today is nothing after doing the Big Sur marathon this past Sunday!


I wish I could use tanks with built in bras, but that just will not cut it for me. I tend to buy things on sale, so I have a variety of brands for all of my running gear. I do love my Nike running shorts, but I also have some from Target and Reebok that I like as well. For sports bras, Victoria Secret actually has some pretty great ones. I definitely need to get some new ones because I have had my current ones for awhile, but they do the job well.

Usually at least one of my runs a week is on mulch trails. I love running on these trails, and my doggie loves it too! :) Today I have some speed work planned…let’s hope it doesn’t rain and force me to do it on the treadmill!


I’ve tried using tanks with built in sports bras — but they just didn’t seem to offer enough support. Too much jiggle is a bad thing when running!

My “go to” stores are honestly just Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon!

I almost never run on dirt or soft surfaces — but I should do it more often!

My workout today was a 6am barbell workout + abs on the GHD machine. I used a 65# dumbbell and did 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks. My arms hate me but it gave my legs a break!


I actually really love tanks with built in bras. I am very small in the chest area, so supper support is not really necessary for me ;)
I really love getting great running clothes for not a lot of money! So, I get most of mine from Target, Forever 21, Old Navy, and I too have found fantastic pieces on Thred Up! I have also bought several pieces from Fabletics too, and they are really great! My favorite running shorts though are from Athleta, but they can be on the pricier side.
Today’s run for me is on my favorite trail :) It is always so peaceful, even if there are a lot of other runners, bikers, etc… there.
Happy Wednesday :)


I also stop to pet dogs in the park, my running buddies know I’ll catch up. I even have a few I look for on certain days. Missy is never amused and I am pretty sure I hear her muttering “cheater” when I come home.

I am a D cup so no to the built in bras, that’s just not enough support.

I love Old Navy, Target, and sometimes Kohls for workout wear. I do spend on shoes, sports bras (although I look for sales), and a few pairs of CWX compression tights. I find that they help my hip/back issues with their support webbing. Old Navy shorts are as comfortable for me as their tights but I like compression shorts. :) They stay put, which is pretty essential for comfort. I can’t see spending a lot on tops since they get pretty gross after a while.

I think my workout is going to be yard work – mowing the lawn and clearing out the garden. It will get me moving while giving my hamstring a break. (although I did okay in spin and Pilates yesterday, just dialed the intensity back a little bit).


This was such a helpful list! Do you know if Brooks is going to keep all of the Moving Comfort styles? They seem to have my fave (the Rebound Racer–amazing if anyone else is a 32D/30DD-ish) only in the sale section in limited colors :( :( Time to stock up I guess–I definitely have some that have been around for a few years that need to go…


I love this recommendation list! I was just hoping to get some more running clothes and now I have some good ideas of where to start! Thanks Janae!


I probably have spent the most on workout leggings. My fav right now are prob the C9 embrace ones from Target, but I get really picky about them because I hate anything not high waisted. I have a long torso and most workout tanks aren’t long enough if my leggings don’t come up as far haha #tallgirlprobs. Also, I spend prob too much on running shoes. I’m loving my new Nike Free RN flyknits! It’s my first time having a more “natural” kind of shoe, and I think their lightness is a good trade-off for less cushioning.

Hoping to get in a good gym workout later tonight after I have a My Fair Lady play date with my Momma :) Happy Wednesday, Janae!


I have a bunch of lululemon tanks with built in sports bras. thankfully they work well for me!


SUCH a beautiful spot for a run! All that green!

I’m super picky about my sports bras so thats definitely where I spend money. And tights – they have to not fall down and have tons of great pockets. I’m mostly a Lulu gal, but I also have some Smartwool and Oiselle I love.


Thanks so, so much for this post! I think I was the one who put in the request ;) I am hoping to purchase a few new pieces of running gear so this is a great list to have. I also had NO idea you were supposed to replace your sports bra that often! That will be at the top of my list of things to buy.

I am loyal to Old Navy leggings and Asics shoes.

We are on vacation in the mountains and I’ve been sick, but managed to squeeze in 3 miles this morning. Couldn’t leave without getting in a trail run!


I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now!! Wish I would’ve found it sooner! I don’t think I’ve ever commented but I am curious what you recommend for someone who has also worn Asics but wants to try Brooks!! I’ve took their little “test” online to figure out which shoe is best for me, have you tried that and is it pretty accurate? I’m anxious to try some of their running gear now!! Love this list!! Thanks for your time! :)


I am a Lulu addict and 90% of my workout clothes come from there. The one exception is sports bras. I can’t stand pulling a sweaty sports bra off over my head so I only buy ones with clasps. My absolute favorite brand is Shock Absorber because it holds everything in place and gives me coverage soI font have weird cleavage.


Hi Janae. What happened to your affiliate link disclosures that you were doing for a while?


Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes forget but I am always very open about sponsored posts. I just do affiliate links so often I space it. Thanks and I fixed it!


Do you always wear the same style of Brooks shoes? Meaning always Brooks Launch? I am a Nike Pegasus fan, and that is all I wear. I buy new ones regularly and switch every day which ones, but always Nike Pegasus. I had a doctor tell me I needed to not only switch the style, but also the brand to prevent injury (I had a broken 2nd metatarsal–stress type fracture). I tried, but ended up returning all that I tried and went back to my Nike Pegasus. Now I’m starting to feel that same type if toe fracture on the other foot. Wondering if I really should have listened to the doctor. Just curious if you always wear the same brand and style.


When I was running a lot (which for me was 40+ miles a week) I switched my shoes every run. My running coach advised getting two different pairs of shoes. He just said to make sure they have a similar heel to toe offset. It took a little getting used to but my feet were super happy. Maybe try it again and work with a running specialty store to make sure you are getting two shoes that are similar.


Hey Holly! I am SO sorry about what has been going on with your feet! Please keep me updated with how you are doing! I ALWAYS wear the same brand but I do switch up the shoes that I wear! I mainly switch between the Launch and Pure Flows… I think using different types of shoes helps you to strengthen different parts of your feet! I am not personally the hugest fan of Nike for running (that is just my opinion… I switched Andrew over) but I do know that they work well for a ton of people too! Let me know how you are doing!


So I don’t need to worry about breaking my foot due to running in the same shoe. I just broke my ankle (same foot) this morning trail running in the wonderful mountains behind my house. Yesterday I found a new trail and it was fabulous. So today I went up there again and thought I would try another new trail. Turns out it led to a dead end, so I turned around and was heading back down. It was super step and rocky, and I slipped, turned my ankle, and fell. I sat there for 10-15 minutes thinking it would heal in that amount of time so I could continue my run :) I was wrong. I was about 1 mile away from home, so I hobbled (gimped) all the way back home. It is super swollen, and I happen to work for a group of orthopedic surgeons so I decided to have it looked at. It’s broken. I have to be in a boot and on crutches for three weeks. Then they’ll do another x-ray. Hopefully at that time I can ditch the crutches. But the doc said 2-3 months no running. I AM LITERALLY GOING TO DIE!!!!! It’s my total escape and freedom and love!!! I cried most of the way back home gimping along out of pain, and being totally and completely mad!!! I have never been in as good of shape as I am in now and now I’m going to lose it all!!!! I just ran the SLC Marathon and felt good the whole run. I just turned 50, so I was feeling pretty dang awesome. I even made it on the news that night, probably because I told them I am old :) So, I guess I do my best to obey the doc so I can get back out running as soon as possible. But it is going to KILL ME!!!!! And there you have my sob story for the day.


I only use a built in bra when I’m doing strength or yoga.
Do you ever use tanks that have a built in sports bra? I just need more support these days ;)

I buy a lot of running stuff from Target. I really like their Champion Premium stuff. I like Lulu and Oiselle too. I especially like the long Roga shorts.

Right now I’m not doing a lot of running on soft surfaces but during xc season, that’s about all we run on.

Today was 4.5 miles of hills :)


Rogas for life!!! I love those shorts and you can get them at an awesome price too (I’ve scored pairs for $27 from REI and Runningwarehouse!) :)

I’m with you where I spend the most money on bottoms and sports bras. Although I’ve had some sports bras for 2+ years now…they still fit fine but they can get a little funky smelling after a serious sweat session.

Also, I have a tank top obsession. Especially since some are so cute I wear them for every day and not just running.


$27!!! Okay, next time you find those deals will you PLEASE let me know about them so I can copy you!?!? Thanks Elissa… have an awesome day!


I’m not a fan of built-in sports bras–not sure why! My fav sports bra is either the Energy Bra from Lululemon (really like these for yoga) and the Verra/Verrazano from Oiselle. My fav are Mac Rogas forever, even though they definitely are SHORT SHORTS! I figure as long as I have runners’ legs, I can sport them. ha ha

I wish I could run on dirt/softer surfaces more often! We really only have one partial dirt trail close to where I live–so jealous of all of your trails. I think it’s so important for the body. I try to do my recovery runs on the softer surface each week.

Today I have 6 easy miles—Broad Street Run is coming up Sunday–YAYYYYYY!!!!! So, it’s a pretty “easy” week for me leading up to that.


I’m not a fan of built-in sports bras–not sure why! My fav sports bra is either the Energy Bra from Lululemon (really like these for yoga) and the Verra/Verrazano from Oiselle. My fav are Mac Rogas forever, even though they definitely are SHORT SHORTS! I figure as long as I have runners’ legs, I can sport them. ha ha Oh, one last thing, I tried the shorter compression shorts from a “newer” brand, Senita, and I loved them!!!!! They’re only $22.00 and really nice!!!! LOTS of big pockets!

I wish I could run on dirt/softer surfaces more often! We really only have one partial dirt trail close to where I live–so jealous of all of your trails. I think it’s so important for the body. I try to do my recovery runs on the softer surface each week.

Today I have 6 easy miles—Broad Street Run is coming up Sunday–YAYYYYYY!!!!! So, it’s a pretty “easy” week for me leading up to that.


I have recently gotten into running more miles and notice that my shorts sometimes ride up/ cause chafing. Do you have any recommendations for fixing this problem??


I love Brooks and Oiselle, and some stuff from old Navy and Target. I agree, I pretty much never buy expensive running tops, but spend more for quality shorts and shoes (I hardly ever run in capris / tights, not cold enough here!


That canyon is so amazing! I do probably 50% of my runs on a “soft” surface off the pavement. We have lots of local nature preserves that have trails made from crushed shell/shall and I run there a lot.

I actually buy most of my workout clothes at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They have the good quality brand names but at a much better price. Last year/season’s running shorts from Old Navy were awesome. They had the wide soft waistband and I love the pairs I have. But when I went to buy some more this spring they have completely changed the design and I hate the new version! They all have the classic gathered elastic waist and they look like diaper pants on. Very disappointed!


I am with you on the Brooks running shoes. I have a wide foot and I have never found another brand that fits me as well as Brooks and I have tried them all, even those that claim to fit a wide foot. Apparently mine are really wide:) We have a local running store that will let you try out the shoes for a week and if I try out a different brand, I always come back for the Brooks. Thanks for all the recommendations!


My favorite stores are under Armour & athleta! I love especially with my athleta running clothes that my outfits are cute, don’t tear my skin to shreds, and are super comfortable for my runs. I enjoy running more when I have awesome outfits to wear – guess that makes me shallow!! :( haha you gotta go with what works right ?!

Today’s workout – leg day + 4 treadmill miles


I love Under Armour gear, but I may be a little bit biased because I get a VIP benefit through work. I really love their capris and tanks, and even their running shoes. I started running in the Charged Bandit and I really like them.

Just got some stretching in today because I’ve been hitting it pretty hard and, plus, I got to pick my boyfriend up super early at the airport today since he’s home on vacation! Not time for much else today, but I’ve got a short run planned tomorrow because we’ve got a 5K on Saturday — and I’m an so underprepared haha


Try Old Navy running shorts sometime-I have one pair that I LOVE. They are very similar to a Roga (without being a knock off) and are so comfy. I have some others that are a thinner material but they are a bit ploomy (my word for roomy/puffy) but I got them as back up to have at work for XC practice. Toolbelt Rogas are my favorite.

My workout today was yoga thanks to some piriform issues. The yoga helped.

I like tanks with a built in bra but sometimes there is a discrepancy between the bra part and the body but they are easy to throw on and go, and I’ve been known to wear them with a skirt for casual summer wear……….Bonus points for any tank that has pockets in the back. Huge points.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


I love, love, LOVE Brooks (moving comfort) sport bras. They are worth every penny and so comfortable. I am now able to get away with a minimal support one without any of the bounce. It lets me breathe freely which is absolutely amazing. As for shoes, I am loving my Hokas but they are a bit wide. And then for shorts I am dying to try Rogas but love my Lululemon Speed Shorts.


Thanks for this list! Very useful! Really weird/personal question but do you have a favorite brand of underwear? I hate having to “adjust” things while running and want something with good full coverage–any suggestions? If too personal, no problem…just wondered if you have an opinion:)

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