My Pros and Cons list to being a runner + ANDREW’S BIRTHDAY!

TODAY IS ANDREW’S BIRTHDAY!!! He is 29 now and I cannot wait to celebrate as much as possible today (I love birthdays… probably too much).  Feel free to wish him a happy birthday in the comments.  He always reads the comments.  In fact, the other day he told me that whenever he forgets what happened the previous day he just jumps on the blog to refresh his memory ha.  I’m sure he loves this online journal I have created for him.

Brooke sure has turned into quite the good traveler!  I have no idea how many airplanes she has been on at this point but she’s got her whole routine figured out now.

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Andrew was a little tired on the plane:)

IMG 1924

After the airport we drove up north to go get Beretta.  We were starving by then and before the long drive home….

IMG 1932

One leaf got skipped in the whole chopping process.

IMG 1934

I had to run into a store and Andrew sent me this picture.  Brooke was so happy to have her pup back.

IMG 1938

Beretta loves putting her head in between us on drives.

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Anyone else love birthday cards like me?  My Grandma is the queen of giving the best cards and she passed it down to me.  I probably spend too long looking for a good one.

IMG 1937

Happy to be home to the mountains again!

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I love pros and cons lists.  I usually use them when I have a big decision to make but thought it was time to make one for being a runner.

IMG 1778

Being a runner.

Pro:  Running can help you to become a healthier, more fit, stronger, less stressed and happier human.

Con: Running helps you to learn about parts of your body that you probably never knew much about like your plantar fasciitis or your IT Band or your achilles and when those things flare up, you will become a much more stressed and frustrated human.

Pro:  Running is said to be a ‘cheap sport’… all you need are your running shoes!!!

Con:  When you go through your bank statement you will notice that there are quite a few (ehhh too many and probably expensive?) purchases made for fuel, races, shoes, clothes, watches, sunglasses, compression socks… and the list goes on and on.

Pro:  You get to eat more of your favorite foods because of all of those miles:)

Con:  You will experience something known as running hanger (I experience this most during marathon training) where your longer runs make you feel like you are hungry again within 4 minutes of finishing your previous meal or snack.  It gets expensive to fuel a runner properly:)

IMG 1459 2

Pro:  You buy more running clothes/active wear than normal clothing because running clothes > uncomfortable clothing.

Con:  You have nothing to wear to functions where it’s unacceptable to be in your running shoes and favorite light weight shorts and tank.

Pro:  Running helps you to fall asleep faster and easier at night.

Con:  Maybe you fall asleep faster and easier at night from running because your only time to do it is at 5 a.m.

Pro:  You will know the exact mileage from your home to pretty much everything within 7 miles of your home.  Oh yeah, that gas station is about 4.32 miles away from home or that big set of hills takes approximately 2.19 miles to get to.  People with you think you have GoogleMaps in your brain.  You will also learn where every restroom and every drinking fountain is within your county.

Con:  The weather reports may bring you more frustration and stress than the average person.  Yes, it is frustrating for everyone to see large amounts of rain or snow and ice coming up but for a runner, when that forecast pops up on race weekend or when we have 14 miles to accomplish… the anger sets in quickly.

Pro:  You gain a sense of community through running.  Whether through the books you read about it, the social media channels that you follow, the races you sign up for or the running group you train through, feeling like you are a part of something bigger is a great feeling to have.

Con:  You will think it is normal to get up at 3:30 a.m., drive over to jump on a big bus full of people, to then drive to the starting line of a race as you eat a bagel and talk to the people next to you about the torture you are about to put your body through;)

IMG 8521

Pro:  You get to be outside and enjoy nature.  You get in a healthy dose of vitamin D as you are close to rivers/lakes/mountains/meadows/hills.  Oh and you see those sunrises and sunsets in the best way possible while you are out on a run.

Con:  Even though YOU WEAR SUNSCREEN all summer long for your runs, your tan lines will make it appear as though you are wearing a sports bra/tank/running shorts at all times no matter what.

Pro:  You are on the roads enjoying the endorphins and feeling alive early on a Saturday or Sunday morning when it seems as though everyone else in the world is still asleep.

Con: You are on the roads cramping, blistering or exhausted early on a Saturday or Sunday morning when it seems as though everyone else in the world is still asleep in their comfortable beds.

Pro:  You see your progress.  You learn lessons all along the way.  You work towards reaching your goals which in turns helps us to feel good about ourselves.  Your lungs, heart, brain and muscles are grateful for your running.  You meet some pretty incredible people (in real life or over the internet) because of running.

Sure there are some hard parts about running but I think the pros make it pretty clear to keep on running:)

IMG 1506


Have any PROS and CONS about running?  I would love to hear them!!!!!

Ever had a meal from a restaurant and found something weird (not that I found anything weird in my salad ((Cafe Rio 4 life))… the lettuce just sparked the question for me)?

What was the last progress that you’ve noticed in your running?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!!! I hope your family has a wonderful day together! Thanks for sharing your lives with us:)


Happy birthday Andrew! This day is special to my husband and I as well since we got married on Pi day: 3/14/15!


Happy Anniversary! Mine as well 3/14/09!! Great day to get married! :)


Yay!! Happy 8th!


Happy birthday, Andrew!

– Nicole @


Agreed about the weather. It’s like the best weather for running is not the most enjoyable for life. Today it’s snowing but with the ice, there is no way I would want to run outdoors!

Hope Andrew has a great day. Being born on PI day is awesome.


HAHAHA that list! I could not agree more with each and every point. Especially knowing the exact distances to places…I love to annoy my husband by saying the mileage as we drive. HAHA


Pro: Running wakes me up in the morning and gives me a fresh start to my day.
Con: I usually hit a wall by 3 p.m. and am pretty useless at work after that because I’ve been up since 4:02.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew! Hope it’s a wonderful day. Make that last year in your 20s be the best one yet!


Happy birthday, Andrew!
Pro: total stress release.
Con: it can be hard to find my running groove some days.


Happy bday Andrew! Your pro and con list is too funny and so true! After a little shopping spree on the Brooks and Oiselle site last month my bank statement definitely felt the cons of this totally free sport we love :D


HBD Andrew!
Pro is running home from the mechanic when I have to leave my car there. It’s 4 miles away.
Con is struggling with injuries that I most likely wouldn’t have otherwise.


Pros: running helps me be a better wife, mom, friend etc. I use a lot of my easy runs when I can let my mind wander and not focus on the run to pray for those I love and those I haven’t yet met.

Cons: sometimes running can feel selfish during a training cycle. Thankfully, I have a fabulous husband that gets it!

Running progress: ran my fasted 5k time with a tempo workout. I’ve noticed a change in my ability to hold faster paced for a longer distance with committing to and sticking to a training plan (being flexible when necessary).

Question: when you are sick and unable to run and you are in the middle of a training plan, do you just skip the workouts or go back to the ones you missed and work your way forward?


Happy birthday, Andrew! You two are so handsome together! One time I found a live caterpillar in my salad… it was lovely. I agree on your runners list- runners hungry, or hangry in my case is REAL


Long time reader….only my second every comment.(First one I wanted to win some shoes! :) But just have to say… Happy Birthday Andrew!


Happy birthday, Andrew! and Many More!!!


Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope it’s a great one. I’d say a pro is the mental escape from reality you get and the happier mood after. The con is the early, early mornings in the summer to beat the heat ;)


Happy birthday Andrew!!


Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Hope it’s a good one! I love running because after my runs, I have no more energy for negative thoughts ;). It might be the runner’s high I don’t know ha:) I love meeting new friends and inspirational people on social medias or real life!


Awesome post! And happy birthday Andrew!
One pro and con of running:
Pro: Some of the best dates are run dates.
Con: You may have to see your sig. other poop in the woods…yep, never happened to me…Love is blind.


Brooke & Beretta are so cute together! Chris always gets so excited when we are eating at a restaurant and he orders fries and they accidentally put an onion ring in there. I don’t think it matters, but it makes him light up like a little kid on Christmas.

The last progress I noticed in my running was my stamina. When I ran my first half marathon in the fall I was just able to keep going and going. I always get in my head and tell myself I need to walk but I didn’t that time, which totally proved to me that physically I can do it but it’s the mental portion I need to work on.


Running pro: In winter it keeps me fit and strong for the spring/summer/fall outdoor activities I like to do.
Running con: Race training takes so much time!

Happy birthday, Andrew!


That is one resilient leaf of lettuce — fight the power little guy.

I have a love hate relationship with running — I love it because I can see myself getting stronger and feel myself toughen up mentally, but I hate it because it is not a natural thing for me.


Your list of pros and cons certainly made me laugh so hard.

Running longer distances with less difficulty is the biggest progress I’ve noticed in my running. And so far I haven’t found anything weird on restaurant food. Thank God.

Happy birthday to Andrew!


happy birthday to Andrew! I once found a piece of a ceramic plate in my salad at cheesecake factory! i am still not sure how a piece of a broken dish ended up in my salad. i told the waitress and got my salad for free lol. glad i didn’t swallow it!


Happy birthday to Andrew! I will now forever remember his birthday, since mine is tomorrow :) Hope you guys have a great day!

My latest running progress for me is running just feeling easier again! The other day, I ran a four mile run with that stupid cheesy runner grin on my face the entire time. Yay for postpartum running progress! Of course, my IT bands thanked me with a little flare up, so right now my foam roller and I are besties.


Happy, happy Birthday Andrew! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter! :)

I love your running pros and cons list! All so very true! Someone commented earlier that running makes her a better wife, a better mom, a better friend. I couldn’t agree more! So many runs for me, I talk myself through problems, make plans, refocus, etc… It is such a great time for reflection! And then, sometimes it’s just about being outside, mind empty, and just enjoying the run!
Happy running! :)


Love the pro/con list! So much truth!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope you get to ride today!


Happy Birthday Andrew! Please eat pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. 3.14 is an awesome birthday.

Jesse’s dog, Zooby, does that too in the car. He’ll put his head in-between the front seats for HOURS and just stare at us. Must be a lab thing!


Happy birthday, Andrew!

I have found glass twice – about 20 years apart: once in my drink and once in my ice cream. Very glad I didn’t cut my mouth either time.


That leaf of lettuce made me laugh. Remember that time I found a chicken bone in my crepe? Ya. That was less amusing and more disgusting.

Loved your list of pros and cons. Now I am singing the pros and cons jingle from Fallon. Running can definitely make us do some weird things, but it’s kind of the best.

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope you guys get to do something fun today to celebrate.


Happy birthday, Andrew! I’m glad you’re part of Janae’s life. Hope your day is great!

I went a little crazy shopping for running gear yesterday. So fun but definitely not cheap!


HBD Andrew!!!!!

My latest running progress was doing a super hilly route and not feeling like garbage at the end.

I recently discovered a restaurant new to me called Fresh to order and I got a gigantic southwest salad! I found the most delicious croissant roll in it which is not weird/gross but awesome!!!


My biggest pro when it comes to running has to be the mental clarity I receive. There is absolutely nothing else in the world that makes me feel more at ease than a nice run with no pressure on time or length. I get to leave the world behind and just be me. I definitely agree with everything you wrote here too: love that it’s cheap, love that post-run feeling. I had to laugh about your pro for knowing the exact mileage. This is so me! I always state how far away something is because I like that knowledge and everyone just kind of looks at me like uhhh okay. ;)

Happy happy happy birthday Andrew!


The running hanger is real. I guess that’s my con. My pro for running would have to be that elusive runner’s high, the one run that makes the three mediocre/bad runs worth it.


I’m so looking forward to finally meeting you this weekend in NM!! :)


Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Wishing you an amazing year!


Happy Birthday Andrew!


Happy birthday Andrew!!!

The last progress I noticed is that I ran yesterday and my foot does NOT hurt today, WOOHOO!


Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

My father-in-law always buys two cards, a funny one and a serious one ;) Your pro/con list is so true!!

Running pro: stress relief!
Running con: stress created over every little twinge/ache/pain

My last running progress was a PR over the weekend (1:34:36 for a half!!) and my knee didn’t kill me (IT band troubles).


Happy Birthday, Andrew!!! Hope you have an amazing celebration!

I would say a pro of running for me is building mental toughness. Pushing yourself hard enough to know that you can perservere when you really want to tap out. Helps in so many other areas of life.
A con to that point would be that sometimes it’s difficult to then back off (especially for newer runners)…finding that healthy balance between pushing through and risking negative gains.

A funny story about finding something in your food. I was at lunch with my husband and MIL and she was eating oysters…she found something hard in her mouth and fished it out, called the waiter over and made a huge todo about there being a ‘tooth’ in her food! Until she then realized it was HER tooth that had cracked as she was eating. Whoopsie.

So, today’s workout…SHOVELING. UUUUUUUUUUGH. It’s been the most amazing winter here in NJ…and we are get pummeled by Stella. 16″ so far…and it’s still falling.


Happy birthday to Andrew!

So this is really disgusting, so fair warning….once my husband and I were out to eat at a pizza place and had some salads first. He didn’t say anything to me (or the waitress) till he was almost done, but there was a dead spider in his salad!! He saw it and just kept eating around it!! Gross!!! When the waitress came around to see how everything was, that’s when he mentioned it. But not even complaining, just like a side note! Lol!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDREW! It’s my sister’s bday too…………Pi Day!

Pros: that great “I can do anything” feeling afterwards and the urge to tell folks you don’t know that you just ran a half marathon

Cons: even though I don’t have kids, I have a full schedule and am NOT a morning person, so sometimes finding time is difficult


Happy b-day Andrew! Hope you’re having a great day!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Andrew! I hope your day is fabulous!


Happy Birthday Andrew!!! I have a feeling this year was one of your best birthdays yet ;) Enjoy!!

Wow, that mountain view is gorgeous. Yea marathon training –> way too much money spent on food/chews/protein powder/propel


happy, happy birthday Andrew! how dope it’s on Pi Day :)
pro: i always feel like i’ve done something SO MANY other people hate and for some weird reason it makes me feel accomplished; even the hard/terrible runs make me feel awesome in a sense. i know there are millions of runners, but a lot of people i work with or go to gym classes with really don’t understand my love. we are a special breed folks!
con: all the little pains, strains, tweaks, tight muscles…and with every year passing they are creeping up more and more. stop age.


Happy Happy Birthday Andrew!! May you be blessed this day and every day!!


That salad in your pic looks amazing !!!! Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you have a great day !


Happy birthday , Andrew!! Hope your day was amazing!

My weird food thing happened back in the late 80s when Wendy’s was doing those, “Where’s the Beef” ads. I was on the bus on the way home from an away high school football game, when we all stopped at Wendy’s for food. I got a burger, opened it up, and there was no burger in my sandwich, just the bun. Everyone around me busted out laughing and a couple of football players took my burger up to the counter to ask the worker, “Where’s the Beef?” That was almost 30 years ago (yikes!!!) and I still remember that.


wow nice blog,
happy belated happy to the day,You guys a cute family


My biggest pro is being alone with my thoughts. I usually run in the evening and process my whole day during that hour of loud music and elevated heart rate. I feel immensely better after that.
Con? No time!!!


Happy birthday Andrew!! Hope it was a great one!

Janae I loved the pros and cons list, it is spot on! I have a running related question for you, in regards to you running while you were pregnant, how in the world did you find the energy and motivation to keep doing it? I am about 6 months pregnant now and used to be an avid runner, I even ran 2 half marathons early into the pregnancy but now I get so winded and it’s almost a struggle to get more than 2 miles in. I’d love to know if you have any pointers or tips you used to keep going when that belly got big!


I’m two days late but Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew!!!

LOVED this list of running pros & cons.
Con: sometimes you have icky feet
Pro: you can always go get a pedicure to at least make them prettier ; )

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