One of my favorite places in the world and how I get running motivation.

Starting off our Saturday with my favorite type of running.  Trails with some perfect temperature.  PS I have a new half marathon that I am signing up for and I’m very happy to have a race coming up soon.  Races give me excitement and motivation in my training.  It helps me to get out on the days that I don’t really feel like going out!  Now I need to get back to some speed workouts again.

It’s always weird to go running when we don’t have the kids because I don’t have a specific time to be back for them.   I’m used to planning each minute of my run so I’m back in time etc so it feels strange when we can stop at the top and just hang out for awhile.  It was really nice.

IMG 1747

We encountered some muddy spots and two miles of STRAIGHT UPHILL but the down sure felt nice.

IMG 1786

We stopped a bunch throughout the run for pictures like this… Andrew must love running with me;)

IMG 1790

We drove straight from our run to Happy Donuts.  It’s my current favorite donut shop.  PS when we are on trips like this we split a lot of our treats too so that we can try everything while we are there:)

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While we were at Katie’s house on Friday night we were talking to them about what we should do for our Saturday activity.  Katie reminded me of one of my favorite places on the planet that I used to go to with her…  and that made it an easy decision.

DAVENPORT.  It is just north of Santa Cruz and takes about an hour to get to from San Jose (where we usually stay).  Worth the drive completely.

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One of the reasons I love Davenport so much is for Whale City Bakery.  It is right across the street from the ocean so you can see the ocean from your seat and they have the best fish and chips you will ever have.  The rest of the menu looks great too but I just order this every time that I go.

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Andrew was just a little excited when the waitress brought out this goodness to us.

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Then the waitress told us the ice cream flavors for the day and when I heard ‘salted caramel with oreos and fudge’ I knew that I had to try it.

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Then we walked across the street to go to the beach.

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The water was too cold but I almost fell asleep here on the beach.

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Then we sat in traffic for quite some time to get back to the hotel:)

IMG 1845

We ended off the night by going to see Kong.  I was sure that I wasn’t going to like it but it sucked me in and it was really good (even though I was stressed out by the story line the entire time:)

IMG 1848

And Brooke is having the time of her life this weekend too…

IMG 7675

PS if you are a newish reader…  Brooke’s dad lives in California so we bring her out here to visit him for the weekend!

IMG 1843


Is there a lot of traffic where you live?  

How often do you get to trail run?  

WHO LIVES IN CALIFORNIA?!?  What is your favorite part of California?  

Run today?  Rest day?  Cross-training day?

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Love all the beach pictures! So jealous! I’ve only ever been to San Francisco but I loved it.

There is so much traffic where I live! It’s such a big change from a couple of months ago before I moved…where I dealt with virtually 0 traffic!

And today is totally an easy run day, happy Sunday!


Looks like you guys are having a great weekend!

I never ever have gotten to trail run and I feel like I’m missing out! Anyone Chicago readers have recommendations on nearby spots?!

Rest or swim day for me (still tbd) .. Ran 16 miles on the treadmill Friday and 10 outside yesterday … Body needs a break!

Happy Sunday!


Haha, zero traffic in our town. We only have one 4-way stop sign. But we do live right next to I-80, so we see enormous amount of traffic, we just rarely have to be in it. Funny how to smallest of towns can be right literally on a busy interstate. I trail run a little when we camp spring – fall, but the fall scares be of broken ankles. All the walnuts, tree roots and holes hidden under the fall leaves are not good. Rest day for me today, going on a long speed walk, but no run. I think I need to try CA again. I was there for the time 5 years ago for my step sons graduation from Marine’s. I had assumed it was a big surfers state, I had assumed it’s always sunny, perfect and gorgeous…..I had assumed wrong. From the time we got off the plane, for the whole weekend it was cold, drizzly, breezy, rainy and more cold. When the sun came out, it just simply dried our clothes. And the temp was still very chilly. So my dressy shorts, skirts and tanks didn’t help me any. Everyone has since told me perfect the weather is, I of course think they are crazy ! lol One day, I hope to try again.


So jealous!! the weather has been great in CA, so you chose a good weekend! We’ve had a LOT of rain lately! YES tons of traffic in SF!


I love trail running!! It’s basically in my back yard :)


Me too! Two areas are within a 1.5 mile run or a 2.5 mile run…sometimes I drive to the slightly further area to maximize my time on the trail. I live in CA and love it! Glad to finally have some sunny weather!


Which race are you doing


Southern California born and raised. Even though the traffic and air quality stinks, I always say I’ll never leave. Where I live I’m 45 minutes from the mountains and 45 minutes from the beach. It can’t get any better.

Oh and I have to take issue with your best fish and chips assertion. ;) Macs Fish and Chips in Santa Barbara is the best. The owners are straight from England and it’s so authentic.


I haven’t seen KONG but I finally went to LION yesterday and LOVED it. Well I usually enjoy any movie based on a “true story” but this one was SO good. And it made me cry from my “mom point of view”; I couldn’t imagine what his mom went through for years wondering about her son.


I live in Orange County CA, and love it! We have a fantastic trail system in our little town, so trail running is a common thing for us! But, I try to run at the beach once a week, or every other week (it takes about a half hour to drive to the beach from our house).
I’ve never been to Davenport, but LOVE Santa Cruz! That whole area is just so great!
My hubby and I are always in the lookout for good fish and chips! Your’s look delicious!
Enjoy the rest of your time out here, and this gorgeous weather we’re having ? 8 miles for me today, then hopefully getting more spring cleaning done in the yards!


I live downtown, just 2 blocks from work so traffic is only an issue when crossing the street-ha! Today is a run day……..still recovering from my half marathon last week. It got cold here again! 70 last week, 50 today. Nuts. I haven’t been trail running, I am convinced I will twist my ankle, or come across a copperhead snake. And I have only been to the LA airport, but I am supposed to get to go to San Diego in November, so I am excited! Although it is a work trip and I probably won’t have a car, but I will be exploring as much as I can, still!


It sounds like a great getaway. When I visited San Diego and Carlsbad, I loved it. I was actually born in San Diego…

New Jersey/Philadelphia traffic can get pretty bad. It’s not really highway traffic though, there are dozens of small towns and it can take you 30 minutes to go 3 miles (so yes, for some people better to run or commute :O)


I live in San Jose and love trail running at Rancho San Antonio OSP when I get a chance :)


With our most recent move, I get to trail run everyday. It’s so great to be right up against the flatirons.

While there isn’t a ton of traffic in Boulder…Denver is getting worse and weekend mountain traffic is awful.

I do the same thing when I run with Jesse, I’m like “lets stop and take a picture!” every 10 minutes haha. He LOVES it.


I live in the Bay Area near where you visited and it’s great but the traffic and housing prices make you want to ponder moving every few months or so :(


YES… it is beautiful here and the best weather but I was so thankful I could move back to Utah once I got divorced because it is so $$$$$ here!


California native, so yep, lots of traffic! But I love my state – so much beauty. I really can’t pick a “favorite part” – it’s so diverse and beautiful in so many places. I grew up in Fresno so Yosemite is one of my favorites (got engaged there.) Also love the central coast – my parents honeymooned in Santa Cruz in the 50s and they took us there a lot as kids. We loved escaping the heat and in just a few hours being at the beach. I also love San Diego (going there tonight!) I have a great trail about a mile from my house that I run and mountain bike. Since it’s been such a rainy year our hills are magnificent. Central valley produce stands in the summer = the best!

*I do not work for the California board of tourism ;)


I live in the Bay Area (Pleasanton). We love it, but as another person commented, it is getting REALLY crowded and the housing prices are just ridiculous. We are originally from Colorado and miss Boulder a lot, but not sure I could do snow and cold anymore. California weather is definitely for me!


YES YES YES… the weather he is beyond amazing. But housing is insane… and it just keeps getting crazier. I’ve been to Pleasanton and it is GORGEOUS there! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Tiffany!


I live in Oceanside!


Looks like you’re having a great time! There’s TONS of traffic where I live (Boston). It’s actually quite aggravating most of the time because you need to plan at least an hour of travel time to go 10 miles no matter which direction you’re traveling. That’s why I’m happy I only live a few miles from work!


DC traffic is terrible. I hear California is worse, but honestly, I’ve driven in both San Diego and San Francisco and neither are as bad as DC. Maybe just LA is awful there; I don’t know.

The beach looks beautiful! Totally worth traffic.


The beach and donuts look so inviting! We have VERY little traffic; just the way I like it! ☺️ I love running trails, but mostly run dirt roads around where we live. I always feel like it’s a special treat to run in the morning as the sun is coming up and God is painting this glorious picture that I can enjoy.

Rest for a few days for me. :-( antibiotics and steroids to get my lungs working fully again. Super thankful for a good doctor to get me back on the up and up.

Blessings to you this Sunday!


ah she looks so cute in that little bathing suit!! Theres no traffic here in Iquitos because we don’t drive cars ;) everyone drives motorcycles or motorcycle-cars which take up less space and are easier to manuever around so traffic jams don’t happen! I stillll have a cold so I’m not running until its gone because I am so so so done with feeling sick.


Our traffic has “seasons”. I’m on the southern gulf coast of FL so we have “snowbird season” when the traffic increases with old people who come from up north for the winter. Then overlapping that is the current influx of spring break season when we get younger tourists added to our roads for about 6 weeks (I swear we need a bypass road for locals to get on and off the island!). And then there’s summer when the traffic is much more acceptable and you can actually hit speeds above 30 mph on the main roads.

I wish we had gorgeous trails like they do in the PNW and Cali! Our trails are much more boring and flat. I do “trail run” but most of our trails are just crushed shell.

Running today but still deciding on mileage. I really need to put in 5 miles but it’s my boy’s birthday so I don’t know if I want to be gone that long (I’m not a fast runner). I’ll do a quick set of arms, abs, and lower core as well.

I love that Billy (long time reader so I remember his name) seems to send you pics of Brooke while he has her. It’s nice to think that she doesn’t just disappear while she’s with him. I’m sure it makes co-parenting much smoother!


Yes yes yes… it is so nice that I get to know (and see pictures:) of what she is up to while she is away:) Makes it a lot easier for me! Yes, your area definitely goes through different seasons of traffic! I want to come run there during our winter months… can we move in? I hope that you had a great run and enjoy celebrating!!


Although it’s been 10 or 11 years since I was last in California I love Monteray and Carmel. They’re both gorgeous spots.


I LOVE trail running, but I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like since I’m generally a member of the 5AM running club -best new trail use for me this year: snowshoe running -super challenging, but so fun it almost winter bearable -if you haven’t tried it, you must!


Hey Janae! Quick question- I’m running the Big Sur marathon this year, and I was wondering if you’ve got any donut shops/restaurants/other cool things to do recommendations for the Monterey Bay/Carmel area?! I’ve never been to California!! So excited! :)


TIFFANY!!! I am so so excited for you… Big Sur is on my dream list:) So I’ve only been to those areas maybe once and it was years ago so I don’t have any recommendations BUT if you are going to be going to San Jose or San Francisco while you are here I can email you a bunch!!! Let me know! So excited for you to come to California!


That ice cream sounds amazing. I need to recreate it. Or go there when we are there next month. Obviously a trip to celebrate my birth would revolve around food as well.

With that much elevation gain, I would have been grateful for any and all breaks. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. There is just something about running and hiking in the mountains or along beaches that does SO much for me mentally.



Run day! Ran a 5K today for my first race of the year and shaved 12 minutes off of my last one (which was a few years ago). It was so much colder than I was expecting but powered on thru. Was 3 minutes away from hitting my goal time but that will wait for the next one :) I’m running something called the B3 (B for Baltimore) so I get a finishers medal if I run the 5K, 10K and a 12 miler this fall!


You just described the most perfect day ever! It really makes me happy to see YOU so happy.

I have a question for you. I am coming back from a 7 month injury (tore ligaments away from the heel bone). I am very anxious to get back to my half marathons but also nervous. I am considering getting a coach (maybe from Runner’s Connect). Can you tell us your experience with coaches or not having coaches? I am no means elite. Run a 9 minute mile so actually very slow. I just want to finish my half without dying :) and without injury.

Have a wonderful day!


shorts and flip flops?! lovely!!!!

Trails for the win. One year I managed to only run 1/2 mile of asphalt per run. It was amazing. I’ve moved to a different town since then but still have lots of trail options (seriously, Bavaria is a mecca of trails and bike paths. Great training here!!!)

Today was a cycling day-I debated running today ONLY because 4.5miles would give me 50 for the week but I decided to not push it and “junk miles” weren’t worth it… a ride won out on the reality debate.

Traffic? Not much. There’s a new signal in town and we are all a bit salty about it……but in comparison to the states? no big deal whatsoever (but I still groan at that signal every single day. no joke.)


Your trail run looks like it was awesome! I am pretty busy this week but I think I will have to plan a trail run next week! I did 3.8 miles today on my hilly route, which is a loop that has 3 mega hills (down, up, down, up, down, up) the last hill is only a half mile which seems small now compared to your 2 mile hill but it is a bear at the end of that run. But I got to the bottom and gave myself some encouragement in Latin to get through: Veni, Vidi, Vici, I came, I saw, I conquered. It totally was my mantra going up that hill!


There is very little traffic where I live, especially on a Sunday. I don’t get out on trails as much as I would like because they are quite isolated (except for wildlife eeek. Deer, fox, moose, etc) and passable only by snowshoe, snowmobile, or skis at the moment!
Today was a run day, and I braved -26 (including the windchill, would be -14ish in Fahrenheit) to get my long run in today. Lots of layers and I was good to go. Prepped meals for the week for my family after and had some warm delicious food and relaxed the rest of the day.


Happy Sunday!
I live outside of Los Angeles, in a little coastal town, San Pedro! #thanksairforce!

Sooooooo much traffic here, I have never loved anywhere that has this much! Definitely a rest day today!


Straight uphill sounds like absolute death girl! Props to you and Andrew for getting through that!

I live in California! I was born in Sacramento, but I moved to Los Angeles when I was five. Lived there until I graduated high school. Now I’m a proud San Diegan going to San Diego State University. :) Love love love California, but not the high COL.


Wow that trail looks amazing! The Hubs and I had our long run on our trail today and came home with about 2 pounds of mud on our shoes. That’s ok. It was a blast–even though it was super-cold today here in Illinois.


I’m so glad there isn’t usually traffic where I live!

During the spring/summer/fall we try and hit trails about once a week, but stay away when it’s too wet.

im a Cali girl :) I love San Diego, Napa, Yosemite. We have a lot to offer!

Today was a race for me! I pr’d by 6 min. It was a crazy downhill course, but I’ll definitely take a PR!


I think it was me who recommended the Whale City Bakery to you all those years ago. Glad you got to go back…I still stand by the Best Fish n Chips in California thing and I’m a Brit so I know my stuff : )


Hey Janae! Do you have any recs for helpful books on marriage/couple advice? I really admire how much fun you and Andrew have together and am going through a bit of a rough patch in my own marriage right now. Running is a huge help for me but just curious if you know any good resources on relationships :)


I live right next to Rancho so pretty much run there 2-3 times a week! I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and traffic has gotten so much worse:( But still love living here!!


Two things: Your white tank and your cross-body – where did you get those? LOVE THEM!


San Diego! Nothing beats it!


Are you kidding!!!!!! I live in California so every where you go is traffic. I guess that’s the price to pay for our beautiful weather. The Santa Cruz mountains are about 5 minutes from my house so trail runs is all we do now. The last road run/race was about 1/2 year ago. Yesterday we lifted weights so today we run. Yay


Dang. I drove by the Whale City Bakery not too long ago on a little trip to the coast… I need to stop there next time :)

I live in Sacramento. While I love the city, I wish I lived closer to the coast! The California coast is just breath-taking … :)

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