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SENTENCE PER PICTURE + 5 would you rathers?!

8.15 morning miles while listening to the Up & Vanished Podcast (I’m hooked and I need answers)… sharing my post-run hip strengthening exercises tomorrow morning! Before the run we read Charlie Brown after Brooke cleaned her room (always a struggle but slowly and surely picking up rooms is becoming a little ((I MEAN A LITTLE)) … Continue Reading

My list of FAVORITE running clothes… where to spend money and where NOT to spend the major mula + trails + don’t celebrate this anniversary;)!

Brooke missed the memo for a picture and went in for a big ol’ smooch on Andrew’s cheek.  I have a few neighbors that we switch off with for play dates and Brooke had one yesterday so we dropped her off and we went to my favorite canyon for a run. Leave it to Andrew … Continue Reading