6 Words Per Picture!

*I swear they were just babies.

*Cousins make the best of friends.

IMG 2451

*Feels good to be home again.

IMG 2431

*And my personal human alarm clock.

IMG 2463 2

*Always creative with their food eating.

IMG 2442

*If Rude Boys is near—>  GO!

IMG 2375

*Face lines= good night of sleeping.

IMG 2296

*Safe to say winter is over?

IMG 2300

*Nice way to be carried around.

IMG 2466

*This made me happy at airport.

IMG 2402


Screen Shot 2017 03 19 at 8 42 03 PM

*Trumpet in the car, not pleasant;)

IMG 2511

*A reader sent me this memory!

Screen Shot 2017 03 16 at 3 22 49 PM

*Best way to explore new places.

IMG 2391

*Biking season = way less running together;)

IMG 1972

*Her very own goggles = day made.

IMG 2534

*Thoughts on the new gatorade organic?

Screen Shot 2017 03 20 at 1 41 34 PM


Are you a gatorade person or do you prefer a different sports drink?

-I’m all about the Vega stuff because I think I was having stomach issues from drinking Gatorade while running.  I do want to try these new ones just because I am curious.

What is the most popular dessert spot in your area?

What was your run today?  

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That sticky bun is glorious! So is your weather. I am very jealous! I’m hoping to go for a run tonight–crossing my fingers that Katie will look after Callum for me while I go. Spring break struggles!


SUZY!!! Oh I hope that you got out for your run tonight! I bet your schedule for running gets changed a bunch during spring break. Come down and run with me in the warm weather please… I’ll give you a sticky bun;)


I only drink Gatorade or Powerade after a race (just water while running-and human gels and jelly beans) or I drink it if I am I will try those though! Today’s run was a blast-just shy of 7miles followed bike old Chicago pizza and a hike-it is 80 degrees in Nashville!! And we have a fancy cupcake place downtown and a pizza place with amazing brownies!


Huma gels-stupid auto fill!


Lots of grammar issues in there-auto fill is nuts!


Cousins are the best.

Gatorade makes me ill. I use Tailwind or make my own sports drink. I use electrolyte tablets when I don’t need the carbs (ie shorter runs, tough spin class, or I have Honey Stinger chews on hand).

hmm, I have no idea what the most popular dessert is. In the summer the homemade Italian ice place does an amazing business. Cheesecake and seven layer donuts are also pretty popular.


Late on this, but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRG MOM!! Come back and post again soon :) You’re such a bright spot on the blog and I hope you had an amazing birthday celebration. My birthday was a few weeks ago and I made your lasagna recipe (lasagna is my favorite and that recipe is one of two recipes I use now!) Wishing you a wonderful year!


Thank you Sam! She will see your comment tonight:) Happy birthday a few weeks ago and I LOVE hearing from other lasagna lovers:) Enjoy your week!


Woah, I need to go to better airports Lol. That dessert looks awesome.

I was honestly hoping the weather might get better but we’ve had worse weather in the last few weeks.

I know there are a ton of cupcake shops in NJ but honestly there is basically a ton of any dessert you want. My favorite is red velvet cake or bread pudding.


We love our local froyo spot- kiwi. There is a Ritas and of course freebies today for Spring but for some reason I am not a fan lately and either is my youngest, but my oldest and my husband love it. There is also Yoris bakery near us that is a favorite for my girls. But I love to bake so a lot of time our house is a favorite dessert spot (hopefully).
Gatorade makes me so sick to my stomach. When I was pregnant with my oldest I developed a condition called hyper stimulation from the fertility drugs we used and to counteract the reaction I was instruction to primarily drink only electrolyte drinks, straight water was basically forbidden. The reaction lasted a good month. After that I could not look at another sports drink!! But it was totally worth it.


I want to come out to Kiwi.. sounds delicious! Oh I bet Gatorade makes you sick! Totally worth it but no more electrolyte drinks for you! I hope you and your kiddos have a fabulous week Carrie!


MOUNTAIN BIKE SEASON!!! So much yes!!!!
3.5 mile easy run with the jogger.

I tend to go with water for most workouts and use food as my source of calories. But if it is a heavy endurance workout, sometimes I will add some SKRATCH LABS (their flavors are the BOMB and the owners are super awesome) or FLUID electrolyte mix to my water. Cannot handle any of the gatorade, powerade…or any of that stuff. Way too much yuck in them.


Curly looks so old!!! I know I’ve been reading your blogs for years and yes kids are supposed to grow up but what the heck?! The post popular dessert spot in my area is definitely Baked Bear- customizable ice cream sandwiches. Personal favorite is the classic chocolate chip cookie on one side, a double chocolate chip cookie on the other side and fudge ice cream in the middle. Swoon.


I use Nuun tablets and salt in my water because with cystic fibrosis we lose a ton of electrolytes when we run. I want to try the Vega electrolyte hydrator to see if it makes a difference. Planning on experimenting this summer!


Hey Mel! I am glad that the Nuun tablets help a lot. Let me know how the Vega electrolyte hydrator (I LOVE THIS) works for you too. I hope you have a fabulous week!


I used to sit in laundry baskets when I was a kid- hah! They are adorable!! Best dessert near me is probably B’s patisserie!


My run was cut short at .7 miles thanks to a horrible toe pain that left me limping home. I think a new pair of sneakers combined with lots of winter boots weather caused my metatarsal to get irritated on my toe next to my big toe. It was feeling off yesterday but within 5 minutes of running I today I knew it was getting worse. Hoping it calms down by Sunday. I’m supposed to run a half marathon. Le sigh!


NOOOO SALLY!!! I am so so sorry about the toe pain. Keep me updated with how it is feeling…. I hope you feel better asap so that you can do your half marathon!


I don’t really like Gatorade, I much prefer coconut water! Love your Run Happy shirt!


Popular desserts in Philly are Beilers Donuts, They’re made by the Amish and the lines for them are insane. I love seeing your photos of running out in that gorgeous landscape. The story of the 70-year-old woman is amazing. I wanna be her when I grow up.


I’m not a Gator drinker. I will on occasion. I use a Shaklee brand that I like. Really any brand that avoids the sugars/bad stuff. Our dessert place is Paxton’s Corner Coop, it’s probably 8 blocks from us. Amazing cupcakes & ice cream from the big round tubs, and unbelievable cookies and cinnamon rolls. Did a walk this morning a run will come later. Coming back from some foot pain….so easing in to it.

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