Silentish Saturday!!!

8 miles while listening to Up & Vanished (I’m weird and I really enjoy mystery podcasts like Serial… even if they freak me out).


Strength training is my favorite thing to multi-task… chest and glutes all at once.

IMG 4373

They were really happy to see me when I got home;)

IMG 4365

The sunglasses bring out her ‘too cool for school’ attitude.

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Hanging out on the ground working hard with me (don’t mind my ridiculously messy purse).

IMG 4405

IMG 4403

Vitamin D


Drove Beretta to the river for her to get in some swimming.



Teaching her not to bark while playing fetch.


They are always wanting to wrestle with Andrew.


Missing her already.


Play place date.


Brooke left at 6:30 with her California grandma, we ate take-out…

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And I was in comfy clothes by 7.

IMG 4414

MY FAVORITE (aka the reason I enjoy going to get my hair cut… the head massage).

IMG 4410

These themed Launch’s make me want to run the London Marathon…

IMG 4411

Such a good article… check it out!

Screen Shot 2017 04 21 at 8 20 13 PM

Good luck to those of you running the slc marathon or 1/2 marathon… MY FIRST MARATHON 7 years ago!

DSC 4076


Long run today or tomorrow?  Race this weekend?

Ever listen to podcasts while running?  Which ones are your favorites?

What are your Saturday plans?

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I am so excited to try the podcast you mentioned. I loved Serial. Kinda in a podcast rut–don’t have any fabulous ones to share!

I am heading to a 90 minute Orange Theory class—you would love it–are there any by you??

Have a great day.


Long run on deck tomorrow! Cannot wait!

Typically, I don’t usually listen to anything while I run, but I am in the market for a pair of wireless headphones and would like to start listening to podcasts now that I am increasing my mileage.

Saturday plans are the usual around here – housework, ballet/library with my daughter, errands.


Have an amazing long run tomorrow Laura! Sounds like a great Saturday:)


It’s the best when you can get in your comfy clothes early. I get off work early afternoons, so comfy clothes are on at 5! Hah. Happy weekend!


I have a somewhat long run planned today! It’s raining here so it’ll be on the treadmill so we’all so how far I’ll actually get.

I love listening to podcasts when I run! I’m all about Run, selfie, repeats podcast right now. Short but so good!

Other Saturday plans, farmers market and relaxing to soak up a rainy Saturday!

Happy weekend Janae!!


No long runs for me, I’ll be doing good to get any exercise in, it’s a busy weekend.
I do love podcasts but haven’t found a certain favorite. I like running stories of course, but have listened to health and nutrition one, essential oils ones, but since I run in the dark often, the mystery ones for me would not be good !! haha I would so freak myself out. Although I bet I’d run faster !! lol
Weekend plans – I am have my Launch party for my new business with Touchstone Crystal and I’m very very nervous. Will it go well/not go well/will people come/will they cancel/ and I really dislike speaking in front of people before I fully know what I’m doing. So I’m a ball of nerves this whole weekend. This is when I should be running most, to offset those nerves.


MICHELE!!! CONGRATS on your launch party for your new business… this is so exciting. Please let me know how it goes!


I think listening to mystery podcasts would make me extra paranoid while out running alone haha. Kudos to you!

Saturday plans – trail run, yoga, clean the house. Exotic, I know.


London Marathon tomorrow, so excited! I’m not running it, but will be supporting and celebrating all day long!


Pippa! Enjoy the day and everything about it. Sounds like the perfect day!


I have to travel for work and saying goodbye to my little one is never easy! I know the feeling. Hope you take this time to do things you enjoy and take extra naps ;-)


YES YES YES. It’s hard! Thanks Mel:) I actually did take a nap… you get it! I hope you are having an amazing weekend!


This is a totally random question, but I figured someone out there would have an answer for me! What do you recommend for a support band for your belly while running pregnant? I am almost 17 weeks along, and am starting to feel a little heavy and like I need some support. Has anyone out there used one they love? Janae, this could be a good reference for you in the future!?


HEY NATALIE!!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! That is so exciting. So I tried to find the one that I used to have and love but Motherhood Maternity doesn’t make it anymore BUT this one looks to be similar to what I used and loved (I’m all about the simplicity)!


I’ve been looking for more podcasts to get into. To be honest, I find it hard to focus on running and listening so I prefer music for running but when I’m cleaning or working, I like to listen to podcasts!

I like the London Brooks. I’m contemplating purchasing a pair actually.


Looks like a very nice Saturday. Those shoes are killer. London is SO hard to get into for non-UKers, which is a bummer. I was going to do my LR today but it’s going to rain on and off, so onto the mill I go today, and LR tomorrow. Happy weekend!


Ah yes comfy clothes made everything better! Hahah those London shoe are to die for.


I’m listening to Serial right now–I love it! I know I was a little late to the game on that one. Please let us know about more mystery podcast recommendations!


That photo of Brooke in her sunglasses is the best!
I just started listening to S Town and I’m hooked. I also really like How I Built This.


had a “long run” for me today… 5.5 miles! lol. it’s getting rather warm here, so if the run doesn’t start before 8am, it aint gunna be too long :)

QUESTION FOR YOU! I bought a Flip Belt (I believe the same one you have) and I love it but…. how often do you wash it?? I feel like it’s already stretching out but maybe washing it after each use would help?


HEY MOLLY!!! Way to go on your run today and getting out there before it gets too warm! I usually wash my Flip Belt after 3 runs with it… unless it needs to be washed more than that from sweating too much. I do notice that washing it does make it get tighter again but I don’t notice a huge difference in it stretching. I’m so glad you love it… bummer about it stretching for you though! Keep me updated with how it is going for you and I hope you are having an amazing weekend!


Those London Brooks are awesome!

Saturday plans:
-14 mile run DONE!
-Birthday bash!! My 28th birthday is tomorrow so I’ll be celebrating tonight! I am normally NOT a huge fan of my birthday and prefer it fly right under the radar, but my friends are insisting we celebrate … So gonna try to enjoy it!


I love the selfie of Andrew giving you a head massage. Your faces are priceless. I’m going to a baby shower today! I can’t wait to hold the little bundle. She’s so cute. Baby shower food is always incredible though, so I’m going to feel torn between holding the baby and shoveling in the spinach dip.


Long run tomorrow. I did dome HIIT and strength training this morning and my triceps and shoulders are shot! I love The Black Tapes podcast. It’s on spotify. Happy Saturday!


Oh I can’t wait to check out The Black Tapes.. thank you so much Sherry! Great workout today and have an amazing long run tomorrow!


Last long run today before Big Sur next Sunday. 8 miles go by so fast, lol.


Marathon training sure changes our perspective! So excited for you Clark!


S-Town! The people who made Serial are involved in the production. Listening to it right now and can’t stop discussing it with my husband!


Okay… I cannot wait… thank you so much Francesca!!! Now we can discuss it too:)


hahaha Beretta in that picture!!!
I used to listen to sooo many podcasts when I was marathon training! My favorite at that time was TED hour and This American Life. My current favorite is Uhh Yeah Dude, which is a comedy podcast. We went for a 3 hour hike this morning through the jungle :)


Sounds like the perfect morning Krista! Thanks for the recommendations… cannot wait!


Depends what kind of mood I’m in, sometimes I just want to zone out and listen to music. I’ll sometime listen to a book on tape or I’ve just started S-Town (podcast) and I’ve been enjoying it so far! I’m on episode 4 so far. I’d definitely recommend it!


THANK YOU KATHY for the recommendation… going to look up S-Town now. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I like Carrie Tollefson’s podcast CTolleRun, the Rich Roll podcast and Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk. Excited to try the one you mentioned. And yes, head massages are the best.


THANK YOU MICHELLE for the recommendations! I cannot wait to check these out:) You win! Hope you are having a great day!


I ran the Salt Lake marathon today. It’s the first time I’ve done that race. Loved the random families handing out water or oranges as I ran down their streets. I also liked the people just sitting in their front yards cheering for all the runners (I’m sure they were trapped at their houses since all the roads were shut down :). Great morning!


ASHLEY!!! Huge congrats today on the SLC marathon… it’s the best! I’m so glad you had such a great time. Congrats and recover well (and treat yourself:)


Podcasts from Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby are my favorites to listen while running. And I also thought those shoes looked so pretty. I used to be obsessed with that flag back in the day.


I am SO late to the podcast party. I’ve only recently started listening to them, but it definitely makes time on the treadmill go by so much faster. I did 16 miles this morning (last long ish run of 50K training!) and we spent some time swimming and playing fetch with our pup this afternoon. I’m spending the rest of the day in my comfy clothes! Have a great weekend!


For the past two years I run to podcasts 75% of the time and true crime is my absolute favorite!! I hadn’t heard of Up and Vanished, though – now I can’t wait to head out for a run and listen to it! My recommendation – Casefile. Freaking awesome. And the host has a fabulous Australian accent :-)


I ran Pat’s Run (4.2 miles). I just LOVE that event & do it every year.
I need sunglasses like Brooke!!?


I agree with S-Town, has some language though. I love listening to Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and How I built this podcasts too!

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