Where’s the spring in the step? +Boston shoes. +A core workout for Runners!

Tempo Tuesday started off great:)

But then Josse and I started running ha:)  We had a blast the first two miles for our warm-up (we did those at a 9:10 average) and then the tempo started.  We talked the first two tempo miles which helped those miles to go by quickly and then I realized how wasted my legs were.  I set out to do 9 miles at around the pace that I did 8 tempo miles (6:48 average) last week but readjusted and set the pace back a little bit and my main goal was just to finish the 9 miles.  Mission accomplished and I didn’t take any breaks even though I wanted a break every quarter of a mile, but I knew that if I did take a break that I probably wouldn’t start up again.  Tempo miles looked like this:  6:57, 7:00, 6:45, 6:48, 6:56, 6:48, 6:53, 6:51, 6:55—>  average of about 6:53.  So not too much slower than the previous week but the difficulty level felt about 30 percent harder:)

IMG 2581

This is my tired face in the above picture.  I just sat on the trail for a bit after I finished the run:)  Josse has had some sciatic pain so she didn’t push it crazy and so I just waited for her.  We did a slow cool-down and finished with 12 miles.   It was hotter yesterday (65ish degrees) than last week and I think I’m just tired from traveling a bunch lately and not sleeping super great.  I’ll focus on recovery the next few days now:)  Sometimes it is just the way that running goes.  You feel a spring in your step one week and the next week you wonder where the heck that spring disappeared to and how you are going to keep your legs moving!

IMG 2588

Came home to Brooke and Andrew and we ate lunch quickly right when I got home.  Trying to really get in nutrients right after a run.  Sweet potato on the bottom, meat, lettuce, avocado, onion with ranch and bbq sauce.

IMG 2596

Followed by a bunch of pistachios after.

IMG 2549

I don’t know where Brooke might have learned to start scaring us (okay, she gets it from me and Andrew) but she is getting pretty good at it.  She got me good yesterday.

IMG 2594

Also, any show that has a puppy in it is Brooke’s favorite show.  She really loves those movies with real dogs in them where they make the puppy look like he/she is actually talking.

IMG 2602

Five o’clock hit (I was working on some things all afternoon and Andrew had a biochemistry test ((doesn’t that sound fun?)) and we went to the park for Brookers.

IMG 2622

Her favorite way to be carried back to the car.

IMG 2624

We went over to my parents’ house and brought her her favorite dessert… strawberry shortcake.  One time my parents and I were on a trip somewhere and we ate at Cheesecake factory one day and had our meals and then split their strawberry shortcake.  The shortcake was so good that we kept going back each day for more and after a few days we realized the winning combination was splitting a meal and then each of us getting our own shortcake.

IMG 2626

We brought dinner to eat there while we chat.

IMG 2627

And the most beautiful Launch’s arrived too:)  BOSTON 2017!!! Aren’t they amazing? (They will be available on March 29th)  I got some great use out of my last Lobster Launch pair and I’m sure these will also bring many happy miles.  I’m not going to lie, I am really wishing I was doing Boston this year… I think it is going to have to happen in 2018!

IMG 2629

A few random things to discuss:

*If you’ve been wondering what has been going on with Kara, you can read all about it here.  She has had quite a few setbacks over the years and is so open about how she gets through the hard parts.  Also, did you see that Shalane Flanagan will not be able to run Boston this year anymore due to a fracture in her back.  She says the cause of this break was from too many miles on the treadmill and slippery surfaces HERE!

Screen Shot 2017 03 21 at 2 32 44 PM

*Jess, Claudia and Natalja shared with us one of their strength workouts that they do (outside of the strength room)!  Some great new moves that they show for our cores/glutes/hamstrings/shoulders/backs!  Try it out.  I show each move that they did and they said they go through doing about 10 reps of each exercise.  You can go through it one or two times!  PS these pro runners are the sweetest you’ll ever meet.

*We are getting some fruit trees for our house!!  

IMG 2531

Who has fruit trees?  Which ones and what’s the best ones to get?!

What was your favorite subject in school?

-I actually always liked math and of course health:)

Who is running Boston this year?  Who has in the past… what year? 

Have a favorite elite athlete?  Which one?

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Ohhh I’m so jealous that you are getting fruit trees! I’ve started planting vegetables … well okay, I started a few weeks ago. Things were going really well until a wind storm came through and killed off most of the veggies that were sprouting. The broccoli is the only one left that is holding up. I need to buy more seeds and start over with the others. I was so bummed because they were all sprouting!

I am a big fan of Sage Canaday in the ultrarunning scene, although he runs killer road marathons too. I’m in awe of his ability to balance both!


I feel so bad for Shalane! It’s her hometown marathon too (she’s from Marblehead, MA which is right near where I live). I am doing Boston 2018 so I really hope to be able to meet you although I’m sure you will have like 29389 people trying to meetup ha!


Your post-tempo lunch looks absolutely delicious! So does your salad. I’ve gotten really into salads lately, so I definitely think I’ll be having one for lunch today. :)

I always loved English and whatever athletics I was involved in during high school. I also really enjoyed my journalism class (which is good since I ended up following that career path).


My favorite athletes are Venus and Serena Williams, because they do a lot of winning but also because they manage to not hate each other even though S always beats V. I think they are pretty rare people, both in terms of athletic ability and heart.

Favorite subject in school: English! I love reading and writing.


Really like the dark blue of those shoes! My favorite subject was art and PE. I was suuuper sporty and tom boyish for a while, but also loved arts and crafts!


I love the Launch’s so I’m jealous of those shoes! I’ve never qualified for Boston, but that’s my long term goal. Hope to get there one day :)


Ugh! I feel you about “fluctuating workouts”! You are tough though, you made it through!
Favorite elite is either Des or Lauren Fleshman- I love how they are no-nonsense and worked through struggles.
Boston is definitely a dream race- Mitch ran it last year and he had a blast (not being able to see him race=hello, welcome to stressed world where everyone’s hair falls out and I start crying in the middle of the day for no reason).


I want fruit trees for my house so bad! But unfortunately my cats are dumb and eat any plants I have, so I can’t :( I would totally have lemons though if I could. Just another way to prove that Costco really does have absolutely everything….


I NEED those shoes for BOSTON!!! I have commented before and told you that Launch is my favorite shoe by Brooks so far and I think I need the lobsters for my first ever Boston on 4/17!!


AHHHHH KIM!!!! I seriously am so beyond excited for you to run Boston! Please please please let me know how it goes. YOU NEED these Launch’s. They are perfect for you!


Oh fruit trees are so awesome! I’m so jealous!! You’ll love them!! I’ve wanted to grow a garden for so long but we renovate houses and live in them so we’re constantly on the move. BUT one day– it WILL happen! ;)

I loved reading and English, no math or science for this girl!

I am SO sad for Shalane with the Boston marathon! She is one tough cookie and so is Kara!! I am obsessed with watching them race/train. So inspirational.

No Boston for me just, but just like the fruit trees–ONE DAY! :)


Your mom is so adorable :) and your salads make me hungry all the time!

I don’t have any fruit tree. Once I tried to have a basil plant but It died cause I’m never home!! Maybe in the future I’ll be better having plants.


Wish we would get some warmer weather here! I love fruit trees, but I have a big veggie garden in the summer!


We don’t have any fruit trees, but my parents have tangerine trees and a meyer lemon tree and they’re so good! I want to get an avocado tree soon :) Kara is definitely my favorite athlete. I went to the Olympic marathon trials in Houston and saw her make the team (I think in 2012?) the day before the Houston Marathon and nothing could have been more motivating!


no fruit trees :( But my dad grows delicious yellow corn that is usually ready for picking at the end of the summer so I’ll look forward to that.

I always did well with French and Science. But I was terrible at History and English. Go figure.


I think we all have those workouts that just don’t go as planned. It is awesome that you were able to feel decent and even talk though the tempo.

I love the new Brooks Lobster Launch, I’m not running Boston but it seems like such a fun shoe!


If I had a sunny enough spot I’d love an apple Tree. They have such pretty flowers!

My favorite subject in high school was definitely social studies/history.


We have a lemon tree in our yard and love making lemonade. I’m a nurse so I have always loved science and health classes. I love your tank in the running pic, where is it from? I need it in my life……


Oh I bet that is SO nice to have a lemon tree! So the tank in this picture is from Lululemon! I bought it about 3 years ago and it has lasted perfectly since then. I just searched their website and can’t find a similar one because this one has a built in sports bra. I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I find one though! Enjoy the rest of your day!


We have a fig tree, the city was handing out free trees and I love figs. Score! It does need to be wrapped up to be protected for winter though, which looks a little crazy.

I loved creative writing, English, and history – particularly early American history.

I like both Shalane and Kara. I actually have the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook and I like it. I don’t generally buy cookbooks any more but this had some really good recipes geared for various stages of running.


FIG TREE… okay, that sounds awesome! I want one of those! I keep meaning to get that cookbook, I think that will help us to cook at home more! I hope you and your husband are having a fantastic day!


Hubby’s family has fruit trees — apples and I think pears — they have a working orchard so I have no idea which ones are the best to get — but whichever apples they grow make the best cider and applesauce!

Math — of course! I’m a maths professor so I love it! I’ve loved it as long as I can remember — though I do love reading and have always loved science math was the subject my mom could help me with (she didn’t speak or read english until I was learning it…).


It’s been so fun to watch Brooke’s personality develop and shine. I love that she’s scaring you! My brother and I used to get my mom all the time while we were growing up. Such a good memory.

I had a few fruit trees growing up! The pomegranate ones always rocked. The avocado tree takes forever before it produces anything, but it is well worth it. And the orange tree we had was hit or miss depending on the year.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for including that video from the Beasts and their ab/core/strength workout!!!! Loved that, and it definitely gave me some new ideas for some exercises to work into my current rotation!!!!

Fav subject in school–either French or English (and I ended up becoming an English teacher. I’m TERRIBLE at math. It gives me an instant brain freeze! lol)

Fav elite—Des Linden!!!!! Love her humble attitude, and her Insta stories are hilarious. I’m not sure I have a fav male elite runner!


Oh good Jen! I am glad the video is going to help you out!!! Oh I seriously love Des Linden too! I met her once and it pretty much made my life:) I hope you are having a beautiful week!


I just bought a pair of Launch shoes, but not the lobsters! I’ve always run in Newtons. Not sure Launch is a good fit for me, but I’m still testing them out. The shamrock version were cute, but I don’t think it would match anything I own!
I ran Boston, in the rain, in 2015 too! We will be back there again this year to cheer on my husband and friends who are running.


My favorite subject in school was always Biology or Physics. Strangely enough, I now work in budget and am a super spreadsheet nerd. I discovered my love of numbers a bit later and am now two semesters away from my BS in Accounting – woo hoo!


English was my favourite subject. Favourite elite athlete – Desi Linden and Killian Jornet. I ran Boston in 2013 & 2014. Thinking about running another marathon so I can go back to Boston. But I love the trails now, so that would mean getting back to the track and more road long runs…


2013 and 2014… that is AWESOME Kristine! I am so happy you found your love for the trails now, keep on enjoying the dirt and hills:) I am going on the trails tomorrow and I’m already looking forward to it. Happy Wednesday Kristine!


Don’t get plum trees! We had a yellow plum tree in my backyard growing up and most of the plums ended up on the ground, rotting and perfect food for wasps. We definitely had more luck with our apple trees.

My favorite subject in school was English (hence my choice of major in college) because I love to read.


I’m absolutely starving and ready for lunch and your lunch made me drool a little. I still haven’t made a commitment to run a marathon, since training for the half kills me every time, but I’m thinking about trying to get in for Boston or NYC in the next couple of years. I’m terrified of the distance though!


Your mom has great taste in desserts.

We had apple trees growing up! But that was in Upstate NY, idk how well they would do in Utah.

AHH the talking dog movies…honestly, they freak me out. Brooke is a very brave girl.


Hi Janae and Andrew, i was wondering if you could clarify something for me. I’m trying to figure out how far my long run should be. So, for instance, my long runs are on Mondays. If I run 4 miles on Wednesday and 6 miles on Friday, how far should I run on Monday? I’m currently training for my first Marathon April 30th. I know I’ve not been training the best way. I’m afraid I may be over training.


Hey Scott! Thanks for your comment and I’m excited for your first marathon next month wahoo!!! Are you following a training plan? How far have you been doing on your long runs? Are you hurting or feeling burnt out?


at my previous house we had apple and pear trees-the apples were too tart but fun to give away for baking! The only thing I didn’t like was the grounders (the rotten ones on the ground). I think I’d love a kiwi vine, a lemon tree, an avocado tree, or a peach tree.

My favorite subject was always health (I’m a nurse so health class was like free time).

I’m the only one in my family who has not run Boston. My mom last ran it in 2006 (we trained for her BQ together just after I had my 4th baby! it was so much fun to pace her for that!) She was 62 years old and we ran 3:51, well under her needed time if I remember correctly. I was just trying to keep her from going too fast and to not get distracted by the fact that I really really needed to nurse the baby ;)

So my fave elite runners are Joan Benoit, Grete Waitz (I met her when I was about 14 and was gobsmacked), and Kara Goucher (she seems so realistic). For ultra runners I have to go with Scott J. I pretty much admire everyone out there though.

Happy Almost Friday!!!!!


Having my own avocado tree would make my life!


Great idea to get a fruit tree! Avocado trees are nice too ;) I always loved science classes as a kid (now I’m a biologist ;) )


I have two Myers lemon trees in pots that I love! I have them in pots so we can move them inside in the cold winter months (I live in Colorado) and out to the patio in summer. Having fresh lemons always feels like a little luxury to add to my ice water or tea. Plus when a recipe calls for a lemon, I can usually just go pick one. I want to get a pineapple plant next.


Love those Brooks Boston Launch Shoes! So cute. I live in an apartment complex so we can’t have a fruit tree, but a lemon, apple or avocado would be awesome! My favorite subject in school was math as well! Then I took Calculus 2 in college and it took some of the fun out of it! I also loved AP US History and AP Poli Sci in high school because I had the BEST teacher! Great teachers make all the difference! I’ve only ran 4 half marathons, so definitely not up to the full 26.2 yet! I still run/walk but I get out there!

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