A picture every hour (why the hard makes the easy so great) and training last week (52 miles wahoo)!!

Happy President’s Day!  I hope that you are able to have a beautiful day and get in a good run!  I thought I would document our day yesterday in a picture (or two) per hour that we were awake:)

The 7 o’clock hour (but this actually started in the 6 o’clock hour but below picture is from the 7 o’clock hour):

It’s always fun how on school days the kids will sometimes have a hard time waking up.  Then on our one day of the week to sleep in a little more they are all about waking us up as early as they can.

IMG 0066

The 8 o’clock hour:

Waffles with fresh strawberries on them.

I really love rest days.  We runners put in a lot of hard work each morning (or afternoon or night) and push ourselves to the max and then we have a rest day and we just soak it all in.  The hard work makes the easy/rest days feel that much better.  I think a morning of no exercise and a delicious breakfast feels even better after working hard during the week.  Just add it to the list of reasons we love running, the hard work makes us enjoy the lazy mornings even more!

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The 9 o’clock hour:

Off to church (just a few minutes late:)

I would be really interested to know what Beretta does when we are gone for hours at a time. Maybe we should put the GoPro on her.

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Just following along the hymns and singing.

IMG 0079

The 10 o’clock hour:

Knox made a picture of our little family and added a fluffy dog to the mix because he really wants us to get a poodle (like the one that I had when I was younger… I have showed him pictures).  I am on Knox’s team about this decision.

IMG 0084

The 11 o’clock hour:

A chocolate from my purse.

IMG 0085

The 12 o’clock hour:

Homemade sweet potato fries after church.  Trying to get back into our Sunday tradition of this delicious food.  I would choose sweet potato fries over regular fries any day.

IMG 0111

The 1 o’clock hour:

Andrew was showing me a bunch of pictures from his travel days and we came across this one.  This was in Africa and I cannot even imagine bungee jumping.  My palms start sweating just looking at this picture.  He has no fear.

IMG 0082

The 2 o’clock hour:

We made cookies to take to my sister’s house.  Normal cookie chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped (all the way) around a Rolo and then baked like normal.  If you like Rolos, this is heaven.

IMG 0113

The 3 o’clock hour:

My Grandma sent this book to Andrew to read (she loved it) and I am reading it now too… really really really interesting.  We fell out of habit of doing quiet time each day with the kids and just started again.  It is amazing… an hour of quiet is needed:)

IMG 0114

The 4 o’clock hour:

Brooke was thrilled that it is warm enough for flip-flops weather.

IMG 0122

The 5 o’clock hour:

My sister had us over for dinner.

IMG 0148

The 6 o’clock hour:

They made the most beautiful pizzas.  This one with goat cheese was amazing and the bbq chicken one was also a favorite (they get the dough from Sam’s Club).

IMG 0131

A colorful salad was perfect too!

IMG 0141

The 7 o’clock hour:

We taught my nephew to Dab.

IMG 0154

The 8 o’clock hour:

Yep, still dabbing.  Just have to remind him to not dab and run at the same time.

IMG 0155

The 9 o’clock hour:  On the drive home, Andrew told a story about a police officer and Elsa (character list request by the children).  These kids LOVE Andrew’s stories.  I don’t think they blink for the entire story.

IMG 0164

The 10 & 11 o’clock hour… typing on the computer, washing my face, flossing, randomness when I should just go to sleep.  No picture because it was just boring.


Monday:  9 miles @ 8:20 average pace.

Tuesday:  2 mile warm-up, 2 miles @ 6:44 average pace, .3 mile recovery jog, 2 miles @ 6:39 average pace, .3 mile recovery jog, 2 miles @ 6:35 average pace, 1.4 mile cool-down.  10 miles total!

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:30 average pace.

Thursday:  1.5 mile warm-up, 9 miles @ 6:45 average pace (tempo… no stopping) and .5 mile cool-down.

Friday:  5 miles @ 8:49 average pace.

Saturday:  12.11 miles @ 8:12 pace.

Sunday:  OFF!

52.11 total miles!!!


Would you ever go bungee jumping?  Has anyone done that before?

What are you reading right now?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Have any special plans for today?

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Y’all always looks like you have so much fun together! By the way, I really want to try those cupcake Hershey Kisses! I looked for them at three different places yesterday and couldn’t find them. :/

No big plans today, other than work. I’m excited that I get to work from home tomorrow, though, because that means I can sleep in a little bit later and not have to start my run at 4:30-something in the morning! :)


I bought those kisses at Target. I think that is the only place they sell them? They were a limited edition/valentines so maybe they don’t have them anymore? Or maybe now they will be on clearance?! #score


Obviously I need to hit up Target today and see if they still have them! Thanks for the info, Megan!


That picture of the kids in church is precious. And the pizza looks amazing! I always forget how much I love homemade pizza (probably just because ordering it is so much easier) until I have it.

I’m reading a book called Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist right now. She’s the daughter of a pastor and it’s just all about her life and the hard and happy times she’s been through and how she tries to handle them and learn from them. It is SO good. My mom gave it to me as a gift a couple weeks ago and I told her I want to stop reading it so fast because I don’t want it to be over. I would HIGHLY recommend it!


Ooooh not bungee jumping for me, I’m too scared!
And I should totally pick up the reading again. One hour (or more ;)) of quite after the kids are in bed is totally necessary.



I totally need a new book which I have been saying for a couple of years now. I’ve fallen out of the reading habit! we are heading into the city today for lunch, it’s so nice out!


Awesome job in your training! It seems like you really hit a breakthrough, that is amazing :)

Hardest run last week was…all of them lol. Lots of life stress piled on running has made easy paces/workout paces slower and tougher but just keeping up the fight! Best run was probably the one where my dog tried to drop me…no loyalty, I swear!


Hi Janae,
This comment is meant to be constructive, so I hope it’s taken that way. I have been reading for years, like almost from the beginning of the blog days. I liked your balance of running-related content and everyday life. For the past 6 months (maybe even longer) I come to your blog a few times a week, and even less frequently than that some weeks. To be honest, it feels like you just phoned it in with content. I mean, you posted a picture Knox drew in church… I’m sure to you, that’s endearing because he’s your stepson, but it’s not content. I understand the desire to share a glimpse of your life. But it’s in overdrive! I don’t care to know every little detail about Andrews life. I understand he is the biggest part of your life now, but the play-by-play of his life is so frustrating because it’s not blog content, but it seems you’re trying to pass it off as that. I’m sure there are people who like the new direction of your blog (mommy blogging w less frequent running content) and that’s great. I just think, as a long-time reader, it’s fair to share with you how I’m feeling. Kind of like a customer who is dissatisfied in a store. For a period of time, it seemed like it was never-ending sponsored posts and lately, it just doesn’t feel like you take time to create content. I know that, as a reader, I can just simply stop reading. But, again, I’ve been reading for so long that I felt it was appropriate to share how I’m feeling about the blog these days. I don’t think creating content is easy, nor do I expect all readers to love all content every day. I really have enjoyed following your journey over the years. I really felt for you during your divorce — we’ve emailed back and forth before, and I even mailed you a (very small) care package after your divorce. I think you’re at your best when you’re sharing content people want to read — when you open up about struggles you’ve faced and create a community among your blog readers. I’m not even a runner, but I’ve always read here daily until about 6 months ago. I am happy you’ve found happiness, but it doesn’t have to be focused on Andrew 24/7. I feel like I know more about him than my own husband (haha) If this is the direction your blog is going, then I will no longer be a reader, but I wish you all the best.


Oh my gosh YES I feel exactly the same way! And I’ve been reading for years as well. It’s also frustrating because I feel like she forgets she was married before – the whole thing is just weird. It’s wonderful that you found love again but you were in love before. And this time I feel like it’s just thrown in our faces at overdrive.


Thank you Megan and Destiny for sharing some of your thoughts and feelings about the blog! I appreciate constructive criticism! I completely see where you are coming from too because I see how much I have changed over the last (almost 7!) years of blogging! I truly apologize if you feel I have thrown my love in my readers faces, I apologize for that. I guess I just craved/prayed/wishes for this for so many years and it is here and I am a little excited about it:) I will 100% work on that! As far as content goes and how things have changed over the years, my life and priorities have changed entirely. I am beyond grateful for where I am at now (not completely obsessed with food and burning calories all day long). I am grateful that my priorities are with my family now and that running is something I love to do each day. I will continue to write about where my current priorities are because that is the only way I know how to write. I’ve also been going through something the last little while that has completely shaken me (I’ve been asked to keep it private). I struggle each day with it and maybe that has effected my writing lately and for that I apologize. I love my job and I hate to see readers leave but please know I am doing my best in my blog.


I’m a longtime reader as well, and I LOVE how your blog evolves with you. It’s real-life – we are all changing and hopefully improving & I LOVE the peek into your world. Good luck with whatever is going on. I hope it resolves.


I 100% disagree. Janae, I absolutely LOVE your blog! You are so real and honest. I have also been reading for years and I would assume that your blog evolves with you/your life. It only makes sense. All of us are different today than we were 7years ago.

Just know that most of us support you 100%. Have a great day!!


Thank you so much Michelle! It means the world to me:) I hope you have an amazing week and keep in touch!




Thank you Jeannie! I really appreciate you and I hope you have had an amazing day so far! xoxo


Hey Janae,
I must commend you for handling that comment SO gracefully. I’m not sure I could have done the same thing. Always remember this is YOUR blog, about YOUR life and what YOU decide to put out there. I’ve been reading for years and find you to be such an amazing and positive woman. You found an amazing man as well and you SHOULD share that with everyone. Something I’ve learned over the years is that not every can be happy for people that are happy. Almost like it’s jealousy or something. I’m sorry that someone tried to dull that happiness for you, even just a little bit. Keep on keeping on.


My best run last week was a random, easy 5 miler that just felt effortless. It felt like I blinked and the run was over! My hardest run was my medium-long run where I didn’t fuel properly. I waited until after 1 hour to take a gel and I was definitely feeling low energy, but after about 5 minutes after the gel I had a bounce back in my step! Just goes to show how much proper fueling helps! It makes me roll my eyes at back in the day when I would try to do all of my long runs with a bottle of water and nothing else!

I hope you have a great day! I have to work today, boo :/


I’ve never gone bungee jumping before but I’ve always wanted to give it a go, it looks amazing!

My runs last week weren’t the best – I didn’t do my long run because my shin splints were really playing up but touch wood, they seem to have gone which I’m really happy about! I’m hopefully going to do a 20 mile run this weekend which I’m really looking forward to – it’s the furthest I’ve ever ran!

Today I’ve got work, a 40 minute slow run, a blog post to write and then a early night because I am shattered!


I’m reading Jodi Piccoult’s Leaving Time. An aunt gave it to me for Christmas. There’s a lot of fascinating information about elephants and how to grieve and experience empathy.

My best run was my first run since having my fifth baby 6 weeks ago! I only went a little over two miles, although I wanted to go longer. I’m learning that it’s not always best to embrace the “mind over matter” mantra, especially when your own “matter” is newly postpartum, getting older, and is very injury prone (like poor Megan D, I have high hamstring issues after partially tearing it almost four years ago). :-) I’m learning to be grateful for every run I can do and to not worry about how my pace compares with my old, childfree, and injury-free running self.

I don’t comment much, but I always enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful week!


CONGRATS KATY on your fifth baby, that is so exciting! WAY TO GO on your run this last week! I loved what you said about learning to love and be grateful for each run we get. Thanks for your comment, means the world to me!


I always enjoy reading about other people’s days…whether that makes me nosy or not.

My hardest run was also my best. 2×4 mile tempo pace. It was a difficult workout but I fel accomplished after.


My special plan is really not special. It’s the usual walk the dog somewhere fun. Lol.

I’m technically working today but if I don’t hear from my clients I will try not to turn on my laptop.


Currently reading – The Universe Has Your Back (for the second time, it’s so good). I also just read The Hillbilly Elegy and that was eye opening.

I have a fluffy little poodle dog! I always wonder what he’s up to while I’m away.


My best run of last week was a 4-mile easy run. The worst one my long run from yesterday…just 2 miles before finishing I hit the wall and had to stop:(


I would love to go bungee jumping! I love rock climbing and have jumped off some tall cliffs (into water) so I’m all about it!

Right now I’m in between books — any recommendations that’ll help motivate me to run again? It’s been a big break since my marathon in October — I’ve just been doing crossfit and yoga…


I’m working a little bit today. this afternoon I’m hitting the gym with my husband and then taking the dog to walk around the cultural center. My husband takes a guitar lesson on the campus; there are dance studios, a preschool, museums, gardens; and other cool things to do as well. It’s pretty fun to explore there.

I can’t say I’ve felt your content was phoned in, yes you focus on Andrew and the kids but you focused on Brooke and your friends before that. I’ve been reading for over a year and your blog changes but I think it’s supposed to or it becomes stale. I’m not a mom but I am a runner. I would like to hear a little on skiing and tennis, since you’re trying to incorporate other workouts into your running. :)


Thanks Nina:) I really appreciate your friendship (I mean, internet friendship is real:)! I will definitely be talking more about the tennis as we play more and more! My right arm is still sore right now so we are waiting another day or two to play again ha! That cultural center sounds amazing! Hope you two are having an amazing time together right now!


Working today then my husband’s aunt is visiting us for a bit. Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner, and a short run in over Netflix after the kiddo goes to bed.

Typical Monday! Have a great one :)


Just wanted to say I loved this post as I have loved all of them over the many years. Just keep on doing you :)

I have to work today and noooo to bungee jumping.. I’m scared of heights!


Thanks Jade:) I really appreciate you and I hope you are having a fabulous day! I hope your work day went by quickly!


I have never bungee jumped, but I would totally do it.

I am currently listening to What Alice Forgot and I am loving it. It just puts things in perspective for me and I keep trying to find times when I can listen to more of the book!

Best run last week was my only run ;) But it was outside when the sun was shining and the air was clear and just a little crisp. I ran with a smile on my face the whole time because running outside just makes me happy.

I have been reading your blog for a little over 5 years and I actually think that while your blog as evolved, like you have, it is still very similar to when it began. You have always talked about what you have done every day of your life. It is just that your everyday life has changed too. Maybe people could relate more when you were working and running because THAT is what their life is like. Then it changed to being a mom and finding time to run with a little one, and some people related to that. Maybe people related to running and therapy through hard times and overcoming those trials. Now you have a new family and are balancing that. I don’t know, for me, it has always been about reading how your running journey has taken/helped/carried/played a roll in your every day life. And your every day life has changed. As most everyone’s does. Thanks for letting us take a peak into it all.


I don’t think I’m brave enough to do bungee jumping. I’d chicken out at the last possible moment.

I’m currently reading Spark by John Ratey. It’s written by a doctor who looks at all the ways physical activity is good for out bodies, besides the usual stuff that we all know.


That bungee jumping picture made me sweat too! So what do the kids do during quiet time for an hour? Play by themselves? Read books? Lay down?


Hey Mary! So they usually play together in one of the rooms! Sometimes they play on their own in their room too. Mainly they play and look at books but they don’t lay down. It is saving my sanity though to have an hour of time to get things done or read:)


Yup…my palms got a little sweaty seeing Andrew horizontal none the less….Unless, being paid a million bucks I am probably not signing up to do that ….ever!

The dab photo couldn’t be cuter!


Goodness. I read some (but not all) of the comments today …I don’t usually do that. It is my opinion (and only mine) that your blog to me is entertainment. Like a movie, or a book or whatever. Writing is your job / outlet and should continue to be, whatever you want to write – if you wrote to appease every single one of your readers…you would lose yourself.

None of us want that.

That being said… I DO want to know what kind of waffle maker / recipe you all use, because those things look amazing!!!


I injured my foot and am only running about once a week…So my best run was my only run, this morning! I wish my foot would heal, but it has made me really appreciate the runs I can do!

I love your blog :) Everyday life posts are always my favorite!


Thank you Christina, I really appreciate what you said! I am so so sorry about your foot! Keep me updated with how it is feeling and recovering!


I just finished reading Lion (it was made into a movie that is up for an Oscar). It’s really interesting, although I heard the movie is beautiful, so it might be more fun to watch it. Next up is A Man Called Ove, which I’ve heard is really good so I’m excited.

And oh dear, way too chicken to go bungee jumping. Good for Andrew though, he reminds me of my husband with his sense of adventure.


Never have and never will I bungee jump!!! I will do many things but I can feel my heart racing just from this thought!!!
Hardest run was running on a friends treadmill that I was not use to and it was a 13 mile run. . . I swear every treadmill is different!
Right now I am reading Be Fruitful and next on my list is Presence over Perfect (thanks for the suggestion)
And I love seeing the kids follow along in the hymn book!!!! Reminds me of me when I was little. Thankful to have been raised in the church!!


I’m sorry….I just went into a complete fog after seeing that Rolo encased cookie!!! Yumminess!!


I don’t know if I’d love to go bungee jumping but I’m definitely interested in skydiving!


Today my girls had off and they each had a playmate over. We have ridiculously gorgeous weather right now and they spent most of it outside which was awesome! They joined me in the kitchen to help make pretzels which turned out yummy. My attempt at a healthier pizza dough (spelt) went ok. The girls ate it but I was not the biggest fan. My oldest and I would eat sweet potato fries 24/7. Instant Pot steamed sweet potatoes are AMAZING. Love my instant pot.

I am a Mom and an athlete (okay I exercise now, I used to be an athlete). I find both your information on running and your life to be entertaining. I love the picture that you posted that Knox drew. To be honest I would love if you shared more of what Knox and Brooke are into and what they are developmentally doing. But I understand this isn’t a Mom Blog. I guess my thoughts are that if someone isn’t interested in your postings about family or Andrew then don’t read that day. It is as simple as that. Just my thoughts! My girls are certainly more interested when they see me reading your blog and there are pictures of kids and a dog, ha!!


Those hershey kisses are quite tasty! I saw vanilla cup cake flavored in the target ad for Easter. I’ll be getting myself some of those, too.

I’m reading “Silver Linings Playbook. ” there is a hysterical rant about Kenny G in it. He is the main character’s nemesis. The book was worth it for that alone.

Poodles are smart dogs and I think they are nonshedding. It’s one of the few breeds I can have because of my allergies. I think you should get Beretta a furry sibling.


oh mannnn those strawberry waffles! AH please UPS them down here! OMG put the goPro on Beretta pleease! I always wonder what my dog does when I’m gone. that would be so so funny. Also, is that a cupcake flavored hershey kiss!? I would never ever go bungee jumping I cannot believe how excited and pumped he looks in that pic as he dives!! eeek!


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