Sentence per picture. This made my week. This made the kid’s week.

*The leg was feeling happy again this morning so I took my run outside—> I told Andrew that I would call him to pick me up if anything hurt but nothing hurt!

*5.3 miles and wearing a brand new pair of running shoes just feels so so good.

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*In case you have a strong desire to avoid having any hair touch your face while you are running, these are my all-time favorite running headbands and they are reversible.


*Post-run headband lines may apply if you have a big head… also, my sister is coloring my hair today ahhhhhh!

IMG 1559

We normally do donuts on Wednesday when we pick up Knox but we decided to switch it up this week and pick up Moana instead… they were squealing with excitement.


*Yep, foam rolling just really isn’t a solo thing around here… I need to start doing this right after I put them to bed.

IMG 1557

*This article from Huffington Post made my week!  My mom actually saw it first and sent me the link:)  My Instagram made their list of best Instagram accounts for runners!

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 at 10 31 56 AM

*IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! It only took them decades to realize that pink Starbursts are all we should eat:)

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 at 10 30 28 AM

*When I used to go to movies, I was all about getting candy but now I’m all about getting popcorn when I go there… Movie theater popcorn is everything.

IMG 1500

*Just got our family picture to hang up… only took us 5 months to print it off:)

IMG 1560

*Andrew got dressed before me this morning and subconsciously I must have wanted to dress alike because when I came downstairs, we were twinners.

IMG 1562

*I think we should start doing this too:

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 at 11 47 36 AM

*Belly scratches for the dog.


*A bowl of goodness for lunch—>  zucchini, sweet potatoes, avocado, ground turkey and tomatoes!


*Working on a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hung for the kids:)

IMG 1563


What’s your sentence for the day?

What color are your running shoes?  Do you tend to go for more neutral colors or bright shoes for your running shoes?

Favorite Starburst color?

Have a running headband that you love?  Where did you get it?

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ALL of the colours for my running shoes. I like neutral shoes for work and casual shoes, but the brighter the better for running! Have a great Wednesday!


I love pink starburst! I prefer bright shoes, but since I need a wide toebox I often don’t have much of a choice…wide shoes are usually mostly neutral. Sometimes (like with my Brooks Launch and my Mizunos) I can get away with buying a larger size and the width being ok. My favorites ever were Brooks pure drift…bright coral color…..they don’t make them anymore:(
I like Bic bands, they work well with my short and fine hair.


By the way congrats on the instagram mention…………… cool!


My running shoes are bright! And pink starburst all the way!

PS: where did you print your family photo? The quality looks great!


Thanks so much Kendra! We did it at Costco! I’ve always had a great experience doing large prints (canvas) with them!!!


I have been doing sweet potatoe bowls copied from yours all week for lunch and I couldn’t be happier about it.


I love the Brooks Launch St. Patrick’s Day version. I was contemplating getting them myself this year. I should probably do that soon because I’m sure they will be sold out.


Rough day for me. I kept singing, “If you knock, knock me over, I will get back up again!” That’s from Trolls, one of my favorite movies…
I want to thank you for the recommendation for Brooks. Tried them for the first time and LOVE them! I battle plantar fasciitis (sp?) and they have helped! I also got a size up from what I usually wear and found a huge difference! I love that you got green ones!!
Headed up to Provo Friday and hope it’s not freezing!


Lisa, I am so so sorry that it has been a rough day for you and I hope you wake up tomorrow and have a much better day! Great line to repeat to yourself! I am SO glad that you are loving Brooks and they are helping with your pf!!!! Supposed to be a high of 60 on Friday:) ENJOY!


My running shoes right now are black and silver. I tend to go for the plain colors but I have had some bright ones in the past. PINK starbursts all the way!


Pink Starburst = the only Starburst in my book. Love them!

My favorite line lately is from Lindsey Hein’s podcast interview with Shalane Flanagan. She was talking about making her goals known and said (paraphrasing kind of) “If you don’t reach your goals, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed”. Really hit home, I think everyone can relate to being to hard on themselves.

My running shoes are black and neon pink Brooks. I love bright shoes! They help make running more fun.


LOVE THAT Nicole and thank you for sharing that with me… I’m going to have to listen to that one!!! Love neon pink and black… I agree about bright shoes!


wow congratulations on the feature that is so amazing! We all already knew you were the bomb ;) That family picture is perfect!! Thanks for showing me that japanese couple.. took a break from reading this post to go follow them, haha! Maybe this is an unpopular opinion… but my favorite flavor is red! And second is yellow bc it complements the red nicely! And then comes pink of course, I’m not a monster.


Red starbursts are my fave. Actually any candy I go for the red ones. Usually cherry or punch flavored :)

My sentence for the day is I’m struggling with high hamstring tendinitis and I need a miracle way to fix it!


I saw that the all pink packs were coming! Best. News. Ever!
I normally go back and forth between bright colored running shoes and black. My latest pair are black and purple :)


How cool is that? The feature in Huffington Post? Its too legit to quit and it is so true. I’m so proud of you.

I am still in love with your family picture now as I was 5 months ago. You guys are all just the greatest people and pretty dang photogenic, if I do say so myself.

I wanna see your new hair color!

I wanted to get rolos for my kid’s St Patty’s day trail that will lead to their ‘loot’ but opted for chocolate gold coins instead. I have zero desire to eat the coins before March 17th…even though they are in the house. If I bought rolos….there is no way they would make it until then.

Pink Starburst Forever #PSF #ItsAThing #QuitTryingToMakeFetchHappen


Right now my running shoes are a dull grey camo with hot pink accents. They’re my gortex winter running shoe. When it’s not wet/snowy I’ll wear my purple ones or a black pair. I love a good colorful shoe or at least an accent of color. In high school and college the best shoe for my feet were the ugliest dark mustard color. Hideous but so comfortable for all those miles. I just think a sleek shoe is faster ;)

Pink starburst for the win. Always.

I should try headbands-right now it’s hat weather! I’ll even go all crazy and wear my hair down and free because it’s fun to feel the wind blow it back. In my face-not so fun.


Congratulations on your leg feeling better! That is excellent news :) I love bright running shoes / clothes. I think it’s fun to wear crazy colors I wouldn’t necessary wear with my real clothes.


Pink starbursts are the best. I told my boyfriend about the all pink pack and he said “are you kidding me, orange is the best” what……..


Love the twinning!!!


I never fail to freak out after wearing a headband like that b/c I worry that I have a huge wrinkle on my forehead. I then convince myself that it truly IS just from the headband. ha ha

I like bright running shoes :) I have the new purple and pink Launches and turquoise Triumphs currently!

I like all Starburst flavors EXCEPT red. I don’t like the red at all! Not sure why!


YES that headband from Lulu is the best! It is also super easy to pop in the washer and dryer to bring it back to life after a couple super sweaty runs =)


Congrats for being recognized by The Huffington Post! They are 100% correct. :D
I am not loyal a particular headband however, my son LOVES one from Lulu. He wears it under his football helmet to keep his hair off his face. ( Oh and his name is Andrew! But he is Andy MOST of the time.)
I like bright running shoes. I love to look down and see the pretty colors when I am running. They make me feel fast! haha Plus I feel like my legs look tanner when I have brighter sneakers on. Your green ones are awesome sauce.
Don’t even know why Starburst bothers to make any other color besides pink. THEY ARE THE BEST!

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