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*My legs are officially jello after today’s run of CLIMBING (especially after months of treadmill running and running on flat surfaces around town).

*I told Josse that I needed some hills today so she took me a way which meant we had climbing for 840 ft in the first 4.5 miles.

IMG 2068

*Found a watering hole along the way which was nice because it was 66 degrees when we started.

IMG 2058

*Always seeing animals along the way.

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*Just hanging out with the horses on Wednesday.

IMG 2012

*Luckily I don’t have these animals to see on my runs.

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*I don’t remember what we were laughing about but I love this age where they are actually really hilarious and do crazy things.

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*That pouty lip though…

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* Taco… Bell… get it?  (I’m easily amused)

IMG 1981

*We didn’t have Knox on Andrew’s bday but Knox FaceTimed him and it made me happy to see how happy it made Andrew.

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*A blurry picture but this trampoline has brought them more joy than we thought possible… 60% of their waking hours at home is on this thing.


*We picked up a treat for my parents at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory on Wednesday and Brooke found this gem to share with me:)

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*I loved the wrapping paper that I got for Andrew’s bday… he is MUCH MORE of a dog person but how can you pass this up?

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*Swim lessons excitement:

IMG 2034

*According to Beretta, books make great pillows.

IMG 2084

*And in just 11.4 years this will be a real thing…

IMG 2073

*Packing for Albuquerque and bringing of course the most important item for tomorrow.

IMG 2082

*I’ll miss the family but they are going to go camping or something crazy like that while I am gone.

IMG 2078

*I bought Andrew gummy bears for his birthday and yet I have eaten the majority of the bag (I ate most of the greens first).

IMG 2087

*Lepy the Leprechaun is coming to our house tonight (since I’ll be gone tomorrow) and both kids can barely hold in their excitement.


*Did you hear about this…. ever taken a self-defense course… I think we all should.

Screen Shot 2017 03 16 at 2 37 32 PM


Ever taken some sort of self-defense course?  

-When I was in college I took a self-defense course that lasted the entire semester and it was awesome!  This story about the Seattle runner makes me realize I need to get back and take a refresher course.

Cat or a dog person?

What animals are normal for you to see while you are out running?  What animal would freak you out the most to see while you are running?

Hills in your run today or mostly a flat course?

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I am a dog person for sure. My dog=My kid/family

Have fun this weekend!


Thanks Becky! Haha yep, that is how we feel about Beretta now:) I hope you have an awesome weekend too!


When we lived in Alabama we saw a lot of alligators in the water. It was something I honestly never want to see again. I’m not a dog person but love cats.


Yeah, I don’t know if I could handle that… my stomach turned just reading your comment about them!


Off topic-BUT-I was looking into the Utah Valley Marathon- so I watched the 2016 Youtube video on it, and I’m quite sure there is a clip of you and Andrew giving each other a lil kiss! aw! :)


Thank you Nikki for reminding me about that… I completely forgot about that video! I’m off to go rewatch it now:) You going to run the race?


Holy cow, I hadn’t heard about that attack! I run by there all the time!!! Thats so scary.


I took a Krav Maga class and I’d like to take more. That woman got pretty banged up but she survived. So scary.

Treadmill run since it’s very icy outside still from our snow/sleet/ice storm. I’m so jealous of 66 degree running!

I love cats and dogs, we have one of each at the moment.

Besides the usual cats, dogs, rodent type animals? Ducks, herons, turtles, deer, goats, or horses depending on where I run. Fun fact: goats eat poison ivy and other foliage, Amazon even has a section where you can rent them for this purpose. They are brought into a rocky/hilly area near me to keep the poison ivy at bay.

Have a great trip


Hoping we get some of that sunny warm weather you are having! Flat easy run today on the treadmill. Has to be on the treadmill or I don’t have flat place to run. Which is good for me, I love hills! It’s pretty typical to see deer, squirrels, cows, dogs, and rabbits. I would probably be terrified if I ran into a bear; although sometimes I find the dogs much more aggressive than the wild creatures!

Definitely more of a dog person, but Poco (our horse) probably takes first place.


I live in Albuquerque! Let me know if you need ideas for place to eat/run or cool things to do!


I’d be terrified if I ever saw an alligator on my run. Sometimes I see lizards and that spooks me enough! During the summer months, I see a lot of coyotes on my runs, but they don’t do anything.

Definitely a cat person, much to my boyfriend’s dismay.

Thank you for sharing Kelly’s story! I hadn’t heard of it but it’s something that needs to be talked about! She’s inspiring!!


I am for sure a dog person!! I have two and love them to pieces and bits. I REALLY want a golden doodle, but will wait a bit on that. Two dogs keep me on my toes!
I live in AZ so my runs are mostly flat, which I prefer!


Love my cute doggies! They have been my “kids” for the past few years.

I live in a spot where the only option is for me to run uphill or drive somewhere to be on a better trail.


Dog person!
Luckily I havent seen them running, but we have seen a bear, a mountain lion, foxes, coyotes, porcupines and wolves (and the not scary seen while running and riding-horses, cows, elk, deer and sheep) within 4 miles of our house….where I do run. I’m sure they have seen me while I am running. Only slightly terrifying. I think I may need more than a self defense class for my company!


That pictures of alligators made me laugh so hard. I live in Florida and have to say that my eyes are always wide open for alligators.

Broke is so cute, she looks like a little doll.

And that story really freaked me out. Now I’m way much more interested on taking self-defense classes. The way she fought back is so admirable!


Totally a dog person! Normal animals on my runs are deer, geese, and a few eagles. I did see a mountain lion once! I think I would be terrified to see a bear or another mountain lion.


I’m a dog person all the way, but mainly because I’m allergic to cats. I see mostly bunnies and squirrels out jogging. Those little bunnies darting out at high speed have startled me more than a few times. I have never taken a self defense class before. And I’m pretty sure I take my small town for granted for assuming it’s always safe. But the more stories you hear like this, the more avoiding dark hours and taking a class would be beneficial. You just never know.


I am a bunny person. I saw a black bear last Saturday and I stopped to take a picture and then ran the other way only I I realize that it was really just the most gigantic black dog ever to be seen and possibly alone in a canyon by my house. I took the same semester long self defense class, ordered by the university police because I was being stalked. And I saw that same article and had the same thought. And also I just ordered more runners spray because mine is old and I just worry that it might be expired or something


I have seen a gator while on a run more than once! Once, it was literally blocking my path on a bridge, so I had to turn around and find a different route back! Thankfully I was looking up ahead, as normally I keep my head down when I run. Do they make self-defense classes against gators? I kid, sort of. Read that article about the girl above. Terrifying.

Now I want Taco Bell and I don’t even care that I typed that for people to see.

Also, a dog person. Please.


I moved to Albuquerque a little over a year ago and love it. I hope you enjoy your visit!!!


Dog all the way.
Here is a list of animals I see regularly on my runs.
Deer coyote,quail,road runners, javalina (wild pigs), rattle snakes, hawks,jack rabbits, and the occasional bobcat. (I live at the base of a mountain in Arizona). Which leads to the next question, my runs are always pretty. Not always welcome but end in an uphill stretch since I near the top of the neighborhood.


I did hear about the attack on the Seattle runner and it was extremely disturbing. I’ve never taken a self-defence course as I run in and around a town where I feel safe but there are weirdos everywhere right?

I’m a dog and cat person as I own both and they are friends.


I am a cat person. My cat is awesome! She comes when I call her (most of the time) and likes to play fetch. She’ll bring me a mouse (usually a pink one) to throw for her and she’ll bring it back.

When I run in my neighborhood, it is very likely that I will see deer, squirrel, ducks, geese, and egrets. There may also be a stray cat, which I will have to stop and talk to. Also, dogs walking people. I guess that’s about it. If I’m running on the beach then there are sea critters too!

Enjoy your race!


That runner was attacked in a bathroom 2 miles from my apartment.. and i have used it probably over 100 times for bathroom breaks during a run. So scary….. I am definitely planning on taking a self defense class now.

Have fun on your trip!!


Living in Boulder, I get mostly hills all the time. The trail by my house goes right into the Flatirons and after that, well, you hit those little hills called the Rockies.

Dog mom, through and through. I don’t mind cats, but they’re not my favorite and they make me wheezy.

On a daily run I could see groundhogs, birds of all sort, deer, mountain goats, foxes, mountain lions and black bears. Oh and rattlesnakes. The weather is fabulous for running in Boulder, but dang, you can come across some scary critters.


omg that picture of him on facetime, so cute!! Also I really love those sneakersssss. Dog person all the way! I can’t date anyone who doesn’t love dogs. I used to see so many cool animals when I was living in central pennsylvania, I don’t see that many where I run here in the jungle because I only run in the city, haha, but when we go for hikes we see toucans and monkeys!


Not even kidding-I have run on a trail like that in Florida. And I ran fast.
Reloading my pepper spray stat. Yikes.

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