15 Things Sunday + a running pep talk from my mom!

HAPPY SUNDAY!  I hope your day is an amazing one. I’ve got 15 things to share with you today and a pep talk too for those of you running Boston (or any races coming up here soon).

IMG 4060

1.  It was just Brooke and me yesterday morning so the treadmill was my best friend for my run.  Brooke usually just does art or watches a show or plays with things while I run at home.  She’s more than used to me being on the treadmill every now and then in the mornings so she’s got the routine down.

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2.  I started this book on my run yesterday.  I have a feeling I will finish it very quickly.

IMG 4037

3.  And then I attempted some weights.  If I’m not doing weights with my sister then I keep it really simple.  I just have 10 lb dumbbells at home and I do the classic arm moves with them:)  Nothing fancy but 15 minutes of the classics is better than zero minutes.  Oh and I did 10 miles on the treadmill.  I haven’t been able to fit in a double digit run since my race two weekends ago so I was happy to get that in again!

IMG 4042

4. Yesterday we saw a few hot air balloons up in the air and Brooke told me that is what she wants to do for her next birthday party.

IMG 4034

5.  We got to see Knox at the soccer game yesterday!  Brooke scored her first goal ever during the game!  They both really looked forward to the post-game snacks;)

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6.  Side effect of Andrew being the coach… one of the kids is trying to hang onto him throughout the game at all times.

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7.  I get it.  I wanted to do the same thing after my long run yesterday…  Sports are no joke.  I don’t know if I have ever fallen asleep in the middle of a coloring session though.

IMG 4064

8.  Last night Andrew’s family had a big Easter egg hunt so we drove up to their house and got to work hiding the eggs.

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9.  Brooke’s look of anticipation.

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10.  She scored $4 and lots of Starburst Jelly Beans which equates to a successful egg hunt in my opinion.

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11.  They were really interested in taking a group cousin shot;)

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12.  Then we hung out inside for a bit to sort through the good stuff.

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13.  We had a bbq for dinner (WATERMELON) and Andrew’s dad had this flavor out:)  I didn’t try it but Brooke said they were good.

IMG 4072

14.  The only marshmallow candy that is good in my book… Scotchmallows from See’s candy.

IMG 4074

15.  We ended the night with an intense game of Wiffle Ball.

IMG 4090

I know a bunch of you have a big race coming up tomorrow (SO EXCITED FOR YOU) and there are a ton of big races coming up soon!  My mom always sends me the best pep talks leading up to a race… she always knows exactly what I need to hear:)  She’s the best.

IMG 9286

So I asked her to write a little something for those of you running tomorrow!

“Huge congratulations to all of you who are running the Boston Marathon tomorrow!  I am sure the emotions before this historic race might include excitement, high anxiety, the peace that comes with achieving a goal and even the fear of possible injury.  But in the midst of all of this happiness and worry take time to remember that YOU qualified.  YOU pushed through the miles to prepare.  YOU monitored your health and YOU are now preparing your mind.  YOU did it all!  As you start your run tomorrow don’t forget to tap into the power of positive energy.  A simple smile can chase away negative thoughts, refuel your spirit and reinforce the mindset that you are happy with yourself and your best effort.  Have fun, be happy and have a great race!”

And before I say goodbye this morning, I have a little clip for Easter I wanted to share!


Favorite See’s piece of chocolate? Nuts or no nuts in chocolates?

What are your Sunday plans?  

Any special desserts today?

Did you do a long run this weekend?  What was it?

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Have you tried a Goo Goo Cluster candy yet?! Not to be confused with Goo Goo Dolls, although they might also have some marshmallow nougat in their middle, too?!
It’s a really good candy (made in Nashville, TN!) and there is the original with chocolate and peanuts, supreme with chocolate and pecans, and peanut butter with peanuts and peanut butter. So good.

Happy Easter!!


I haven’t tried those… I guess I need to order some! That sounds amazing. Happy Easter to you Loribeth and thanks for being such a good friend to us:)


Ooohh a hot air balloon birthday party sounds like a pretty awesome idea! How have I never thought of that? And second good luck to all the runners out there!


I love your mum’s pep talks! And your blog kept me going through my first two marathons, Dublin 2015 and 2016. I’ll be running Berlin 2017 in September, fuelled by many of your (and your mum’s) mantras. Thank you Janae!


Oh that makes me so happy! PLEASE keep me updated with how your training goes for Berlin and how the race goes! I want to come run Berlin with you! Congrats on your two Dublin marathons too! Have a fabulous day Djinn!


no nuts in chocolate! i love peanut butter but i hate actual nuts, especially in my chocolate or desserts


Happy Easter!

Your Mom’s pep talk brings tears to my eyes and I’m not even running Boston tomorrow! She is incredible.

We are headed downtown (Washington DC) to walk a flat 5k. I’ve been cleared to slowly walk on flat, non trail surfaces for the next two weeks (I fell and fractured two bones in my foot) and I am following Drs orders and can’t wait to run again.

Have a wonderful day filled with family, laughter and candy!


OH LEANNE!!! I am so so sorry about your foot injury… that sounds awful! You are so smart to follow what the dr said and I hope your 5k walk today in DC felt amazing and pain free! Thank you.. I hope the rest of your day is amazing too!


Great video. I loved it. Happy Easter!


I’m so glad you liked it Lynn! Happy Easter to you!


I LOVE See’s candy! I was introduced to See’s when my husband and I lived in California the first few years of our marriage. I love the nuts and chews! We moved back to my home state of Kansas several years ago and See’s candy is not easy to find. Sad day.

I’m hosting Easter dinner for my family and my daughter’s in-laws. For dessert I made butterscotch pie and angel food cake. Yum!

Have a great Easter! :)


Brooke’s face looking up at the hot air balloons is adorable! She looks so in awe :)

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to your blessed family!


We don’t have See’s here except around Christmas but I’m the weird one that hunts for all the orange and raspberry creams in a box of chocolates.
Yesterday was super windy so I didn’t do my long run. I’m heading out for 12 here shortly. No other big plans today but I took tomorrow off work so I can watch Boston on TV. ? Good luck to all the runners!
Happy Easter! ??


Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’m just being lazy this morning and enjoying the weather today. I like chocolate with peanut butter the best. I prefer that over chocolate with nuts.


Your mom is so uplifting! What a great support she is ?
We will spend today with family, nothing too big, but it will be great! I was asked to be in charge of dessert this year, and we have 3 birthdays we’re also celebrating, so I thought some sort of cake would be perfect! I found a 3-layer chocolate coconut cake on Pinterest! Every part of it from scratch…. the cake, the filling, the frosting, and chocolate drizzle! It was easier than I thought it would be, just took a while! But oh my gosh… the cake batter tasted so good, the filling too (a creamy coconut filling), but the frosting is to die for! A coconut buttercream! I hope the family loves it!!
I hope your Easter is great!!


Okay, that cake has me drooling! Maybe send a piece to me (that frosting plus filling… yeah we need to make that)!!! Thank you Wendy and enjoy your day with family and celebrating! I agree with what you said about my mom!


Your Mom’ s message is the best. I will remember it. Thanks. It works in my mind.
And what She wrote for Boston marathoners makes me want to run a marathon….never did.
Where are Her wings !!???!!!!


I totally agree with you:) She is an angel! I hope you have an amazing day Suzy! Thanks for your comment!


The Easter egg hunt looks like it was fun.
My only plans for today are doing some behind the scenes blog work and of course an Easter dinner with the family. We’re having ham so it’ll be delicious!


Scotchmallows for the win. there’s no question……the.best.

Special desserts: Easter candy. I just love the different colored wrappers (I swear they taste different) and their tiny little size.

Happy day!!!


Thanks to your wonderful mom, an amazing woman! I will use her mental preparation for my next race.
Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter) to you and your Family!


Funny that you mentioned See’s. My daughter and her family came for dinner last night and we had a box of See’s Chocolates (not for dinner ha ha but after). We don’t get them very often so we don’t really know what is what in the box and there was no guide to tell us. So, we were just biting into them to see what they were and deciding if we liked them or not. It was kind of fun. I like anything coconut and found only 1 in the whole box!

Just hanging out with family today but I will probably squeeze in an easy 4 miler.
Happy Easter!


He is risen indeed! Happy Easter! Our Sunday plans included early breakfast at church before service (our churches tradition), service, and celebrating this afternoon with family. I’m bringing my favorite chocolate cake: German choc cake mix, after baking poke finger sized holes over the whole thing (if you think it’s too many holes do more!), pour caramel and one can of sweetened condensed milk over all the holes. Let it cool in the fridge overnight, “frost” with homemade whipped cream and drizzle with caramel. The cake is dense, definitely not dry, and oh so delicious!

Love the positive comments from your mom. My friend and I ran eight miles in POURING rain yesterday and we just kept saying things like, “I’m so thankful for (fill in the blank).” Kept is positive, encouraged, and after finished we both agreed it was the BEST run to date.

Have a blessed Easter!


Nuts in chocolate are always the best:)

My Sunday plans are going to church and then working on school projects. And I can’t say yesterday’s run was a long run, since it was only a 4 mile run. The sun was very bright and the weather was pretty hot yesterday.


10 mile long run this morning – my favorite Hawaii loop – Tantalus! Now I’m waiting for my husband to get back from a bike ride so we can go eat breakfast. Then a nap. Church this evening. Perfect Sunday!

Happy Easter!


Your mom is amazing!!!!!!! And good luck to everyone running Boston tomorrow!!!!!!!


Happy Easter Janae and the fam! I hope you all have a healthy, happy day of celebration!

Random question for you since you mentioned a book. What’s your favorite book of all time? I like reading peoples favorites books. :)


Happy Easter! Hope you and your families enjoy a blessed day!


Happy Easter-loved the video! And tell Brooke she does a fantastic job taking pictures. The mirror behind you shows she loves it. She is going to make a heck of a photographer one day. :) And always nuts with chocolate treats!!


I love your love for candy (it kinda blew my mind when I read your post about fueling on runs with Skittles. I’m going to do the same). Apparently See’s candy is not a thing in New York, so I brought back a box of my favorites – the lollipops – when I visited home in California recently.

No long run for me in a while. Sprained my ankle and doctor ordered me to stay off it for another 10 days (been fragile and unstable for 3 weeks now). :(((( getting super restless.

Brooke’s face makes my day.



I LOVE your mom’s message. I took a screen shot and will read it at the start of the Boston Marathon tomorrow!! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!! Also, that video was just beautiful.


OH YAY!! I’m glad it helped:) Have the best time ever tomorrow and let me know how it goes!


I never heard of Scotchmallows! What?!?!


First, I have been reading your posts/workouts for awhile now and whenever I don’t have the motivation to do a speed workout, you always seem to motivate me. That being said, I haven’t done a half since last May, which I finished in 2:00:48, with an average of 9:13. I ran a half this past weekend and finished in 1:49:40 (my goal was sub 2) and had a pace of 8:21. I was so excited. It hurt. Bad. But as soon as I crossed that finish line, it was all worth it! So, thank you, for your words – they definitely inspire me every day.
Second, have you ever ran anything over a marathon? I watched a documentary about an ultra runner this morning (Nikki Kimball) and it just automatically made me think of you.


Your mom’s sweet words brought tears to my eyes and I’m not even running a thing coming up! She is a great person. My Sunday plans included church, brunch with my family, and dinner with Chris’s family. A long day, but we had so much fun and are so thankful we got to spend the whole day with people we love.


Your mom seems like the sweetest :) I agree though! I’m all about prepping mentally for races as well as physically.

I actually did do a long run (first time in over 1.5 years!) `16 miles with 6 mile tempo in the middle. Hurt so good :)


Love that message from your mom! Such kind and inspiring words.


I just love your mom! The sweetness just resonates from her.
I didn’t run yesterday, but her pep talk made me tear up!


How do you run and read? Especially at a fairly fast pace? I have the hardest time!

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