6 words per picture!

Wednesday is my current speed day!

10 x 2 FAST, 1 minute recoveries and 7 miles total!

IMG 6240

She helped me with pushups afterwards.

IMG 6288

Went to go pick up Knox!

IMG 6293

I cannot stop eating cherries… heaven.

IMG 6297

Pancake with fruit for my breakfast.

IMG 6302

Just playing army dogs this morning.

IMG 6307

She calls this watch her garmin.

IMG 6228

This new sprinkler = changed their lives.

IMG 6309

Their trampoline jumping endurance is remarkable.

IMG 6308

Finished the online part (class tonight).

IMG 6314 2

Now time for some baking together.

IMG 6316

Utah has a FREE RACE!!!  ——>  GOOOOOOOOO!!

Screen Shot 2017 05 24 at 9 56 26 AM

I’m signed up for my race!!!!

Screen Shot 2017 05 23 at 4 05 05 PM

Monica posted about these skittles—>  THOUGHTS?

Screen Shot 2017 05 24 at 2 10 33 PM

See you guys in the morning!

Photo on 5 24 17 at 2 13 PM


Which comes in first place for you… chocolatey or fruity candy?

What are three things that you have done today?

What was your lunch today?  Mine turned out to be snacking on everything in the entire fridge.  

Anyone else have a race in June?  

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I had panera for lunch! I slept in MAJOR this morning and didn’t have time to pack a lunch for work. Whoops. It was delicious. No shame.

I have a half on June 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH I LOVE PANERA!!! I wish so badly that we had Panera in Utah:) I’m glad you got in some sleep Erin and GOOD LUCK on June 4th, I’m really excited for you!


I get both when going to the movies….snowcaps AND mike and ikes :)

I met my friend for a walk, worked and headed out for a hike now.

My lunch was a granola bar because i had a late breakfast.

No June races.


Chocolate for the win! Always.
3 things for today: ran, tennis match in which we lost 6-1, 6-1, though most matches went to deuce and we were playing the top team so not as bad as it looks, volunteered in the school library.
Lunch was a salad with leftover turkey bacon, peppers, feta, and some leftover pasta on the side.
No June races, just trying to build a better base right now.


love that she calls her watch a garmin. too cute!!



Three things I’ve done today: 1. 3 mile easy Stroller run, 2. Laundry 3 I orangized my running clothes drawer (yes, a whole drawer dedicated to my running clothes, haha!)

Lunch today was a hard boiled egg salad with feta cheese, sunflower seeds, shredded carrot, and croutons! With a fresh peach on the side!


That is exciting about your race. Good luck!

I like my chocolate candy. Chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and caramel are my favorite.


Hahaha I love that Brooke calls it her Garmin instead of just a watch! :D

Congrats on getting your certificate! Whooo!


HEY! I live in AF. Thanks for telling me about the free race! What a fun way to start the holiday!


Oh that makes me so happy! GO ENJOY and let me know how it goes for you!


Chocolate! Every.Time.

3 things: 4 mile walk, laundry, housework (total domestic recovery day!)

No race for me, but my husband is racing Cycle to the Sun – cycling race UP Haleakala on Maui (36 miles, 10,000+ feet) – http://cycletothesun.com/ Andrew, put this on your bucket list!!


I’m doing the Utah Valley half in a few weeks! I’m in Florida right now visiting my parents and the running here might be rough…. holy humidity!!! :)


I might be doing that one too (I’m signed up… just have to figure out logistics). Oh I bet the humidity is crazy there… let me know how the running goes. GOOD LUCK in a few weeks Laura!


Chocolate by far, but there’s just those minutes when I need some Swedish fish!


Chocolate, no contest.

I did a recovery run, which I desperately needed, worked, and did laundry. (Whoo Hoo I am a party animal)

I had a huge salad for lunch: mixed greens, kale salad (from BJs and it’s amazing), chick peas and a bunch of other veggies. I use a lemon flavored olive oil with balsamic vinegar, it tastes so bright and fresh.

I believe my short race was rescheduled for June 25. I have something family related for the other weekends so I missed out on one of my favorites.


The race you signed up for sounds great. I would really like to do a 1/2 marathon in Utah. Can you tell me your 2 favorite Utah races? Also, I have never run a full marathon yet. Is there a Utah race that you would recommend for a first?


Those Skittles look like the worst idea since the Dirty Dancing remake.


85% dark chocolate! Lunch was an awesome salad loaded with goodies and the best doughy bread on the side. Today I had class and lab most of the day! Those cherries look perfect!


I see Kneaders on the race sign as a sponsor? Good one to pick given what I’ve read of your love of Kneaders (over several yaers) :) Yay, race! So exciting to sign up for one and have it on the calendar. I might do a 5k on Father’s Day. I’m not signing up for races in advance anymore because I’ve backed out of sooo many. Most of the money goes to charity anyway so not a big deal. It’s just mentally draining to sign up for something and not go. Races aren’t selling out like they used to so it’s pretty safe to wait day-of if the race allows it.


Which comes in first place for you… chocolatey or fruity candy?
What are three things that you have done today?
What was your lunch today? Mine turned out to be snacking on everything in the entire fridge.


I am doing the AF Canyon half too! I hope to see you there! I’ve heard it’s beautiful.


1. Chocolate
2. Work, run, pack for the weekend
3. Spaghetti and salad
4. Utah Valley 10k with my sis


I’m signed up for the AF Canyon Half too! And maaayyyybe the 5k or 10k on Monday. I kind of forgot about that one, but I have no other plans for 8am on a holiday Monday morning, so… ha!

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