Silentish Saturday!!!

A side effect of growing up with a mom as a blogger… you start carrying around your camera everywhere too.


Morning races down the hall… Knox left with his mom yesterday.

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Sometimes it’s hard to get out the door…

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7 windy, very windy, miles while Podcast listening.

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Park day for this one.

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Lunch with my mom… this needs to happen WAY more than it does.

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We always start with the chocolate strawberries first.

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Zupas for lunch (I rarely get salads there because they put on like two toppings but the soup and sandwiches are always good).

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Came home and Brooke went straight to crafting.  She did not get this from me but maybe I can learn a thing or two from her.

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First time there and it surpassed all of our expectations.

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Yep, we made sure to get a frequent visitor punch card because we will be here weekly.

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Played some pig at our friend’s house.

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We must have partied a little too hard for our Friday night.

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I’ve got a long run today, do you?!

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I want to be this little girl’s friend.

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Happiest birthday to my most amazing oldest brother!!!!! Love you!


Three things that your Saturday is going to be filled with?


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Haha, I love that bday party idea! And what is Pig?

3 things: long run, Costco, and Easter service with the fam.

Happy Saturday!


Easter egg hunt. Catching up on work. Playing catch/practice hitting…baseball here starts soon.


oh man those cookie sandwiches sound amazing what a brilliant business idea, haha! I’ve got to take my pup to the vet, go to work for a bit, and then watch a movie today :)


Have a good long run! Did my 19-miler yesterday so only easy runs/swimming the rest of the weekend for me!

Three things going on today:
-Dog beach (it’s gonna hit 80 degrees in Chicago today!!)
-Def frozen yogurt
-Dinner/out with some girlfriends!


Um woah, Gotta get that baked bear! I hate places that only put a few toppings on salads. MAKE EM BIG!
Wine, nails and jacuzzi are in the cards for me today- getting away to Napa!


Driving, driving & more driving (and maybe a brief run once the driving is done). NC to FL… To celebrate brother’s bday & Easter.


So cute! Love her jacket!


i need a custom ice cream sandwich shop in my life! we used to have one in nyc and I totally forget what I was called now! ugh. it will bother me all day! it was right in Bryant park. I need to go look up the name lol


Hi Janae.
This Saturday I’ll be hanging out with my sister who has come to visit from Berlin; we’ll go to the beach and we’ll be making a cake for Easter.
Hope you and your family have an amazing weekend


Oh my goodness. That ice cream sandwich place looks like something out of my dreams!

3 things: long run, baking a cake for Easter tomorrow, and a friend’s son’s 1st birthday party.


We are celebrating Easter with my family today, so my day will include lots of driving, family, hard-boiled eggs, Easter dinner and hopefully some Reese’s eggs…


Woah, I forget the name of the ice cream place we went too in California but Baked bear sounds familiar and those look familiar. I do remember it was amazing.

I don’t have any major plans this weekend. Just working and relaxing.


Happy long run!
I’m going to bike 10 miles while my boyfriend runs them.
Then we are driving out to Long Island to his dads house for Easter.
Hopefully we can take the dogs for a romp on the beach too.


that cookie sandwich looks amazing.

three things= 10 miles, then being lazy, then wine. lol


‘Zupas Salad’ is a cuss word in this house.

I still wish we would have made a basket doing our jog so Ross and Andrew would have had to do it too. Next time. Nest time.

II am thinking I need be like this little girl and go with a Costco theme for my birthday this year. That is hilariously awesome.


* Went to my running group (it was so hot!).
* Going out for lunch. Maybe ice cream now too after seeing that pic above. :x
* Getting ready for Easter tomorrow!


Oh my! Those ice cream sandwiches look like a dream! I can’t wait until I finish up my Whole30 (10 days!) – at which point I’ll be celebrating spring with some ice cream!

Three things I have planned for today: puppy snuggles, getting some work done, and Easter dinner with my family. (Oh, and maybe ordering my first real interchangeable lens camera! eeek!)


Go out to a race with low expectations (we went to Disneyland for the first time ever last night and did indulge in all the goodness and did not leave till midnight plus we have a teething baby who slept poorly) and I took home first female?!?? What is happening? totally unexpected. Although I’m not sure if I got my time goals (times are posted later today. I didn’t even wear my watch because of Disneyland bloat.)
The rest of my day will be prepping for AC and praying that they actually fix the ac.


Hey Janae – which podcasts do you listen to? Always looking for some inspiration.

Andy happy b-day to your brother. That pic of you two is so sweet. He looks so much like your Dad.


My day is filled with cooking, cleaning (I’m hosting Easter dinner tomorrow), and attending a graduation party for my daughter’s friend.
Running question: How do you gear yourself up for windy runs? I HATE, DETEST and LOATHE wind! Any helpful hints in that regard? Thanks!


The farmer’s market, errands, and date night!

By the way, I’m totally jealous of your green grass. Everything here is still brown.


Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate… (and a little exercise too)! Happy Easter everyone.


Spin class, baking brownies and cookies, making pudding (for brownie trifle for tomorrow), mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, and taking the dog for a blood test. I think we will be ordering dinner or my husband is grilling ’cause I’m pooped. :)


Oh my good!! I want one of those cookies o bad right now. Three things my Saturday is going to be filled in with: running, food, and soccer:)


we have had major wind here, too! I find it extra tiring to run or ride in the wind. I sweat with the tail wind then freeze in the headwind. #makesusstronger Today was 33km hour gusts of wind.

Watch soccer, easter grocery shopping (stores were closed yesterday and will be closed Sunday and Monday), procrastinate tasks.


ps-what was the cookie of the month? those look soooo good!


It’s funny that you call that basketball game, “Pig.” Growing up, it was “Out” for my family, and then when we moved, my new friends called it “Horse.” It must be a regional thing. That cookie place looks divine!!


Those ice cream sandwiches = yes please!

Three things today: stroller run, a soccer game , and a froyo trip! :)Hope you have a fantastic weekend Janae!


Oh my word. I need a Baked Bear in my life/city/future.

My Saturday consists of 20 miles, baking hummingbird cake, and all the chores (shopping/cleaning/laundry). I hit my highest mileage ever this week (117, and yes I am absolutely insane) and I’m definitely looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.


I love the little girl with the Costco birthday party! That made my day!
3 things-
Trip to Goodwill for new work pants
Making pasta salad and cornbread muffins
Hanging out with my dad


What podcast are you enjoying these days? I love to listen to podcasts while I exercise.


Such cute pictures! I’m taking care of my mom after her hip replacement , so my Saturday has been filled with taking care of her. I’ve been feeling really fortunate and really grateful that I have a job that’s allowing me to spend so much time with her after her surgery!


First of all, your ice cream sandwich looks insane. I need one. Second of all, a Costco themed birthday party?! Unreal. That is the only kind of party my kids will be having until they are old enough to make their own decisions ;)

My Saturday was filled with a hair cut/color, Mexican food with friends, and going to sleep early. :)


#8 had me laughing out loud!!! I think its so funny that your Dad thought Andrew was just being nice! I’m curious now to know how my Dad would react if my husband was rubbing his hand!

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