Silentish Saturday!

Shorts for an outdoor run. In February. I couldn’t hold my excitement in.  5 miles.

The normal waking up to my pet dog (she might be an actress someday with how good she is at acting).

IMG 8757

We spent the morning doing chores and cleaning the house together… just a little bit of organizing needs to be done.

IMG 8760

Aubergine Co Mediterranean Bowl to catch up with some friends.

IMG 8781

Indoor playplace= winter.

IMG 8814

IMG 8791

Found her beanie.

IMG 8785

Proud to find his dad’s EMT badge.

IMG 8808

A wild and crazy Friday night.

IMG 8804

They love this dog.

IMG 8810

She got him.

IMG 8809

I try to put as much salsa on the chip as possible without it breaking.

IMG 8798

Watched part of the Bee Movie.

IMG 8816

Last night Andrew gave me this mini sandwich to try out.   Popcorn and milk duds.  So good.

IMG 8754

Time to do a long run WITH JOSSE.  I have not been this excited for a run in a very long time.  It has been so long since our last run together.


Long run on the schedule today or tomorrow?

Salsa—>  chunky or not?  Hot, medium or mild?

Current favorite salad toppings?

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All the salsa!! And the multigrain scoops can hold the most salsa. My favorite!

Currently loving kale slaw salads with TJ’s peanut dressing. Doesn’t even need toppings.

No runs, just work. I’m battling some pretty horrific black toenails. Too sore right now to run.

Can I say I’m a little too excited to be the first comment this morning. The little things make me happy.

Have an awesome weekend!! :o)


My long runs are on my weekends……….Tues or Wed. Today will be somewhere between 3 and 5 miles. (It is cold and windy……..this past tues/wed was 65 and gorgeous each day………now it is below freezing in the morning and the high is only 50…………ugh winter!)

I prefer chunky salsa………….Newman’s Own pineapple is my favorite!

And on my salads I am loving chickpeas, sliced almonds, raisins, hard boiled egg, shredded squash or zucchini, and lots of veggies…………..Whole Foods salad bar=love.


Shorts??!! Awesome! My son got the same shirt that Knox is wearing when we went to Disney last Fall. They are so cute! Spinning this morning and 10 miles tomorrow for me. Toppings usually depends on the protein on top: I love avocado and apples with tuna and sometimes pears or berries with chicken. So many delicious options! ;-)


Oh no chunky salsa!
I ran a few trail miles last night and my hamstrings and hip are screaming so back to taking another week off. Sigh!
Salads: I love pumpernickel croutons as a topping. And pickled onions are a new fave thanks to Panera.
Happy Saturday!


What/where is the indoor play Place? We just moved to SLC in October and not having places where my 4 year old son is killing me!


HEY ANGIE!!! Yay for moving to Utah:) Will you email me so I can give you some recommendations?!?!


I love Brooke’s beanie! I would definitely sport it!

10k race this morning and 8 miles (easy) miles tomorrow.

I pretty much love all salsa, but it’s got to be chunky enough to stay on my chip! And the hotter the better.

Current favorite salad toppings: avocado (for life) seeds, apples, cheddar, chickpeas

Have you ever tried hot tamales in popcorn? Make sure your popcorn is warm and salted = amazing.


Chunky hot salsa for me every time! Although I also really love pico, and I’ve only had that mild.

Question for you! Do you and Andrew have a lot of friends in common, or are they pretty separate groups? I ask because a friend of mine just got re-married, and she mentioned that blending the two groups of friends was harder than blending their families! (They both have kids.) So I was just curious!


HEY LYNN!! I hope you are having a great weekend! That is a great question… so we don’t have very many mutual friends. We mainly hang out with our families and then we each had groups of friends from before that we still see… like yesterday I went to lunch with all of my girlfriends from before I met Andrew and he goes biking etc with his guy friends. Sometimes we mix and do double dates etc which is a blast to either have him get to know my friends better or get to know his friends better!


I’m really into salsa lately and like it chunky and not chunky! today was my long run, 12 miles – I was so bundled up that I barely felt the cold!


Long run is tomorrow!! Hoping it warms up at least out of the single digits so I can run outside! haha


Oh good luck tomorrow Alexis and let me know how your long run goes… crossing my fingers that it magically warms up at least into the teens for your run!


I like all salsa, chunky or not, just not hot. Chili’s has great salsa and chips. Their chips are perfect! Thin, but still great!

I like walnuts and raisins on my salads and I like spinach more than any other kind of lettuce. :) Have a great weekend!


What would you consider “too cold” to run outdoors? I’m talking about the real feel temperature!


Love, love salsa!!
Long run tomorrow! Surf City half marathon in Huntington Beach ? My absolute favorite run! Plus, it means a weekend stay at the beach with my family…. perfect! And, we’re celebrating our oldest son’s 16th birthday today!
Happy weekend everyone!!


You are a ridiculously good looking couple!


You are a ridiculously good looking couple! (I’m getting a warning saying “duplicate comment post – you already said that!”…did I really already leave the same comment? I’m a tool if so. But I love your blog, and do think you too are a great looking couple!)


Ok yes I’m a tool. It posted twice. I thought the warning was from previous comments on older posts. I need some coffee.


Oh my goodness!! Seriously no worries. I don’t know why my blog does that but it happens frequently for me when I am replying back to people?!? It is so weird. Thank you for the sweetest comment! I hope you are having an amazing weekend Carrie! Keep in touch!


I’m all about the mild salsa. I’m too much of a chicken for anything spicy.


I might need to drive out to Utah to get that Mediterranean bowl, it looks amazing.

Lately been loving roasted beets, sunflower seeds and goat cheese on salad. We’ve also gotten hooked on Trader Joes chunky blue cheese dressing.

Hope you have a great run with Josse!


I joined a climbing challenge on Strava so my running this month is all about the hills. 8 miles today with over 800′ of climbing.

Semi chunky medium salsa.

I love just about anything on my salads – the more variety the better!


I haven’t run long in sooo long! I like that chunky black bean medium salsa the best! Avocado on salad!


I will be very surprised if 24hrs goes by and I haven’t hunted down some milk duds to try that combo. It sounds amazing. Thanks in advance, Andrew


I ran a 10K this morning and at 8 AM here in Virginia it was 18°. Brrrrr!!! Once we started running, though, the temperature felt perfect and I had to tie my jacket around my waist.

Chunky medium salsa for me! Now that I’ve seen your picture of popcorn, I’m going to have to open that bag of Skinny Pop I got at Costco on Tuesday and hid in our pantry. :-)


10 miles of ice, snow and wind. Spring is coming, right?


I sure hope….

Way to go on your run Leeann! These crazy weather conditions that you just ran in (especially the wind… in my opinion) make us stronger runners!


Long run tomorrow :) And definitely chunky salsa!!!


10 miles today in split run format – 6 miles on the road with the ladies at 7am in the crazy wind, then 4.3 miles mixed trail and neighborhood with my husband at 9am (thankfully the wind died down a little bit).

My standard salad (99% of the time) is spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet bell peppers.


I love anything and everything on a salad. Usually it ends up being whatever random foods I have in my fridge on top of some lettuce or spinach.
No long run for me… still trying to get my body back on track after not having my period for about 6 months. This will be week 4 of absolutely no running. It had been really mentally hard to handle not running because it is my main stress reliever, especially with gaining weight as well. I just have to keep telling myself that the weight is necessary for me to be healthy and be able to have a baby someday in the (hopefully) near future. Reading about how you got through your struggles had helped me to do a better job at keeping a positive attitude about it all. So thank you!


I love chunky salsa — unless it’s on a taco salad, then I like smooth salsas! My father in law makes the best smooth salsa — he blends the ingredients in a blender for a few pulses to get it really well mixed up!

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