Monday Matters!!!!

Happy Monday!  I hope your week is off to an incredible start and hopefully it isn’t raining like crazy where you are like it is here:)  Thanks to sissy for this morning’s post! I hope you liked it!  I’ve just got a bunch of things to share with you this afternoon and tomorrow morning I’ve got some race prep talk!  But for now, randomness from our house:

*I told you the other day on Instagram about how I switched my last name over!  I’m now officially a Baron and it was very exciting.  The whole process didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get everything switched over, so maybe I shouldn’t have procrastinated for almost 9 months of being married (ps we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary since our first date ha:)

IMG 2794

*The DMV was completely empty too… Brooke even had a shocked look on her face about this.

IMG 2799

*We were going through all of our important paperwork and came across this and it made me tear up.  Brooke’s tiny footprint!

IMG 2774

*My sister came over the other day and the kids had quite the dance party in the living room.

IMG 2782

*Brooke also did a great job sharing her banana with her little cousin.  It was so sweet that I didn’t even get bugged that there was food outside of the kitchen;)

IMG 2776

*Swim practice is still going well.  We just keep on adding accessories to the entire process.

IMG 2683

*You can’t really tell but the other day we told the kids to get on their pajamas and then once they were done they put a pajama shirt on Beretta too. I’m sure she really loved it.

IMG 2695

*She does love sleeping with the kids though.

Example A:

IMG 2708

Example B:

IMG 2706

*Megan went to Europe and just got home.  She sent me a few pictures of some of the amazing desserts that they had over there and this one is still on my mind.  Soft serve ice cream on top of a churro.  Does it get any better than that?

IMG 2684

*Yep, Andrew now has to really watch his back because Brooke has gotten pretty good at scaring him.

IMG 2698

*Her hide and seek game is on point too.

IMG 2849

*When the pancake comes out bigger than the plate… that’s the way to do things.

IMG 2564

*Their current favorite chore and mine too because they get those chairs spotless.

IMG 2700

*This was a (partial) meal fail the other day:)  We had steaks and then Andrew added a few marshmallows to the top of his baked sweet potato and put it in the microwave for a few seconds… it didn’t turn out tasting like that marshmallow/sweet potato dish on Thanksgiving;)

IMG 2699

*And Knox can officially do more push-ups than I can so that makes me feel really good;)

IMG 2772

*Why have carpet when you can just make a floor of toys to walk around on?

IMG 2853

*We went to our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant with Andrew’s mom last weekend.   We have a sushi addiction.

IMG 2804

*Christina left this comment the other day on my survey last week… I loved reading that her mom makes her a pie after each marathon.  This would be a good motivation for me to do more marathons.

Screen Shot 2017 03 23 at 1 45 55 PM


Ever been to Europe?  Best thing that you ate there?

What was your run today?  Raining for anyone else?

Had any kitchen/meal fails lately?

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It is POURING here in Washington. I think I got excited for Summer a little too early…It’s definitely not sunny around here yet.


I did the same thing… I was stoked it was finally spring/summer and now it won’t stop raining! Hope you see some sunshine soon!


Having dessert right after a race would be motivation for me too. It’s been such a weird Monday…I woke up late though and I think that set everything off.


That totally happens to me when I wake up… it feels like the entire day is off after that!


I have been to Italy 2 times (it helps to have family there) and my husband and I start eating the minute we land and we do not stop until we take off!!!! The food there is SOOOO amazing. I can’t pick one but if I had to. . REAL GELATO and the Nutella is the most amazing thing I have tasted. I mean yes the pasta, bread, pizza and pastries are also amazing but the taste behind real gelato and pure nutella!!!
Ran a race Sat took yesterday off and was up at 5 to get some miles in. Also, really trying hard to add in weights!!! Got to work on that upper body:-)
And for my kitchen fail. . . I was broiling salmon on my stonewear and the whole thing shattered in the oven. Also, spilt bacon grease in the oven, NOT fun!!!!


SPLATTERED in the oven!? NOOOOOO… I am so sorry about that Jarrelle! I bet I won’t stop eating either when I eventually get to go:) CONGRATS on your race on Saturday and thanks for motiving me to get in some weights too!


I’ve been to Europe a couple times now and I always find more than one delicious thing on each trip. It’s been 10 years since my last trip – I need to get back sooner rather than later.


I think you need to go back asap and I need to go for my first time! We should all fly out and do a destination race together. I hope you are having a fabulous day Fiona!


Omg that dessert looks amazing! Best thing I ate in Italy was definitely the gelato and the pizza!


HELLO LAURA!!! How the heck are you!?! Now I need some gelato and pizza asap!


#1 is easy-I live in Europe. The food is amazing. I have to say, a french pastry cannot be beat. They truly melt in your mouth. They are so delicate and soft and ever so slightly sweetened-unreal. Italy is remarkable. Every country here has their ice cream/gelato specialty. Best of all, it’s all so fresh and simple and unprocessed. Coffee is not to go (some places are starting to offer it), food is served on real plates even at festivals!

We currently have sun and 60’s but it recently was raining and gale force winds. Still windy, but sunny!

I did a rare lunchtime run because my daughter had softball games this afternoon.

Now I’m dwelling on the pastries…..


Can I come visit you Kelly? I need the french pastry and gelato right this second. Real plates and unprocessed… sounds quite different than what we have here often! I am so glad that you have some sunshine! Great job on the lunch run and go get a pastry and eat one for me too!


Hi there! Love your positive blog! I visit here at least once a day :)

What brand is that black bootie you’re wearing? The one that is shows toes and heels! And is it practical? Wear do you wear it to? Just formal things?


HEY VIRGINIA!!! Thank you so much for reading! Here is the link:

I have had them for years and I love them. I wear them to church things and even on fancier date nights with a pair of black pants. I think they are very practical… I wear them very often! Have an awesome day!


I went to Europe when I was 16. And the best thing I remember eating were the Nutella crepe at Paris. Oh my God.


And now I am drooling… that sounds perfect! Enjoy the rest of your day Nathaly!


Like others have already said, how do you choose a favorite food in Europe? It’s all so amazing. We had one favorite meal that included appetizers, pasta, and 2 desserts (tiramisu and creme brûlée). But it was all so fresh and delicious! Now I just want to go back!

Easy walk today, still sore from Saturday’s long run.


TWO DESSERTS + pasta, sounds like my kind of meal! Way to go on your Saturday long run Kathy and I hope you are having the most beautiful day!


I went to Europe going on eight years ago. The gelato was unreal. I had to have it every day when we were in Italy. Also, oddly enough, the dried apricots were amazing. They were so soft! The ones we get here are usually pretty hard.

That pic of Brooke in all of her swimming accessories kills me.

Freezing rain here! Run was an easy 3.25 miles on the treadmill.


I live in Europe, in Bulgaria. Best dessert here is a sweet plum banitsa. It is made with these amazing tiny plums baked inside buttery phyllo dough and topped with powdered sugar. Deeeeelicious.

Today was waxing day, tomorrow running.

Epic fail are the last few times I have tried to make bread. Hard as a rock because I didn’t let it rise enough. My solution? Double the yeast. Result? Cleaning overflowing dough from the inside of the oven. Epic. Fail.


I’ve only been to Europe once: to France for a ten-day class trip. A couple of the best things I’ve ever eaten were there, foremost of which was a fresh crêpe with Nutella made by a vendor before my eyes. (And that after not having eaten for like seven hours, so it tasted extra heavenly.)

No rain here, which I’m happy about, but I am dealing with a very annoying callus (maybe with a blister deep beneath it? I’m not sure) on my left foot. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but the pressure on it can definitely be irritating when I run. Any tips for dealing with this? :(


Does Epcot count for European travel, lol? Only ever been to Mexico and the Bahamas… but I’ve had some amazing Scandinavian pastries, Chinese and Japanese food, and German sweets at Disney ?


Yeeeaaaaahhh that’s not a churro. It’s a trdelnik, taste is quite different.


My bad:) That’s just what she used to describe it. I’ve never had it! I hope you are having a great day!


Congrats on switching over the name!! That is so exciting!! Her footprint is the cutest little thang! Ever been to europe- YEs I grew up in London, so I’ve been everywhere in Europe since I was just a hop away! London is still my favorite city though!


I have been to Europe 3 times for work (I am actually going back next week!) and I remember the Belgian waffles and fries I had in Brussels were to die for. Every meal I had in France was also delicious.


So much cuteness in this post!!!

I’ve been to Europe many different times and have say….it’s not just one food that is amazing…it’s the freshness of the food and produce. It is the norm, not the exception, to have unprocessed foods. And seasonal items only! You cannot get certain foods there that aren’t in season because they are not imported. And the attitude about food – truly enjoyed and savored.

I bypassed my morning run since it was pouring and FREEZING and got my miles in this afternoon. I’m with you…where did spring go?!?!? I was getting used to the 60/70 degree days!


The gelato in Rome is so good, so are the Belgium waffles in Belgium.


My fiance and I took a trip to Europe last year and he proposed to me in Scotland! We visited 5 counties while we were there, it was so so special. Italy definitely had the best food, the gelato was just incredible. I also had schnitzel in Germany and it.was.amazing. So hard to choose!

I did not run today. I ran my long run Saturday and bridge repeats yesterday so my legs needed a break. I just did some stretching and foam rolling today.

Literally just last week I had the biggest cooking fail ever: (very) undercooked chicken. My fiance and I both took a big bite out of it, too. Needless to say we still can’t look at chicken and ended up buying a pizza that night. Ooops!!


Okay, I LOVE your proposal story! That is amazing Jenn! Good call on listening to your body and taking a break today!

Oh NO… undercooked chicken is one of my biggest nightmares! Glad the pizza got you through that night!

Hope you have a fabulous week!


I once tried to microwave a protein bar. Lemme tell ya…no.
Then there was the time I burnt already-cooked spaghetti.
It’s okay, I make up for it in knowing all the best takeout places…


My husband is in Hong Kong for work. He was going crazy for the amazing sushi that he had last night. I am jealous!


Amazingly enough it only sprinkled on me for a bit while running in Seattle this morning! :)
Best food abroad – crepes in Paris!!!!!


The hubs and I went on a Mediterranean cruise last summer and my fav was pasta stuffed with pear and cheese, bruschetta, and gelato!

No rain this morning, but we got about 2 miles of it last Saturday and we ran through a herd of sheep (what?!)

I haven’t had a cooking failure lately, maybe that’s because I cook the same things all of the time!


We just got back from Spain….and while the pastries and gelato and churros with chocolate were all ahhhmazing…you would have LOVED the candy stores that were endless! It was heaven!


Turns out I need to go to Spain ASAP… sounds amazing! Glad you had an amazing trip!


Brooke’s swim outfit is too good, love it!! I went to France once in highschool and all I remember eating is chocolate croisants and nutella crepes…so I think I knew what I was doing.


Brooke and Knox are getting so big! I just adore that picture of Brooke before swim lessons. The little girls I used to nanny would do the exact same thing before we went to swim – they wanted to wear the most random things and tried to pass it off to me that they “wanted to show their swim teacher” but I knew better than that…. ;)

An all you can eat sushi restaurant?! I would love that, but would probably get myself into big trouble over it, too. I lived in Italy for a few months during college and truly had the best food of my life over there. Their margherita pizza is to die for (and makes me realize that the pizza we are used to is not even considered pizza in Italy) and the “breakfast cookies” they sell on the streets of Florence are unreal. I want to go back just for the food alone.


One of our best trips to Europe was Italy because the kids loved all the food and they were never grumpy or hungry. Our trip to Portugal was great in many ways, but if your kids don’t love seafood it is tough! I actually took the kids to McDonald’s (they served baby carrots among other things) because a grumpy/hungry kid is not fun. France was in the middle. I think my son and his friend (we went with friends) ate steak frites at every single lunch/dinner. My daughter fell in love with creme brulee. I think she would have just skipped the meals if we let her.


I haven’t ran yet today (I work quite early) and it is already raining (THANK GOD because we definitely haven’t had enough rain this year… ;) I am hoping the rain clears out by the afternoon.

My boyfriend left early to head for the mountains as he is training for a trail race called the “Chirico Tenpeat.” It is a 1.8 mile out and back, BUT the first mile you gain 1100 feet and the next 0.8 mile you gain something like 862 ft. Theres no entry fee and you don’t sign up and there is no start time – you just show up and try to do your 10 repeats, lol. Whoever does 10 in the fastest recorded-ish time “wins.” And by winning they mean you just get to say you did 10 repeats on Chirico. He is out there doing 5 repeats today (OMG), but I do wish I was with him on the trail in the rain. I have done at most 2 repeats and is painful. Anyhoo – tangent over. I’d rather be trail running than at work, hahaha.

I had a failed dinner the other night. It was some kind of black bean bowl with a weird sauce mustard/maple syrup sauce. It sounded really good on Pinterest, but not in real life, that’s for sure. :)

Happy Tuesday!!


Oh my goodness! The desserts in Europe are amazing! I had a Chocolate Soufflé from a random cafe in London when we went in 2014. I’m not even a huge chocolate fan and it was the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted in my entire life! They made it fresh so I had to wait 20 minutes for it. WORTH IT. They gave you a tiny pitcher of cold cream to pour over the top! Oh man. I want to go back JUST for that dessert! Their gelato is amazing, too!


Hey how impressed have you been with Brooke’s swimming lessons? I need more than just teach my 4 year old to blow bubbles and get comfortable with the water, which is what they teach at the PG pool. He has no fear and will dive right in the pool! So I want him to learn to legit float and paddle. Has her lessons been like that? Or are they more intro stuff?

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