Sentence Per Picture!!! + Is it worth it?

I hope your Wednesday is off to an amazing start!  I’ve got some pictures with sentences to share with you today!

*Brooks just sent me this picture from our Altitude Camp 80 degree track workout and in the below picture I was thinking about how I don’t think I have ever experienced cotton mouth as badly as I was in this moment.

*I went in to check on Brooke last night and I found her with her airplane pillow sleeping soundly… sure looks comfortable;)

IMG 2916

*Spicy Tuna Wraps = delicious for a lunch with an apple/pb afterwards!

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*My brother and his wife in Kentucky are having lucky #7…. I’m so excited for their cute family!

IMG 2913

*I think that Cafe Rio needs to name one of their menu items after us.

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*Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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*The other day I was thinking about how bad this half marathon below hurt… it was probably the most painful race I’ve ever had or ever will have (I found out a few weeks later that I had a femoral stress fracture which really HURT).

IMG 4380

*Beretta has some serious jumping skills… when we say the words, “wanna go for a walk?”

IMG 2921

*Why sit on a couch, or a bed or the ground when you can just sit on someone’s shoulders?

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*Did you see this sweet video, a runner nearly collapsed close to the finish line and so another runner carried her across the finish line… GOOSEBUMPS.

*Knox practicing his pull-ups and will someone please come organize my closet, thanks.

IMG 2989

*Melissa sent me this post below when talking about running in the wind… so perfect.

IMG 3023

*Soccer is the new big deal over here and it starts when the sun comes up.

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*Attempting to make some sweet shadow puppets.

IMG 3018

*Turns out my parents’ bean bag is the new favorite toy for all of the kids (my sister’s kids below).

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*Entertainment for minutes (which is a lot for toddlers/babies;)

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*Turns out lasagna soup tastes even better the next day after sitting in all of the seasonings over night… Brooke loves it too but mainly just the noodle and cheese part.

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*Before I buy the chocolate crunch & creme mini eggs I would like to hear from anyone who has tried them if they are worth it compared to the normal mini eggs.



Above chocolates worth it or no? 

What was the most painful race ever for you?

What is your sentence to describe your day so far?

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That video brought tears to my eyes. This is why I love our running communities.
Sorry haven’t tried these eggs yet but looking forward to an update.

My day was very productive…until I sat down lol


Seriously, runners are the best. I’m so glad you loved that movie too! HAHA that is what happens to me… I know I can’t sit down until the important stuff is done because after that, there is no hope of me getting up again! Enjoy some down time!!!


The cookies and cream are awesome totally worth it!


Good to know Lisa! THANK YOU!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day!


Yes — get them! I’ve been nursing a bag for a month because I can’t find any more!


The only race that has painfully hurt (injury wise), I DNFed. It ended up being a tibial stress fracture (but that took a month to diagnose). I cannot believe you finished a half marathon on a fibula fracture!

I was at the Love Run where they helped the woman out. I have mixed emotions, and it is so sweet, but I am not entirely sure I would want someone I didn’t know randomly helping me to the finish line.


Isn’t it lame how long it takes to get a stress fracture diagnosis. It took forever on mine so I kept running on it and probably made it worse! You were there! That is awesome!


Someone you don’t know? They were runners with tons of people looking on! The poor lady was ready to collapse. I think it was more about getting to safety than finishing the race…

Nay on the cookies and creme eggs – way too sweet. Stick to the original!


I have to say the regulars are my favorite. Last year I tried the white chocolate ones and I was disappointed. Of course on principal I still ate the whole bag since I paid $4.00 for them. LOL


BAHAHAHA we can’t waste $4 by not eating the candy… I’m the same way! Thanks so much Lauren and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


The cookies and cream ones are good, but nothing amazing. The regular ones are still the best, by far. I mean, I still ate the whole bag, single handedly in 24hrs, but that is pretty normal for me. Ha!

Evan sleeps with is airplane pillow all the time. Kids are so weird.

Okay, while the headwind/tailwind thing is true, the wind the other day was INSANE! I swear it was blowing 40mph in every direction. I would have ran on the treadmill instead so I am super impressed you still ran outside and for so long! #hero

Most painful race was my marathon for sure. Heat exhaustion kicked my butt. Have you heard that story before? ;)


MEGS!!!!!!!! 24 hours, that is impressive woman.

HAHA glad to know I’m not alone with how crazy that wind was.

Yeah, I can’t even imagine running that marathon that you did… didn’t it start at like 10 a.m. and it was the hottest day of the year or something ridiculous. I wouldn’t have finished that one. Love you.


Lucky #7?! wow, blessings to your brother and his family.

We’re having a spring day today, it’s glorious.

The worst race ever was a half I ran in April last year. I was fine and then my stomach started cramping and I felt miserable (no new foods so no idea why). I walked part of it and just made myself run that last half mile. I wasn’t crazy slower than usual but the second 1/2 of the race felt endless and tough.


Oh I am so glad you are having a beautiful day Nina! Okay, cramps during a race are the worst! So bizarre it happened to you especially with no new foods… have you ever had one like that sinse?


No, not like that. It really was weird and one of the only times I considered dropping out of a race. I had a half-marathon the following month and then a 10K and I was fine both times.


ouch! I can’t believe you still finished that race. My most painful race was probably actually before I started road racing – back in college when I ran track (400, 800m), I though it’d be fun to switch it up and run a 400m hurdle. I ATE it over the first hurdle. I skinned my knee so bad, blood, the works…BUT, I finished the race and didn’t come in last.


OUCH… yeah I don’t think I could ever clear a hurdle! I’m amazed you got back up and kept going!! Have a great night Aimee!


I love the original eggs. Runner-up are the white chocolate ones. Videos like this always make me nervous!! I wonder if the runner is at risk for something more serious – and perhaps a better solution would be to help her off the course and get her some medical assistance. Maybe if I was in that situation I would feel differently… My longest race was a 10K ;-)


That is very true, I didn’t even think of that! Thanks Melissa! I’ve never tried the white chocolate ones! Hope you are having a great afternoon!


I was scheduled to do a full marathon about a month before I was to have a bunionectomy. I had been living with a burning, on fire foot for ages and I was completely in love with the idea of fixing that thing!! My big toe was in quite the awkward position too. So I did the full marathon and halfway through the fire in my foot was so bad that my foot went partially numb. Of course minutes after finishing it I could completely feel my foot and things were not good at all. When they did the surgery the doctor could not completely fix it because apparently I had pushed that foot to the limits and broke that toe and the bone was soft. Fortunately I think the fix was good enough because in 12 years it has not bothered me since that time! But that is one time where pushing myself could have completely backfired on me!!
Sentence to describe my day-
Today has been filled with funny but WHINEY kids and I am tired.


Carrie, oh my goodness! You still went 13.1 miles after it started hurting and you broke your tone. WOW. I am so glad that the surgery was able to help you so much! You are one strong woman to keep going through all of that!

I would like to like your sentence because we have had the same thing over here ha!

Get some good rest tonight!


YES YES YES to those Cadbury eggs!! They are SO delish! I had the dark chocolate one and wasn’t a big fan, but those are SO good! The texture is a little softer too! I ate the whole bag in two days! #noregrets :)


I saw that video pop up on my Facebook yesterday and it made me cry, so sweet (but then I’m also 33 weeks pregnant so I easily cry!). Love the running community.
My most painful race was a half marathon I ran with 2 torn ligaments in my hip. I still don’t know how I managed to complete it and it was the first and last time I ran through pain because the recovery took months.


oh my god they made a cookies n creme one!? I love that. Haven’t tried them but NEED to find them now! I’ve had the regular ones those and YES get them. So worth it! A sentence for today is : I need to nap.


I totally picked those chocolates up on a whim at Taret but haven’t opened them yet ?

The most painful race was the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in 2014 (or as it’s now referred to as splash and dash, lol). It was pouring and less than a quarter through, I slid and tweaked my hip. I walked for a good 5+ miles before I couldn’t take it anymore and started doing intervals just to finish faster. A smarter person would have just quit, but I still wanted to EARN my medal lol.


No idea – I just got my regular Cadbury eggs in the mail and am trying not to open too soon (when living overseas you really have to plan out your Easter candy in advance). Also got Resse’s peanut butter eggs.

Park City Marathon August 2009. My flight was late and the rental car counters were closed. Took an expensive taxi and arrived at the hotel just before 2. There was no one at the desk to check me in. Finally got checked in at 2:30 and had to get up at 5 something to get ready and pick up my race packet. I had altitude sickness and it was 85 degrees during the race. I am still surprised I finished. Turtles pace, but finished.

It is 6:45 a.m. I have been awake for an hour but still in bed “reading” (email and twitter). So I would say my day has been relaxing!

Try 333! Take everything out of your closet (at least the hanging stuff). Try each item on. If it doesn’t fit, isn’t in good shape, is way out of style, or you just don’t like it, put it in a giveaway pile. Next, take out everything that you wouldn’t wear in the next 3 months (out of season) and put in an off-season storage area (under the bed, another part of the house, whatever). Next, pick 33 pieces that you think you will enjoy wearing for the next 3 months. Right now I have 5 blazers, 11 dresses, 8 shirts, 5 pants, and 4 skirts. Have fun making different outfits and enjoy how quickly you can get dressed with a reasonable amount of clothes! Then, at the end of 3 months, decide what you want to keep in the 33, what you want to move into off-season, and if there is anything you want to donate. Look out your set aside off-season selection from last time and decide if there are items you can rotate in. I usually end up purchasing 1 to 3 items at this time for someone more modern, or a pop of color I think I was missing. It is fun, reduces time wasted wondering what to wear, and reduces excess spending!

Also, I highly recommend the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up.” Revolutionary!


I think the most painful race I’ve done was the Walt Disney World Marathon. I ran it with my little brother and it was his first marathon, so I started in the last coral with him since he didn’t have any qualifying times. There were SO many corals and it was SO, SO hot by the time we were running. It was pretty brutal, but we did have an amazing time with my family at Disney!


The cookies and cream eggs are so delicious! I think they’re a good change but would love to have a mix of the regular and the cookies and cream!


That video just made me tear up right at my desk at work. I love things that continue to give us encouragement that there are such good people in our world.


Oh my gosh, your nephews are too cute! I can practically hear the giggles. Also, I apparently need to make lasagna soup this weekend.


I love that video of the people helping the lady out… & so sad to see so many people giving it grief & saying “She didnt finish the race on her own”… people are so harsh anymore


THE ABOVE CHOCOLATES ARE WORTH IT!!! I just bought more today, I think they are better than the regular eggs. The Royal Dark ones are pretty good too.


That video gave me all the tears! <3


Congrats to your brother and his family, Janae! The kiddos all look super excited, cute!

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