Do not forget, Launch 4 Review, fasting and Last Week’s Training.

Just the weekly Sunday family picture.

I don’t talk a lot about church on the blog but something that we do the first Sunday of each month (or I do it on a different Sunday or day of the month… not a day I workout though) is fast.  We (if you choose… and if you are old enough, not pregnant, nursing, healthy etc) fast for 2 consecutive meals (food and water) and donate at least equal to the value of the food we would have eaten during those meals to those in need (100% of the money goes to those that need help).  Fast Sunday is always a really special day for me, it’s beyond hard to not eat (I love my food) but it is the day each month I focus more than ever on my spiritual growth.

I notice I am my happiest and feel my best when I am giving my best effort to my spiritual (we each have our own way of nourishing our spiritual side), emotional and physical health.  I share a lot about what I do for my physical health and sometimes my mental health on here but thought I might share a little bit about what I do for my spiritual health.

IMG 8910

The kid’s were quite energetic after church.

IMG 8919

They were all over the place.

IMG 8930

Later on we drove up north to Andrew’s parent’s house.  The kids had all of their cousins to hang out with!

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And then we ate… this spinach dip was everything.

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Frozen grapes (please tell me that you have tried this), sandwiches and bean dip.

IMG 8933

Brooke’s favorite mode of transportation.

IMG 8942

Cookie and ice cream x 2…

IMG 8934

And a late night for the kids and then they fell asleep on the drive down.

IMG 8936

I’ve put on about 80 miles on the Launch 4s and have gotten a pretty great feel for them so far so I thought I would write a review.   I was all about the PureFlows and pretty much wore them exclusively for 3 years.  I switched over to the Launch 3s when I first tried them and wore those until I got the Launch 4s.  Speed work and trail shoes = different shoes but for everyday training shoes, I’m all about the Launch 4s right now.  PS I do want to try out the PureFlow 6s soon… has anyone tried them? I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I switched to the Launch’s originally because I wanted a little bit more shoe/support but want to see how my body does with the PureFlows again for speed/tempo work etc.

The Launch 4’s come in at 7.5 oz (weigh a bit less than the Launch 3’s), they are a neutral shoe and $100.  The drop from heel to toe is 10 mm and they are made for those with a medium to high arch.   Lots of BEAUTIFUL colors and patterns to choose from too:

Screen Shot 2017 02 05 at 8 14 32 PM

I’ve used them so far for long runs (up to 12 miles so far), easy runs, a speed workout and a tempo run (or an attempt… I was feeling off that day but not the shoes fault).  The biggest change to the 4’s that I have loved is the extra rebounding rubber under the forefront.  The rebounding rubber is perfect to get fast miles in (along with all of the other training miles I do) and provide that bounce/spring/rebound with each step.  With the lift-off of each stride I definitely notice the spring the shoe provides me (more so than the 3’s).  I definitely feel that and was surprised about how great they felt with some speedier miles compared to the 3’s (which I didn’t particularly LOVE doing speed work in).  The top of the shoe (the upper… and it is seamless) is a mesh which allows a light feel and it keeps your foot nice and cool/breathable…  our feet need that ventilation that the mesh provides for us.  The fit is perfect (for me) and my foot feels like it is really held in place which I love (I’ve had shoes before that I felt didn’t fit snuggly around my foot and my feet were sliding around a bit even though they were the right size of shoe for me).  The 3D fit print is to thank for that which gives the right stretch in the right places for the run and our feet.  The tongue of the Launch 4’s are thick and very padded which I love.  The U-Groove on the heel gives the shoe the little bit of stability that I need with my running shoes (the older I get, the more I feel the need for a little bit of stability).

I guess the one thing that I have noticed between the 3’s and the 4’s is that the 4’s feel a tiny bit less flexible to me vs the first 100ish miles in my Launch 3’s.  Just a little bit. While I’ve read elsewhere that the flexibility has increased with the shoe in the forefront, I feel a little less bend as I am pushing my foot off the ground if that makes sense… might just be in my head though.

I put 640 miles on my last pair of Launch 3’s so I’m excited to see how many miles I can get out of the 4’s…

Overall, I’ll be wearing these for the majority of my running and I’m happy with the small changes from the 3 to the 4 (which isn’t always the case with me for a few running shoe models in the past).

I will be a Brooks wearing girl for the rest of my running life… I have been for the last 5ish years and I will continue to.


Behind the scenes of above picture…   gotta love a dress, florescent socks and running shoes all together.



IMG 8967

Go to Yogurtland for a FREE froyo.  They give you a cup and you fill it up as much as you want.  This one is from a previous year, I was pretty proud:

IMG 8969

Last week’s training:

Monday:  9.2 miles—>  1 mile w/u, 12 x .5 mile repeats (@ 6:30 pace) w/ 45 second slow jog after each repeat, 1 mile cool-down.

Tuesday:  5 miles @ 8:45 average pace.

Wednesday: 9 miles @ 8:15 average pace.

Thursday:  9 miles total with 7 of those @ 6:49 average… I meant for this to be a tempo workout but I took a bunch of breaks throughout those faster miles.  Just not my week but I’ve learned that is completely normal with training.

Friday:  5.2 miles outside @ 8:27 average pace.

Saturday:  12 miles outside with Josse.  Not sure our pace because of a dead garmin but somewhere in the low 8’s I am guessing by feel.

IMG 8821

Sunday:  OFF!!

49.4 miles for the week (and highly tempted to run .6 miles after I realized how close I was to hitting 50 but then I remembered I was really tired and I wasn’t going to get off the couch;).


What do you do to help with your spiritual health (whatever you practice/believe etc)?

Have you stuck to the same brand of running shoes or do you switch around?

-I started with Asics and then wore Mizuno and Saucony and will forever more be a Brooks girl.

Best thing you ate on Super Bowl Sunday?

Best run last week?  Hardest run?

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OMG, thank you so much for the reminder about froyo today. I MUST make it over to Yogurtland! :)

To help with my spiritual health, I try to make sure to set aside time each day to be still and simply pray. It’s my time to forget about the stuff around me and just talk with God. It helps me focus more on others by praying for them and also to be silent and listen to what the Lord is prompting in my own heart. I try to pray consistently throughout the day in various situations, but I really like to have a time set aside when I can do this. Thank you for sharing yours!


I’ve always been a Brooks girl! I have a pair of Newtons I got last year but I’ve probably put fewer than 50 miles on them. I wore the Adrenalines for a while but now I’m a Glycerins kind of girl.

Hmm best run of last week was Tuesday as it was the only day I ran. Tough to call it the best day though because I tripped and fell on uneven sidewalk and sprained my shoulder and scraped up my knees and left elbow. The shoulder thing is why I didn’t run all week. Every tiny movement made it hurt (I have a low pain tolerance…). I’m looking forward to making this a better week!


I have a pair of Mizunos, Saucony, and Brooks. I like to rotate between them for each run. I need a bit of stability and have a wide foot, so I wear Saucony Guides, Brooks Ravenna, and I can’t even remember the model of my Mizunos! I have tried several, the wave rider, inspire, and whatever the current one I have is! I have never had issues with the Sauconys or Brooks, but I ran my first marathon in Mizunos just fine, but the next year’s model rubbed a spot on my foot that bled everytime I ran in them! I gave them up for use when I bike only. I miss the Brooks Pure Drift………..those were so light and perfect for my feet :(

Have a great week!


Best thing I ate on Superbowl Sunday was queso dip. My 4 year old tried it with chips first, and then asked if she could dip her chicken nugget in it. “You can dip anything in queso,” I told her. Her face! I blew her little mind. She tried the chicken, then carrots, cucumbers, pretty much anything she could get her hands on. It was hilarious.

I usually run in Asics, but I might have to try the Launch 4 because I have a high arch, and for the less scientific reason that they’re very pretty.


I have the new Pure Flows and love them! I was upset when they drastically changed them last year, but this year they seem much more like the older versions. I’ve used them for long and short runs and would give them a thumbs up! I also like the Launch 3 a lot, so I’ll have to try out the new version soon.


That is a really beautiful part of your faith, I love that. My faith dictates everything I do and when it isn’t center stage, I can feel it in my heart and in my head.
I have always been a Brooks girl as well- my dad (running hero), ever since I was really young (think 11ish), told me to wear them and I haven’t stopped since! Ghosts used to be my jam but when I discovered the Launches I fell in love. I will have to test out the 4s because the 3s have been awesome for me so far.
Toughest run last week was the progression on the treadmill because it was mentally defeating- I HAVE to keep reminding myself that other peoples’ workouts/paces can’t dictate what you are capable of on race day. Everyone has their workout pace/easy pace/race pace, so I have to remember to just do me!


i wore asics for a while before switching to Adidas energy boosts well over years ago now and I haven’t looked back!


I have kind of gotten a little further away from nourishing my spiritual health as an adult. I grew up going to church every weekend with my family but then got away from it when i went to college. My husband was raised the same way but a different religion (I was raised Catholic, he is Lutheran). When we go to church we usually go with his family because we live very close to them and his grandfather helped build the church we attend. To me, the branch of religion isn’t as important as just believing in something and nurturing your spiritual health.
I started out with Asics then dabbled with Mizuno then Brooks and have stuck with Brooks for about 5 years now. They are by far my favorite. It also helps that my brother works at a running specialty store and did a professional fitting for me and recommended Brooks based on my foot structure, stride, etc. He also keeps me updated on new models and gets me a nice discount :)
I worked on Super Bowl Sunday but a coworker brought some amazing buffalo chicken dip and someone also brought cookies. Nurses love our potlucks!
Still on the no running train over here and I’m going to count that as my hardest run. Trying to get my period back because we really hope to have a little one soon.


Interesting about the Launch 4. I’ve put a good amount of mileage in the Launch 3 and so far I like them and have no complaints. Once I get home, I want to try out the Launch 4. I like them for speed and use the Ghost for longer runs.


Oh my GOD!! I I NEED my free FroYo.

I think it is so interesting that many different religions adopt fasting as a ritual to clear your mind towards your spiritual journey. I’m a catholic and we also do fasting during two specific days around Easter Week. I go to church every Sunday in order to nourish my spiritual health.

I’ve tried Asics and last time I switched it up to Brooks. I still haven’t decided if I’m going back to Asics or sticking up to Brooks next time I buy shoes.

My best run last week was my long run on Satudary. My worst run was my tempo run on Thursday, it was TOUGH but certainly rewarding.


I LOVE frozen grapes!! They are also a great alternative to ice cubes in the summer – they keep your drink cool but don’t dilute it and you get to eat them afterwards which is always a bonus!

Last week I got up at 5am and ran 10 miles. I’m really not a morning runner and the most I’ve ever ran in the morning is 4.5 miles so I was super happy with this one. I managed to run another 6 miles in the evening and I could walk the following day so this was most definitely one of my biggest achievements!

I am definitely an Asics girls – I’ve ran in Nike, Newtons and Adidas before but I’m overproduced and their shoes always fit perfectly and don’t leave with me blisters or pain which is always a positive :)

Well done on the 49 miles – that’s seriously impressive!! I only managed to do 25 miles but I’ve got another 11 weeks until my marathon so I should be ok – trying not to increase the mileage too much!


Love what you have to say about fasting–I have a baby so it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to fast! I do try though to do my own version while I’m pregnant or nursing and eat more simply/avoid treats. The best thing I’m doing for my spiritual and mental health right now is to read my scriptures BEFORE I look at Facebook or social media!

I love Brooks, but the last couple of models I have hated so I’m glad to read a good review of the Launches! I just bought some Mizunos bc my last three pairs of Brooks all had weird stuff that really bothered my feet…wish the Adrenaline 14s would come back!!


Oh, and every single run for me last week was on the treadmill, so they were all equally boring. 40 miles on that thing is a lot!! Best one probably was the 12 I got in on Monday, just bc my baby stayed asleep through the whole thing!


I wear Brooks Ghost for shorter weekday runs and Asics 2100 for longer weekend runs (I need a little more stability from 12-15 miles and up). The best thing I ate during the Super Bowl, by FAR, was A’s cinnamon rolls.


The main thing that I do for my spiritual health is read. I’ve really tried to get in the habit of always having one mindless book and one spiritual book going at all times and try my hardest to read one chapter of the spiritual book each morning before I get out of bed, and definitely before I check my phone. It helps to set my intentions right for the day.

That spinach dip looks AMAZING. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I are on a cleanse this week, so I had zero (in my mind) delicious foods yesterday. But I’m already counting down the days until that can change next Sunday….

Oh, and frozen grapes are my absolute favorite. My grandma got me hooked on them when I was a kid and I’ve been addicted ever since!


Meditation has been a huge spiritual experience for me.
I have never tried fasting for spiritual reason, but like once a month I will do it to “cleanse”. My body feels so so great after wards.


I also enjoy the spiritual growth from fasting.

Veggie pizza during the super bowl.


I used to be an Asica girl for like 5 years, and then I dicovered Mizunos! I have been wearing them for years. I tried a a couple of other brands here anf there, just to switch it up, but I always came back to Mizunos. Current love is the Wave Sayonara 3 :-) I have been pretty much sidelined foe about 3 weeks due to a hamstring strain – took the first week off completely, then only a few miles here and there. Then, I tried KT tape, and holy cow, it really works!! I went out for a 5 miler on Sat and felt so good that I went to 10, with no pain at all! It still feels great. I am pretty happy right now! Still plan on cross-training and running only a few times a week until fully healed, but sooo happy to be back out there ?
Have a great week!


I wore Launch 3s and while I “liked” them, they would randomly give me a blister on the back of my right foot. I started wearing the 4s about 2 weeks ago and LOVE them so far. No blisters, and they DO just feel “PEPPY!” Really enjoying them. I alternate between the Launch, Saucony Triumph, and the ORIGINAL Saucony Zealot. I adore adore adore the original Zealot. I just pulled my 2nd hoarded pair out of my closet about a month ago. I have one more brand new pair in waiting, and I can’t find any in my size ANYWHERE on the internet or EBAY, which pains me. When I wear out that last pair of Zealots, there might be some tears shed. How can someone love a SHOE so much?! lol

Best run last week–probably a recovery run on a trail :) Hardest run? warm up and then 2 @threshold (around 7:20), 3 min rest, 5 mins at 6:45, 3 min rest, rinse, repeat, then cool down. That was tough. My legs were feeling that one for a few days afterward!


Brooke has been looking so grown up lately, I don’t know what it is! When I’m running or listening to music is when I feel most in touch with my spiritual side…something about feeling alive, whether it’s pure happiness or pure pain, is when I feel most grateful for my faith.


She really has been growing up BIG time lately! I totally understand what you are saying about running being the time when you feel most spiritual… nature + endorphins brings a lot of joy to us! plus… the pain;)


SPINACH DIP INSIDE BREAD? OMG WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT. As for my spiritual health, I’m trying to get a little more into meditation :)


Hi Janae – What size do you wear in the Launch 4s compared to your normal shoe size?



HEY MONA!! I wear the same size for the Launch 4s as all of my other runner shoes. I am a size 10 for my running shoes and an 8.5-9 in my normal shoes! Thanks and I hope you are having a beautiful day!




I’ve always felt squirmy when people preach at me, whether it’s for religious purposes or nutrition convictions or political rants or anything else that I didn’t sign up for. I respect people who live out their faith, who live out their nutritional habits and who live out their passionate political viewpoints rather than just “rah rah rah”-ing on about it. Which, is something I’ve always noticed about you! I learned quite quickly where you stand, but not because you were preaching at us but because you were (are) simply living out your faith. I respect you for that, and I respect your faith for molding a great person like you! <3


That means a lot Suzy! Sometimes I just feel like sharing because it feels like running/food is just a fraction of my life so I want to share a little bit more about who I am. You really are the sweetest and I hope someday we get to go on a run together!


I’d love that! We’d get to 20 miles and still have more to talk about!


i’ve been wearing the same asics for ever. they don’t make them anymore so i purchased 4 pairs on the internet at once. hopefully i find new ones i like before these run out!


AHHH don’t you HATE it when your favorite shoe stops being made?! I hope you find a new favorite ASAP!


I’ve been a Nike wearer for the past few years, but really want to move to Brooks just because you’re awesome. I’m pretty neurtral so not sure where to start. But my birthday is in a couple weeks so hoping for some new kicks. I did get my hubby a pair of Brooks and he is just starting into running, he really likes them.

Spiritually, I have my quiet time each morning, but what fuels my soul the most is to sit face to face with someone and talk about the deep things. To do life WITH people and not FOR people, to do life WITH Christ and not just FOR Christ.


I hate seeing the froyo day every year because there are none near me. I even looked up our froyo pace, SweetFrog and they have nothing on their website. Oh well!


Thank you for your review!!! I can’t wait to try the Launch 4’s- but will stick with the 3’s until after Boston. I was surprised to see you put 640 miles on your Launch 3’s! I have been maybe putting 500 (maybe less). I am super afraid of getting injured after dealing with an IT band issues for 18 months!


I couldn’t believe this last pair lasted that long either! Keep doing whatever you are doing to keep that IT band happy with you! I AM SO excited for you to run Boston. Please keep me updated with how your training is going and how the races goes!!!


I used to wear Asics but they started to give me issues, so I switched over to Brooks. I love the Glycerin model and have been wearing them for awhile now. I tried out the Launch 3’s but they were not my cup of tea.


I started with Asics Nimbus years ago, found them a little clunky after my first year or two running. Then tried an old Brooks (Defiance or something like that maybe? it was a while ago), but had heel pain after a half in them. Then, onto Mizuno Wave Creations and Wave Riders for the last few years, occasionally with Brooks Ghosts for short distance too. However, after some side of foot pain, I’ve switched it up the last month: trying hoka cliftons and brooks ghosts again. So far, enjoying the Ghosts the most!


Frozen grapes are the best, especially in the summer!! I’m praying for the day froyo becomes popular in England ;)


I’ve loved the Brooks PureFlows since their debut, with the exception of the PureFlow 5s. They have a thin plastic tongue that literally slices into my ankles. I returned them and switched to the Launch 3s, which I didn’t like because I was between sizes and neither one felt quite right. I ended up switching to Adidas Boston Boost as my main distance shoe, which turned out to be okay, but not thrilling. I rotated the Boosts with a pair of Mizuno Hitogamis for tempo runs. Now, I’m back in a pair of PureFlow 5s for anything +6 miles. I got them for free, so I have to make sure to wear higher socks so the tongue won’t injure me.

I am beyond excited for the PureFlow 6s to come out. Supposedly, the slice-y tongue has been fixed and the toebox is wider. Can’t wait.


Yeah, I can’t do a thin plastic tongue either… that sounds painful! Please let me know what you think of the PureFlow 6s when you get them!!!


I just put some grapes in the freezer on Saturday! Although, I like to take them off the vine first :)

I like the idea of fasting for 2 meals once a month. I have fasted before but nothing planned or scripted. I start every day in the word and we read through Proverbs with the kids during dinner (31 chapters in Proverbs so it’s good to work through for the month) and we do devotions before bed.

I am all over the place for running shoes. I help a friend who writes reviews for athletic wear so I am currently wearing Adidas Boosts, 361s, Skechers, and Asics.

I just tried Enlightened ice cream for the first time and I ate some caramel cookie crunch and it was pretty awesome.

Best run was a 47 min 10k and hardest run was 8 miles of hills the following day ;)


I made Stromboli with ham and pepperoni and mozzarella and Colby jack cheese and it is worth the calories. And also the super bowl was crazy.
I have worn mizuno wave riders for 5ish years and I am terrified of being injured by different shoes. Because it’s happened.
My best run last week was (and nearly always is) speed work on the ‘mill. All my outside runs are uphill with a stroller. So I look forward to not pushing a stroller uphill someday.


Okay, I am currently drooling over reading about your Stromboli! Oh I bet you kill it on your speed workouts with all of that stroller running that you do! Way to go!!!


I love frozen grapes!!! They are one of my favorite desserts! I’m also a froyo fanatic and love it as much as you do, unfortunately we don’t have a Yogurtland in our area….. :( …….maybe you can bring some! :)


I’ll mail some to you;) Love to hear from other frozen grape lovers!!!


YES – National Froyo day!! Favorite day of the year :)

Best thing I ate over the weekend – Paella in PANAMA CITY! Such a cool city/country … Best paella I’ve ever had in my entire life.


Hi Janae –

It’s so interesting that you are talking about fasting because it’s something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my spiritual life (I am Catholic). When you say 2 consecutive meals, do you mean you eat and drink nothing? I’m just wondering if you experience any headaches or lightheadedness from abstaining?


Hey Lindsay!! Thank you for your comment. I do not eat or drink anything during that time. I do occasionally get a headache and I just feel tired. There have been periods in my life where I just did one meal and built up to two and would like to continue to build up to a full 24 hours. I guess something I really love from practicing fasting is that it teaches me a little bit about sacrifice and I focus more on spiritual things (reading, praying, pondering) during this time to make it easier and to think about things other than food. I do not do any real physical activity when I fast (besides walking from car to church etc). I couldn’t imagine doing it on a day that I run or a busy day with the kids etc. Let me know what you think of it after you try it, I would love to hear!


I have gone with LDS friends to their churches on fast Sunday. I didn’t realize that it was from water too and was drinking water the entire time. I felt so bad! They, of course, were nothing but kind and said that since I am a different faith it didn’t apply.
I spent a long time not going to church but now I go again and it’s good. I just moved and I’m so thankful I found a nice place to land.


There was a football game on yesterday? Huh. All I know is I didn’t wake up hungry today #AllTheGuac


I love Brooks Ravenna despite the defective pair that almost derailed my half marathon in September. I’ve got a pair on the way that I can’t wait to get on my feet! Currently, I’m wearing mizuno wave inspire. I really like them but I love my Ravennas!


Thanks so much for sharing about your spiritual fast. There is so much to be said for tapping into whatever keeps you spiritually grounded.
I find fasting to be so purifying and allows you to real focus and gain clarity. I do this at least once a year, for religious reasons. And as you said….I do ensure I’m taking care of myself physically as I fast…I do take any critical vitamins or medicine and if I need to hydrate, I will.

I’ve worn many different running shoes. Started in reeboks, have worn Asics, Saucony, and currently in Nikes (yikes!).

My best run was yesterday! I felt like Forrest Gump!!! I just kept going and going until I literally thought to myself ‘how many more loops can I actually do before the neighbors think I’m insane’.

Do you know what’s so strange? I was JUST thinking about frozen grapes today and wondering if you’d ever tried them! So amazing. Especially on a hot summer day.


Caroline, that is AWESOME! I completely agree with you on the clarity that fasting brings. Also, the focus. Thank you for sharing with me, I love reading what everyone else does! OH I am so happy you had such an amazing run yesterday! Haha your neighbors were in awe… not thinking you are insane:) I hope you get some frozen grapes soon and thanks for thinking of me.. I love it!


loved this post janae. and the fasting is such a good way to just refocus yourself. and what a great idea to donate the money you save.


THANK YOU for the Launch 4 review! when i discovered the 3’s last year i feel in love. hard! i’ve had 3 pair so far, and when they are done i plan on getting the 4s. glad to know they are nearly the same w/ a little extra spring. i always worry of major changes from model to model when i find a favorite shoe. wore the glycerins prior that that, but they seemed a little heavy for the amount of miles i run. was glad to make that switch.
back in the day, mizunos, nikes, one pair of asiacs…none are as good as brooks IMO :)
i try to go to church most weeks. it really does make me feel better, but i know i could do more. every day is a chance to strengthen your faith and relationship w/ God, right? i like getting that little glimpse into that part of your life; thanks for sharing!


I think it’s great you shared something about your faith! The fasting once a month sounds like a very thoughtful way to give back to others! Though i would find it quite hard too ha! My friends and I used to also do alternative ways of fasting before Easter, such as no tv instead of no snacks, which I thought also makes you aware of how priviliged our lives are. Keep up the good work with the posts and I’d be interested to hear more about your faith if that is something you like to share on here!


I was excited to read your great review of the Launch 4s….I was falling out of love with the 3s because of some issues I’ve had with the forefoot cushioning. But it sounds like I may give the 4s a go.

I am SHOCKED that you get 600+ miles from a shoe! I get 300-400 from any shoe before I start to notice niggles, pains, etc


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I always wear Asics!! One of my friends made an ice cream cake with oreo and chocolate fudge crust! so good!


this is so much later than your post, but i was really glad for your review of the launch 4! it was actually the “best match” for me when i took the brooks quiz. they come in the mail monday and i’m so excited to try them!!!!! my feet have had this weird thing where they feel on fire at the start of workouts, so i think it’s time for me to get these dogs back in brooks :) have a great day!!! xoxoxo

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