Let’s catch up on life and my next race… I CANNOT WAIT!

Happy Thursday!  We have a lot to catch up on over here so let’s just jump into things!

Tuesday morning started with one of my best feeling tempos ever.  I don’t know what my deal was but it just felt so good (during… I was very sore the next day ha).  I woke up, grabbed a piece of toast with jam and then met up with Josse.  We both haven’t had the chance to do a lot of speed lately so we decided to get to mile 5 of the tempo and then decide whether or not to keep going with it.

IMG 1952

We did a one mile warm-up and we were quite cold at the beginning but once we started moving it got hot.  We talked the first 2 miles of the tempo and then the music went in and I started focusing.  I really wanted to have a confidence building workout.  I felt strong and my brain just had a lot to work through during those miles (everything with my little family is great but I just had a lot to think about).  We got to mile 5 and decided to keep going because we felt good.  Even at mile 8 of the tempo I still had some more in me but wanted to play it safe since it had been a few weeks since my last tempo.

Splits went like this:  8:09, 7:02, 6:56, 6:30 (very downhill mile!), 6:40, 6:50, 6:44, 6:51, 6:48, 8:01ish for last 1.44 miles.

The middle 8 were a 6:48 average and I finished with 10.44 @ 7:05 average.  It was just the run that I needed!  When I started getting tired I just kept reminding myself of the race I am doing soon and how doing the work now meant that it will hurt a little less on race day.   I also start focusing on the words of the song I am listening to and that distracts my brain from thinking negative because I’m too busy trying to make sense of lyrics.

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I’ve been searching for a new race to do (I didn’t do my February 1/2 marathon because of some family stuff) and we are gone a lot over the next little while but I finally found one and I cannot wait.  I’m going to do the Emigration Run in Salt Lake City on April 1st and I can’t wait!  Just a little over two more weeks away!  I don’t know very much about the race yet because I’ve never done it or talked to anyone that has done it but I thought it was cool that you can get $5 off if you don’t want another t-shirt, $5 off if you are training for another 1/2 or full marathon or $5 off if you are in a running or tri club.  I’m really excited for it and can’t wait for race day!  It feels like it has been forever!

Screen Shot 2017 03 15 at 12 34 04 PM

PS I love arm warmers this time of year.  I always start my runs at this time of year cold and then I start getting hot as the miles tick by.  They keep you warm for the first few miles and then I just roll them down or take them off and hold them once I am hot.  Perfect for spring and fall:)   Here, here and here are some great ones!

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Andrew’s bday was very exciting.   Brooke and I got to work on wrapping and getting all of his favorite treats.

IMG 1949

He started off the day by mountain biking and then presents!

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For lunch he requested Tucanos (you eat free for your birthday too and so do kids under 6!)

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They have my absolute favorite salad bar from a restaurant.  And then they bring around different types of meat and fish along with grilled pineapple that is marinated in brown sugar.

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His next request was to go to every bike store in the state:)  We had fun and Brooke found approximately 30 different bikes that she REALLY NEEDS!

IMG 1979

His other request was to go and pick up my old bike from my parents’ house:)  Time to get back out there on this (once we fix it up a bit).  I have done a 100 miler on this bike and a few triathlons (before blogging days) and I think Andrew is thinking we might be doing that all again.

IMG 1978

We ate his favorites for dinner including pizza factory breadsticks which were hot and heavenly and then we took a little walk with Beretta too.

IMG 2004

He made me the fanciest birthday cake and for his bday all he wanted was an undercooked funfetti cake.  Middle pieces > corner pieces.

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My Wednesday morning run was solo.  My legs felt wasted, completely wasted.  I couldn’t believe how tired they were so I listened to them and did 8 miles @ 8:55 average and just zoned out to my music and stopped whenever I wanted.  PS great news in Utah… the park water fountains are working again.  They turn them off in the winter but they are back which makes outdoor running even that much better!

IMG 2023

Straight home to this goodness.  Two eggs, zucchini, onions, squash, avocado and toast.  Hit the spot.

IMG 2024

Then Knox came home!  It had been 5 days of Brooke asking about 500 times when he was coming back:)  Now he will be home the next 5 days which is a fabulous feeling.


Swim lessons, young women’s (I work with the youth in my area), errands and dinner (followed by leftover pizza:) with the family kept us really busy too.

IMG 2025

IMG 2040

IMG 2044

IMG 2048

I’ll see you this afternoon!  Enjoy your day!

Also, I don’t know if I can watch the season finale of This Is Us… I’m not prepared to cry for 45 minutes straight.


How do you decide which race to do?  Word of mouth?  Scenery?  Time of year?  Website?  

Three accessories that you ALWAYS run with?

Who has done a triathlon?  How long ago?  What distance?  Who wants to get into triathlons?  What’s the hardest part for you… the swim, bike or run?

-I’ve done a few of the Sprint distances but this was maybe 9 years ago?  The swim is definitely the hardest for me!

Your baked goods… if you could only have underbaked ones or a little bit overbaked ones.. which would you choose?

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The season finale isn’t too sad, they tricked us with the previews!


Yup she’s right ? I was all geared up for 45 minutes of crying and i didn’t until the end. It was good just not what I was expecting ?. I pretty much can’t wait for the next season to start.


I also have to watch the finale..I got all caught up thanks to an injury that made me stay in all weekend! I’m so jealous of your tank tops..it’s been in the teens with lots of snow all week :( I just want it to be warm again!


I LOVE your shirt you’re wearing in the pics from Andrew’s birthday! Is it from Roolee (by the way, you have me hooked on that place)? :)

I did a sprint triathlon years ago, but I’m one and done with that. Swimming is definitely NOT my thing. I like duathlons, but I’ll probably mainly stick to races with running only.

I am a huge fan of underbaked goodies! If it’s gooey in the center, sign me up!!


HEY GIRL!! I am so glad that you love Roolee too! The best:) So I got the top from this store but I’m not sure they have it anymore:


Yeah, swimming is not my favorite either! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Ahhh thank you! Called to Surf is greatness. :) Hope you have a great trip!


I usually choose races by location, cost, and time of year (I’m all about not being freezing while running – even just at the start!)
I think my only ‘must-have’ for running is my Garmin. I’m getting better at not needing music, although it’s fun to have for sure. Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts during my slower sessions, and that makes the time fly by.
I started doing triathlons after I had my son (4 years ago), and stuck with “try-a-tri” (super sprint) or Sprint distances. The triathlon community is so supportive!


I decide races based on scenery and number of hills.
I’ve always wanted to do a sprint triathlon, but that would require me to actually train for swimming, and there isn’t a pool all that close to me. Someday, someday.


I’ve done a couple sprint triathlons and just did my first international distance this past Sunday. Swimming is the hardest part for sure, and this one freaked me out because it was a .62 mile ocean swim (the other ones I’ve done were lake swims.) It also poured rain for the entire bike ride, then got hot and sunny for the run (grrr!) But I got through it and figure everything from now on will seem easy by comparison! I think it would be fun if you got back into it, especially since Andrew can be your bike coach- you would do great!


Underbaked!! No other way.

I haven’t watched the finale of This is Us either. It’s going to be hard.


You and me both girl! I think I’m going to watch it tonight while I pack for New Mexico :)




Happy birthday to Andrew! That sounds like a pretty perfect day. So I have sobbed at every This Is Us episode so far EXCEPT the finale. I didn’t think it was that sad. It was certainly a good episode, but not many questions were answered.

I’m weird with baked goods. When things are grilled I want them like way overdone and crispy, but with baked goods I like them barely cooked at all.


Same! But I had anxiety the whole episode b/c I thought we were going to find out how Jack died.


underbaked chocolate chip cookies are the best!


Omg under baked always.. whoever says overbaked is not a friend of mine hah! Those warmers look cool- my mom would love those especially since ahe runs in VERY cold weather.


That water fountain picture is magical!! I looked at it for a few minutes trying to figure out how you got the water to run with your back to it and no one seemingly touching it (???). I have decided that it’s magic. Pure, magic :)


HAHAH:) So with this water fountain if you push the button it just stays on for like ten minutes! I probably shouldn’t tell you that though so that you can keep thinking it is magic:)


Nice job on that tempo. I actually did something similar a few weeks ago and it was such a confidence booster. An April Fools Day race! That’s awesome. I sometimes find a race that I have no pressure or don’t know much about, is one I do extremely well at. Good luck Janae!


I love underbaked snickerdoodle cookies. Mmmmm.
I did one Tri. It was a women’s only beginner friendly event called Jersey Girl Tri. Considering I can’t swim and have a fear of being in ocean water I did great! 300 meters of doggie paddle and anxiety attack and a 10 mile bike ride on my cruiser with pink tire walls. But I nailed the 5k run :)


I have done some tri’s, lots of sprints, one olympic. Also, have done lots of road riding with the hubby. Although that stuff is fun, it never, ever has come close to my enjoyment for running. Like not even close! I sprinkle it in as an activity with friends or time with C, but cannot make myself love either even if I have tried.


I found the This Is Us finale underwhelming. Considering I cried in every single episode this season, with a massive ugly cry meltdown during one episode, I didn’t even tear-up. Maybe I expect too much.


No tri’s, i am a terrible swimmer. Maybe someday when the kids are a little older, i’d like to train for one!

I am running a half the same day as you 4/1…it was close and had race day packet pick up, which is how I chose it ;)

Not sure if this link will work – but HauteLook (Nordstrom Rack) has little girls donut pajamas! They are super cute, cheap and springy! I saw them and thought of you and Brooke :)



I’m DYING over those pajamas. THANK YOU MEG… I have to get them:) Good luck at your half in two weeks… I want to hear all about it!


Good job on your tempo!

I normally will do my races depending if I’m running it with somebody else, and also by how close it is from where I live. If it’s close and not crazy expensive, I’ll run it.
I ALWAYS run with my headphones, cellphone, and hair tights…does that count as an accessory?
Never done an triathlon before but I guess the hardest part for me will be also swimming.
And My baked goods has to be undercooked. Specially brownies, YUM!


Slightly underbaked brownies or cookies. We had a cake that was so underbaked part of it was raw, that was pretty disgusting.

Some races I pick based on the area and timing, others are from recommendations.

I make my own arm warmers. I cut the toes off of men’s long socks and snip a hole for my thumb. I have a great orange striped pair that I’ve had for a few years. (and the cost about $2).

I can’t run without water, my sports bra, and either a hat or hairband to keep my hair off my face. (I don’t count sneakers but they are as important as the sports bra for me). I always work stuff out when I run, including writing my blog in my head when I’m running.


That’s exciting that you found a new race – good to have a goal to work towards! I have never done a triathlon, but I now have a good bike and there are several duathlons in our area. I’m going to give a duathlon a try this summer. Looking forward to trying something new!


I am also wondering where I can find your shirt from Andrew’s birthday! Adorable!


HEY KAREN!!! Thank you so much… I got it from this store:


I can’t find the exact same one anymore but they have SO many cute tops that are very similar!


It looks like Andrew had a fun birthday!

I usually choose races by time of year, sometimes the course/views, but mostly time of year.

3 accessories: I’m pretty minimalistic especially when I run with the hubs because he carries a phone so I don’t have to. I guess I really just run with a watch.

Tri-s intimidate me because of the swimming!

I would definitely have to go with a little undertaker :)


I may be a little overly excited to see a bike pop up in your post! Boys have a way of doing that to us. I was a runner until my husband’s cycling habit became mine too. Cant wait to see if you jump into some Tris (thinking about doing my first this summer). I am all about the running and cycling…but that swimming. Not sure on that one ;)


It looks like Andrew had a great birthday. If I had to pick one thing it would definitely be soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven. They’re the absolute best!


I always run with my sunglasses, phone, and dog :)

I’m glad you’re getting back on your bike Janae! Cycling is such a great cross training workout.


I’m a runner first, but triathlete second, usually doing one tri a year (done them all except the full 140 – I like the Oly distance best) just to keep from over-running myself into an injury.

Everyone always says the swim in the hardest, but I think if you take a refresher lesson or two, the swim isn’t bad. Just remember to breathe! Sounds silly but people always tend to hold their breath too much when swimming which leads to all sorts of problems. I always find the bike to be the most taxing.

Underbaked all the way!


I can’t wait to get to the day when I feel so good after mile 5, that I decide to go all the way to mile 10.44!

Underbaked >>>>> overbaked any day. I love undercooked pancakes, specifically.


I actually didn’t cry in the finale. I did get choked up a but though during a scene because that shiz is real and I bet everyone in a marriage can relate to it on some level. That kind of stuff just gets to you a bit.

A little underbaked on baked goods. Always.

I used to sprint distance triathlons too. But i has been probably 6 years since I have done one. I should do one again since I can’t run long distance. But I am terrible at swimming. Terrible.

Your tempo workout sounds intense. I think I am sore just reading about it. But that has to be such an awesome feeling to nail that workout!


I love those runs that just feel great! They don’t happen that often for me but when they do, I remember all over again why I love to run.
I’ll be perfectly honest; I often pick my races by the medals they give out. What can I say? I’m all about that bling ;)
Is underbaked vs overbaked even a question? Underbaked all the way. Especially if it’s one of those giant chocolate chip cookies with ice cream on top…yum! We might be getting one of those now tonight haha


I fell in love with duathlons a few years ago (run-bike-run) I just wish they were more of them around here. I don’t like training on the bike as much as I love running but the races are a lot of fun. This is Us made me teary at the end but not as much as I had expected.


I have run the emigration race. You will love it. It is so beautiful. Emigration is one of my favorite canyons, biking that canyon can’t be beat.


Oh good to hear! I can’t wait! Those first 4 miles of the 1/2 look interesting but I can’t wait!!!


Emigration is a beautiful canyon to run. I have run up and down in many times. This race is a good one!!! You will be right by the zoo and this is the place park, two great places to visit since you are down in the area. Good choice on a race.


Oh thank you Amy for letting me know! I’m so excited! We will have to take the kids there after:) Thanks and I hope you are having a great day!


I pick races that are close to family in the “lower 48” (I’m in Alaska). My family is on the east coast and my husband’s family is on the west coast so lots to choose from.
The only accessory that I consistently wear is my garmin, but I always have my cell phone with me…does that count?
I don’t like being in the water unless it’s a nice hot jacuzzi so tris are pretty much out for me.
Overbaked! Always!


I choose my races based on location. I typically race within two hours of home, so mostly Nashville and Chattanooga.
I would always choose underbaked…………..especially cookies and brownies!

And I always have my ipod, ipod armband, and a headband (can’t stand hair on my face!).


Brooke looks so grown-up in that bike photo!


I LOVE the way you guys eat cake! It’s winning at my house, because I like the middle, and my husband likes the corners!!!!!

My 3 running essentials……….Garmin, sunglasses, Sparkly Soul headband to keep my hair out of my face!


I’ve only done ONE sprint tri – but I LOVED it, and had so much fun through the whole training process. I think I’m an odd-ball in that I’m pretty good at all 3. I swam competitively in middle school & high school, rode my bike cross country a few years back + am usually training for a running race now a days. So, when I combine my 3 loves together, I’m solid at all 3 & have a blast in the process.

I’m signed up for another sprint tri late this summer! And I can’t wait to start training!


Nicely done on your tempo run & undercooked funfetti cake is amazing – now I want some!

I usually pick a race either by the website/advertising, word of mouth, and how accessible it is to me. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia so I try to stick to island races, though I have gone to Vancouver a few times for some half marathons in the past!

Hmm I don’t even think I run with three accessories to be honest! I wear my watch only sometimes – not on treadmill runs – a good hair elastic, and occasionally gloves if it is cold, but soon enough it will be warm without em!

I loooooooove under baked cookies to the point where they are gooey and are more like a chocolate mess than an actual cookie ; ) Actually, gimme the batter and I’m happy!


I still get emails for the Emigration runs from when I lived in SLC! Also, Brooke looks super grown up in her blue shirt by the white wall – so cute! And I watched This is Us finale last night and it wasn’t that sad! I read that season 2 is going to be less sad and more funny… hmm…


Underbaked all the way! Congratulations on your great tempo run and the upcoming race, very exciting :). I could never do a triathlon, I’m a pretty terrible swimmer. And not that great on the bike either really lol. The less coordination required the better, hence why running is my sport.


Underbaked all the way! I love me some gooey desserts. I could never do a triathlon, because I have almost zero biking experience. Seriously, I think I’ve been on a bike twice in my life. It’s terrible.


Wow! Two weeks away! Time to get psyched!
I thought you should know I picked out that same wrapping paper for my husband’s birthday. I love picking out a fun print!


I don’t really have any interest in triathlons but I think I will get more into trail running this year. It just makes you feel good to be out there.

No question – underbaked everything – cookies, brownies, cake. But I have to say I like the corner pieces better – more icing. In fact, hold the cake just give me the icing.

I usually pick a month I want to race and then go to halfmarathons.net and see which one I can do!


I pick races based on location (is it easy for me to travel to or is it going to cost a fortune and require lots of time away from home?), the cost of registration, does the course look good (I hate out and back courses), and can I recruit any of my runner friends to join in!

I ALWAYS run with handheld water (the 10 ounce Camelback bottle) and my phone/headphones! I pretty much always wear a watch also but sometimes if I’m not training for anything I’ll just go out on a course I’m familiar with and not worry about any times.

I really want to try a triathlon! But only the shorter distances. I would never even think about a full and probably not a half either. But the shorter ones really interest me. It’s just so hard to find time to start expanding into multi-sport training.

Baked goods: I really prefer mine perfectly baked….but if you’re going to make me choose I’ll go with an underbaked product. I hate when things are overbaked or the crust is too dark!

This is Us failed my expectations! The cliff hanger made me mad. LOL.


Happy Birthday to Andrew!
We were at Tucanos on Monday to celebrate our anniversary. (I always feel like I ate a small animal when I leave.) Every time we visit Provo we make sure to go. So yummy!!
I always run with music. It is a must!!
Every year I run the Phoenix Half Marathon (last year I did the full), I run Pat’s Run (4.2 miles), and Shun the Sun in the fall. Every once in awhile I do other runs, but those are my staples.
The weather in Utah was great when we were there. I told my daughter we brought the sunshine!


I love your shirt! so cute! Sounds like an awesome birthday for Andrew :) I usually decide races based on timing, if it falls on a convenient weekend for me and its a drivable distance


My husband had to switch over from running to biking about two years ago because of his knee (if was really sad because we ran 16 or 17 marathons together and did almost all of our training runs together). He really wants me to get a bike so we can bike together. We might go shopping this weekend!


Love your booties! Where did you find them?

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