Partying, did that really happen and YOUR running accomplishments and BLOGS to read:)

We packed up our bikes and drove on over to the kid’s favorite park to visit after stopping by my parent’s house yesterday afternoon.  It was the perfect day to be outside and hit baseballs so that Beretta can actually get in the amount of fetch that she truly wants.  Throwing the ball doesn’t do it for Beretta’s exercise levels, she needs us to hit the ball a quarter mile away.

You never know when you are going to need your helmet for an intense game of tetherball.

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Being a parents is easier in the warm months compared to the cold months… there is SO much for us to do now with these energizer bunnies.

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For our family night last night we did a little St. Patrick’s Day party.  I’m gone today so we pretended yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.

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I got the idea from this cute girl, but we set up an obstacle course for the kids to go through to get to their pot of gold.

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Success (they had a few pieces of candy and the rest was put away:)

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Then they had a green meal made by Lepi the Leprechaun.

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I am way too entertained by holidays with kids and setting random traditions.

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PS have you tried the minty M&Ms?  I think they are amazing.

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Beretta will not be pinched today due to her collar.

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Pretty stoked that her foot pajamas that she found still fit her.

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Beretta gets the best goodnight hugs by far.  I’m not jealous.

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If you have a minute and you like to watch dancing, this is really cool.  Cosmo is the mascot for the college that I went to:)  Anyways, when the ground breaks in the movie… I have insider information that told me it really was an accident and they just kept going with it!  So cool.

From 8-9 pm this was our life below:)  Does it ever feel like it isn’t humanly possible to keep up with laundry?

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Off for a weekend of running, talking about running and learning about running… I can’t wait.


I look forward to your accomplishments each week!  Please send them to [email protected] and I will post them!


TANNA!!!!  “On Sunday, March 12th, my best friend Paula and I ran the Asheville Marathon in Asheville, North Carolina on the beautiful grounds of the Biltmore Estate!  We have been preparing for this race for 18 long weeks, working in our runs around our hectic schedules.  The weather had been forgiving and milk for us for the entire training period up until the night before the marathon.  There was a chance of snow, 2-6”, accumulating Saturday night and there was some talk of cancelling the marathon.  The next morning, we woke up to snow, close to 1”, and the race was still on!  My husband drove us to the shuttle and we were off!  As soon as the shuttle got to the estate, the snow was coming down heavier than earlier that morning.  The race was delayed 15 minutes so that a salt truck could salt the roads we were about to run on.  We were nervous, to say the least.  At 7:45 AM we were starting our first marathon, in the SNOW!  The snow eventually stopped, but the mud remained.  It was a tough run, to say the least and reminded us of the Spartan race we ran last year!  We finished in just over 5 and a half hours, which was not our goal.  However, considering the conditions, we were very proud of ourselves for finishing!  The best part of the race:  our family at the finish line.  They had driven over that morning, in the snow, to watch us finish.  This included my daughter, Lynnleigh, who got to put the medal around my neck!  It was definitely one of the best moments of my life!  I couldn’t have accomplished this feat without my best friend by my side.  She is my person and I am so lucky to have her!  I can’t wait to see what other goals we will crush this year!!!”



LORIBETH!!!  “I ran my 8th half marathon on March 5.  It was a perfect day!  I live (and work) right at the start line, so the husband and I just rolled out of bed, hung out and watched the news, then walked the 2 blocks down about 45 minutes before the start.  This is only their second year, and I have enjoyed running it both times.  I set a PR last year, but was about 2 minutes slower this year…. I think due to some tight core muscles that hit at mile 12….. gotta work on that core!  The support is outstanding, the weather was 60ish and the post race pizza and tacos were the best!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!!”



And some blogs to check out this week!!!!

HOLLIE!!!!  She had an awesome post about racing flats last week!  Check it out HERE!

Screen Shot 2017 03 15 at 12 08 29 PM


ANNE moved to Wyoming to her dream—>  3 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats!  She writes all about her life there, her travels and running!  She didn’t start running with a purpose until she was 59 and starting entering 1/2 marathon!

Screen Shot 2017 03 15 at 12 11 15 PM


DYNISE is addicted to running:)  She is a USATF running coach and she runs with a competitive track club in Philly—> Philadelphia Runner/Puma Track Team!  She offers so many awesome running tips (her posts focus in on 30-50 year olds).  She is the author of 3 vegan cookbooks too so she has a ton of recipes!

Screen Shot 2017 03 15 at 12 12 44 PM


Favorite M&M variety?  Pretzel, coconut, peanut, peanut butter, classic, almond, mint?  (Am I forgetting any?) What is your laundry routine… have specific days that you do it or are you like us and it feels like it is an every day thing? Any St. Patrick’s Day traditions?  Special runs? Wearing green today on your run? Have a blog that you found that you are loving!?  Share away!


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Thank you for sharing Janae!

I didn’t know there were coconut m&ms! I like peanut butter the best but I’ll have to look for the coconut. They are addicting though haha.

I tend to do laundry every few days because I have like 3 favorite running outfits.

Have a happy weekend!


I used to LOVE just the plain m&m’s but lately I am obsessed with the pretzel m&m’s! and I always loved crispy too!


My laundry routine involves looking over at the laundry basket and saying “Yikes! It is overflowing” and finally putting on a load…then forgetting to move it to the dryer half the time. OR running out of something crucial like the running shorts I actually like or clean pjs / sleep sack for the little guy. Pretty much every other day though lol.

I love your St Patrick’s Day party! I think celebrating little occasions makes life more fun, especially for children, so why not? that being said though, I totally forgot about it this year so maybe I’ll just try to wear a lot of green.

Happy Friday!


Your St. Patrick’s Day party with the kids is adorable – that obstacle course is an amazing idea! I love the mint m&m’s, but I think peanut butter has to be my favorite. I like the candy cane ones at Christmas time, too. I feel like I am constantly doing laundry. It never ends and I hate to have it pile up too much.


Dark chocolate m&m’s!!!!!!!!!! Those are my favorite. And yes, laundry all the time! Ha!


I love that you even got Brooke and Knox little green Gatorades! I don’t like chocolate, so M&M’s aren’t really my thing, but they did make a cupcake flavor. They are VERY sweet but not bad.

Laundry never ends. I usually do mine on Saturday or Sunday, but sometimes it varies depending on what my week has been like, and I’ll just do it as needed. It usually stays in the dryer for longer than it should, though, because folding everything can be SUCH an arduous task. :)


I have tried a grand variety of M&Ms and I think the peanut and pretzel are still my favorites.
That St.Patrick’s day set-up is so cute! As for Beretta- my family has a German Shepherd and we basically have to throw the Frisbee to Narnia and back to get her any sort of good exercise. Funny that your lab has energy, our old chocolate lab was the laziest guy ever (though, that is not normal, as I hear labs have super high energy).


Wow, those Asheville girls! So amazing.

My laundry bin is always overflowing. I do laundry probably twice a week, on days I telework, and it’s never enough. If I could have a maid for just one chore, it would be laundry (cleaning, folding, putting away). I would rather clean the bathroom or vaccum or do dishes, because none of those take as much time as laundry.


I never used to care too much about St Patrick’s Day. Yes we would wear green in elementary school, then I forgot about it until I was college age/early 20s – being from Boston, it is a huge party weekend. Then I forgot about it until my OB said he would plan my c-section for 39 weeks and he only did planned c-sections on Tuesday which happened to be St Patrick’s Day, so now we kind of make it a big deal. He turns 8 today. The other 3 of us have our birthdays in the summer 3 weeks apart, so we figure since his birthday stands alone it might as well be a holiday, alebit a “fake holiday” but we do get into it (though not the Leprechaun traps). Now I have a huge bin of decorations like I do for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Never would have St P day decorations if it weren’t for him!


Happy St Patrick’s Day! My boyfriend’s friend started a laundry service here where you leave your bag of laundry in your front door and it comes back the next day clean and folded. When I first heard about it, I thought it definitely seemed a bit out there…. but then I tried it and it was SO nice to not have to worry about laundry! The folding part is what I hate the most :) have a good weekend!


My advice about laundry is to do it every single day. I have a few friends that do a mountain of laundry once a week but that just seems like you will be folding for days! I do separate kid laundry from adult laundry and that makes putting things away so much easier. I don’t take it out of the dryer unless I have enough time to finish putting it away. My 9 year old does her own laundry and has since she was 7. It of course took quite a few lessons and we don’t have her separate the colors vs whites, I buy color guard sheets for her to use. We also use the detergent pods. She fights it because she is 9 and she is very easily distracted so sometimes it takes her awhile to put it away. So I have a rule that she needs to do it 2x a week so it isn’t overwhelming. I do my 6 year old’s laundry 1x a week and she helps put it away. She can’t reach inside the washing machine as we have a top loader but I am giving her some lessons. I am hoping that around age 7 she will also be doing her own laundry. Also a consumer notice out there for anyone that has a Samsung top loader- there is a recall so check the website. We have a new washer coming next Saturday as we can’t stand it anyhow so it sort of was a win win for us!! Oh and a lot of people will argue with me about this but when you fold and put laundry away just do that, don’t watch tv. It takes 10x as long. Or maybe that is just me!!
I am not the biggest candy fan as I can’t stop so I try to avoid it but I did used to love the pretzel M&Ms. Unfortunately after having my youngest I can no longer eat pretzels which makes me so sad.
I recently found this blog for recipes-
Her cookie dough hummus is awesome


Peanut M&M’s all the way! They are my ride or die favs

Laundry has a way of sneaking up on us — even though it’s just hubby and I, it feels like we could do laundry four times a week and still have tons to do. Mostly it’s gym clothes — I always wash those on Tuesdays/Thursdays because we hit the gym almost every day and they really get smelly if they are left to sit in the hamper for a while.

I wish I could get into St. Patrick’s day more this year, but due to Lent — I’ve given up my usual treats of Green foods and Green drinks :( It used to be a Shamrock shake or Grasshopper sundae as a tradition, but now it’s salad :(


Favorite M&M variety – Peanut Butter, Crispy, and Vanilla Cupcake in that order :)

Have fun this weekend!


Oh gosh, we can’t do laundry here, so we have to use a service– old, crappy apartment problems- hah! Peanut butter M&Ms!


Peanut m&ms are my favorite but peanut butter is a close second. I buy both and mix them when I go to the movies :)


This is genius!! Thanks for the idea :)


Happy St Patrick’s Day! LOVE the obstacle course. I might have to do that for my kids next year. We started making these last year and are doing it again this year, so I guess it is a tradition now!

Peanut and coconut M&M’s are my fav.

Laundry! I do it on Saturdays (plus usually an extra load on Sunday) and try to get it all put away by Sunday night. I like knowing that I have completely caught up with it at least for a day before it starts piling up again. I hate it when it sits in the basket waiting to be put away for days, because by then, I have a whole bunch of dirty clothes to be washed as well. I usually end up doing a load or two in the middle of the week as well, and that helps alleviate some of the work on the weekend.

Have a great weekend!


That video of Cosmo was good. I had to watch it more than once. Yes he broke the concrete and kept right on going like it was part of the act. I bet they got a good laugh when they were finished.


How the heck did they break the concrete? Props to him for not being thrown and just going on.

I used to like dark chocolate m&m’s. Have they changed or is it just me not liking them any more?

My mother-in-law does laundry every day, even though there are only 2 people in the house now. I do it once or twice a week. (we’re also only 2). I’d rather have a full load so I don’t waste water. With 2 of us working out fairly regularly but working from home I guess we have about 3 -4 loads, plus towels and sheets.


I’m a dark chocolate M&M and Peanut Butter M&M fan.

I love the obstacle course idea! Too cute.

I do laundry as needed, which ends up being running clothes at least once a week (not that I don’t have enough, I just hate them to lay crumpled up and stinky in the hamper) and normal people clothes every 2 week-ish…and inevitably the pile of clean clothes will sit on the bed for a least a day.

I ordered some jeans and summer dresses from ThredUp – I was super excited about finding quality name brands under $20!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh my god that is the cutest st patricks day ever!! Great job with the green milk :) :) I like the regular, peanut, and candy corn m&ms!! I try to do laundry every Sunday but I usually forget and just do it whenever I remember


Pretzel and peanuts are my favorite types of M&M.

I totally hear you with what you said about laundry. I do mine during the weekends but by Tuesday I already have laundry to do again because… #RunnerProblems.

My favorite blogs at the moment (besides HRG and Run Eat Repeat) are: A Lady Goes West, Kristina Running, and Lisa’s Blog (


I just don’t think I can pick between peanut and peanut butter m&ms!

My hubby does all of our laundry… which is awesome! When we got married, we decided that I will forever do the dishes and he will do the laundry because we both despised our non-chosen chore. Almost 4 years in and it works like a dream! We occasionally help each other out, but overall it’s been a great choice. (Some of our friends think it’s appalling, but we both work full time demanding jobs, so I like being a modern couple in that sense!)

Have a great weekend and enjoy your trip!


Wearing green and celebrating our daughter’s 15th birthday today! Loved seeing LoriBeth’s story, from my hometown! Too cool.


Were you at the race? Chatt is the best!


That’s our favorite park too! So much grass, 3 different play grounds and a nice path to run on while the kids are playing :) Peanut Butter M&Ms are my favorite at the moment. We are having a fun Irish inspired dinner tonight with my family and I am responsible for making the main dish, Shepherds Pie. I better get cooking!


I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my M&M’s (plain and peanut); however, the mint ones are pretty yummy and I think the coconut ones would be a pretty good, too! Since it’s jump my husband and me at home now, I just do laundry whenever it’s needed (which is often since we both workout a lot).

Have a great weekend!


Happy St Paddy’s Day! Looks like you’re doing some eating o’the green. I’m 100% Polish…but my middle name is Patricia so that makes me sorta’ Irish, right?

Thank you SO much for featuring my blog <3


Love the St. Paddy’s kid ideas! Grandkids will be with me later today and we need some fun indoor (so cold outside) things to do.

I don’t have scheduled days for laundry. I do it when I notice my husband slacking on The job. ?

Thanks for sharing the blogs! And Happy St. Patrick’s. day!


OK….so now I want m&m’s. And that pile of laundry is hilarious.


Love, love, LOVE pretzel m&ms. Often times I will skip out on dessert at a restaurant to have these m&ms as my treat instead.

Laundry at our house seems never-ending with 4 kids. But we finally have arrived at ages (10,8,6,4) where everyone can be involved. Tuesday’s laundry day. Two kids gather laundry and start it. Others switch laundry and put in baskets. Worst part for me used to be figuring out whose is what with 3 boys close in age. So now we dump all the dry clothes in living room. Each kid has a corner and we set a timer and sort. As soon as that’s done we turn on a fun show to watch while everyone folds. It’s not perfectly folded, but I happily let that go in lieu of mounds of laundry piling up. Now laundry day is one I look forward to as we get to relax and hang together watching a fun show!?


I love all the traditions that you create for your kiddos! I am a big fan of traditions and think they make life fun and exciting, not to mention memorable! Have fun this weekend – so jealous! ;)


Pretzel variety!!

And I think it’s awesome you’re doing so many traditions! My mom always did such awesome stuff for us at Christmas and those are some of my best memories!


An in-home obstacle course is such a smart idea! I love how active you are in engaging your kids in games. I hope I’m as fun a mom as you are. Love reading all of these running accomplishments. I’m bugged down by a nasty cold right now, so I’m living vicariously through everyone featured on the post. :)

Happy Friday, Janae!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Laundry everyday with two kids who always seem to be changing clothes and my husband and I workout daily. I don’t like having sweaty smelly clothes sitting in the hamper. Plus I am a bit OCD and like to have the laundry under control.

Not a huge chocolate fan but want to try the pretzel M & Ms.

Have a great weekend away?

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