Silentish Saturday + a major house fail.

5 miles w/ my running buddy to start the morning.

Post-run nap (ps she ended up not loving the other dog bed that we had for her after a few days so we put it outside and she loves using it out there… back to the big soft pillow ones).

IMG 9958

Trying to put me in time out when I got home.

IMG 9907

Saw my girls for a bit (Megan D likes to stand a little far away in pictures;)

IMG 9944

Megan D gave me two great things to try:

1.  Lime edition > plain coconut edition.

IMG 9948

2.  These tastes exactly like cupcake batter.

IMG 9956

The kids were in pj’s until about 4 pm… winning.

IMG 9938

Fake sleeping on the tramp.

IMG 9951

Sandwich sunglasses.

IMG 9953

Made it outside in the rain.

IMG 9960

A strong craving for a Cafe Rio pork salad (+ kids eat free there).  I accidentally left my purse on the chair and we left… I realized 15 minutes later and we went back for it and luckily it was still there with everything still inside.  I lucked out.

IMG 9963

Megan gave me a gift card so we went straight for some ice cream.

IMG 9965

Got home to find that the laundry detergent fell and went way behind the washer… that was sure fun cleaning up.  When I sent it to my mom she said, “You really blue it;)”

IMG 9966

Somehow I got it in my hair too.

IMG 9967

Can you imagine if this happened to you during a race?!?!


What’s your Saturday run plan?

Had any fails at home lately?  

Best part of your Saturday? 

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Try putting a thin blanket on the new dog bed. I have the same one and they won’t lay on it if it is not covered. Texture thing I guess! Other than that they love it!!


Okay, that is such a great idea. THANK YOU MIA!!! We will do that now. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Don’t you hate it when you spill sticky stuff like detergent!

I didn’t realize it until too late but had tipped over corn syrup in my cupboard — that stuff went everywhere!!!


CORN SYRUP!?!?! That probably took FOREVER to clean up. I am going to go check that our corn syrup lid is on tight now:) Have an awesome weekend Susie!


Kids eat free at Cafe Rio?!! Tell them to open one in DC! I would be there every day. EVERY DAY.

Home fails: I blew out a fuse while changing the lights and realized I had absolutely no idea where the fuse box is. After I found it, I remembered we have really old wiring–you can’t just switch a flip. I had to text a girlfriend a picture of it so she could tell me what to do. And then a neighbor still had to help me.


Aw, that poor guy!! Wow, that’s a lot of soap! I once knocked over a burning candle and wax went everywhere. Thank goodness we had hardwood in our living room and tile in our kitchen!

Today is my monthly run 5 miles with the girls and get breakfast afterwards ;) I am looking forwards to the boy’s basketball game and date night tonight!


How devastating for that runner! I would be quite upset!




“Spider-Man attacked him!” LOL. That really sucks about the laundry detergent spill. At least it smells nice. Too bad you can’t blame it on Spider-Man!


Love your mom’s “blue” comment — please tell her she is super funny!


She reads the comments every day too so she appreciates your comment:) She makes me laugh so hard! I hope your Saturday is amazing Jen!


Sounds like a good Saturday.

I had no idea Bai made lime coconut too. I’m going to have to try that next.


I just tried Bai at a race expo a couple of weeks ago. I am loving all the flavors! But lime coconut sounds fantastic!
We had a huge rain and wind storm out here yesterday and last night, so I thought I would have to hit the treadmill for my 6 miles today :( But, I just woke up, no rain, no wind, perfectly cloudy and cool! Yay! 6 miles today, 12 tomorrow :)
I too, have had to clean up a laundry detergent spill… no fun! But, at least it smells good!

Have a great Saturday! :)


Saturday Run: 14 miler–last long run before Phoenix marathon next Saturday!!! ??
Home fail: A couple days ago I made pancakes and bacon. After cleaning the griddle, I went to stick it back in the cupboard and realized too late that I’d forgotten to take care of the grease catcher thing… bacon grease spilled out all over my crockpot, the cupboard, and the floor! ???
Saturday Plans: vacuum ?? And mop ?? And maybe take my kids to see moana finally? ??


MOANA IS SO SO GOOD!!! I hope you guys love it.

Oh my goodness about the bacon grease… I bet that was so hard to clean up!!!

GOOD LUCK next Saturday! I want to hear all about it Andra!


After two months in really cold weather (-5F or less!) I woke up this morning with sunshine and weather in the 30s. I skipped spinning and went for a run instead! I’m not going to miss one second of that beautiful sunshine, because I know it is going to go down again ha I dropped a container with spaghetti sauce on the floor (read carpet) at work last week! Not fun!


Oh nun God! Cleaning that laundry detergent must have been a PAIN.

I have a quick at home workout today and then a BBQ with my coworkers :)


16 miles this morning! It was 60 degrees and sunny out in Chicago … In February! Amazing! And now … Off to the dog beach :)

So many home fails:
-Cable/internet broke three times in a week which resulted in three Comcast technician visits. And the “new” remote they left me with doesn’t work so I can’t change the channel.
-Had a work trip to DC this week and came back to no hot water. Fortunately my mom lives down the street!


Oh man, that must have been annoying to clean up! We have a shelf right above our washing machine too and so many things have fallen back there over the years!


9 miles before the kids woke up and another 7 miles during their naps (my oldest can babysit but isn’t old enough to really take care of the 2 and 3 year old when awake so we only leave her in charge when they are sleeping…with my husband gone this weekend I didn’t feel like trying to cram in 16 miles in the dark, alone so I’m trying splitting it up).

No house fails lately but forget liquid detergent and try Charlie’s Best laundry soap. It’s changed my life. You only need to use 1 Tbs per load and it’s similar to Norwex detergent for a fraction of the cost. Check it out on Amazon. I’m a believer!!!


I need that right now. Thank you so much Chels for the recommendations and I am off to check out Amazon now! Thank you! Way to go on working in your 16 even though your husband is gone. You are amazing!


Ahh that looks so so blue! Your mum is hilarious ? We went away for two days recently and I accidentally left a plug in the sink and a steadily dripping tap caused our whole house to flood! It was sooo hard to clean up! ?


Six mile run this morning in BEAUTIFUL weather for February! Ran in my new Saucony shoes. Shoes felt great, EXCEPT I ended up with a blister. :( I’m thinking it was more my socks than my shoes. What socks do you run in?


Noooooo.. blisters are the worst! I am so so sorry Marti! I have a bunch that I use mainly bombas and brooks right now! What socks did you use? Glad it was a beautiful morning though! I hope you have a great Sunday Marti!


Those kisses are like eating funfetti cake. Who doesn’t like funfetti cake? I won’t tell you how many kisses I have eaten.

Once Anna spilled an entire bottle of canola oil all over the kitchen floor. It took forever to clean up. The last thing I did after cleaning it all up was put the rest of the bottle Anna had gotten out, back into the cupboard. When I did that, the olive oil slipped out of my hands, I dropped it on the floor and the FULL bottle broke and spilled all over the newly cleaned floor.

I cried.

I had salad and fro you last night toooo. Samesies! Did you eat cadbury eggs after your fro yo like me too? #oy


Janae…I’ve done the EXACT SAME THING!!! Hahaha. I left it on the edge of the sink, next to the washer. And as I was going toward the laundry room, I was thinking…wow that detergent smells STRONG. And it was also blue! Which, I gues in hindsight is better because you can actually see it?!?! (Trying to be positive here).

We were trying to be economical when we had to replace our garage door opener, so we ordered a new one online and hired a handy man to install it. He proceeds to tell us that we also need to replace all the rails, cables, and hardware (which was NOT included with the opener) and highly recommended replacing the door! A for effort?!?! Nope…huge fail.

Gorgeousness here in NJ with 50-ish degrees today made for an amazing 14 mile run! Felt so amazing to be out without a hat and gloves and multiple layers!


Oh Caroline! THAT IS AWFUL! I bet that was so pricey… all when you were trying to be economical with it! Amazing job on your 14 miler today and I am so glad you had great weather! Good to know I am not alone with the detergent story haha!


I have fails ALL the time at home!
Also I love Megan D’s picture! lol that’s so me…

It was 60 here today (usually around 30) so it was great day for a 16 mile run!

Have a good weekend!


Your mom is very clever and has a great sense of humor!

I’ll have to look for those Hershey’s Kisses next year – I assume they’re a Valentine’s thing. They sound amazing!


Hahahaah your mom’s response to your laundry detergent incident just made me literally laugh out loud! Phenomenal. I’m sorry that happened though; I can’t even imagine what a pain that was to clean up.

Also, I have to try that new lime version of the coconut bai drink. I love the original, but I’m sure I would love the lime even more.

Best part of my Saturday was that it was 68 degrees in Michigan in February!


What a sad way for a Lego minifigure to die….


woah cupcake kisses look so good! I hadn’t heard about them before.

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