Ice castles, energy bites and YOUR running accomplishments!

Our family night last night (we do a special ‘family night’ thing every Thursday night together) involved going to the Ice Castles in Midway.  We did a lesson (about kindness) with the kids before leaving and then we drove into the mountains to see some gorgeous ice castles.

From our time there in 2016… our family doubled pretty quickly this last year;)


Both of these kids have been to these amazing ice castles previously but this year it seemed extra special to them.

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Pretty incredible.

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Over 10,000 icicles are added every day!!!

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They had a few ice slides and little tunnels for the kids to climb through.

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We went on a warm night (for Utah) and loved the 30 degree weather… it felt like spring almost to us:)

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A little fountain for us to sit by (I didn’t last long sitting there though)!

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Knox was all about the adventurous side and climbing through everything… Brooke likes to hang out with me during such events:)

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Another successful family night.  If you live in Utah.. you should definitely visit these.  Brooke thought we were at Elsa’s house the entire time;)

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Andrew has an aunt that lives in Midway so we stopped by there before heading home.  They had the coolest kid’s toy room and I am pretty sure both of our kids want to move in with them now.

IMG 8620

I tried this while we were there and it was delicious!  We will be getting this at Costco next time we are there.

IMG 8625

Earlier on in the day Andrew made us some of his energy bites for us to have when we want something delicious on the go!

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Andrew’s Energy Bites:

1.5 cups rolled oats

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/3 cup honey

Handful of dark chocolate chips

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut

1/3 cup ground flaxseed

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Kid approved too:


As I have told you a million times, I am obsessed with This Is Us so I get really excited anytime I come across any articles about the show.  Loved this one about Chrissy!

IMG 8614


Time for your race accomplishments!  Keep sending them in to [email protected] so that I can post the amazing things you are doing too!


Emily!!!  “This morning, I finished my 4th lifetime half marathon.  My goal was to run one for each of my 4 kids.  This week, my oldest turned 8, the next turns 4 and the twins turned 18 months.  I haven’t really been able to run in 2 years because of a difficult pregnancy and calorie conservation while nursing the twins.  At any rate, 4 of my coworkers and I finished the Lake Benbrook (TX) half marathon.  Our butts are all sore from the crazy hills, but we are so proud!  My time was slow (2h 25m), BUT I DID IT!!! I’m the one in the obnoxious orange:)”



Tanya!!!  “I was scheduled to run my 3rd marathon a week ago but it got cancelled due to bad weather.  They offered us the chance to run it virtually so we (one of my friends also scheduled to run) still went and picked up our bibs, shirts and they even gave us our medals!  Well I just couldn’t hang that up without running it so we decided to run our own.  A few days after our scheduled race we got up and started our run at 5:15 am and completed our 26.2 miles.  This day just happened to be my 45th birthday!  Wasn’t a PR because we had to stop and fill our own water and stop at lights and road crossings but we had fun, had friends cheering us on at a couple locations and had a great time!



Ever had a race that you were planning on doing get cancelled right before the race?  Which one?

How many different races have you run… which race distance have you done the most of?

What is your Friday night going to include?

Any energy bite type things that you have made before? Recipe please!

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Y’all always do such fun things together! :) Do you have to bake those energy bites, or do you just mix up all of the ingredients and roll them into little balls?

I hope my Friday night involves a bubble bath. That’s all I really want.


HEY NATALIE!!! I hope your Friday is a great one so far:) You just mix them up and roll them into balls! No baking which is so nice. Enjoy your bubble bath tonight… maybe I will copy you ha!


I haven’t had a race get cancelled, but in 2013 I signed up to run the Country Music 1/2 marathon in Nashville (part of R&R series) and because of the Boston bombing just 5 days before, no one was sure if it would happen. It did though, with cops on foot, motorcycle, cars, bikes, and horseback. Not one trash can was left unattended, and it was probably the safest race ever.

I have run multiple 5k’s in school cross country, one 5K on Disney’s island in the Bahamas, an 8 mile obstacle race (fun, but mostly just stood waiting in line at the obstacles, so not really a “race”), 2 full marathons, and 7 half marathons! Not big numbers for most runners, but I am proud of them. I have a half in a month, another one in June, and then a full in November. The half is my favorite………….challenging, but easier to train for and recover from.

Have a great weekend! Those energy bites look good!


Wow, Loribeth that is really neat that your 1/2 in Nashville still happened and how many cops were there to watch everything.
Okay, your 5k on Disney island and obstacle race sound like so much fun! Hey, that is a lot of races! Excited for your races this year and I agree with you on the half distance!


Omg Tanya! I don’t think I’d be able to complete a marathon without the water and crowd support so it blows me away that you went out and did one on your own.

The only canceled race I’ve had canceled was a FUN Run 5k with the NYRR last summer because of the heat index but I didn’t really mind because 1. it was hot and I didn’t want to run outside and 2. I was only doing it for my 9+1 which I still got credit for. I mainly only care about half marathons which are the races I’ve done the most of, I think I’ve done 7 now.


I love seeing everyone’s running accomplishments. It gives me a reason not to slack off!

My Friday night will be me with my kids. I have to think of something fun to do.


those ice castles are so cool! we have nothing like that here in new York!! wish we did. have a great weekend!


I’ve only done a few races but last year my triathlon dropped the swim and made it a run, bike, run. It was pretty hard because it was my sister’s first tri and swimming was like my BIG improvement from the year before and everything else was probably about the same. It took a lot of joy out of the race for me. :(

Tonight is going to be a snuggle up by the fire with my hubby and watch some natgeo dvds.


Sounds like the perfect night Meagan! Enjoy:) Oh wow… that is crazy they dropped the swim for your triathlon! What a bummer!!


The running accomplishments are great – I love seeing them! I’ve only ever ran half marathons – I’ve ran 2 so far and I’ve got another 2 in March and April and my first marathon in April which I’m really looking forward to!

Andrew’s energy balls look amazing – I love that they don’t have dates in them! So many recipes have dates and they can turn out super expensive, I’m really excited to try these :)


I hope you love them Lauren… let me know what you think! AHHH good luck on your races this March and April and send in your accomplishment:) I’m so excited for you!


Totally random but where did you get your white kitchen table chairs?? I’ve looked all over for white with the wood seat and can only find the silver. They are so cute!


HEY!!! I love our chairs… you can get them here:

Hope you are having a great day!


Sam’s club has the bai coconut waters too… them!!!


Oh awesome! My sister just got a Sam’s Club membership… any other must-try things there?


You always go on great outings.


The ice castles look awesome. I’ve wanted to go see caverns for a while now.

I’ve had several races get cancelled lately…all of which seem to be in the last year. Luckily, none were goal races.


I have never had a race canceled, but I have been led off course for one half (by the lead bikers) and another half was short. But really, I got to hang out with other crazy people like me that like to spend their Saturdays that way, so it wasn’t that bad!

I have done 5 halfs, 3 5ks, and I have my first full this April…nervous, but excited!

I love that Ice Castle place, so cool! My Friday will consist of gearing up for long run tomorrow and coaching my girls in their first tournament- they are 10/11 and I absolutely love that they can eat a Snickers 15 minutes before a game and not barf! Whatever works!

Have a good weekend!


Those icicles look amazing!!

I haven’t had a race get cancelled, just one that was running about 1:15 behind! Ugh. It was no bueno.

I’ve done 2 marathons (the one that ran behind!) and about 15 halves and a handful of 5k/10k. I like the 1/2 and 10k’s the most. I feel like I can find a happy pace that I can’t in the 5k or full.

I am dropping off my two big kids for church camp for the weekend (their first!) so the littlest chose Chinese food and grocery shopping so he can have kodiak cakes in the morning. And then a 10k in the morning. This will be my first race since my full in November and since my issues with my IT band.


Those ice castles are fantastic.

My energy bites are very similar, I just add in whatever nuts or dried fruit I happen to have on hand as well. (and then up pb and honey as needed).

2 years ago I had a 10 miler canceled due to ice and crazy winds. The Parks Dep’t. was closing all of the local parks so racing would have been dangerous. It was a local event and they did reschedule it for a few weeks later.


Wow Tanya! that’s incredibly AMAZING!

I’ve never had a race cancelled, thank God *knock on wood*. And I think the distance I’ve race the most has been 5K. I want to change that to larger distances for sure:)

My Friday night will be about going for dinner at this place my friend and I always wanted to try, and then to the movies!!


Never had a race canceled.

I’ve done 5Ks the most, only because they are the closest & cheapest.

After 5 half marathons, I’ll be doing my first full in October. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve got some tummy issues when I run longer distances, so my job while training is to figure that out and hopefully solve it – or at least make it more tolerable. I’m anxious to give Tailwind a try – read & heard a lot of good things about it.

As I sit here today, I can’t imagine running DOUBLE the distance of a half marathon, but I keep telling myself once upon a time, I couldn’t imagine running double the distance of a 5K, and now that’s easy for me. I want to complete a full really bad :)


I want to see this ice castle! My kids would love it! I have never had a race cancelled but it has happened to a couple of friends. I run half marathons the most. Tonight we are shopping for the Super Bowl Party we are hosting. Tomorrow my husband will be smoking a couple briskets, a couple racks of ribs and some chicken for the party.


Ah! My brother who lives in Utah was at the ice castles last night too!


AHH no way!?!? What did he think of them?


Janae, how do you find all of these amazing things and events and places to go?! The ice castle looks incredible! I feel like you always find these awesome things in Utah and I’m starting to think that they only exist there ;-) Do you just google something like “family friendly events” in your area or do you find them on some certain website? Help me find the fun! Lol thanks :)


HEY JANELLE!!! Thank you for your comment today! So I have a few ways that I find these things… I’ve pretty much lived in this area my entire life so I started doing them years ago and have just turned them into traditions. I follow a lot of local bloggers/instagram people in the area and when I see anything that they are doing, I copy them:) My sister is the QUEEN of hearing about free/fun activities in the area for her kids so I just tag along. Also, I do think Utah has a LOT of kids here so there does seem to be a bunch of family friendly events going on here. Word of mouth is great too… I find out about a lot of cool things around here from asking my friends what they do for traditions/winter/family night etc. I hope that helps and come to some of these things with us!


That Ice is amazing and beautiful!

I’ve made some bites similar to the ones you did here – What is your secret to getting the right texture? Do you have to keep them refridgerated, as well? I’ve had some trouble getting the exact right point where they are moist enough that you can chew them properly, versus so dry that they fall apart OR so moist they squish in your hands.


Major yummmmo to the Bai Coconut flavor. I am obsessed because the tropical flavor makes me think of the beach, which is much needed during a blah winter ;) Also love that your hubby makes an effort to make you all healthy snacks. Seriously, #famgoals for me someday.


Okay, so we need to try the tropical flavor next?!? Done and done. Yeah, he is pretty ridiculously amazing. I hit the jackpot with him. I hope you are having a great day Danielle!


I am totally and entirely addicted to THis Is Us as well. Thanks for sharing the article!


Friday night plans:
Homework. Watch Wedding day Downtown toronto!

Favourite little treat recipe: BEST CEREAL IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!


those ice castles are gorgeous


Tanya’s accomplishment is AMAZING! Left my jaw drop. After having completed my first marathon in October (Chicago) I don’t think I could do it w/o the aid stations, water, and huge crowds. KUDOS TO YOU! Simply amazing


Those ice castles look seriously magical. I think I need to make a trip to Utah next winter!

A couple of years ago, pretty much every race I signed up for got canceled. It was the year of the crazy snowstorms in Boston and 3 races I signed up for all got cut. It was so frustrating!

I THINK I’ve run the most half marathons out of anything, but it’s funny because I consider myself more of a marathon runner. Half marathons are usually used as training runs for me!

Tonight/later this afternoon I’m doing my long run (ONLY 10 miles today! Yay cutback weeks!) and then I might try to convince my boyfriend to go see a movie.

No energy bites myself but I definitely took a screen grab of Andrew’s recipe and will be trying that ASAP.


I had the Dallas White Rock Marathon get cancelled in 2013 due to the cold, icy weather. Secretly I was happy because I don’t think I could stand the freeing temps as we would have waited for the race to start :)

I had flown in from California to run in with my brother who lied there so at least we stlil had quality family time.


Oh I would be secretly happy too… I can’t imagine doing a marathon in freezing temps. Glad you got some great time with your brother though!


I haven’t started This is Us yet but now I want to sooo bad!


Do it. I seriously am so so hooked. Let me know what you think of it:) Have a great rest of your Friday Abby!


Ugh those ice castles look amazing! The transition from last year with just you and Brooke to this year with the 4 of you… you all look so happy! Those energy balls look delicious by the way.


Thank you Salina for your sweet comment:) I hope you have an awesome Weekend!!!


I have been obsessed with This is Us since the first episode- it is hands down my favorite show on TV right now!
Friday night plans- nothing!
Have a great weekend :)


Yum, thanks Andrew for the energy ball recipe. And I just watched episode 1 of This Is Us and whoa… major tears. Maybe more tears than Parenthood? Excited to watch more!


YES YES YES!!! I had more tears than Parenthood. Keep me updated with what you think… I wish we could all watch it together haha!


Oh, and Tanya – you are amazing!! That’s serious dedication x 26.2!


That Ice Castle place looks amazing!!!!

I make almost an exact of Andrew’s energy balls but use chia seeds instead of flax and brown rice syrup instead of honey. Mini chocolate chips are just the best in everything. Yum

Friday night excitement in our house involves making several batches of pumpkin muffins for Saturday sports (My daughter is in high school, you know the drill with all day sport events……) and ignoring all our backpacks and totes that are lined up in the entry way.

I used to race 10k’s way back because my mom was a master racer and stuck me in the races because she knew she could find me when she was done. I don’t do many events these days but I mix it between 5k’s and half marathon. I love distance, just not racing. (I’m weird)

Happy Weekend!!!!!


I make those same energy bites, probably once a month. Thank you Pinterest. They are delish. The ice castles look amazing! My dream is to visit Utah one day. I think it is beautiful. You are blessed to live there. Florida is just too hot.


That ice castle experience looks AMAZING! I wish I could go!

I’ve never made energy bites before but I am jumping on the bandwagon this weekend and making some! ;) So happy it’s Friday and work is done for the weeeeeeeeeeek!!!! :D


Our Friday nights ALWAYS include a family movie and pizza. We have 5, 3, and 1 year olds and this night is always our family’s favorite. We never repeat movies (unless we haven’t seen it in a couple years, like tonight we re-watched Inside Out) so it’s fun to watch new movies and old 80s and 90s favorites, too. We start around 5:00 or 5:30 and are done for bedtime at 7:00. It’s perfect!


I found you a few months ago when I became a runner full time – and I look forward to your daily posts! I am doing my first full marathon in May – Ogden. I am a step mom of 2, and so our Friday nights always alternate with the weeks we have the kids. When we don’t, it’s normally a chill/catch up on rest easy night before a big adventure the next day. When we do, we love doing things as a family like going skating or something active. Love your posts and questions!!


HEY ALYSSA!! Thank you so much for commenting!! I am so excited for your first marathon… Ogden! WAHOO! Such a great one. Love hearing from another step-mom:) Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


I make a similar energy ball to Andrew’s… but use butterscotch chips…. so good!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Brilliant… I will be adding those next time! Thank you Sharon!


aaawww Elsa’s house!! That is so cute!
I haven’t actually run that many races.. less than 10 probably. I think I’ve run maybe four 5ks, a 10k or two, two half marathons, and a full marathon. I stayed in last night with my puppy to relax and eat pizza ;)


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