My legs are dead now, build up motivation and how to help plantar problems!

Saturday morning runs where the temperature is just perfect and you’ve got your running pal there to meet you for 12 miles = a good weekend morning.  Also, do you ever wake up on your own right before your alarm clock goes off?  That happened to me yesterday morning when the alarm went off even though I was tired (we stayed up till 1 watching a movie)… I woke up on my own about 45 seconds before my alarm clock went off.  It was the weirdest thing.

IMG 9988

10 of the 12 miles with Josse and it was 47 degrees.  This 8:12 average pace felt really comfortable and these 10-12 milers are feeling very doable again.  It just takes me a few months after a marathon to really get back to it again:)

IMG 9975

Right after my run I went over to a meeting that I had for the youth I work with through my church and breakfast was served.  A delicious yogurt, fruit and granola parfait, muffins, a clementine and some orange juice made perfect refueling action.

IMG 9992

Came back to the kids exactly where I expected them all to be…

IMG 0002

PS for some reason I didn’t think Beretta would like the trampoline but she finds a way on any time that the little net is open.

IMG 0004

Saturday chores + more painting.  I wonder if we will ever be done painting.  Probably not because by the time we finish all of the painting the other paint will be chipping or something.

IMG 0006

Just facetiming with grandparents.  He wanted to show them Beretta.

IMG 0013

Cleaning rooms went really well;)  Eventually she cleaned it, just took a bit of time for her to build up the motivation (I get it though… this is what I want to do to build up motivation leading up to a track workout).

IMG 0014

For lunch Andrew made his sticky finger salad.

IMG 0016

Right after lunch (we probably should have waited a few minutes because running around right after lunch hurts) we played our first tennis match together.  I may have played a lot in high school but I think I lost all of my coordination (hence why I personally love just running in a straight line).  Andrew beat me but you might find me practicing quite often in order to beat him next time.

The beauty about this mini-date for us is that the kids just run around the tennis court and hang out while we play.

My legs were toast by the end of playing.

IMG 0036

Post tennis sugar cookie.  These cookies are a part of Utah. Also, don’t mind the blue pen ink that exploded on my sunglasses.

IMG 0041

Saw my parents for a little bit.

IMG 0045

My dad was eating an avocado straight up… I get my love for avocados from him.

IMG 0047

And then we got to go hang out with Mer (my grandma).  She gave me my favorite chocolate cinnamon bears and my aunt left this gorgeous blanket that she made for me.  I LOVE SOFT blankets and this one will be a big part of my life now:)

IMG 0050

You know that things are getting serious at our house for dinner when the gloves come out for preparation.

IMG 0051

PS ever tried guacamole and a carrot?  Try it out.

IMG 0056

We had nachos for dinner and they were superb.

IMG 0054

Megan D sent me a text to check out my mailbox and this beautiful shirt arrived.  Gilmore Girls 4 Life.  I can’t wait to represent.

IMG 0058

PPS I was attempting to clean out my closet last night and I found my Plantar boot.  I swear, this thing has saved me many times.  I have had plantar fasciitis pretty bad a few times over the years and the boot always fixes it for me.  It is beyond annoying to sleep with this on but it does the trick for me.  Keeping my foot in this position all night for a few nights in a row = happy running again.  Try it out if plantar problems happen to you.

IMG 0009


Who has had plantar problems in the past?  What did you do to help?

Do you ever wake up right before your alarm clock goes off?  Do you push snooze usually or no?

Solo long run or group this weekend?  Outside or inside? 

What are you having for your Sunday breakfast?

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My plantar actually ruptured a few years ago. It was the worst and I honestly couldn’t handle wearing the boot :( I did a lot of swimming, biking, and strength. I also had treatments where my podiatrist blasted the bottom of my foot with sound waves. It was the most painful 4 min of my life each time but I was running again in about 8 weeeks and haven’t had any problems since!

I almost always, like 5 out of 7 days, wake up before my alarm. It’s crazy!

Group run with the girls yesterday and today I’m with the hubs and his running partner. Running with people > running solo!

Today will probably be donuts on the way to church, because that is just how Sunday mornings typically roll around here.


Plantar fasciitis is the absolute worst! It’s definitely gotten better for me lately, but I’m careful to do lots of rolling with a golf ball and stretching whenever I run/walk a ton. I never want to let it get to that point again where it hurts every single day.


I always wake up before my alarm goes off and I hate it.

Breakfast: Berry Pancakes. Usually I make either blueberry or strawberry pancakes depending on what my kids want, but today they wanted both in their pancakes. Such rebels, lol.


aw love that t shirt! I am re-obsessed with watching gilmore girls lately. I don’t use an alarm clock as I have always woken up naturally when I need to every morning but I didn’t want to get up today. ha


With every injury under the sun I have avoided PF so far.
I snooze a ton. I hate alarm clocks and waking up unnaturally.
I just had the other have of last nights dinner for breakfast. It was a steak and avocado sandwich with cheese and carmelized onions.


I don’t think I have ever had plantar problems. I did get achilles tendinitis from antibiotics last spring. I will never take those antibiotics again.

Today was absolutely perfect for an outside run. I did 8.16 miles at 7:20 a.m. in February! It was perfect! I would have gone longer but I’ll start training for a half marathon next month. I don’t want to over train or injure myself.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy your cinnamon bears!


Orthotics and the Staussburg sock helped my plantar fasciitis most times. Once I had surgery and recently it partially on its own. (I was seeing a podiatrist and a PT for it, too). :(

I usually wake up without an alarm. I never hit snooze, I don’t see the point. I lie there and just wait for the alarm to go off again, I would rather get up.

Oatmeal with unsweetened cacao powder, toasted coconut, cashews and cherries.

It’s gorgeous out and I am running solo in a little while.


Partially ruptured on its own is what I meant to type…


I find my plantar issues from having too tight of calves. I can always tell I’ll have a flair up when my calves get too tight but getting deep tissue massages regularly helps.


I’ve never had PF, but my dad and all his siblings have it so it might be comin’ for me later in life :(

Ugh, for the last few weeks I’ve been waking up before my alarm like 2-3x per week. I find it deeply upsetting haha

ONE OF MY RUNNING FRIENDS IS IN TOWN AND I’M MEETING HER FOR A LONG RUN IN AN HOUR AND I’M SO SO SO EXCITED. Also your pictures from your run yesterday helped me decide what to wear on mine. It’s going to be in the 40s but get up almost to the 50s by the time we’re done! Tricky to dress for…

I just had my individual Kodiak blueberry pancake…hopefully there will be a demand for brunch after our 14 miles though ;)

I’m so curious about those cinnamon bears. I need to try them STAT.


My hubby suffers from plantar problems too :( But, yes, a few nights with the boot helps him so much!
I was just telling my boys yesterday, that they/we need to really clean out their closets and rooms. They each got new beds and bedding recently, so I’m trying to show them that this is the perfect time to start fresh!
A solo 12 mile run for me this morning! My hubby has a bad cold, so he’s going to stay in bed today! Then the boys and I will be off to our favorite bagel place for breakfast :) I LOVE bagels with lox and a little cream cheese after a long run. Hits the spot every time :)
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


Waking up right before my alarm on the weekend is the BEST feeling. It’s like your body saying, “yep, got enough rest and I’m ready to run!”. I had pancakes for my Sunday breakfast but your b’fast looks pretty darn delicious too!


I had a Plantar issue only once…now I mostly deal with problems with my knees. For the plantar I did red light therapy, ultrasound and massage and it healed really quickly.

Your blanket from Mer is beautiful and looks so warm and cozy.


I did have plantar fasciitis once. Rolled it out on a tennis ball, constant stretching and deep deep deep (re: painful) massages. Also made sure to not sleep with my feel pointed (as much as I could control it). That boot should help, because it will keep the foot in dorsiflexion…thereby stretching the calf muscle.

That pic of Brooke on the floor…yes….yes…yes…that’s how I feel inside most of the time (although I hide it well and usually blaze around a million miles a minute!) So adorable.

I wake up without my alarm like 6/7 days of the week. It’s very strange….and then instead of getting up, I just lay there waiting for it to go off so I can get annoyed at it. Haha.

Love playing tennis and haven’t in years! My hubby always beats me. He knows all those ‘fancy’ ways to make the ball change angles and slice and stuff. Oh well, I outdo him with my endurance!!!! You know…it’s funny you mentioned running in a straight line. I was just talking to a runner friend who took a boxing class and was so sore because she’s so used to running forward and not moving side to side! Great cross training!!!
And….if you continue to lose to Andrew…it’s all good…just make sure your bets are in both your favors…like if he wins…he gets….10 hugs and kisses!!! Or a foot massage…or back scratch…?


I am having plantar issues right now. The pain got bad during yesterday’s run so I cut it short and am going to take some time off. It’s very frustrating because I have the NYC half-marathon in exactly one month. I am icing, stretching and rolling a ball under my foot as I type this! Thanks for the suggestion about the boot, I’m going to give it a try.

Those nachos look absolutely delectable!


Carrots are one of my favorite things to use as a shovel for getting large portions of guacamole into my mouth! ;-)

I had plantar fasciitis so badly one time that weeks and weeks of physical therapy didn’t even help. Finally, my doctor prescribed custom orthotics and two years of PF went away within a couple of weeks of wearing the orthotics. I haven’t had an episode since!


I rarely need an alarm to wake up, even if I’m getting up at 5:00 a.m.

10 mile solo run this morning. Ran the Tantalus loop on Oahu. I hadn’t run it since last May and I forgot how much it hurts!


Hahaha I had to laugh so hard at Brooke’s messy room!
And I never wake up before my alarm goes… I am definitely the snooze type, oops!



That’s been happening to me too lately! It doesn’t matter if my alarm is set for 4:30 or 7, I wake up a few minutes before it’s supposed to go off. You’d think waking up by myself before it goes off would mean that I’m not tired anymore but sadly that’s not the case.


I almost always wake up before my alarm – twice. Once about 2 hours before and then once again about 2 minutes before. OUr bodies are so bizarre!


I eat carrots and avocado as snacks all the time! So yummy! 12-miler in mild weather felt amazing… Looking forward to spring although I know we still have many weeks to go. Post long run breakfast was an omelet with spiced turkey, roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Everything tastes delicious after a long run!


I either wake up right before my alarm, or I hit snooze 12 times. There is no in-between.

My Sunday breakfast is almost always a donut and coffee at church.

Guacamole and carrots is delicious! Avocado really just makes everything better in my opinion.


guacamole + carrots = amazeballs. or with hummus (carrots are hummus spoons…didn’t you know?)

this sunday breakfast was a shakeology protein waffle + peanut butter + omelette. breakfast is my FAV!

about 95% of the time i wake up before my alarm and I hate the snooze button – when the alarm goes up i’m far past awake and up!


long time blog follower here.
Just wanted to say that I had plantar fascitis for the first time ever last summer. And the fasciablaster got rid of it! It took about 2 weeks about 2-3x per week. I was getting massages once a week from a friend (I’ve been a massage therapist for 14 years) and once a week wasn’t enough. So I saw the Facebook add from Ashley Black about her fasciablaster and I bought one. I thought I would try it. I’ve bought crazier things that didn’t work. And guess what it totally worked!
I found most of my adhesions around my ankle and in my calves so when I released those, the plantar fascitis went away.

So anyway, it’s a nice option for self care. And it’s great for muscle recovery. (It’s helped unlock the fascia in my legs and im able to do plyo again without feeling lile my legs weigh 100 lbs) It’s getting alot of attention right now for cosmetic reasons but honestly it’s the tool I reach for first for myself and my clients for pain relief!
Hope this helps someone!

And I’m so happy for you Janae and Brooke finding Andrew and Knox. Life can be so sweet!


Guacamole with everything! I use it as salad dressing, sometimes. Looks like it was great running weather all across the US this weekend. It was 70 in Philly yesterday! It’s usually in the high 30s, low 40s


I had plantar a long time ago – like maybe 11 years? It sucked. Whenever I feel my arches start to get tight, I start rolling those babies out.

I bought a Bear Paw muffin when I was in St George last weekend and stuck it in the freezer. I warmed it up yesterday morning as my breakfast.

Those nachos look amazing, but not as amazing as those chocolate covered cinnamon bears #life

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