Silentish Saturday from Albuquerque with a bunch of runners!

The day usually starts with a run but a trip to the airport happened instead.


IMG 2200

Snack time.

IMG 2209

Made it to the hotel!

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IMG 2225

Lunch on the roof.

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And then a class about why altitude training is amazing…  I’ll share more on Monday about this.

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Hit up the track for a workout (80 degrees!!!).

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A workout from the Brooks Beasts (their professional team) and coach Danny Mackey!

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A warm-up and drills before starting the hard stuff.

IMG 2221

IMG 2229

It felt so good to be on a track again (I’ll share the workout on Monday too).  PS fun fact, never wear capris when it is 80 degrees outside… I don’t know what I was thinking.

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First time trying spikes for some sprints at the end… they sure feel different.

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Spotted a leprechaun with Anne and Jess—> Bailey.

IMG 2286


IMG 2268

LOVED this session especially because my coaching course starts soon!!!

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The kids are having a fantastic time with Andrew.

IMG 2284 2

Time for a trail run bright and early today!


Three things that you are doing today?!  

What is your Saturday run?

Last time you did a workout on the track?

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That looks like fun!


What a fun group!!!! I’ve never been to alburquerque! I’m napping today, picnicking today and meal prepping!


Aww, we don’t have a track here, wish we did. 3 things today are (were) swim lessons but they got cancelled and will reschedule, a birthday party for my daughters friend to see Beauty and the Beat, and hopefully a bike ride/run/read a book tonight. Our cupcake shop in town had the most amazing cupcakes 3 weeks in a row, Lemon Raspberry (my fave), Ande’s Mint and wait for it……Thin Mint Cupcakes !!! They were incredible. Don’t know why I thought I had to share that. lol


I can say I have never done a workout on a track as an adult. I was on track in high school but I was terrible and barely remember. I think I’ve blocked that from my mind. Lol.
I’m running 3 recovery miles today.
Going to dinner with boyfriend and the family later. Gotta finish some work first.

Enjoy Albuquerque. My friend Keri is there too! She’ll be the one doing yoga poses randomly. Lol. If you see someone doing a headstand that’s her. :)


I am glad that Brooks is making good spikes now. I hope they make good racing flats soon too. It looks like you are having a great time out there Janae and have a great weekend!


Looks like a really fun trip! How high is the elevation there? I’m taking my puppy swimming today at a lake nearby and trying to cook for my friend, haha! I don’t think I’ve done a track workout since 2013… wow


New Mexico is beautiful–good luck with the altitude training! I hiked a 14er last summer, and man, the altitude nearly did me in. I could not believe how hard it was to move my legs.


Awesome!!! Albuquerque is my home town (moved to Minnesota when I got married)! Where is that track? UNM? That’s where my love of running began ☺ Enjoy your trip!


I hope you have a great time at altitude camp! Looks like a great group of people!


Today I’m taking a sweet neighbor girl to lunch for her birthday. (Her mom has breast cancer & is weak from her last chemo.) I’m setting up the guest room for my sister in law who is moving from Indiana. And last but not least, taking my daughter in law to see Beauty and the Beast while the boys do March Madness things. (I saw it the other day and LOVED it!!) I also have to brag that I know NOTHING about basketball & my bracket is winning. Last year I won it too!!?


I watched my son’s field hockey match, he is the goalie and they lost. (biked there and back, about 12 km in total). Last year I did a course at the althetic club, 10 weeks before our local 10k race. That was my last time on the track. I really enjoyed it, so I’m planning to do it again this summer. This afternoon I’m sewing a gift for our friends baby. Small sizes are so cute. And doing laundry today. Running tomorrow.


Never been to Albuquerque before but hear it’s beautiful! Excited to hear about your running trip!

Long run today – 15 miles! Decided to run a marathon over Memorial Day Weekend with a friend so training is officially in the works!


Long run – 10 miles this morning. Second half was only 11 seconds slower than the first half. Super proud of that! Wore my first pair of Brooks today and Ran Happy!

Have a great time!


How FUN! I love New Mexico. I’m glad you have such beautiful weather, but I bet it feels tough going to the 80’s straight from the cold. I just found a track I can run to from my house (we just moved here) and I’m excited to try some speed work there soon. Can’t wait to see the workout details!


New Mexico is on my must visit list, haven’t gone yet.

Spin class, laundry, and cleaning. I am definitely finding something fun later on, although I do enjoy spin class.

We don’t use an actual track for our track workouts so I miss the springiness when we have our sessions. (Haven’t done one in several months).


What coaching course are you doing??


My Saturday consists of working a 12 hour shift but I plan to go on a 3 mile run with my family down Provo Canyon this evening :)

I grew up in Colorado at 7600 feet elevation so I never understood what the big deal was. Now, after living 5 years in Utah, I go back to Colorado and I am gasping for air during my runs! I went to Adams State College and they have fantastic track and cross country teams that win national championships due in large part to the elevation they train at.


Sounds like an amazing learning and training opportunity! Three things today: snowshoeing, mountain running and a lot of food (before, after and in between) ;-)


It was such a fun first day! So glad we all get to hang out! You killed the track workout! xo


That looks like such a fun camp!! Have fun:)

My run this Saturday was a 20 miler for my marathon.

I did a track workout earlier this week. I want to do more this summer!


It’s been awhile since I’ve worked out on the track but I’m definitely doing one of your track workouts tomorrow :-) I’m a little nervous but I’m looking forward to it. Totally out of my comfort zone.


Janae! Saw this and thought of YOU!!


I need that t-shirt right now!! It’s made for me:) Thanks Katie!


Peanut butter Clif bars are life!!! Enjoy the camp. :)


Did you stay at Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque? We stayed there once and loved it.


How good, looks like you guys had fun!!

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