What do they think of you? + 10 things I really think about race week!

Just a nice morning out together running 7.72 miles.  It was lightly sprinkling when we started the run and then it turned into a complete downpour at about mile 4.  I was quite upset at myself for not wearing my new rain jacket but having soaking wet clothing every now and then while running must make you stronger somehow right?  I just tell myself that anything that is annoying me during a run is just making me stronger by pushing through it.

And some new snow in the mountains.  It’s just Utah’s early April Fool’s joke.

IMG 2865

Not the best picture but gotta love the giant puddles all around town right now.  Not sure my running shoes are ever going to dry out again after that.

IMG 2867

It looked like my Garmin was sweating after the run:)  Remember when Garmin (maybe it was but anytime mine got wet it would just turn off) didn’t used to be waterproof?  I used to put my very first Garmin under 12 layers of clothing anytime I would be running in the rain to avoid the water.  Now I don’t even have to think about it.

IMG 2868

When I got home from my run, Brooke asked me how my run went.  It made me feel good that she cares about how my runs go too;)  PS I have a question I really want to know at the end of this post about how the people in your world feel about your running.

IMG 2876

All of this running in the rain has forced me to have to wash my hair more often.  I think everyone is very happy about that.

IMG 2884

Brooke and I had a special little date together yesterday afternoon and goodness gracious does she have a lot to say.

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Good thing swim practice is indoors!

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We made eggroll in a bowl for dinner last night.  We used ground turkey instead of sausage and it was delicious.

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I hope others of you agree but I LOVE Rhodes rolls.  I forget about them a lot but then when I have them, I am reminded of how much I love their soft goodness.  Two of these accompanied my dinner along with some cantaloupe too!  Brooke could survive off of cantaloupe for the rest of her life.

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After dinner we cheered on Andrew while he did his nightly planks and push-ups.  I can’t imagine doing planks after eating dinner but he rocks it.

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Brooke joined in on the push-ups.

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Still sporting her race t-shirt from her very first race 1.5 years ago.

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And a quick flashback to her first race.. she wanted to make sure that her Garmin was set to accurately track her time and distance.

IMG 4667

KNOX came home last night and will be with us for the next 1.5 weeks, we are all so excited!

IMG 2912


I’ve got my first race of the season this weekend!  I haven’t done a race since October… it’s time to get out there again doing what I love to do.  I tend to skip over racing in the freezing cold months in Utah so we should be good to go (although, it might rain ha).  I’m not expecting an amazing time on Saturday (we climb up 600 ft in the first 4 miles of the race… OUCH) but I am expecting to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I want to put out my best effort and remind myself how to race a half marathon again because I have a few this spring and I’d love to improve with each one.

Because we taper (usually) the week of a race,  there isn’t much we can do physically in terms of workouts that is going to help us to be faster on race day BUT there are many things you can do mentally the week of race day that will make a HUGE difference in your race performance.

A few things that I think about during the week leading up to a race!

1.  Self doubt= a waste of energy.  Energy that I could be using in my race.

2.  For no failure ever need be final.  There is no reason to define myself by how a race went previously for me or how I feel like I didn’t hit my training goals this time around… the race I have ahead of me is a whole new game:)

3.  When I start to worry the day before a race I ask myself—>  What’s the worst that could happen?  I don’t hit the exact time I want?  Oh well, I’ll just keep trying over and over again until I do.

4.  Let it go.  When pre-race anxiety kicks in, it’s important to just let it go.  I have to remind myself to just stop thinking about it and enjoy the moment. To go out and do what I’ve trained for while enjoying the whole experience!


And a few things that I remind myself leading up to a race to think about when things get hard:

1. You AREN’T going to feel like this forever.  Get through it, do the best you can and I promise it will get better.  Things will always improve.  I will either get a second wind during the race, a boost in motivation or the finish line will come and I’ll feel better!  One of the beautiful things about racing is that we get to experience about 100 different emotions over the miles so you aren’t going to feel awful for long, the emotion/feeling will change before you know it!

2.  When I keep telling myself how tired I am, I try to focus on my form instead.  I repeat three parts of form to myself over and over again to help me pick up the speed—>  1. KNEE DRIVE  2. FORWARD LEAN  3. PUSH OFF YOUR FEET w/each stride.  When I start zoning in on those things then my pace picks up again.

3.  WHAT DOESN’T HURT?  I use this one a lot when I am really hurting during a race and spending too much time thinking about what is hurting!  I like to remind myself of all of the things that don’t hurt during the race like my elbows or my ears or my pinky toes;)

4.  Stay in the MILE.  Don’t think about the next hill, the next ten miles, the next 20 minutes… just think about the mile you are in.

5.  A direct quote from Brooke a few years ago while we were on a hike and she was starting to get tired, “My legs are NOT tired.”  It was the cutest thing, she was giving herself a little pep talk to keep on going and it has stuck with me ever since!

6.  It’s my mind that holds me back, not my body.  I think our minds tell us we are exhausted long before we actually are to avoid us going overboard… I like to remind myself that it is just my mind trying to trick me that my body is tired.

Bonus:  Smile.  When I remember to smile randomly throughout the race it makes the whole thing fun again.


How do the people in your life feel about your running?  Do you feel like you are surrounded by runners or not so much!  Do your non-runner family/friends enjoy talking about running with you or do you just skip any running talk with them?

What was your dinner last night?

Do you get pre-race nerves?

What do you tell yourself the week of a race?

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Love this! I do get pre-race nerves but try to think about the race as little as possible the week leading up to the race. And during the race, I always remind myself of “one smile per mile,” and that helps me stay happy for at least a portion of every single mile. :)


Okay, I still can’t get over how much Brooke and Knox look alike! Seriously, your little family was completely meant to be! <3 So, so happy for you guys!

Last night's dinner was roasted red pepper tomato soup from Trader Joe's, strawberries, and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!


Awww that’s so cute that Brooke asked about your run! Hardly anyone I know in real life is a runner, but everyone always asks how running is going. I think it’s sweet that they ask but I know that they don’t want to hear all the nitty gritty details though so that is why I blog! haha

Love Brooke’s self motivation tip. I will definitely have to try that on my next tough run!!! Which may be tonight. I got like 2 hours of sleep last night and know I’ll be exhausted by the time my run comes around this evening!


it’s funny – I don’t really talk about my running with anyone other than my dad or on my blog! my dad used to be a runner so every day he asks how my run went but otherwise, it’s like I run first thing in the morning and then move on with my day. my friends never hear me talk about running but they know that I run. do I make sense? lol


I’m mostly surrounded by people who enjoy my running and all the stories I share but there are definitely some friends and family that couldn’t care less or are just tired of hearing it all. Lol. That’s why I blog. So the ones who are interested can just read my posts :)
Last night I had chips and a small piece of cheese with two clementines for dinner. It was more like a snack because I had a big lunch.


Dinner last night: quinoa, sweet potato and chick pea casserole with a side of green beans. It was basically a dinner that came out of ‘what do I have left in the fridge to eat’ type of meal. But, it tasted great, so that is what counts!

I so agree about mental preparation! For me, I know that helps so, so much! And I love your idea about focusing on
‘what doesn’t hurt?’ I have a feeling I’m going to be thinking about my eyebrows a lot through my fall marathon. Haha!


I think eliminating self doubt has been huge for me. Like, why were you even there in the first place? No time for you. Also getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is something I continue to tell myself. It’s okay if you dont feel perfect and on top of your game- let it pass and just keep moving on!


My boyfriend is much more of a runner than I am and we talk about it quite a bit, but it is definitely something he mainly does with his dad so it is good that he has a buddy in it :)

My dinner last night was embarrassing, but delicious. My friend and I went to go see Beauty and the Beast and then we went to a wine bar next door, so my dinner was definitely a cheese, pesto, and bread plate.


Hello! So there are not a ton of runners in my life. My husband does not enjoy physical activity but he supports my running in many ways. He always says that I am not a natural runner but I just keep going anyway. So that may sound like an insult but he means it in the best way – that although running is hard for me I do it anyways and he finds that to be impressive!!


HEY KELLY!!! That is awesome that your husband is so supportive of your running even though he isn’t really into it! I love it. I hope that your Tuesday is perfect!


I have my first race of the season this weekend too! Fingers crossed for awesome weather. For anything that’s really hard, a hike or a run or whatever, I think of it as a finite amount of time. Like, I can do almost anything for two hours. It’s just two hours. Somehow, remembering that it ends pushes me through.


Good morning! I thought this was a funny story. My mom, who doesn’t like to run, saw a guy on Saturday morning running out in the rain when it was 35 degrees outside. She made sure to tell me that she thought runners are crazy! :) I just said, you gotta get your Saturday long run in! haha Good luck this weekend! I know you’re going to rock it! I’ve just done a couple 5ks so far this year!


HAHAHA I love your story Erin, thank you for that! We sure are crazy and that long run has to get in no matter what the temperature is! Thanks so much and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I have used the mantra “my legs are not tired” ever since you posted about it a year+ (?) ago. Loved it then and its a great way to remind you that so much of running, provided you put the miles in , is all in your head. Trust in your training.
Dinner was gnocchi with pesto, sauteed zucchini, bread and butter.
I have a half marathon this weekend that is just a long training run ahead of my marathon at the end of Big Sur. I wont be tapering for this half given that its just another long run but this time, with course support and a medal afterwards.


Oh I am so happy you have been using that mantra!

Okay, your dinner last night Rosie sounds amazing. Good luck this weekend and I’m so excited for you to run Big Sur. Let me know how it goes!


It’s funny, I feel like my non-runner friends who have big goals that might not be running, but still athletic focus (triathlon, cycling, cross fit, yoga) get it. They have personal parallels to their discipline so the talk is very easy, natural, lengthy, exciting, and inspiring. Especially when it starts out as running talk and turns to mental and spiritual.

Non-runner friends, especially ones that are lack a goal or focus at the moment, are usually like “you still running? Yep……..how’s Hope (or fill in any other thing in my life).


If someone in my circle doesn’t ask about my running, I try not to talk about it…then again marathon training pretty much consumes my life so I sometimes struggle with other things to talk about ;)

I have a half this Saturday, a training run leading up to the Eugene Marathon. I remember it being pretty hilly from last year so I’ll just focus on my form as much as I can getting up those hills, and concentrate on pumping my arms instead of the pain I feel in my legs.

Dinner last night was a tuna melt because I was too lazy to make anything more than that!


YES… sometimes when we are training so heavily for something it is hard to talk about anything else! I get it:)

GOOD LUCK this Saturday and I am so excited for you to run the Eugene Marathon! I want to hear all about it and you are going to rock those hills!


I’m the lone runner of my family. Which, especially after moving out of Orlando, has unfortunately made me run less and less. Hoping to find a new wave of motivation to get back at it!


Love these reminders! A lot of my non runner friends think I’m crazy/ don’t know why I do what I do but I’m also surrounded by tons of supportive friends and family who support me even if they think I’m crazy!


Good luck for your race!

Last night for dinner we had pulled pork sandwiches. They’re usually not my favorite, but these ones were actually pretty good.


I always get pre-race nerves and I don’t think I ever will stop. I think it just shows how much you care about it!


It’s funny, I was just discussing with someone how far Garmins have come in the last several years. It’s truly incredible. I work in a Running store so I feel like I never really get away from running LOL.


THOSE ROLLS! Those carbs are all you need to prep for your race :P

The people in my life are super supportive of my running. They know it makes me a better, happier human being. My favorite is when I can get Jesse to go for a trail run with me and the pups. Sharing something you love with someone you love, IS THE BEST <333


The only other person in my family who is into running is my dad, who lives on the other side of the country. So we sometimes discuss running when we chat, every couple of weeks or so. And I will often fill my husband in on the specifics of my runs, but it’s mostly me talking and him sort of listening. He is not a runner at all! But he is very supportive. We are just into totally opposite things, fitness wise.

Dinner last night was chickpeas and spinach in coconut milk with roasted sweet potatoes.


I’m with Brooke on the Cantaloupe! SO good!

The past few months I haven’t talked about running, but I have been nonstop talking about barre! I love that class, and it has made me a stronger runner.

Dinner last night was Skinny Fajitas. Super good and filling! :)


There are close members of my family that are not supportive of my running and there are those that are- being real about who I REALLY am and the things that are important to me (running, career, kindness, family/friends, pancakes, animals) has revealed who gets to stay in my inner circle and who can be kicked out if that precious space in my mind- you either cheer me on or take a seat ;)

Love! This list of race day and race week tips is awesome- this post helped me a lot!


No one in my family runs. My husband used to play soccer, but says he’s never understood running just to run. However, he totally understands how important running is to me. If I’m stressed out or upset, he’ll suggest I go for a run. When I was training for my marathon (I’ve only done one so far), he would get up early with me and meet me at intervals so I didn’t have to run by myself. He also genuinely celebrates my little victories and listens when I babble on about tempo runs and intervals.


I’m so excited for you for your race this weekend! You’re going to kill it!! :)

It’s also race week for me since I have my first 10k of the year this weekend! It’s been a while for me too and I can’t wait! Nothing like starting your weekend off with a good race! This post was JUST what I needed!!

Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of runner’s around me. That’s why I love the Instagram world/Blogging world of runners because it really does connect you in so many ways you never could’ve been before. That’s one major positive of technology these days! :) My family is supportive though, they just don’t like running themselves! But they do always show up to support me on race day which is the best!

Dinner last night was Teryaki Wings! So so good!! We had a splurge because we had a long crazy Monday and it hit the spot!

I always get pre-race nerves, but feel so much better right when the race starts and I’m surrounded by other crazy runners like myself! ;) Races are the absolute best in my opinion!

I always tell myself to just take it easy the week of the race. I try not to push myself and do lots and lots of yoga and foam rolling! I also try to tell myself that’s the joy of running races is we always get another chance to get better if we don’t hit the exact time we want in a certain race. There will always be another start line no matter what.


So excited for you and your race this weekend!!

I have a lot of friends and family members who don’t really understand running so I usually don’t talk about it much unless they want to. I often get asked how long my next marathon is.

Or when someone asks how long a marathon takes me and the longer I tell them the more impressed they are since kilometers/miles mean nothing to them but time running does. So just saying Janae, but they would be more impressed with me than you since I am closer to the 4 hour mark ;)

What helps me is reminding myself that racing is supposed to hurt and that the elites, and everyone else, are hurting too but they keep pushing through the pain. Knowing that there are others in this with me always makes me feel better and takes me out of self. I also then can focus on smiling at everyone else and cheering on others, if I have the energy :)


These are great tips! I love that you love Rhodes rolls. I love them too. Here in West Virginia, pepperoni rolls are a staple and I always make them with Rhodes rolls. You just put a few slices of pepperoni in them, let them rise and bake them. They’re especially delicious with tomato soup. Good luck in your race!


Okay, WE HAVE TO TRY THAT. That sounds amazing! Thank you Meredith!


great advice on race nerves. im running the cherry blossom 10 miler this weekend and that helped! ive never heard of egg roll in a bowl, and it looks fab!



AHHH GOOD LUCK this weekend Nicole! I’ve always wanted to do that race! Enjoy!!!


I am surrounded by a lot of runners – many of my friends are crazy runners as well. My partner is not a runner and he thinks I’m nuts – and so do my family but I know they are secretly proud of me. I tend to avoid talking about running extensively with my non – runner friends unless the bring it up. I do get pre – race nerves but hopefully have learned to manage it better over time – before my first ultra I was a nervous wreck – so much so that my running companions probably wanted to strangle me as they were running their first ultra as well :D.

Dinner = rotisserie chicken and tomatoes.


I haven’t seen any of my running buddies in a while and the rest of my friends don’t run, neither does anyone in my family. It’s weird when I’m out of the loop and don’t have anyone who understand why we do it, even when we sometimes complain. I talk to a few people at the gym and connected with other runners on instagram but it’s not quite the same.

I made meatballs, sauteed eggplant, and pasta, made from lentil flour, with pesto. High in protein and fiber, kept me satiated, and it tasted great. Pesto is an either love or hate food and I love it.

I do get some nerves but I tell myself so if you have to walk to finish it you will. Only once, when I wasn’t feeling well during a race, did I walk a lot more than I would have liked. There have been races since then that did not hurt nearly as much.

I remind myself I can and I will. I am strong and even if it hurts I’ll be able to sit down later on.


My husband is very supporting of my workout routine. He knows when I need a good workout to boost my mood. When we were planning out our day last weekend he made sure to include time for a morning workout for me. It is the BEST when you have a partner that supports your hobbies/goals.

Good luck this weekend on your race!! Enjoy every minute of it.. and the celebrating with yummy treats that comes afterwards! :)


My Dad loves the fact that I’m a runner just like him. It took me 23 years to love running as much as he does. He’s the only person that I go to when I have a question, or when I just want to talk about how good or bad my run went. He loves it, of course.

My dinner last night was salad from the Whole Food’s salad bar. So good!:) and I’ll be having leftovers for lunch today.

I do get pre-race anxiety but I’m pretty good at just letting it go. I just don’t think too much on the expectations that I have and try to focus on having fun. That is something I learned from my father, even before becoming a runner.


I kind of love running in the rain sometimes, but hate waterlogged shoes. I’m sure you’ve said, but what kind of Garmin do you have? I still have the giant old clunky one, but I’ve lost the charger, so probably time for an upgrade!


Hey Christina! I have this one and LOVE it… here is my post with the watch and my review of the watch:


Have an awesome day!


Thank you!! I appreciate it :)


oh my goodness that gray sweater jacket thing is lovely. where did you get it?! i love.


THANK YOU!!! Here is the link:


Have a fabulous day!


My husband is a long time cyclist. He’s done everything from time trials to 200 milers. So while he doesn’t run, he totally gets it. Our Saturday evenings are filled with stories of my long runs and his cycling adventures. I’ve volunteered at a bunch of his races and he’s always at the finish line for mine. The rest of my friends just don’t get it so I try not to bore them too often!

We have a weekly ritual where I ask, “What do you want to eat this week?” Most weeks I don’t get any ideas, but Sunday I got a quick, “Spaghetti!” So that’s what we had last night. I made a huge crock pot full and we’ll be having leftovers a couple more times. Leftover spaghetti sauce just gets better and better.

I don’t race a lot so I always get nervous pre-race. I try to tell myself “you’ve done the work.” Unless I haven’t actually done the work ;)


I love Brooke’s advice “My legs are NOT tired!” I will try that on my next long run. ;)
My boyfriend does not get the whole running thing, but he tolerates me getting up early to do it most of the time! :) I have learned with him that I just tell him I had a great run and that is just fine to stop there. It doesn’t bother me because my sister and I text about my running and I tell her the details I want someone to know. Also, lots of my co-workers are into running (not as much as me though) so we chat about it at work some too.

I had a bacon cheeseburger for dinner along with some fries. I have been trying to make more sweet potato fries and my last batch didn’t turn out to well (I forgot about them and they got burnt, oops). So this time I stuck with restaurant fries. But I am excited to try a new lasagna recipe that has sweet potatoes in it!!! from Shalane’s book Run Fast. Eat Slow.!!!!

I don’t really get pre-race nerves, mostly because I do not race a ton so for me it is all just fun. I almost never have a set time I am trying to hit. Just remind yourself how excited you are to race again and enjoy the half!!


I am so jealous of your race week update! I was planning to run a 1/2 in a couple of weeks but I don’t think I will be able to. I have been sidelined for the last week because of some knee pain, and it hasn’t gotten much better. I am super bummed. This is the longest I have gone is over five years without running and it is affecting me so much more than I thought it would! Reading your blog through periods when you have been injured gives me hope that I will be back to normal eventually. I hope you rock your race, and that I’m back in the game soon!


Oh Jenny! I am so so sorry about your knee! I hope it gets better asap! Please keep me updated with how you are doing and you will be back stronger and feeling better than ever!


At least your snow is in the mountains!! My yard is still knee deep and there is more snow in the forecast. But it’s above freezing today.

I tend to only talk about running with the people who run. Those who don’t just don’t seem to get it haha!

We had a bunch of different salads and fried eggs for supper last night. It was delicious.

I don’t worry much about races. The work is done and I like to just roll with how I feel that day.


STILL SNOW in your hard… NOOOO!! Hopefully spring comes soon for you!


What does your week look like before a Saturday 1/2 marathon? (mileage day by day?) Thanks!!!


Hey Lizzie!! Thank you so much for commenting! I will write a post about this to go up tomorrow morning!


I LOVE Brookes quote and I bet she furrowed her brow when she said it. We all need a shirt with that printed on it!

All of my family and friends are super supportive of my running as everyone is into some kind of fitness or sport that they enjoy. That being said, I only talk a ton to my SIL about running as she is a tri-athlete.


We just got three inches of snow last night! ugh! My husband and my Mother always ask how my runs went which is really nice. But, I don’t go into a lot of details, I am sure they would be pretty bored. But, when talking to other runners, we could talk all day about running. Love that!
I always get pre-race nerves. And I am not even sure why, its not like I am going to win or anything ha ha. I guess I just don’t want to disappoint myself.
Dinner las night was Chicken Fajita Soup….those roles would have gone great with that.


I have a few amazing people in my life who really support my running, including my best friend and my husband. I’ve really been wanting to make some runner friends lately though. It can feel really lonely sometimes to not have someone that can relate to the struggle, even though I have super supportive people in my life. I see posts and things on social media about that support system, and I think it would make a huge difference!


One of my favorite memories/quotes from my husband after I had been running for a few years and ran some races, “You’re not going to quit this are you?” Haha! Nope. I’m not going to quit this. My family is very supportive of my running. My husband has a bad knee but will sometimes bike or do elliptical while I run. For my birthday he bought me an entire Oiselle running outfit! I asked how he picked it out. “I just went in there and told them I want the new stuff that’s just now in the running magazines.”

People that know me always bring up my running before I do. In a way I guess I’m branded. I have a friend that has gotten a group together of 4 other people that are going to do a walk/run 5K next month based on a plan I made for them. I’m trilled to have any part in inspiring other people to run.


I tend to only talk about running really with people that I know run also. I can talk about it forever and I love that common bond when you find another runner. Luckily my first little sister is a huge runner, doing Boston for the second time in a month, and our second little sister is hugely supportive! We all do 5Ks together, I’ll go up to a half, and other does it all she is totally amazing!


Yes to pre-race nerves!!!! I get them the minute I sign up for a race!! And then they go away until a few days before hand! But when I cross that finish line, they all disappear!!!
I love that my family is involved with my running, meaning my husband will ALWAYS be at the finish line and then if other family can be there they will be. I am not totally surrounded by running friends/family. Sometimes that makes me sad but then again I love doing it so nothing is going to stop me!!!
Dinner was chicken soup with my homemade bone broth!!! SOOO good! And talk about how good that feels after a long run and tired and sore muscles!!


How cute is Brooke with the Garmin?! lol love that! How do people in my life feel about my running? My parents and my boyfriend are supportive! My mom and I did a 5k together last month! It was her first 5k and we had so much fun. My boyfriend and I are signed up for a half marathon in November and he’s my running buddy at the gym! We keep each other motivated. At work, I like telling people about my races and people seem interested to hear about them! Our dinner last night was turkey burgers on whole wheat buns and spiralized “curly” potato fries! I don’t get pre-race nerves like I did when I did my first race. I go with the mindset, whatever will happen will happen!


We had salmon and rice for dinner last night. Super yum!

I love your tip about smiling during a race! I think smiling releases just a tiny dose of good feelings and makes everything easier for just a split second. :)


I’m a late commenter today! Cheering you on for your upcoming race! I try to remind myself when I feel crummy while running or before a race that I am choosing to run because I love it!

I basically have no runners around me, so maybe I need some new friends? My hubby doesn’t run, but hearing him shout my name/cheer for me (loud!) at mile 12.9 of my first half is one of my all time favorite memories. He may not understand it, but he supports it :)


My husband really does not understand why I run, but he has always been there to cheer me on in my marathons. I may never get him out with me but he will never hold me back either.
I made ridiculous good yogurt marinated Greek chicken pitas with Tzatziki sauce, and roasted Greek potatoes and zucchini fries. Yum


Were those sprinkles on that Ice-Dream?!?!?! And my people are cool with me running. My 3 year old goes for ‘runs’ too. It’s adorable.


I come from a running family so I often talk about running with my brother and parents. My husband comes from a soccer family – so they all think I’m CRA-ZAY! Yet my husband is a HUGE supporter and always brags on me after races (he’s the BEST!!) Most of my friends work out, but aren’t runners – so I joke that marathon training is this secret life that I live because they don’t get it :)

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