Emigration Canyon 1/2 Marathon Recap + MY RACE PLAYLIST!!!

First race of the season done and done!  I’m excited to know where I’m at and now know how I can work to get stronger for the next one.  I will say this race completely trashed my legs.  It was good for me though.  It got me out of my comfort zone by running a race that I knew was going to be really difficult and pushing it.

According to my Garmin we climbed 764 ft in just the first 4.5 miles.  It felt like a never ending hill/mountain (plus there was a headwind for those miles).  It took some willpower to not just call it a day when I first saw Andrew at mile 5 but I didn’t so I’ve got to be proud of that.

PS WARNING… I have a blister picture at the very end of the post so scroll quickly over that if you don’t want to see it.

We stayed at Andrew’s parent’s house Friday night because they watched the kids while we went to a concert and then put them to bed there.  I fell asleep that night around 12:02 a.m. and slept until 6:28 when my alarm went off.  I had all of my gear out and ready so we could leave by 6:45!

I ate a bagel first thing along with a little bit of juice and loads of waters.  I decided to try this race without any of my supplements that I usually take to see if it really does make a difference (normally I take caffeine and beta alanine or sports legs)… and my findings report that I do think they make a difference but that could be also the fact that this course was pretty difficult for me.

IMG 3152

I also had this about 30 minutes before the race started and it was delicious.  Stomach problems avoided —>  always a happy thing.

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We picked up Josse and her sister where the finish line was and drove to the starting line together.  Photo bomber;)

It was bright outside and I had my normal sunglasses on but then decided the bright/crazy ones that Brooks gave me a few weekends ago would be better for the race.  They actually worked really well.

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Thank you Andrew for being our chauffeur and stopping to see me at least 5 times along the course.  We were also able to stay in the car until about 6 minutes before the gun went off.  It was in the 30s so this was nice because I knew I would warm up really fast once I started running.  I cannot stand being hot while I run so I was by far the most undressed one there but I was very happy with how I felt temperature wise in shorts and a tank.  I had a biker ask me along the way if I was freezing, nope.. it was perfect.

Also, I was worried there was going to be snow at the starting line so I was very happy to see everything cleared.

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Waiting at the starting line for everything to get started!

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I also attempted a jumping picture before we went.  Progress over perfection is my motto in life.

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The race was small and had about 400 runners total between the 10 miler and half-marathon.  The roads weren’t closed off so we all just ran on the shoulder but felt incredibly safe the entire time.  There were few cars and police officers all over the place making sure that we had plenty of room and guiding any cars away from us that were up there driving.

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I knew the first few miles were really going to test me and they did.

Mile 1-  7:39  196 ft elevation gain

Mile 2-  8:39  255 ft elevation gain

Mile 3-  7:15  56  ft elevation gain

Mile 4-  8:11  203 ft elevation gain

Mile 5-  6:53  54 ft elevation gain (and at .5 miles we started going DOWN).

At mile 4.5 we reached 6254 ft.  We were HIGH after all of that climbing.

Total of 764 ft of climbing in that first 4.5 miles.  My legs were shot at that point but I just kept reminding myself that I wasn’t alone with that, everyone else running felt the same hills.  At that point I just started congratulating my winter treadmill/flat surface running legs for surviving those miles.  I’ve found that being your own biggest cheerleader during a race is the key to a happy race for me.

I attempted to throw my gloves to Andrew at this point because there was no need for them anymore, I was sweating a lot.

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At this point we went down a lot.  A ton.  With some small rollers thrown in too.  My goal was to make up for the lost time during miles 1-4.5 and just try to find a steady groove.  The steady groove didn’t really ever come just because my legs were feeling so tired.  Also, something I didn’t mention but this last week I was on antibiotics for something (my doctor said I was more than okay to keep running and to race this weekend) but I did feel some depletion/felt flat from the antibiotics but that is okay… life has never been one to plan around our running schedules right (like how I always seem to start my period the morning of a marathon;)

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The canyon was stunning and miles 6-the finish line looked like this—>  ranged from a 6:23 (really pushing it on a downhill to make up for previous miles) to a 6:45 (my last mile).  We also had a really nice tailwind on the downs which felt heavenly.  I had some shot bloks (going back to my roots yesterday… what I started out with in the very beginning) at mile 6 and water at most of the water stations.  I even poured a cup of water on myself at one point because 54 degrees felt hot to me for a second ha.  Summer is going to be a wake up call;)

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The beautiful finish line:)  I finished in 1:31:13 (6:58 average)!  I was REALLY hoping/dreaming/wishing/crossing all of my fingers for under 1:30 but once I finished I was really happy with how I did.  It was a tough course for me and a great one to start out again.  My next half in May is a much easier course so with some more work and training I’m excited to see how it goes.

I was exhausted by the end of this race, exhausted.  It was hard but fun at the same time.  I wanted to stay in the moment but there were hills where I was craving the finish line badly.  There were times I wanted to quit and times I felt like I could hold the pace forever and could not believe the beauty of the canyon.  The mind games going on during a race are something else but I keep on doing these races because I love proving the ‘quitting voice’ wrong.  I love digging into the pain and seeing how long I can last with it.  Running is a strange thing that we do and I don’t see me stopping doing this until I’m 90.

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I had a nice runner’s cough once I finished (anyone else get those after a hard workout or race?  I swear the second I stop, I start coughing uncontrollably for about 2 minutes… it happens every race so if you ever see me at a race and wonder why I am secluding myself at the finish line, that is why:).

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I listened to music the entire time, tried not to look up on the uphill (because it scared me) and tried to cruise down the downhills.  I love small races because it is so easy to get in and out of the race.  Andrew was parked about .1 mile from the finish line which made my tired running legs happy.

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They had some awesome juice at the finish line.

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And an AMAZING breakfast from Ruth’s Diner (a famous diner in Utah)!  Biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon.  Probably the most elaborate/homemade feeling post-race meal I’ve ever seen at a race!

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I might always be really hot during a race but I’m usually really cold afterwards.  Jacket in the car for the win.

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I had a negative experience with my socks though.  i really don’t know what I was thinking.  It was one of those moments where you question where your brain was.  I definitely wore the wrong kind of socks… I thought my feet were going to be cold (which they definitely wouldn’t have been… which I realized once I got there) so I wore some thick cotton socks that I wear on my shorter runs in the winter.  Not a pair that I wear with my hyperions… lesson learned.  They tore my feet apart.  This is just the back of my foot, the bottoms and even the tops are much worse… I think the uphill/downhill combination really exaggerated my poor sock decision.

You live and you learn… each race I learn something new.

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Overall, it was a really great race.  I made some awesome deposits into my running bank account and learned some new things… excited for the next race!

Yesterday was spent making sure to refuel properly:)

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My Race Playlist Yesterday (very similar to some of my previous race playlists but these are my favorite running songs:)

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Panda by Desiigner

Cute Without the ‘E’ by Taking Back Sunday

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

Dear Theodosia by Regina Spektor

How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara

Izzo (edited) by Jay Z

Kamikaze by MØ

Us by Regina Spektor

Pain by Jimmy Eat World

Guernica by Brand New

Love The Way You Lie by Eminem

Feeling This by blink 182

Roses by The Chainsmokers

24K Magic by Bruno Mars (MY FAVORITE)

Hold Me Down by Halsey

Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara

It Ain’t Me by Kygo & Selena


Who had a race this weekend?  I want to hear all about it!

What have you been eating during your races lately?

What was the best part of your weekend?  Have any APRIL GOALS… what about APRIL RACES!!!

Best food that you have seen at the finish line of a race?  

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Congrats! You are so fast!
I like huma gels and water when I run………chewing is too hard!
My next race is in early June………….in Tennessee…………….talk about heat and humidity! It’s already kicking my butt with the humidity and the pollen.
And my favorite post race food is the fresh farm peaches from my June race………….I dream about them all year! And one year they also had full size snickers bars and soda……………….after 13 miles in the 80+ temps, that was so welcome!


Whoooo! Awesome job, Janae!!!!! You look like you’re flying in your pics!

Hahah that’s funny that 54 felt warm for you. That’s pushing my “too cold to even think about leaving the house” temperature :) It’s going to be 90 here this week!


We’ve been in the upper 80s here lately, so I know how you feel!


80s and 90s…. WOW!!! Yeah, I’d pass out ha! Thanks girls!


Congrats on the race! I ran a small local 5k this weekend. First one in about 6 months. I ran 25:58 which is only about :30 off of my PR and my fastest time since having my daughter 17 months ago. :-) Plus I finished 3rd in my age group which was a nice bonus! Almost back to my pre-baby self!


Great job on what sounds like a really tough course! And I love your positive perspective as well as your old-school jams from Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World. :)

I miss racing so badly, but it’s been very limited lately because of my kidney. I had kidney surgery more than a week ago and then had two trips to the ER because of a kidney infection I got after the surgery that landed me in the hospital for almost five days. So, this weekend was all about rest and recovery. I’m able to walk for exercise, which I’ve been doing daily now, but I really miss running and can’t wait to get back out there soon.


Congratulations on a great race!!! That elevation gain was no joke. I too always cough after a hard run or race. Nice to know someone else does too!!


Good to know I’m not alone! Thanks so much Lynn! I hope you are having an amazing day so far!


I can only dream about being as fast as you, Janae! You’re awesome!

No race this weekend. Just winding down my Boston training :) Best part, I got two runs in: 13.25 and 12 miles. Worst part was Saturday’s run was in miserable weather: pelting snow (you know the kind of snow that hurts!) and crazy headwinds.

I’m horrible about fueling during a run, but lately I’ve been eating gummy Starbust.

Next race is the Boston Marathon. My second Boston so I know what to expect but that hasn’t stopped the “Oh my goodness, Boston is going to beat me up again” thoughts. Just hoping for better weather than 2015!

Best post race food I’ve had is at the Cape Cod Marathon finish line: clam chowder, cinnamon sugar donuts, chocolate covered Craisins, and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. All the faves in the Fall in New England.


congrats on a great race! my favorites from the finish line are always watermelon, donuts and cupcakes! cupcakes were the best to see at a finish line


This isn’t a race question, sorry. But are there any good salad bar restaurants in St. George? We are going to Zion National Park for spring break (from D.C.) and we are planning on stopping there for lunch on the drive from the airport. Thanks!!


Hey Allison!!! Yay for coming to Utah! Drive up North and come say hi;) So I LOVE the Pizza Factory salad bar (plus a breadtwist) and the Harmons one (it is a grocery store but it has the best salad bar)! Let me know what you think of Utah!


Not sure if my first comment went through- it timed out on me! Anywho to summarize: you are very fast, congrats! And i once did karaoke to lose yourself and failed. Badly.


Congratulations on your race-great job! Sorry about the blister on your foot-that doesn’t look like it felt all that great but luckily it didn’t hamper your run. I also ran a half marathon this weekend, Running of the Elk in Elk Grove. I had a 15 mile run on my training calendar for a marathon at the end of April and planned on taking this one slow and tacking on a couple of miles at the end to get to my 15. Well my legs felt great so i decided to run it much faster than I would normally a long slow run so figured my 13 was enough. I finished in 1:55:37 so I am more than pleased with my results. My race was also a small one-I was able to park close by, stayed inside my car until just minutes prior, barely waited in line for the porta potties, etc. It was such a small race I even manged to finish 4th in my age group (40-44)-hah! The benefits of small races. :-)


Yay, Janae! You did so well on such a tough race. I ran a 10 miler this weekend, and my time was slower than your 13.1! It ended on an uphill. That should be against the law.


WAY TO GO LYNN on your 10 miler… ENDING ON AN UPHILL? Yeah, that is not okay! Congrats on a hard course Lynn!


That race looks super tough and nice job gutting through. I haven’t done a super hilly half in awhile. I raced the Philadelphia Phillies 5k this weekend. I always like the race because it all goes to charity.


How in the world did you run with those big sunglasses on?! ha ha You looked cool though! Sorry about the blister–ugh, and with those hills, a 1:31 is pretty awesome :) I’ll have to remember the mantra that EVERYONE ELSE IS FEELING THE SAME THING. The hills on the “new” Philly 1/2 course right in the middle were tough and mentally got to me a bit. Lessons learned, right?! :)

Best food?! Crepes, pizza, and M&Ms! :)

My next race, if I can stay healthy–fingers crossed!!–is the Broad Street 10 Miler in Philly in early May. I know I’d mentioned my lower back pain a bit ago, but I’m feeling good…….I had acupuncture for the first time last week. I really think/hope it helped (hoping it’s not all in my head! lol)


HAHA yeah I don’t know, they never even moved the entire time! Thank you:) Oh yeah hills in the middle of a course are rough! So excited for your 10 miler and I’m crossing every finger and toe that you are feeling great and strong for that race! Let me know how the acupuncture works for you! I believe that acupuncture helps so it must really work or be in both of our heads;)


The first time we saw Moana I knew How Far I’ll Go would make it into a future running playlist. :)

That food looks amazing, I love races with amazing post race spreads.

Great job on the race, you rocked it! Take it easy this week!

My next race is at the end of the month, it’s been a hard winter with illness and sciatic nerve issues but I am easing back into running without pain so I am not going to be a hero at this one LOL


Nice bank deposit race! Sounds so challenging with that elevation. I’m terrible at courses with hills, especially at the beginning of a race. Seems like you are right on track miss speedy. :)

I’ve had to DNS one half last weekend and am possibly going to have to sit out my next half at the end of this month unless I can get my injury resolved so right now nothing exciting to report on the running front but I do have a weekend highlight. I’ve been fairy cranky these last 2 weeks of being in pain, limping and not being able to walk, run, hike etc. I’ve been extra emotional and have been frustrated by my boyfriend’s seemingly lack of empathy. (mind you its also hard that he’s still training for our half marathon at the end of the month and just ran 8 miles this weekend) But yesterday he surprised me. He said he thought I could use a little cheering up and he bought me this Columbia ski jacket I had my eyes on at the outlets last weekend but couldn’t justify spending the money when I have one that is still in good shape. It was so thoughtful and reminded me that he DOES feel for me he just doesn’t verbalize it like i do.


I did a shamrock 5K the weekend, it was postponed a few weeks ago due to weather. I was happy with my time and I didn’t walk once but it was freezing and I was uncomfortable the entire time. But that’s when we grow as runners right? haha Anyways there were pringles at the finish and I was thrilled with that!


WAY TO GO on not walking the whole time but I am SO sorry it was so so cold. Pringles at the finish line is a fabulous idea! Recover well and I hope your next race feels much better! Thanks Heidi!


I ran Zion half, my least favorite ever! It snowed the day before up on the east side ( not the normal route but it was moved due to construction) it was mostly trail and muddy the entire time. 3,000 runners had to run single file through mud and I wasn’t prepared for the hills. My slowest race ever!


Oh Angie!! I am so so sorry about Zion’s half this year… I heard from some friends how ridiculous it was. Single file and those hills… you are STRONG. What’s your next Utah race? I hope you are recovering well!


Congrats on a great, hard race!! You are fast!
I don’t have any races on the calendar (I ran the LA Marathon March 19), but I am really starting to crave one! I am doing a 5K this Saturday with the hubby and kids, but we’ll run at the kid’s pace, so it will be super fun :)
My go to food during races are Gatorade chews (like shot bloks) and/or honey stinger waffles (broken up into little bit size pieces). I’m not the best at making sure I get enough to eat while doing long runs/races, so that is something I am going to work on now, before training for the next long race.
Enjoy some recovery time!! :)


Congratulations Janae, your time was amazing!! I want to run as fast as you run:)

And ouch for your blisters. I know what it is to take the wrong decision with socks.


Great job!!! And your race playlist is awesome. I have a bunch of those songs on my current workout playlist, too.


Oooph, that’s a lot climbing.

Best part of my weekend – taking an inversions class called “gravity surfing” at my yoga studio. THEY HAD FREE FROYO AFTER CLASS!!!!


Way to go! I also raced a hilly half this weekend (yours looks worse!) but for me the hills were from 15-18 km.. I was so happy to be up and over the last one!
Congrats on a speedy day :)


Janae, I have to tell you that I LOVE how honest and genuine you are (in all of your posts), but especially in your race recaps. I’m not near as fast as you, but I always find you relatable. You even gave me the courage to run my first marathon a couple years ago. Congrats on a great race!!!!


Wow, thank you so much Kim for your sweet comment! Thank you! What’s next for you? I hope you are having a great day Kim!


You killed it, Janae! I can’t imagine starting a race with that much climb! Way to go :)

I don’t have an April race but I do have a May 13th race! It’s supposed to be flat and FAST so I am hoping to get in the 1:33-1:34 range!


WOW congrats. That is one hilly race and you were SO speedy.



Congrats on the race! Sounds like so much fun and a beautiful place. I miss winter running a lot. I’m still not back in the swing of running regularly but hopefully I keep increasing my runs per week. I like getting pizza and chocolate chip cookies after a race! Also chocolate milk is a must !


Congrats on your race – it looks like it was a beautiful day for it.

One of my goals is to incorporate more flexibility into my workouts. I’ve realized lately how inflexible I am.


Congrats on finishing! Hills are never that much fun during a race. My first half marathon they said there was only one hill on the course… they forgot to mention the other 6 that we hit. It was awful and I was so unprepared!


Awesome job!!

I just tried some Huma during my race and it worked really well without making my stomach hurt.

I am running a race on 4/30! I’m excited because it’s near the beach and our friends live there, so we’ll get to hang out with them for the weekend!

Best food at the finish line: ice cream sundaes!


Congrats!! Great race!!

I ran with too thick of socks this winter and ended up with a gnarly blister under my big toe….which led to changing my gait….which led to tendonitis. Good times ;)


I did the SAME RACE you did! I was glad the uphill was at the beginning and not the end. LOVED all the downhill and the sunshine and those homemade biscuits! :)


Oh that is AWESOME… way to go!!!! Ha yeah I cannot imagine if those uphill miles were at the end! Congrats and I hope you have a fabulous week!


Sounds like an awesome place to run even though it appears quite challenging. Love the recap!!
That post run bronchospasm cough is very annoying. I have that too, especially when I really push the pace.
No races for me this week-end but thanks for sharing yours.


Congrats on your great race!! I ran the Rock CF half in Grosse Ile, Mi last weekend. My goal was to have a great race mentally so I ran the first 4 miles with my sister-in-law at an easy pace then sped up. I tend to always go out too fast but this plan really made a difference! I was super excited with my time of 1:56:19, beating my old pb by more than 3 minutes! Best of all, because I wasn’t totally wrecked for the last few miles, my mental game stayed intact!
Lately I like bringing my own Gatorade made from real fruit and coconut water and peanut butter and date energy balls.
The best race food I’ve ever seen has to be at the end of the Flying Pig race in Cincinnati. The tables of food went on forever, you name it they had it!! I think this year I’m going to bring a doggy bag?


JEN!!! Huge huge huge congrats on your new PR!!! Oh and I am so happy about how your mental game went too and that you got to run with your sis in law for the beginning of the race. Tables of food…. yes please!


You are ridiculous for thinking that 54 degrees in a tank is hot, Janae. Here in Florida, 40-50 degrees is when I wear double gloves and my hands still freeze.

Congratulations on finishing a tough race! And my sympathy for the blister, I’m dealing with one myself currently.

Personally I can’t eat for a while after a tough race, so biscuits and gravy would sound horrible to me. My last marathon had chili, which I stayed far away from.


HAHAH I really am ridiculous. Everyone else had more layers on during the race:) Hopefully your blister starts feeling great soon. Chili after a race… yeah my stomach couldn’t handle that after a race either! Have a great day Grant!


Congratulations on your race! That’s so great! It’s awesome to see you starting off your spring season strong!

I’ve found that during an actual race, I don’t eat anything. I just make sure to drink Gatorade at EVERY aid station; that seems to keep my stomach happy. I don’t have a race until June. Reading about your race has made me so excited to dig into my training.

Side note–the shoes you wore for your race look so cool. Is it bad to want to own certain running shoes just because they look awesome?


Thank you so much… I think buying a pair of running shoes based on looks is totally okay. I think you will actually love how they function too:) I’m glad that you have found what works for your stomach… GOOD LUCK IN JUNE!


Congratulations on such a great time! I can’t wait until you start coaching!
Coughing after a race is something I always do too! and it seems to last forever! I’ve been told I may have running induced asthma, but have never seen a dr. for it.
I’m running a 5K this weekend and hope they have some awesome post race food! Breakfast food is the best!


Thank you so much Kristel! I’ve never seen a dr for it either but I’m guessing that is what I have too! GOOD LUCK this weekend Kristel and I want to hear all about it!


You are a ROCKSTAR ! Great job on your race!!!

Didn’t race last weekend but ran 18 miles! I MIGHT do the Chi Town Half Marathon next weekend but have a marathon over Memorial Day Weekend so iffy on whether or not I want to race before that.

Things I usually eat during a race – I’m loyal to Clif Shot Bloks! I know some people hate chewing during races but I kind of like it as a distraction hah!


Congrats on the race! That was quite the incline! Yowza!

I had my first race post-baby. I’m five months out and only running about 3-4 days a week yet. I ran a little 5k this weekend and was a minute off my normal time. I’m quite the happy camper! I set a goal to get that minute back in June. 20 min here I come. Hopefully my tiny cheer section will be awake for that one.


WAY TO GO KATHY on your first post-baby race! Only a minute off your normal time… WOW!!! That is awesome… and it is so fun having that little one at the finish line to run to! Thanks Kathy and enjoy your week!


Have you ever seen McFarland, USA? (Actually, I bet your Mom would really love it since her Dad used to coach XC.) Anyway, the whole hill training section is pretty awesome. When they have to face hills again (a mountain actually), the coach finally says “Stop staring at it. It’s not going anywhere.” That’s kind of my new motto for hills/mountains in my life–literal or metaphorical. :)

Great job on the race! It looks like you’re off to a great start with your racing season.


I ran a half marathon too this weekend!! It has been awhile since I have done one (4 years!! But have trained for marathons between that time!). I ran a 15 minute PR!! That finish line food from your race looks amazing!! I’m from Wisconsin so there’s always plenty of beer at any race finish line here! ?


Your race sounds like it was really empowering – you pushed through and finished with an awesome time!!!
I ran 3 miles yesterday, just planned to get out for some me time and a quick run and ended up doing a hill workout on my half mile hill – up two lightposts, down one, up two, down one until I got to the top… don’t really know where that came from but it was awesome! I had been thinking about running a 10k a while back but decided not to, just trying to keep it low key, but now I am planning to begin training for a 15k race in early June. 9 miles is my favorite long distance to run for some reason. I am getting really excited to run longer than 30 minutes more often. :)


I have my first race in 4 years coming up in 2 weeks. It’s only a 5k but I’m excited to see what it’s like after having sworn them off.


I would run TO Utah for Ruth’s!! Congrats on your race!


Congrats on an awesome race! You’re so fast! I live in Florida and was supposed to run yesterday afternoon, but it was 85 degrees – needless to say, it didn’t happen. I’m like you, where I was always the crazy girl running in shorts and a tank in 40 degree weather while I lived in Massachusetts, and I miss that weather for running!


Janae! I used to be a runner and then switched to lifting and left running in the dust. I want to get back into it because I feel like my body liked it more than weight training. What are your tips for getting back into my groove without being discouraged that I can’t run as long as I used to be able to?

Thanks so much, girl! You’re the best!


That race sounds rough. The climbing, the blisters, the wind. And you still did awesome. You are my hero. I hope you ate that whole bowl of frosting. I did a race this weekend too! To see how much I could eat and how little I could move. I was at my parents house all weekend and I feel like General Conference is worse than Super Bowl for mormons.


I love that course! I would have my kids drop me off at the exit and I would run up the hill and down and back to my house in East Millcreek. That was one of my training courses for my marathon. It’s beautiful every day!


What an amazing time! on such a hard course. Food tastes so much better after a race! After a very cold half last winter they provided us with warm showers and a hot breakfast buffet. Best breakfast ever ;-)


Congrats on an AWESOME job! Going uphill for that long is a mental and physical challenge. Sounds like you raced smart and told those nasties to hush up. Soak in your success, lady :)


Thank you so so much Dynise! Have a fabulous week!!! Thanks for your comment!


incredible, awesome job girl! so proud <3 *hands in air emoji*
i did a little 8K this weekend…its the 'official kick-off to race season' here in chicago, and a huge race (like, tens of thousands of runners). i decided last minute to just run naked, no watch, no phone, no music, and just run hard and push it to what my body felt like it could do that morning. prior to, my legs were fairly tired and i had a pulled or inflamed muscle, so i didn't want to cause an injury. ended up averaging 7:29 miles, negative splits. i know i'm not in fast mode and there were just so many people to weave through, so i'm fairly pleased. my legs were absolute toast at the end, so thats good! (bad?! haha)


ADRIANNA!!! WAY TO GO!!! Awesome job on jumping in on that race (wow, that is a lot of runners) and running naked and with an awesome pace! Way to play it safe too with your inflamed muscle. I hope you are recovering well! I take toast legs as a good thing… love pushing ourselves out of that comfort zone! Congrats Adrianna!


Yay, I’m glad you had such a good race! The pictures of you running are great (I always look scary in race pics haha). Yikes, that blister looks terrible though, I hope it feels better soon! They had biscuits at the end when I ran the Houston Marathon, so good :)


Wow, you had a great race! Congratulations!!!!
I found this song to match perfectly with my steps when I run (I listen to the French radio mfm Radio to learn the language):
Indochine: L’aventurier. Hope you like it :)


I thought for sure I was the only one with Dear Theodosia in my running playlist!


Congrats on your fantastic half, even on a tough course! I’m like you – I’m always dressed in at least one layer less than everyone else. Often, I’ll be in a tank and shorts when my friends are in long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a jacket. I HATE being too hot and after the first quarter mile I’m warmed up so I dress for the race, not the first quarter mile.

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