Weekend review + training plan last week + dress.

My Saturday morning usually starts with a long run but instead we spent the morning with Andrew’s family.  They are staying with us this weekend and Brooke has been in cousin heaven.

PS a bunch of people have asked me about my dress——>  It is so comfortable and pretty much identical to this one HERE!!

We all went to Magelby’s for brunch/lunch yesterday morning.  Add this to the list of restaurants that I used to work at back in the day.  I don’t know if there are many restaurants in the area that I haven’t worked at ha.


Andrew and I started off with the sweet potato fries because if those are on the menu it is really hard for us to order anything else. For my meal I had the buffalo chicken salad and it was fabulous.


Go figure… Brooke ordered french toast.  She even shared some with me.


Brooke and her cousin requested twinner hair.


And a picture with their Great Grandpa!


We all came back to our house and hung out for awhile.  This pineapple was our afternoon snack.

IMG 2835

If food is out, Beretta suddenly becomes very alert.

IMG 2833

Later on Brooke attempted to teach her little cousin how to write.  These two had a sleepover in Brooke’s room and I think it made her life.


It wasn’t until much later in the evening that a run occurred.  Some of our family is staying in our treadmill room and it was really cold/rainy again (I think I am still frozen from my Thursday run) so the gym was the best option for me.  Running at night is rough.  I’m amazed by all of you that run at night often.  That took a lot of talking to myself to get me out the door to start running.  7.25 miles in an hour.

IMG 2837

I picked up a sandwich on the way home.  Hit. The. Spot.

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My Friday run was a really great one.  I ran over to my sister’s house and got to see these two when I got there.  9 miles @ 8:00 average.  It was both cold and hot during this run.

IMG 2766

PS the kids are amazed by the lobsters on my Brooks Boston shoes (they are available in just a few more days).

IMG 2757

Just a quick recap of what my training looked like last week!  I have a half marathon this coming weekend and I’m excited for the racing season to start over here in Utah!

Monday:  4 miles @ 8:11 pace.

Tuesday:  Tempo run!  12 miles total w/the 8 middle miles @ 6:53 average pace (no breaks).  This run was rough for me but I did it, so the runner’s high afterwards was pretty great.

Wednesday:  Weights workout with my sister and we walked around the track for a bit to catch up on life.  No running.

Thursday:  11 miles of CRAZY hills in CRAZY rain.  8:30 average pace with Josse.

Friday:  9 miles @ 8:00 pace.

Saturday: 7.25 miles on the treadmill!

Sunday:  Off!

43.25 miles total for the week!  A bit less than I usually do but I needed that Wednesday rest day from running big time!

For the most important question of the day….

IMG 2829

WHAT is the best Easter candy in your opinion?

I’m all about the Starburst jellybeans and I found an all strawberry bag that I need to have..

Worked in any restaurants?  Which ones?

What was your best run last week?  Were you above or below your normal weekly mileage?

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Yes to starburst jellybeans! I have a bag of the just red flavors at home right now! I also saw mega ones in target……….like each bean was huge………….not sure how I feel about that………….

I was a bit below on mileage, but I don’t start training for my June half until next week, so it was nice to have an easy week.

No restaurants for me. I did work at a grocery store in high school though.


i don’t celebrate easter but I always liked the Cadbury mini eggs!


Those are in my top three… those mini eggs are so beyond addicting! I hope you have had an awesome weekend Meredith!


My top 3 favorite Easter candy: Cadbury Eggs, Robin Eggs, and Starburst Jelly Beans!

I was still a bit below my weekly normal, I’m at about 90% after my last half.

I worked in a grocery store, fast food restaurant, and a chiropractor’s office in high school.


You killed that tempo run! Atta girl! I used to always and only run at night and I loved it! Now it’s so very difficult to get motivated to run in the evenings so I do my best to get it done early in the day. My mileage is just starting to go down now this week. I’m 17 weeks pregnant! AHHHHHHHHH! For REAL!!!!!!!


WAIT WHAT!!!!!! AHHHHH SUZY!!! I am so so so incredibly happy for you. Congratulations! PLEASE keep me updated with how everything is going! xoxoxo!


Starburst jelly beans are the best! Did you see the jumbo Starburst jelly beans that are a Target exclusive? I love them.


Oooh! Where did you find foods? Target?


Hey Cate! I found them at Walmart actually! GO GET THEM!


100% reese’s eggs! Oh and I do love the cadbury eggs- so good and love the crunch on the outside. Seriously love your running shoes!


I am definitely a jelly bean fan, but I go for the 40-flavor Jelly Belly bag. I like getting a new flavor with every bean. I’d also never turn down a malted candy egg, though.

I worked at a family-owned pizza restaurant when I was 14 (best job ever) and then at Chick-fil-A when I was 16-17 (hard work, but also a great job.)

My best run of last week was 20 miles on Wednesday! I felt like I could go forever. The next day, not so much, haha.


I am the same way with sweet potato fries. If they are on the menu you better believe I am ordering them! :D

My best run last week was a five miler on Tuesday that just felt amazing/effortless/flew by too quickly!


You got me hooked on Roolee since I bought those moto leggings. I love them! That dress is super cute too, I am definitely going to look into it. Idk…maybe we will just have the same wardrobe some day hahaha.


I’ve somehow never worked at a restaurant. I have worked retail before though.

I think my favorite Easter candy is Mini Eggs. They’re just so good. There’s a local gelato company here in Calgary who has put Mini Eggs in gelato for their spring line. I’ve seen it on social media, but not in stores yet. You better believe though that when I finally find it I’m going to be buying some of it.


Starburst jelly beans are my FAVORITE! I buy a few bags around Easter and then hoard them for the rest of the year. I have no shame.

I also love Gertrude Hawk’s dark chocolate raspberry smidgens.

I didn’t work in a restaurant, but I did work as a barista through college. I constantly smelled like coffee beans and caramel. It wasn’t horrible haha.


Aimee those smidgens are.the.best.


I love dark chocolate and my mother-in-law buys a box of locally made dark chocolate for Easter. (She shares my love of dark chocolate and dislike of whipped cream).

I never worked in a restaurant. I didn’t trust myself to be a food server, i am kind of clumsy. Turns out iam a pretty good cook though.


I love good old fashioned Brach Jelly Beans. I worked at a Tastee Frreze in my teenage years. Are they even around anymore? And I am just starting to build a base in prep for training for the Chicago Marathon in the fall. Wow 43 miles, how do you fit it all in??!!


Starburst Jellybeans for me too, but for at least the last 18 years it’s been the tropical ones that are only sold at Easter. I haven’t found them ANYWHERE this year and it makes me so so sad. I even check the company website to see if they’re still making them, which didn’t help much.


PEEPS!! And red Jelly Beans!
Pulled my hamstring so only ran 3 days, not the normal 6 for 30 miles. :( I waited tables at a few local places plus 3 different Perkin’s restaurants. I don’t miss that stress.


I love most things other people seem to hate (ha!)–Peeps, black jelly beans. Also love Cadbury eggs.
Best run was a four-mile run on Monday. It was good because (1) I was on spring break (LOVE) and (2) there was NO wind. It seems like all we have had is WIND the last month or so! I’m over it!


First of all, Brooke looks so grown up in these pictures!

Favorite Easter candy- absolutely Reese’s Eggs. And Cadbury eggs. Starburst jelly beans are the ONLY jelly beans I actually like though.

I am still out with what I think is runners knee. I haven’t run all week and I am literally dying. It’s the worst.

Also, your fashion game is on point lately :) Love the dress.


My grandmother used to make peanut butter eggs that were the best on the planet. If I can’t have those, I like palmer peanut butter eggs and double crisp. YES to those jelly beans. I so wanted my kids to ask for these today but they were too busy running around like nuts.
Enjoy your taper. Training is just getting real over here for a 4/29 half marathon. I’m going with skittles for mid-race fuel. I told my husband my plan and he said it would make me run really fast because I would want to get to fuelling points really fast so I can eat them. Let’s hope his theory is correct.


Race season has started here in Charlotte! Had my 1st 8k of the season yesterday!!!! Beat my PR! Wooohooo! Looking forward to other races this year! And this was my 1st sponsored race, very exciting!
Love starbursts jelly beans! We keep them on hand especially around Easter! We got addicted to the Reese’s eggs this year. I hear they are giving Cadbury a run for their money this year!!!
So glad you got some good, quality family time in this weekend!


I love the Reeses’ Easter eggs!! Best ever!!


I LOVE Peeps!!! I also love any SweetTart kind of Easter candy. I’m trying to lay off the sweets though… I allowed myself to enjoy some of the Oreo Peep flavor and it made me sick. I haven’t had sugar since January 1st and it’s just not the same. I guess that’s a good thing…


I love Starburst jelly jeans, carmel Cadbury eggs (NOT the cream ones!), and then there’s these little butterfingers eggs that are delicious!

I’ve worked in two restaurants, an local one and then PF Changs!

My mileage was lower this week- my foot hurt so I didn’t run a day. My speed workout went the best this week!


Oh sweet potatoes are my weakness! So SO good!

I think the best Easter candy is definitely reese’s PB eggs! I can eat WAY too many of those things. They’re dangerous! :)
But those Starburst Jellybeans looks amazing! I need to try those.

My best run was today’s 6 miler! I was so proud to keep my pace the entire time under 9:00! Which is pretty good for me! I”m trying to work on my speed so I was so excited to finish up the week with a great run.


Best Easter candy is definitely Starburst jelly beans – except I bought the bag that has all the red/pink flavors mixed up in it instead of the strawberry or regular ones! I used to work at Red Robin back in the day and I even had to wear the bird costume all the time….that was quite a treat. I’m with you – working out/running at night is hard. My workout either has to be first thing in the morning or right after work. There is no in between for me.


Best Easter candy—Cadbury Mini Eggs. Love those things, and boy are they addictive!!!!!!!!!

Best run last week–probably Saturday; it was warm and sunny, and I’m feeling like maybe just maybe my back lower pain is going away…….fingers crossed! Hot yoga has been AH-MAZ-ING for me—for my back, my mind, my breathing, my muscles as a runner. I think that if I keep going 2x a week, it’s going to make me a better runner :)


Like you, I find it hard to run in the evening. That’s when my team does track workouts and I hate that I have all day to think about it!

Best Easter Candy? Dark chocolate. 70%+ cocoa, please.


I really admire you for the efforts you do on raising five kids and still keeping it up with your Fitness life. Amazing!


I love the SOUR jelly beans – starburst and jelly bellies :-) Also the vanilla creme peeps (only the vanilla ones – no dips, no other flavors)!!


A lot of my runs are typically around 6PM during the week because I work 7AM – 4PM and there is just no getting up even earlier than I already do to try and run before work. I have a question, when you run on the treadmill, do you wear a foot pod with your Garmin? I have a fenix 3 HR and foot pod and am struggling with accuracy. For example: for a run that is supposed to be an easy 11 min pace, I can set my treadmill at a 12:00 min pace and my Garmin and foot pod will say I’m running anywhere from a 10:20 – 11 min pace. I was thinking my foot pod was screwed up but I did a 2 mile run today at work (on better equipment than mine) and the paces were more accurate in my opinion (treadmill set at 11:17, actual pace for mile 1 was 10:54; mile 2 set the pace at a 10:40 and actual was 10:23). All that to say I’m thinking maybe it is just my treadmill but I would love another opinion, if you even use a foot pod. You can email me if you’d prefer than comment. Thanks.


I worked at Polly’s Bakery and Café in high school

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