Monday Matters!!!!

I hope your Monday has been a great one so far!!! We are on our way back to Utah but I thought I would fill you in on some Monday Matters!

*When you just bring your small purse on your trip and you no longer have enough room to pack your candy with you… luckily no one pick pocketed my candy.

*Andrew was playing this song in the car the other day and it started out at the beginning saying this, “I will never stop like a marathon in Boston.  Don’t get it confused cause I never feel exhaustion.”  Turns out it is the perfect running song:)

IMG 1798

*Very kind of someone to leave their scrunchy out on the trails… this way if anybody forgets a rubber band for their hair while they run, now they can have something to use.

IMG 1732

*A very lovely picture in Utah last week.  It just proves that we can see the sun again.  A very important thing after a long winter.

IMG 1620

*This is Knox’s game plan in the making.  At night he likes to come up with what we are going to do the next day and he gets very serious about it.  It includes quite the random to-do list but we get to at least a few of the things the next day.

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*It’s that time of year.  Froyo sounds good again, the temperature determines my ice cream eating.

IMG 1640

*Beretta is a pillow approximately 10% of the day.

IMG 1589

*Just riding the spin bike with Andrew at night.

IMG 1588

*Going to New Mexico this weekend with the Brooks team. The last time I went to New Mexico was when my sister lived there.  My brother and I drove down to visit and then continued driving to Mexico.  It was a long road trip and I think I watched the first 4 seasons of LOST during that road trip while he drove.  

*Me too.


*I cannot wait to see this documentary about Jenny Simpson (comes out soon)!

*Andrew’s heaven is the bike store.

IMG 1869

*I think that this bell needs to go on my next bike.

IMG 1870

*This describes Andrew perfectly:

IMG 1876

*Got in 4 miles on the hotel treadmill this morning and excited to get back to normal training again once we are home.

IMG 1897

*We took Brooke to breakfast this morning before the airport and I think the waitress put extra whipped cream on Brooke’s pancake and it made her life.  Andrew and I had omelets with avocado on top and they were excellent.  Bill’s Cafe is a goto for us in San Jose.

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*Going straight to pick up Beretta when we get home and then get all ready for Andrew’s birthday tomorrow!

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See ya in the morning and I hope you have a great Monday night!!


What was your breakfast this morning?  Do you switch it up daily or stick to the same thing?  At home I usually eat the same stuff over and over again.

Outdoor run or treadmill run today?

Any running documentaries that you have seen and loved?

Have a bike?  What kind?

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Happy Monday! I eat the same things almost everyday. Creature of habit I guess. I love running on the treadmill. Looks like you had a great day.


I could eat the same thing every morning!! But I have kind of gotten out of my oatmeal and blueberry routine and have been on a cottage cheese and fruit kick!!
Treadmill run this morning! I thought this time change would kill me but I actually had more energy for my 5:15 run!!!!
I want to start watching more documentaries on running. Love all the movies that are out and when a new one comes I am sure to go and watch it!! I did read this book about a runner and it was phenomenal!!
I do not have a bike but that is on the list. . . His and Hers so the hubs and I can bike together! I really want to get into road biking and my dream bike. . . specialized!!!!!


Thank you for sharing the book… I’m going to get it!!!! Way to go on your run!! Hopefully you get that Specialized bike soon Jarrelle!


Outdoor run today! Woohoo!!!

I have a Jet 9 RDO (Niner) with a dropper and got to play with it in Fruita this weekend (like a baby Moab). I also have a Specialized Crux Cyclocross bike that doubles as my road bike (typically run with 28 mm road tires or hybrid tires in the summer and full cross set up in the fall). Sorry for the foreign language ;) You did ask though! hehehe.


YAY running outside. I eat the same breakfast almost every single morning. Whether I run or not. I’ve always just eaten a waffle.

You have to get a giant purse. Although I will be the first to admit, I seem to accumulate a lot in them.


We are in San Diego so I had a bagel for breakfast (something I never have at home!). I got to visit my favorite running store – Road Runner Sports. Had a foot analysis and left with my first pair of Brooks shoes! They actually had a size 5 1/2 in stock. Can’t wait to give them a test run.

I have lost count of the number of bikes in our household… the ratio is greater than 2:1 bikes:people. And the bike pictures are my husband, too! “I need to be airlifted to the hospital? Okay, but is the bike okay?”


Kathy-I love that your bike ratio is greater than 2:1. It’s a hard habit to quit. hahahaha. I have 3 (Mtn, cross and a fat bike). My husband currently has 8 bikes (insane!?!?!) 2 mtn, 4 cross, 1 road and a fat bike. He races at the elite level for mtn and cross and somehow accumulates bikes for specific purposes. I tell him that it is out of control ;) Boys!


Seriously!?? That’s my dream right there!!


Breakfast for me is insanely healthy and it goes downhill from there, ha!! Scrambled eggs and spinach, butternut squash, and sometimes spaghetti squash with a green smoothie.

We are prepping for a blizzard, schools are already closed!! My girls are nuts right now. We have had no snow this season.


A BLIZZARD!?!?! WHAT!! That is crazy. Good luck tomorrow:) I’m the same way with my day… starts out amazing with food and then…


I’m a streaky b’fast eater. Same things for a week or two then switch it up.

I’m definitely addicted to any endurance event/show/documentary while on the treadmill. Watched all the Boundless episodes on demand, then maxed out Netflix and Amzn of any running related show: The Long Green Line, Barkley Marathon, Finding Traction, Spirit of the Marathon, World’s Highest Race. I’m now reduced to hunting through YouTube to find old races or meets to watch.

Tri bike: Trek Speed Concept.


Thanks Mike for all of the new documentaries for me to watch… I can’t wait!!!


Awww- I’m excited you will be in New Mexico this weekend. I live in NM now, but will be heading to Texas for the weekend. I know you are a “foodie”– so many great things to eat in this state!! I hope you have a great time. I can’t wait to hear where you go and what you do!! Safe Travels!!


Oh I cannot wait!!!!! I hope you have an amazing time in Texas this weekend! Thanks Sharon!


Crawler for breakfast. Not the norm but when there are donuts at work you go for it.
I ride a specialized ruby.


since its Monday and I’m home, I had a very typical breakfast for me- muesli with almond milk, blueberries and almond butter. I eat this all the time and never get sick of it.

I have a vintage Bianchi that I’m just in love with. It’s just a “to the ice cream shop” and back type of bike, but I love love LOVE it.


I had pb&j for breakfast. It’s usually a staple in the rotation. Sometimes eggs and sometimes oatmeal.
I ran outside today. 10 miles. 6 really good miles, 2 slow but manageable and 2 painful. But the math is the math. It’s still 10 ;)

Happy Beretta reunion! And early BD wishes to Andrew


I want that bike bell! Mine is a cool pink one, but it doesn’t look like a donut! My husband and I live downtown and we decided we didn’t need a car. We rent one for trips, but we walk or bike everywhere else. We both have beach cruisers……..the authentic ones with no hand brakes, just pedal backwards to stop. Mine is baby blue.
We usually just have cereal in the morning, or we go to our favorite breakfast spot on the way to work……..Maple Street Biscuit Company.
And we are suddenly getting January weather again…………rainy and in the 40’s. I want to run outside tomorrow, but if it is windy the treadmill may win out.


Breakfast is almost always either a smoothie with frozen banana, some sort of other fruit, almond butter and sometimes yogurt or protein powder, OR steel cut oats with banana or apple and some nut butter. I’ll eat eggs too, but those tend to be a quick lunch or dinner protein around here, so I usually stick with those 2 standbys. Though pancakes have been on my mind lately. Might need to make those happen this weekend!

Happy Birthday to Andrew! Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow!


Where will you be in New Mexico? My husband is from Albuquerque & we have plenty of family out there. Great running trails :) If you need food ideas I can make suggestions depending on where you’re going to be!


I’ll be in Albuquerque!!! I cannot wait!! We will be doing plenty of running too:) So the itinerary says they have food all figured out but if we get some free time I will email you! THANKS Bridget and enjoy the rest of your week!


That’s awesome!!! Can’t wait to see what you think :) We live in Chicago now, but enjoy our other home! Albuquerque is beautiful!


Breakfast casserole for the win here! I make it on the weekend and reheat it at work after an early morning run. Another run in minus 20 degrees this morning. Hot chocolate over ice cream in this weather haha


I want to see that documentary too!!! And it is SO frozen yogurt weather over here too. HOT in SF! I recently watched the documentary, Sour Grapes!! super good!


I usually have cereal / oatmeal with two eggs on a side. I skipped breakfast today because I wasn’t hungry. And I need to listen to that son asap.

Brooke is so cute!! It’s incredibly how the smallest things can make kids so happy! That only makes them more adorable <3.


Janae- you are GLOWING right now. I don’t know if you’ve changed your diet or maybe it’s the new hair, but you look so vibrant and happy. Maybe that’s just it- maybe you’re just so much happier now. Anyway, keep at it, whatever it is, because I love seeing that delightful smile. (Please note, I’ve always thought you were stunning [seriously]. It just seems amplified right now)

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal with cocoa powder and a banana plus a glass of milk following my 3 mile run today. :) Also, I do have a bike! It’s a yellow cruiser, nothing fancy. Just enough to get me around SD in a hurry when my legs won’t suffice.


Well, thank you so much for your sweet comment… means a lot to me! I want a cruiser… I bet that is a blast to go around on in San Diego! Enjoy the rest of your week Julia and thank you!


That bell is super cute and her pancakes look delicious. I didn’t get in a breakfast this morning, just chocolate milk, because I didn’t have any food in my apartment!!


Have fun in ABQ! I’m in southern NM – Silver City, about 5 hours south. You should have warm weather, if the meteorologists are correct! :)

I really don’t eat the same thing everyday, but it rotates usually between quick, on-the-go items: bagels, toast, breakfast sandwiches or burritos, etc. Not always the healthiest, but I’m switching it up this week to Greek yogurt with fruit to see how I do with that. Baby steps ;)

I used to have a bike in college, but I don’t have one now and never really got into road or mountain biking. I wouldn’t mind renting bikes for a day or two on a vacation, but it’s just not my thing. I fall way too much just being on my own two feet as it is!


My husband is the same way in bike stores…I have to try SO hard not to look immediately bored lol. Even with running, which I love, I’m just not that into gear. I am definitely a low tech kind of a girl.

Also, I love your shorts in that first photo!! They are super cute.


I just accidentally come across your blog and your post and I find it very cool and interesting. and Monday is the most busiest day of the week, like we have to do all the work of a week on monday


Felicity wasn’t around or she would have pick pocketed that purse so fast.

The bike crashing meme is hilarious.

Can I come to New Mexico with you? I just want to make a detour to Roswell though. I feel like I need to go there at least once in my life.

My 2 favorite bfasts: greek yogurt with blackberries ad my homemade pb chocolate granola, or smoky sweet potatoes with broccoli and runny eggs. Mmmmm. Sleep is a time machine to breakfast.


I eat basically the same thing for breakfast every day! Steel cut oats, fruit (usually berries), almondmilk, water, and coffee. Yum! To be honest I’m having a hard time getting back into running after having my son. He’s 5mo old now. I signed up for a little 5k race at the end of May to try to motivate me, but it has been tough between being a new mom and PPD. Any tips? I remember you got back to it pretty quick after Brooke was born!


Albuquerque is one of my favorite places to run in our great state! My daughter and SIL live there, he’s a line chef at an incredible restaurant. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I’ll be running a 10K on the eastern side of the state this weekend.

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